Drowned sisters


I had no idea what he was planning. We were just three sisters on an outing to the reservoir with my boyfriend Richard. I didn’t have the slightest clue what was going on inside that devious little mind of his.

After much food and wine he somehow got us all to take off our clothes. Then he zip-tied our wrists behind our backs in a bondage play before talking us into walking over to the dam. There was a ledge there with a railing so we could all look down and see the bottom several meters below in that clear water.

Oh, I was eager at first as bondage always excites me. And it was kinky as hell seeing my sisters zip-tied naked like that. I’ll have you know I was more than a little turned on.

Naturally Zilpha was as game as I was. But she had her reservations. After all, Richard was my boyfriend. I could tell she was a little concerned what my reaction would be to him seeing her naked. But I was too intoxicated and aroused to care.

Emma on the other hand was embarrassed as hell. I think she went along with it for my sake. But I could tell she was uncomfortable about the whole bloody thing. And why not? She was married with a loving husband and a darling daughter back home.

I was a little shocked when Richard suddenly duct-taped Zilpha’s knees and ankles together. Then he took my naked sister over to the edge of the railing. Can you believe it? He groped her tits and then started fingering her womanhood as Emma and I looked on in astonishment.

I suppose I was a little pissed the way my lover was playing with my sister’s naked body right in front of me. But I must admit it was also hell of a turn-on! There was nothing I could do about it anyway, certainly not with Emma and I standing there naked and helpless with our arms zip-tied behind our backs at the wrists.

Zilpha looked at me all flustered and embarrassed. There was nothing she could do about Richard molesting her like that in front of me. Then she nervously asked him, “Aren’t you taking this naked bondage thing between us sisters just a little too far, love?”

My sister Emma blurted out, “You’re bloody right, love! I think he’s taking this way too far, don’t you??”

Richard didn’t respond. He just turned Zilpha around and bent her right over the railing. Then he proceeded to pull down his trousers. He took out his dick and then took her right there from behind… right in front of Emma and I!

I was shocked as hell. I was also perversely aroused. Emma just gasped in horror as she stood right next to me while quietly whispering, “I can’t believe he’s doing that to Zilpha!”

It was such a turn-on watching Zilpha grunt and moan, her body rocking from Richard’s thrusts. She turned and looked at me all red-faced. She was embarrassed as hell, but it looked as though she was actually enjoying a hot, sexy bondage-fuck right there in front of me.

She gasped and moaned, whimpering as Richard fucked her good and hard. I think the humiliation of being fucked in front of her sisters was too much for her. A moment later she cried out in orgasm, her body stiffening and then shuddering beyond her control.

It was quite a rush seeing Zilpha cum like that. My face was red and flushed, and I was wet as hell! Emma just shook her head in amazement while quietly murmuring, “I can’t believe he fucked her like that, Dottie! Don’t you want him to stop or anything??”

Richard finally pulled out of her wet pussy, leaving her panting like crazy. She saw me looking at her, and her face went red as a beet. I knew it wasn’t her fault.

“I couldn’t help it, love!” she gasped with a twinge of regret in her voice. “I was just… it was just… I was just too aroused!”

Richard smiled at her with his cock still hard and bouncing. He seemed pleased to have made her cum like that. But what he did next shocked the hell out of me.

He walked over and picked up some sort of heavy looking belt that had been lying there the whole time. It made me wonder where the hell it had come from. Was it possible he had brought it and left it there earlier?

He wrapped it carefully around Zilpha’s waist. I felt an erotic jolt of alarm when he picked her up in his arms. Then he hefted her out over the railing.

She smiled nervously at him as she stammered, “Uh… careful, love. Don’t let me fall.” But to everyone’s utter shock, that’s precisely what he did.

I don’t think anyone was more shocked than Zilpha as she plummeted to the water below. The scream that came out of her lips was horrendous. She hit with a big splash and then sank like a stone because of that weight belted around her waist.

“BLOODY HELL; YOU DROPPED HER!” Emma yelled in shock and horror. “WHAT THE HELL MADE YOU DO THAT??” I was so shocked – and so perversely turned on – that I wet myself right then and there.

My sister and I rushed up to the railing and looked down in horror. We watched Zilpha’s naked body wriggle and squirm as she sank to the bottom of the dam, bubbles spewing out of her mouth. She was drowning… and there was nothing I could do about it!

