A cheater’s revenge


A cheater’s revenge

Carrie swam the length of her parent’s pool, fuming inwardly. She had hoped not to be alone this night, especially with her folks out of town for the weekend. But that’s the way things had worked out.

Earlier she’d found her boyfriend at that bar with that floozy who worked at the Hooters just down the street. Right away she’d regretted going there with him for supper last week. That must have been where he’d gone back to set up his date with her as she recognized that crazy necklace she’d seen her wearing while serving them.

Right then it had become crystal clear to her what kind of guy he was. And she was pretty sure that waitress wasn’t the first. That’s when it had all clicked into place.

She’d gone to the bar hoping it wasn’t true. But as soon as she’d spotted them both, she’d gone into a rage. That’s when she’d taken it out on his prized 4-wheel drive.

She’d keyed the paint job, leaving several significant scratches. And he’d unwisely left it unlocked. That’s when she’d gotten inside and carved her name into the leather seats.

She’d come prepared, using the Louisville slugger she’d brought to take out both headlights. For good measure she’d slashed a hole in all four tires. Then she’d angrily driven away. Maybe next time he’d think about it before he cheated, especially since it wasn’t going to be on her anymore.

She surfaced in the shallow end, panting quietly. She angrily turned around, pushed off the wall and angled down toward the bottom. She pulled hard with her arms, her shoulder length brunette hair flowing while air streamed out of her nose as she kicked with her athletic legs.

What the hell was wrong with him?? Didn’t they have a good thing going? Hell, her parents were loaded. You would have thought he would have taken advantage and not messed up a good thing.

Maybe that was the problem. Maybe he’d simply taken advantage of her. Maybe that was just the way he was.

She reached the wall in the deep end, turned around and headed back, angling downward. She wanted to hold her breath for the entire length. Otherwise she was liable to scream out in fury… and she couldn’t do that underwater without needing air.

Was he really that stupid? Was he really that willing to give up her great figure for that blonde bimbo? Or did he think she wouldn’t find out? Well, she’d certainly found out all right. And she’d let him know in no uncertain terms.

She reached the shallow end and surfaced, panting quietly. Nope; she was still furious. She needed more laps. And she needed to do them underwater as she could feel the scream of rage and frustration bubbling to the surface.

She took another deep breath and submerged to make the swim all the way back to the deep end. That’s when she started running through her mind all the times he hadn’t been able to keep a date or an appointment with her. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

She surfaced in the deep end, took another breath and submerged to make the return trip. Maybe she could exhaust herself… swim it right out of her for the night. She kept herself in shape, so it wasn’t like she couldn’t keep this up until the anger bled out of her.

She should have tagged along with her folks. But she’d planned a nice weekend with Bryce. And now he was off with that floozy from Hooters… well, unless she had gotten access to her car since his 4-wheel drive wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

She surfaced in the shallow end and paused. Nope… still furious. She was definitely going to get in a good workout tonight.

She submerged and began the swim back to the deep end, pulling smoothly with her arms. After this she was going to use the hot tub and then go in for the night. She could put on a good movie to watch. But she decided she wasn’t watching any chick flick or date night tear-jerker. She wasn’t in the mood for that.

She headed for the surface only to bump into the glass pool cover. What the hell?? She hadn’t seen or heard it closing!

What the hell happened? Had it shorted out? Daddy hadn’t left her any information about the pool cover having any problems!

She saw someone standing on the edge of the pool looking down at her. Her eyes flashed in horror when she saw it was Bryce. That floozy from Hooters was standing there on his arm.

“Thought you could get away with it, Carrie?” she heard him call down to her. “You thought I’d let you do that to my 4-wheeler without any consequences?”


Carrie banged on the glass cover, suddenly wishing her father hadn’t bothered to install one. Ironically she’d been the one to suggest a glass cover for outdoor parties when they wanted the cover closed. Now she was about to pay for it.

“BRYCE, OPEN THIS DAMN COVER!” She was running out of breath as she pounded on the glass. Surely he wouldn’t leave her under here to drown, would he? That’s when fear gripped her soul.

Why wouldn’t he? After all, his vehicle was his pride and joy. She’d been too furious to think about the consequences of her actions. At the time, as far as she was concerned he deserved it. But now it had boomeranged back on her quite badly.

“BRYCE, I’M SORRY! GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Now she was out of breath from her screams as well as the underwater swim.

They just stood there looking down on her as her lungs began to heave. Was he really going to let her drown? Carrie beat on the glass again, hoping against hope she might get it to break. Fat chance of that happening.

She thrashed about as the last of her breath left her lungs. Her chest heaved painfully; she could feel panic setting in. She screamed his name in her mind as she beat upon the glass, wondering how much longer she could go without air. But he just stood there looking down on her with that blond bimbo on his arm.

She struggled to hold her breath as she tried pushing up against the glass. She tried pushing her mouth up, hoping to get any kind of breath she could find. But there was very little, and she swallowed a little water down her windpipe.

Carrie coughed as she inhaled deeply. Her windpipe instantly closed off in response. Then she started swallowing water like crazy, hitching and gulping as her eyes flew open in horror.

Her mind no longer functioned rationally as she thrashed about under the cover. She coughed up bubbles from what little air still remained in her lungs. She spasmed and convulsed as she stared up in horror. Then she slowly began to sink to the bottom of the deep end, a few stray bubbles slipping out past her parted lips.

She settled onto the bottom on her back, staring up at the sky with a look of frozen horror. She hitched and spasmed a couple times as though her stomach was still trying to force the last of her air out of her flooding lungs. Then she went still save for an occasional muscle twitch.

The murderous couple looked down on the drowned girl lying at the bottom of the pool. Bryce only felt the faintest twinge of regret seeing the attractive body with the sexy pink bikini. Carrie had been a hot bitch while he’d dated her. But she should have known better. There was no way in hell he could ever allow her to get away with what she’d done to his precious 4-wheel drive.

“I would NEVER cut a hole in all four of your tires,” the blonde on his arm said to him as she nuzzled close.

“Damn right, you wouldn’t!” Then he walked over to the pool shed and flipped the switch to the cover. It slowly slid back open.

“She had an accident and drowned,” he told his new flame. “Damn shame too. She was kind of a nice bitch.”

“Not as nice as I’m going to be when we get back to my place,” she said with a coy smile.

“No, not as nice as that.” And with that they left the backyard together…

© 2017 (written Nov 15 ’17 by riwa)

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