Culling the Christians


They’re culling the Christians in our city this afternoon and my daughter wants to go watch. She’s responsible for turning in a bunch from City College. Now she wants to go watch them being hanged and beheaded.

I lost Cheryl years ago to the state… well, the state sponsored education system I should say. They really poisoned her mind against the Christians… said they were a bunch of racist, homophobic bigots. They told her they needed to be gotten rid of before they “poisoned the minds” of reasonable, progressive citizens everywhere.

It’s just the two of us in the house now. But she rules the roost. She’s threatened to turn me in on several occasions for going against her or the state. She’s even threatened to slit my throat in my sleep in the middle of the night… said she would be doing society a favor if she got rid of me. But I’m still around. I guess she needs me to keep bringing in an income.

She wants me to wear a slutty tank top and shorts when we go witness the mass executions. A sexy mom means she might attract a hot guy to come home and sleep with her tonight. She’s already seduced four of my dates to the point where I don’t even have a social life anymore.

She’s dressed in similar attire when her college friends show up. Tina and Louise are not quite as bad as she has become, although their attire is equally as casual and slutty. Cheryl told me she’s proud of them because they told her they reported several citizens to the city fathers. But supposedly she’s reported more than they have. That makes her the winner, at least for now. I guess all those who have been reported are going to be culled today.

The girls act quite excited about witnessing the mass executions this afternoon. Cheryl tells them she’s really looking forward to watching all the hangings and beheadings. “I hope I get to see them hang that bitch Rachel from City College! She’s always talking about Jesus!” Her friends smile and nod in agreement. Apparently they all hate this girl they know at school.

“What about you, mom?” she giggles as she hugs me mockingly. “Shall we hang you too? Maybe you’d like to lose that pretty little head of yours in a nice beheading. I could always put it on the dresser so I can look at it whenever I go to bed at night.”

Her friends giggle and play along, not bothering to come to my aid. They know better than to go against Cheryl anyway. Then my daughter tells me, “Just keep paying for my tuition and my stuff, mom, and we’ll get along just fine.” I’m already working two jobs to make ends meet. The stress is starting to get to me.

I drive them all over to the stadium. Their excitement grows the closer we get. But they’re unhappy when I have to park a long ways away because of the crowds.

Cheryl takes the keys from me after I park the car. “Just so you don’t get any ideas, mom.” She dangles them in front of me, her eyes gleaming dangerously. Then we all head for the stadium. If something happens to me I assume one of her friends can drive her home.

A lot of people are already here milling around and buzzing excitedly when we arrive. We can either sit in the stands or wander the field close to the action. “We’re gonna get close, mom! I wanna see them up close! I want to catch a head or get pissed on when they hang! So pay the man already for all of us, including my friends!” At $250 a head, my credit card balance goes up another $1,000. I wonder if I will ever get it paid off the way she keeps making me add to it.

People are already cheering loudly as we enter. “Damn, they’re already killing them! I hope we haven’t missed seeing Rachel swing!” If Cheryl had any conscience whatsoever, it was driven out of her long, long ago. Now she only cares about the State.

We work our way through the crowd until we see a couple of elevated stages. In the left field grass they are doing the beheadings on an elevated platform using a guillotine. People are naked with their arms crossed behind their back being herded through animal chutes before they are taken out one by one and beheaded.

A large dump truck sits next to the elevated platform. We watch as an older, naked gentleman is pushed against a vertical bench, strapped down and then lowered horizontally like he’s on a seesaw. He is slid forward until his head sticks through the opening.

There’s hardly any time before the blade falls with a whoosh, bottoming out with a thud as the crowd roars its approval. The head bounces off the platform and plummets to the crowd below. They fight for his head as the body is unstrapped and rolled to the side down a metal chute into a waiting dump truck. It makes me wonder how many bodies are already in there.

I see an older naked woman being led forward. That’s when there’s another roar. I turn in the direction of the right field grass and see they have a monstrous hanging contraption over there where a young woman has just been set to hanging.