It looked to be a good 20 meters down at least. The water was astonishingly clear, and we saw everything as Zilpha kicked and wriggling and struggled and lost her breath. The deeper she went, the more she kicked and bubbled.

There were a couple of big bursts of bubbles that came up. Then she appeared to stop struggling. When her naked body finally reached the bottom it looked like she wasn’t moving anymore. The water was so damned clear my sister and I could see everything.

Emma had a wild look in her eyes; she was white as a sheet. She couldn’t believe it; hell, for that matter neither could I! Richard had actually dropped my sister over the railing into the dam below as though he had deliberately wanted to drown her.

“That was a good one,” he observed quietly while looking down into the water. He had this sadistic grin on his face the whole time. Had he actually enjoyed watching her drown?

He turned to look at Emma and I. “All right; who wants to go next? I’m betting either of you can drown just as good, if not better, than your sister.”

I wet myself right then and there from a horrific arousal. Emma simply fainted dead away, poor thing. She collapsed in a heap onto the ground.

Richard smiled at her as he picked her up. “I see we have another volunteer,” he observed with a chuckle. Then he grabbed up the duct tape lying nearby before proceeding to wrap Emma’s knees and ankles together.

When he was done he stood her upright and then started to molest her, groping her tits and fingering her slit. He saw me staring at him with a shocked look. He just smiled at me as he told me, “Don’t worry, love. You’re next. I wouldn’t forget you.”

Emma started to come around, moaning softly at his intimate violations. She couldn’t help herself, especially the way he was sucking on her erect nipples while fingering her. Then she looked at me in horror as though begging me to do something to stop him.

What could I do? I was frozen with terror, filled with a perverse horror I couldn’t even begin to fathom. It was as though my mind simply couldn’t register this was happening to us.

Richard bent my sister over the railing, giving her a clear view of Zilpha’s body lying in the water below. Then he entered her pussy from behind where he started fucking her good and hard. Emma tried to resist, but her body betrayed her as she began moaning weakly, her face a deep shade of crimson.

I was in a state of shock having just watched my sister drown. Now here he was fucking my other sibling. I had this numb feeling in the pit of my gut he had every intention of drowning her just as soon as he was finished with her.

The bastard groped her tits as he fingered her nub until she was writhing involuntarily. She turned to look at me as though pleading for help. Her face revealed a mixture of conflicting emotions – fear, sexual excitement, and growing terror.

Richard grabbed her by a handful of hair, forcing her head down as he fucked her hard from behind. It was as though he was forcing her to look down at poor Zilpha lying on the bottom. It felt like he was reminding her she would soon be joining her sister.

I found myself panting heavily for breath. It was incredible watching Richard fuck my sister. Knowing he was going to drown her both frightened and yet excited me.

Emma suddenly stiffened before she started crying out in orgasm. Richard fucked her harder as though wanting to fuck a nice, juicy cum right out of her naked body. Then he pulled out, leaving her panting heavily for breath.

There was a look of abject humiliation on her face. She seemed to have enjoyed her helpless, bondage-fucking at the last minute, and it shamed her. “Sorry, love,” she whispered to me when she saw I had seen it all including her orgasm. “I couldn’t… I just couldn’t help myself!” I nodded quietly as though indicating it was ok and that I understood.”

Richard went and retrieved a second heavy looking belt which he wrapped around her waist. It confirmed what I’d suspected all along. She gave me a look of resignation as though too horrified for words.

“No – DON’T!” I cried out as he hefted her up over the railing. “Not my sister Emma!”

“Bye, love,” she said to me, her voice barely above a whisper. Then the bloody bastard dropped my other sister right over the side.

A scream was torn from Emma’s lips. I screamed as I watched her plummet all the way down. Then she hit the water with a big splash.

In no time at all I saw her sinking right down as she started kicking and struggling and bubbling. She had too much weight to stay at the surface. That belt took her right down; she didn’t stand a chance.

I watched in horror as Emma wriggled and squirmed about while she spewed bubbles out of her mouth. It was horrific to watch. And yet I experienced a perverse thrill that shamed me to see her go down like that.

She started coughing up bubbles as her body went into spasms. The surface erupted as the air billowed up after evacuating her flooding lungs. I watched helplessly as she settled onto the bottom, her head coming to rest in Zilpha’s lap.

