My last Halloween Party


Some people call me the town slut. But I don’t think I’m a slut at all. I just love men… and I like cock a lot!

Halloween was fast approaching, and some of the men in town were already asking if I had plans to attend the annual party. Naturally I told them all I would be there with bells on. I never miss a Halloween party if I can help it because I love to dress up special for the occasion and tease all the guys.

On the night of the party I told my husband James I had been invited out of town overnight for a girl’s night out and sleepover. But I promised him I would be back tomorrow in time to take the kids Trick-or-Treating as the party I was secretly attending was the night before Halloween. I kissed him and the kids goodbye and then headed out the door with an overnight bag.

After a half hour drive I found a place to pull over. Then I changed into my outfit because I didn’t want to walk out of the house with my husband and kids seeing their wife and mother going out as the town slut, complete with slinky red outfit, sexy black garter, and no panties under my extremely short skirt. I was dressed to kill, but I was hoping I would not be unlucky after this night was over and end up popping out another kid nine months later.

I finally pulled up to the location of the party, parked my vehicle and then walked inside. Almost immediately the whole gathering cheered my appearance. The guys all whooped, hollered and whistled at me, some of them declaring, “Slutty Dorothy is here!”

Many of the gals glared daggers in my direction. But a couple of my girlfriends came up to me and told me I looked really sexy. Then they winked knowingly at me, suspecting I was going to get a lot of action before the night was over. Of course they already knew that was my scheduled MO for the evening.

I had just gotten myself something to drink when Tom Nelson grabbed my arm and pulled me into a cloak room. He closed the door and started feeling me up all over. When he reached down under my skirt he discovered I had no knickers and that I had already become rather wet down there.

“Going commando tonight, eh love?” he gasped as he pawed and groped me. Then he kissed me deeply. In no time at all I heard the sound of a zipper as my skirt was lifted.

I moaned into his mouth as we shagged like bunnies in the cloakroom, my first cock of the evening. “Where’s ‘Frigid Francine’?” I giggled as he kissed me deeply.

“Oh she’s in another room already getting plastered,” he told me. “We haven’t fucked in months. I’m sure glad you showed up tonight, love!”

In no time at all his cum was running down my legs. Tom is quick; I hear they call him Quick-draw McGraw. A couple minutes later we both emerged out of the cloakroom, Tom straightening up his outfit while I tried to clean up before putting my hair back in order.

I made all the rounds, smiling and flirting at the lads while getting scowls from the lasses. A couple of menfolk whispered into my ear how sexy my outfit was and how they would find me later on after they had ditched their wives. Then I had to excuse myself and make a stop at the ladies room.

When I came out, Ben Bingsley grabbed my arm and pulled me into a bedroom. I squealed with glee as he threw me onto the bed and then unzipped. He was on top of me in a flash, flipping up my skirt so his gorgeous cock could pump me until I was just about ready to lose it.

He saw I was about to orgasm just in the nick of time. He quickly covered my mouth with his hand, shushing me as he set me off. It’s a good thing too because I screamed with joy into his hand covering my mouth as my orgasm crashed over me.

The guys all love me because I cum so loudly when I climax. But things can sure get complicated whenever a wife or girlfriend might be waiting in an adjoining room. The last thing I needed was some angry lass barging in to catch me shagging her man.

I was coming down off my plateau of ecstasy when he filled me with his seed. Then he climbed off and zipped back up, a big stupid grin on his face. Naturally I was forced to make another stop in the bathroom to clean myself up before I rejoined the party.

At one point Craig and Joseph intercepted me, telling me they wanted to show me the wine cellar. So they took me by my arms and escorted me down the stairs without their girls noticing we were gone… at least, that’s what I hoped. We were barely inside the darkened room they wanted to show me when I found myself on my knees sucking two more cocks.

Those lads were wonderful; they know I love to snack on dick every chance I get. I deep-throated them both until each one spurted onto my face. Afterwards they left me all alone to clean up again while rushing back upstairs to rejoin the party before their dates could wonder where they had gone off to.

I found a bathroom in the basement and went inside to fix my face again. But when I came out, the host of the party Jeremiah Ainswich was right there waiting for me. “Dorothy, love!” he gushed excitedly. “I’m so glad you could make it to the party tonight!” Then he gave me a warm hug.

“We recently had something special installed tonight just for you,” he told me conspiratorially. “Want to take a look at it?”