I glance up at the older woman being strapped down to the bench to the guillotine. But Cheryl wants to view the hangings. She grabs my arm as she gasps, “C’mon, mom! Let’s go see! I hope they hang that bitch Rachel! I was given an estimate as to when she’s going to hang, and I want to watch!”

I glance up to see the woman on the bench seesaw flat onto her stomach. She’s shoved forward until her head is forced through the opening. The blade drops with a whoosh, instantly severing her head and setting her naked body to jerking around to the approving roar of the crowd.

I don’t see who catches her head as Cheryl drags me over to the hangings. When we get closer I see the ghastliness of their execution contraption. Ten naked bodies are already dangling, the ones close to the edge of the platform still kicking. A bound, naked female has been pulled out of the animal chute and is waiting her turn, her eyes wide with fright.

My daughter gasps, “Holy shit; that’s hot! They’re doing them one right after the other!” Then her voice joins many others as she hollers, “HANG THE BIGOT! HANG THE HOMOPHOBE! HANG THAT RACIST BITCH!”

I stare in stunned amazement as I analyze the contraption. The individuals are herded through those animal chutes until they come out one by one at the edge. There is a conveyor with hooks running the length of a series of poles for support. It all reminds me of some makeshift ski lift without the benches transporting dangling victims across an open area to another waiting dump truck.

A C hook slowly swings down around the edge of the conveyor near the very edge of the platform. A sexy woman in tight black latex attaches the upper loop to a premade noose onto the C hook. Then she loops the noose around that poor waiting blonde who has her arms crossed behind her back like all the others. I assume that’s to keep them compliant and to prevent them from considering escape.

The female gasps as she instinctively tries to step back. But the conveyor slowly moves the hook along, pulling on the rope to the noose. The victim is involuntarily pulled forward closer to the edge until she runs out of platform. The crowd roars the moment she’s pulled off and starts to kick as she swings back and forth.

When I take a closer look I see there are ten bodies in various stages of hanging being taken along the conveyor – four men and six women including this new blonde who is now kicking up a storm. They look like they are of various ages ranging from 18 to 45. They are predominantly good looking. I guess they’re hanging the more attractive ones while beheading the older ones.

“Nope, I don’t see Rachel yet,” Cheryl pouts as she observes those currently dangling. “I was told they’d hang her around 2 pm. I guess we still got time” She checks her watch and then goes back to looking.

Tina and Louise ooh and aah at the sight as the crowd continues to cheer each death. I hear a thump from the guillotine behind me, the corresponding cheer telling me yet another one has been beheaded. It gives me the shivers; I really don’t like this place.

“What do you think, mom?” Cheryl nudges me with a smirk. “Think we should hang you? Or are you still a productive member of the State?”

I swallow hard as I watch those various bodies swinging back and forth. She could easily report me and there’d be nothing I could do about it. These days the State doesn’t ask too many questions if a child reports their parent for any infraction real or imagined.

At the end of the conveyor I see a naked male in his thirties. His cock is semi-hard and dripping. He must have gotten an erection and shot his load the moment the noose took his full weight.

The C hook starts to wind its way up around the very end of the conveyor to make the long trek back along the top. When the hook swings up high enough it loses its grasp of the rope to the noose. The dangling body drops away to disappear into the back of the dump truck waiting at the end of the line to catch the bodies.

As soon as he’s gone I see what looks like a college aged brunette being noosed on the platform. The hook on the conveyor slowly pulls her forward. She lets out a cry of horror before she’s pulled off. The crowd roars as I hear occasional obscenities thrown her way.

She wildly swings back and forth, bumping a couple times into the legs of the dangling blonde hanging right in front of her. Her legs kick wildly as she twists and turns. She’s quite the fighter.

“Wow; look at that one!” Tina gasps in awe. “She’s a real dancer!” Then she hollers, “DANCE, YOU FUCKING HOMOPHOBE! DANCE!”

“The fighters are the best kind,” Cheryl observes as she stands there looking up at the poor girl kicking her life away. The crowd cheers the demise of yet another Christian.

We’re not too far away as we stand there watching. Some are really close, almost standing directly underneath to look up. My breath catches in my throat as the poor girl really struggles. It produces an embarrassing reaction within me as I watch her kick and swing.