I stared in horror as I panted heavily for breath. Emma wasn’t moving at all down there. Occasionally a stray bubbled blipped up to the surface.

“I guess you get to go last,” he chuckled as he went and fetched the duct tape again. Then he wrapped it around my knees and ankles.  I was shivering so hard from fear and arousal that I wet myself again.

When he was done, he took me over to the railing. Then he started fingering me as he groped my boobs. “See ‘em down there?” he whispered into my ear. “Don’t worry, love; you’ll be joining them soon enough. This time let’s see if you can hold your breath long enough to make it all the way to the bottom, ok? Wouldn’t it be nice to get down there while you’re still alive so you can say your goodbyes up close and in person?”

I writhed and whimpered as his fingers entered my pussy. I was terrified out of my mind. But my fear had me in a state of unbelievable arousal. After all, I had just watched him fuck and drown my two sisters… and now I was next!

He suddenly grabbed a handful of my blond hair before bending me over the railing. He entered my pussy from behind. I felt so unsteady I was afraid he might lose his grip on me and I might fall. Then I realized how ridiculous that thought was as he was going to drop me over the railing and drown me anyway!.

He fucked me good and hard. My body responded the way it always has whenever he has given me a good shagging. In no time at all I was writhing and moaning, backing against him as though trying to take him deeper inside me. It was so crazy me fucking him back like that, especially since I was terrified out of my mind.

“This time when I cum, you go,” he said into my ear. It gave me an erotic jolt something fierce. I was going to drown the moment his seed filled my womb.

I tried to stop him from cumming. But the effort was half-hearted because it felt too damned good. I fucked him back wildly, knowing it would be my last as I furiously milked his thrusting cock with my cunt.

“Take a look,” he chuckled as he forced my head down over the railing. “Maybe you’ll land right on top of them. Wouldn’t that be a nice ending… all three sisters lying on top of each other?”

I writhed and whimpered as I wet myself yet again. I think I peed all over him and his cock. He didn’t seem to care.

He fucked me hard until I just couldn’t stop my pussy from squeezing, milking him for all I was worth. Then he let out a roar as his seed started pumping deep into my womb. His pleasure was proclaiming my death sentence.

Knowing he was going to drown me added to the horrific eroticism of the moment. I screamed his name in orgasm the moment his cum inside me condemned me to a painful drowning death. I looked down at my sisters, mentally telling them I would be there in moments.

He finished by fucking me nice and slow as though he’d suddenly gone all lovey-dovey on me. Then he pulled his cock out. I gasped as I saw him reach down for that last heavy looking belt I saw lying there.

He took it and lovingly wrapped it around my waist, causing me to inhale sharply. Then he kissed me tenderly on the lips. I was too numb to do anything other than return his kiss.

Richard picked me up and hefted me over the railing. “Have a nice swim, love,” he told me in a loving voice. “This way the three of you will be together forever.” Then he dropped me just like that.

I screamed as I plummeted downward. I gasped as I hit that cold water with a splash, getting water into my throat. Then I was kicking and struggling and gurgling as I sank downward.

I looked up, but his body grew smaller and smaller up there at the surface. My heart hammered a mile a minute as I wriggled and gurgled like crazy while sinking like a stone. But I could still see him up there and…

Wait; was he stroking his cock again?? I convulsed as I coughed up bubbles. It looked like he was stroking up there, getting off watching me until I was too deep to see him clearly.

My lungs heaved in my chest as I swallowed more water, kicking and struggling and coughing like crazy. Bubbles spewed out of my mouth and nose as I continued to descend. I was going to be drowned by the time my body settled on top of my sisters.

I could vaguely see him up there as I hitched and convulsed. It hurt like hell as I coughed up more bubbles. Then I didn’t have any more air to give up as my lungs had mostly flooded.

I felt something beneath my body, something warm and naked. I had just enough consciousness to suspect it was one of my sisters. I shuddered as a flush of orgasmic warmth rushed through me.

I stopped coughing and struggling as I settled on top of Emma’s legs. The last thing I saw was the sun shining down on the surface. Then the life winked out of my eyes as I was reunited with my drowned sisters at the bottom of the lake…

© 2014; 2017 (written for Dorothy and her sisters Aug 12 ’14; ed. Jul 5 ‘17 by riwa)

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