“Sure,” I replied with a lascivious grin, always the curious and horny one. But since I’d let Jeremiah in on some of my deep, dark secrets I suspected this was going to be something special. So I eagerly followed him down the hall, finding myself getting wetter by the moment.

He opened a special door and let me inside. That’s when I gasped in astonishment. A large guillotine filled the room, the blade locked into position up at the top.

“What do you think, love?” he told me in a hushed voice. “Shall we behead the town slut?”

“Bloody HELL!” I gasped. By then I was trembling like crazy. I was totally transfixed, staring at the bloody thing in awe and wonder while dripping from an insane arousal.

He walked over to a counter and picked up a set of handcuffs. “Care to give it a go, love?” he asked, dangling them right at me. My throat was dry; I couldn’t make a sound. I just nodded numbly as I continued to tremble.

I did not resist as he cuffed my arms behind my back. Then he led me over to the bascule and pushed me against it. He ran a strap across my back and then pushed it over until I was lying horizontal with my legs hanging down and my arse hanging out!

He moved me forward until my head passed through the opening. That’s when I got a really good look at the wicker basket waiting below. Then he brought the lunette down onto my neck and locked it in place. I wet myself right then and there as I cried out from a breathless orgasm.

“Comfy, love?” he chuckled as he patted my arse. Then he lifted up my skirt and rubbed me all over. I felt his fingers wriggle around in my slit and it made me squirm deliciously!

“Bloody hell, love!” he observed with a chuckle in his voice. “You’re really wet back here… wet and ready for fucking!”

“Then please do the honors, Jeremiah,” I breathed in a trembling voice. “Fuck me hard, take my head and send me to heaven!” I’m not sure if I really meant it or not, but I was too aroused and intoxicated to think clearly.

I heard him unzip, and then my skirt was lifted up. A moment later he pushed his way right in. I grunted and moaned as he fucked me hard, the knowledge of the blade hanging above me driving me wild!

The door suddenly opened and his beautiful wife Beatrice walked in. “Jeremiah, where the hell have you – oh! I see you’ve got Dorothy in here!” Then she walked up and grabbed the lever.

“Fuck the slut and I’ll send her to hell.” And with that I screamed my orgasm as my senses dimmed all around me, my body writhing and rolling on the bascule as I climaxed up a storm.

Jeremiah pumped me until I felt his hot seed inside me. It felt absolutely wonderful. Then Beatrice gave me a grin as she reached down, tipped my head up and kissed my lips.

“Nice to see you made it to the party, love. Jeremiah was hoping you’d show up. I don’t mind him fucking the town slut as it’s only once a year.” Then she grinned knowingly at her husband.

“Better have her clean that off before you zip back up, hun.” I can only assume she was talking about his cock. Then she told him, “I’ll go back up and send some of the guys down one by one to enjoy our guillotine slut.”

I gasped from a combination of fear and excitement as he came around and shoved his cock in my face. “Better lick it clean like she told you, hun. Otherwise she’s liable to come back down and execute you herself just for the hell of it.”

I moaned and whimpered, sucking and slurping as I wriggled on the bascule with my arms cuffed behind my back. It was a fantasy come true, a reality that now had me both frightened and terribly aroused. Jeremiah had picked the perfect object to weaken me to the point of doing anything he wanted me to do for him and the rest of the blokes upstairs.

A couple minutes later the door opened and Robert walked inside. Instantly he got this big grin on his face when he saw me helpless in the guillotine. “Hey, Jeremiah; Beatrice was right!” he proclaimed. “I see you’ve got the town slut locked in and ready for execution!”

“Got to fuck her first, Bob,” Jeremiah chuckled. But he was already reaching for his trousers.

“What did you have to do to get her locked in so willingly?”

“Piece of cake really,” our host answered with a chuckle. “She was so willing to put her neck inside that I hardly had to encourage her at all!”

“Perfect!” Robert gushed as he unzipped. Then he thrust his cock right in my face. I was so horny that I hungrily gobbled him down.

He fucked my mouth and then pulled out to move around behind me. I heard Jeremiah chuckle, “Ever feel what a pussy does to a guy’s cock when a lass loses her head, Bob?” Then he reached for the lever as Robert thrust inside me, eagerly fucking me like a maniac.

It was erotic as hell, especially when I considered how easy it would be for Jeremiah to pull that lever. But I wasn’t so sure he even needed to give it a pull! The guillotine rocked so hard from Bob’s thrusts I was deathly afraid he was actually going to bring the blade down on my neck!