She’s starting to slow down when I see a short Asian female with black hair being noosed up. She twists helplessly in place as though not wanting the noose. But her arms are securely crossed behind her back. If she falls or jumps off it’s a good 12 to 15 feet down where she’s liable to break an arm or leg before they take her back and string her up anyway.

There’s something marked on her chest I can’t make out. I guess it earns her a thicker noose which the female executioner produces. She attaches one end onto the C hook slowly swinging down into position before she loops the noose around her neck.

The crowd roars, and I hear words of “Racist!”, “Homophobe!”, “Bigot!”, and “Traitor!” The noose starts to pull her forward. Clearly she is frightened. I can see her breasts and how erect her nipples are.

Just before she swings she bravely cries out, “Jesus is Lord!” She is booed loudly before she is pulled off the platform by the noose staying with her assigned hook. The crowd roars with delight as she swings back and forth, her legs pedaling as she rasps for breath.

As I check the others who are dangling from their hooks, I notice the thickness of noose varies. This one got a thicker one. Her dance is livelier and more animated as the hook slowly pulls her along the conveyor line with the others.

I gasp as I see a male with an erection being moved into position. He is panting heavily, the fear evident in his features. I look down the line to see the Asian still kicking it up. That’s when I wonder if the thickness of her noose is making her suffer longer.

Another thump behind me and the crowd roars to another beheading. I decide not to look. I feel a little dizzy and nauseous. But there’s a strange sexual arousal I’m experiencing that’s embarrassing the hell out of me.

The male is noosed before slowly being pulled off the platform to swing back and forth as the crowd cheers. He bumps into the legs of the Asian as they both kick and swing. His cock twitches and then explodes, cum arcing outward and down as several rush forward in the hopes of catching it with their mouths and tongues.

“Damn, that’s hot!” Cheryl gasps. Then she sees the look in my expression. When she sees how uncomfortable I am she declares, “It’s good riddance to another Christian, mom! Don’t you know anything these days??”

The Asian is still suffering as I look down the line. I see the college brunette, the blonde in front of her, and another male in his twenties. I see a woman in her forties, another male in his thirties, a young woman with long, brown hair, another male, and a female who is reaching the end of the conveyor.

“Pretty cool, eh mom?” Cheryl says as she checks her watch. “I just timed them. It looks like they’re hanging ‘em two minutes apart. They get a twenty minute ride from noose to truck! And it sounds like there’s a beheading, then a hanging, then a beheading, then another hanging. I say it serves ‘em all right for being such racist, homophobic Christian bigots; wouldn’t you agree?”

I want to look away, but I can’t. It’s so damned horrific that I’m having an embarrassing reaction. I’m getting sexually aroused, and it shames me.

“Look, there’s Regina!” Louise points at the one standing on the platform being noosed. “Wasn’t she the head cheerleader?”

Cheryl smirks as she watches the executioner noose the young woman. “Goes to show you can’t escape by joining the college cheerleader squad.” Then she joins the other voices as she hollers up, “Hang, you moralist Christian bitch!!”

The noose slowly pulls the dirty blonde forward and then off the platform. She swings wildly as the crowd cheers. Cheryl and her friends throw insults up at her as they join in the enthusiastic cries. I wince as I nearly cum from seeing her fight the rope, her naked body twisting and turning as she gyrates. It’s almost like she’s being fucked in midair.

One by one they make the journey along that conveyor. The thicker nooses seem to let them live for almost ten minutes. It must be punishment for being so blatantly obvious about their Christianity. Then they drop out of sight into that dump truck. I see a couple of heads as though there are workers in the back of the truck spreading the pile of bodies evenly. Occasionally I see boxes of nooses dropped over the side to be returned to the female executioner.

Seeing yet another girl swinging from a noose makes me stiffen with shame. I make myself step away in the direction of the beheadings. It’s too embarrassing to stand there and cum to the suffering of all those poor, dangling people.

“Going somewhere, mom?” Cheryl asks in warning. She dangles the keys as she reminds me I’m driving and that we’re not going anywhere until she’s ready to go. Then I hear the crowd cheer to another drop of the blade.