“Here it comes, love!” he cried out. Then he rammed his cock in good and hard. He grunted his release as I screamed from another orgasm, my trembling body shuddering in ecstasy as he pumped me full of his hot, creamy load.

“Room soundproofed?” Robert asked with a chuckle as he pulled out and came around front. Then he stuck his dripping cock right in front of my face to clean him off. Naturally I did what was expected of me by gulping him down and slurping him clean.

“Let’s hope so,” Jeremiah replied, the amusement evident in his voice. “I’d hate for one of the women to come down, see her husband fucking Dorothy and get angry enough to pull the lever.” I jolted in fearful arousal at his words, feeling frightened how this night could possibly end for me… and yet feeling horny as hell!

Robert pulled out of my mouth, zipped up and then left. That left me all alone with Jeremiah. He reached under my skirt and wriggled his fingers in my soaked pussy until I was moaning and squirming with lust. Then he came around front.

“You are wet as bloody hell, love,” he told me, grabbing my head and pushing his sticky fingers in my mouth. “Clean ‘em off for me, would you, darling? I’m sure Beatrice will be sending down more cocks for you any minute now.”

Marvin appeared in the doorway a couple minutes later. “Damn, buddy; your wife was right!” he gasped as he unzipped his fly. “You’ve got the town slut all ready for fucking down here!” Then he stepped forward with that lovely cock of his. I wasted no time slobbering all over it, getting it ready to penetrate me.

Marvin and I usually get together twice a year: once during the bank holiday in early summer and again here at Halloween. He usually makes arrangements to send his wife Leanne out of town so we can have a little alone time together. But I noticed she was upstairs in a Little Bo Peep costume. It made me nervous as hell knowing she could come down here at any minute and catch her husband giving me a good shag… which only added to my arousal.

“Lee’s upstairs, love, so let’s not scream too loudly, ok?” Then he forced his cock right down my throat. I gagged and gurgled on it as Jeremiah hovered around enjoying the show, telling me to make sure and get it nice and wet for his good friend so he could fuck me with it.

After three or four minutes Marvin pulled out and went to my other end. I gasped with anticipation, trembling like crazy. Then he flipped my skirt up and slid right inside me, fucking me hard and making the bloody guillotine rock with his thrusts.

I cried out with excitement as well as the fear he might jar that bloody blade loose. Then I was screaming again from another orgasm. Jeremiah quickly stepped up and covered my mouth with his hand, chuckling as he told me, “That one was just a bit loud, love.” Then I felt Marvin add to the many cum deposits already left in my womb, making me grunt and moan with delirious ecstasy.

Beatrice came down just in time to see Marvin pull out and come around front to thrust his cock into my mouth. I tasted all the cream covering it from my many fucks, and my eyes rolled in ecstasy. She grinned at me and observed aloud how the town slut looked like she was really enjoying herself. Then she told her husband he’d better go back upstairs and make an appearance before some of the guests started getting suspicious.

“Enjoy yourself, love,” Jeremiah told me as he headed out the door. But he almost ran into Craig and Joseph who had come back downstairs looking for me. This time I knew what I was in for: those two bloody bastards just love my arse!

“She’s all ready for you, lads,” Beatrice proclaimed with a grand wave.

“I’m first,” Craig declared as he quickly unzipped. His familiar cock emerged out of his trousers and was quickly thrust into my mouth. “I’ve been waiting for months to fuck that arse of yours, love!” he gasped excitedly.

I sucked on his cock for the second time that night, working to get him extra wet for my bum. Then he pulled out and moved around back as Joseph moved in front of my face with his cock already pulled out. “Together,” I heard Craig declare behind me. That’s when I heard Beatrice giggle, “Watching this is going to make me so bloody horny!”

I felt Craig push against my sphincter as Joseph placed his cock right against my lips. Then with a “one… two… THREE!” they shoved in together. I screamed into the cock in my mouth as my arse parted for Craig’s thrusting member.

Beatrice thought that was funny as hell, and she giggled as the lads fucked me hard in both ends. The guillotine began to rock again, and I found myself both horrified and yet insanely aroused. I was deathly afraid the blade could come down and take my head at any moment! What the hell would Beatrice tell my James and the kids if THAT ever happened tonight??!!

I heard female voices on the other side of the door, and it jolted me with a humiliating arousal. Then Mitzy and Brenda came down with their dates, two guys I did not recognize. “Oh fuck; she’s getting it in both ends!” Brenda observed.

“That is so fucking hot!” Mitzy slurred.

“That’s because Craig is giving it to her in her arse,” Beatrice chuckled.

“Cumming in her arse, you mean!” Craig corrected them as he grunted and then thrust hard. I screamed into Joseph’s cock filling my mouth as Craig’s hot seed started to fill my arse. Then I was hit with yet another devastating orgasm.

The guys pulled out and changed positions before I could catch my breath. “Oh FUCK!” ditzy Mitzy blurted out. She’s not the brightest bulb of the girlfriends I know so I sometimes call her ‘ditzy Mitzy’, although she can be just as slutty as I am. And she thinks it’s so hot the way I take the guys on like I do. She and Brenda don’t judge me about it in the slightest.

I soon found myself tasting the tang of Craig’s cock having come out of my arse. But if anything it made me even hornier. Then I felt Joseph taking his turn in my arse, grunting and thrusting as the guillotine rocked. For a minute there I thought the blade was coming down, and it scared the shit out of me as I was hit with a massive jolt of erotic tingles!

“Hey, Riwa; fuck her mouth!” Mitzy declared with a drunken giggle, pushing her date toward me. I could tell he had a massive bulge in his trousers. He gave her a look before Beatrice waved him to “Go right ahead, hun; you might as well step in and enjoy yourself! Dorothy won’t mind one bit; will you, love!”

“Give it to me!” I begged him, horny as hell and drunk from my many orgasms. I watched hungrily as he unzipped and pulled it out. Then he slid that wonderful piece of man meat right between my lips.

I moaned as I sucked and slurped on his quivering member, occasionally grunting as Joseph gave it to me good and hard up my arse. Then I felt him unload deep in my rectum. I screamed again in delirious orgasm into the cock in my mouth.

“That is so fucking HOT!” Mitzy blurted out drunkenly. Brenda just shook her head and chuckled. Then Mitzy told Joseph she would take care of cleaning him up before telling her date, “Go ahead and fuck Dorothy now, Riwa. The town slut will love you for it!”

I was not surprised one bit when Mitzy got in on the act by dropping to her knees. Then she proceeded to clean Joseph’s cock with a vengeance, sucking and slurping like crazy. Then a new male entered the room.

“Tom!” Mitzy blurted out, drunkenly waving him over to her. “Take that cock out of your pants and let me at it before you take on Dorothy!”

About that time I felt Riwa’s cock slowly push its way inside my wet pussy. There was lots of spunk inside, and I hoped he was ok with sloppy fourths or fifths. Then he started thrusting nice and hard as Mitzy knelt there right in front of me taking two cocks at once!

Several of the guys stuck around to watch, thinking it was hot as hell. Beatrice just stood there with an amused look on her face. The Halloween party she and Jeremiah were hosting was turning into a real orgy.

Tom finally pulled out of Mitzy’s mouth, only to come over and shove his cock between my lips. I groaned again, a happy slut full of cock in both ends. Riwa was really giving it to me good, and I could feel a really big orgasm coming on strong.

About that time I thought I heard voices out beyond the door. A familiar female voice was demanding, “Where is that bloody wanker?” while Jeremiah’s voice was anxiously replying, “You really don’t want to go in there, love.” Then Francine Nelson emerged through the doorway and stared in complete and utter shock.

She caught sight of her husband fucking my mouth, and for a moment she just stared in astonishment. Mitzy did NOT help out the situation any when she drunkenly calling out, “Hey, ‘Frigid Francine! Get on your knees and come join the party! Tom’s going to give it to everyone!” Everybody else just gasped, especially since they could see the fury blossoming all over Francine’s face.

“Is THIS the slut you’ve been fucking??!!” she called out in a drunken voice, angrily accusing her husband of enjoying my slutty ways. Then she pulled him away from me. His cock came out of my mouth with a pop as I had been vacuuming his tasty dick mere moments ago.

I looked up at her in embarrassment as a wave of humiliation flooded over me. Riwa was still in my pussy, and I felt a shamefully devastating orgasm start to crest. Then she walked right up and called me a whore before angrily jerking on the lever.

I thought I heard Jeremiah start to blurt out, “Francine; NO!” Then I felt a sharp pain go right through my neck. It instantly severed me from the huge orgasm I was starting to experience as my world tumbled.