I look up to see an elderly woman with her grey hair in a familiar bun next in line as they roll another naked, headless body away. I’m shocked when I see it’s Mrs. Comstock. We had lunch with her just a few days ago.

Cheryl looks up in surprise. “Mom, is that Mrs. Comstock? Didn’t we eat lunch with her last week? I didn’t know she was a…!” Her voice trails off in astonishment.

It doesn’t really surprise me. She is such a nice lady. She doesn’t have a racist, bigoted, homophobic bone in her entire body. And now they’re beheading her as though she’s guilty of a capital crime.

We stand there watching as they march her up to the vertical bench. The crowd boos and catcalls, throwing horrible names her way while they strap her down. Then the bench seesaws downward before they push her forward.

Suddenly Cheryl tries to be the loudest with her obscenities. Having eaten in the poor woman’s home – knowing what she now knows – must have unnerved her. She calls her all sorts of names as they push her head right on through the opening. Then the blade drops without any fanfare, landing with a loud thump that jolts me.

The crowd cheers as her head bounces off the platform in the direction of the waiting arms below. Some young bitch catches it in midair and holds it up, loudly proclaiming, “I GOT A SOUVENIR! THIS BIGOT’S HEAD BELONGS TO ME!” She gets cheers from those around her as her friends pat her on the back.

Mrs. Comstock’s head drips blood everywhere as the bitch proudly swings it around. But no one seems to care they might get a little blood on them. My daughter eagerly cries out, “The bitch got what she fucking deserved!” as the crowd continues to cheer.

I shake my head a little as I watch them unstrap her corpse. Her naked body is still twitching from the moment the blade fell. Then they carelessly push it off the bench where it rolls down the metal chute and disappears into the waiting dump truck.

I look around for Cheryl’s friends to catch their reaction to all this. But Tina and Louise are no longer with us. Where did they go??

Did they get sick from all the death going on around us? Doubtful. Chances are they went back over to watch the hangings… unless they went off to get some refreshments. But if that’s the case, why did they leave Cheryl behind??

“Where’s Tina and Louise?” Cheryl asks, suddenly looking all around in confusion. She’s finally noticed it’s just the two of us. Then she eyes me accusingly.

“Mom, what did you do? Where did they go?”

“I didn’t do anything, Cheryl. I have no idea where they went.”

“What did you say to them? You must have said something to offend them! Damnit, mom; I’m going to report you if you don’t tell me what you said!”

“I didn’t say anything to them, Cheryl; honest.” Strangely her words don’t scare me as much as they used to. For some time I’ve been suspecting something’s eventually going to happen to me. When it does, chances are it’s going to be a relief.

About that time Tina and Louise return. But they have two officers with raised weapons in their hands. Louise points at my daughter and cries out, “That’s the one! She said she was in the home of that homophobic bitch they just beheaded!” The crowd cheers another hanging, but now I’m distracted as I find myself in the midst of a very serious drama.

Cheryl indignantly gasps, “I did not!”

“Yes you did! I heard you! We both heard you; right, Tina?”

Her friend nods as she frantically brushes her clothes. It’s as though she now thinks she got something very bad on her just from her association with Cheryl. Does she think it’s contagious? Does she think she’s been sullied by her former friend just for having visited Mrs. Comstock in her home??

“Come along, ladies,” one of the officer’s commands us. He motions toward the outfield and a small structure set up clear in the back. “We’d better take you two over to see the culling commissioner to get this all sorted out.”

Cheryl suddenly goes deathly pale. It’s the first time in ages I’ve seen my daughter appear to have lost all control. Then she starts to sputter from a mixture of fear and anger…

“What?? I’m not a Christian! Tell ‘em, mom! I hate all these racist homophobes! They can all die for all I care!”

The officer is unimpressed. He motions with his weapon for us to start walking. People have cleared away from us like we’re contagious or something. Even Tina and Louise have safely backed away to hide behind the two officers. That’s when I swallow hard as my heart leaps into my throat, wondering what is going to happen to us next.

© 2017 (Written Sep 18 ’17 by riwa)

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