For a moment I couldn’t see a bloody thing, although I could hear the entire room gasp in utter horror. Then I came up out of the basket and found myself staring into Francine’s angry visage. “Never again, you fucking whore!” she declared angrily. “Never again! See what your whoring ways have gotten you?”

My vision shifted until I was turned to face the guillotine. That’s when I saw a dying body – MY BODY – bucking and spasming on the bascule. It was twitching and jerking around with Riwa still fucking it. He had a strange look on his face as though he didn’t know whether to keep fucking or pull out. Ultimately he stayed inside my dying cunt. Either he just couldn’t make himself pull out… or he really didn’t WANT to at that moment!

I only had a few more seconds of vision and consciousness as Francine waved my head around like Thor’s hammer, drops of crimson flying from my severed, bloody neck. I actually got to see glimpses of the shocked looks of everyone in the room. Then my vision finally faded… only for me to somehow find myself clear up in the ceiling looking down on the whole sordid affair as some sort of silent, ghostly observer!

“THIS is what I think of your town WHORE!” Francine declared drunkenly to her husband, angrily shaking my head in his direction with her hand grasping my golden strands. More blood droplets fell out of my severed neck and splattered the hardwood floor.

“Honey, I don’t think you should have done that,” Tom answered quietly, having gone sober as can be. She just pushed into his chest, shoving him away as she angrily blurted out. “Sod off, you bloody bastard!”

Ditzy Mistzy was in awe of what had just happened. “That is so COOL!” she drunkenly blurted out in amazement. “How did you DO that?”

“Do what?” Francine asked as she spun around in her direction in astonishment, still animatedly waving my severed head around.

“It looks so REAL! …and all that ketchup… Francine, how did you DO that??!! Can I do it too?”

To everyone’s amazement she pulled the blade back up and locked it into place. I don’t know how she did it, drunk as a skunk and all. Then as Riwa was pulling out of me with his cock leaking cum, she unstrapped me before pushing my dead, headless body right off the bascule, causing it to tumble onto the floor.

Amazingly she climbed right on, stretching herself out on the bascule with her ass hanging out and her legs hanging down. She pulled the top of the lunette off, discarding it as she stuck her head right on through. I couldn’t believe what she was doing! But everybody else was too numb with shock at Francine having just taken my head to do anything to stop her!

I KNOW Mitzy had to have seen all that blood staining the bottom of the wicker basket. But apparently she was totally clueless. What she said next did her in…

“Hey, Tom! Come fuck my mouth like you fucked Dorothy’s, ok? Then ‘Frigid Francine’ can kneel on the floor and have a turn!”

“THE HELL I WILL!” a drunken Francine roared as she reached up for the lever. Jeremiah rushed forward in a frantic attempt to stop her. No one else got there in time as the blade plummeted. Ditzy Mitzy found out in that last split second it was NOT a magic trick as her head dropped right into the bloody wicker basket below

“Francine!” Tom declared angrily. “Why the bloody hell did you DO that??”

“She was ASKING for it!” she cried out as she reached into the wicker basket. Then she grasped onto a handful of brown strands and pulled Mitzy’s head out with her other hand. Now she was waving around TWO heads, both with shocked looks on their faces.

Mitzy’s eyes blinked once out of total surprise. Then the life faded right out of her eyes as her expression sagged. That’s when she suddenly joined me up in the ceiling, staring down at the whole scene below and murmuring, “What the hell just happened??” All I could do was shake my head at her.

“Let me take those from you, love,” Beatrice said kindly to Francine, reaching out and grasping onto both heads by their hair.

“Better take her home, Tom,” Jeremiah told him soberly. Tom nodded quietly, wrapped his arms around his wife and then ushered her right out of the room. Everyone else just stared at all the blood on the floor before heading for the door, deciding perhaps it wasn’t the best thing to be caught sticking around the crime scene. That left Riwa, Beatrice and Jeremiah as the only ones left… them and a couple of twitching headless corpses.

“Well, darling?” Jeremiah said to his wife with a wry smile. “It wasn’t exactly how I planned the evening to conclude, although the results are pretty much the same. In the end Francine ended up doing what James wanted us to do to his wife the whole time. Well now he’s got his wish. Now he can freely enjoy that girl he’s been seeing down at the office so he can give his kids a new mother.”

“I don’t think Mitzy was part of the plot,” she sighed, sadly shaking her head.

“Nope; I don’t think so either. I guess Francine was more than a little pissed with them both.”

I stared down in horror before turning to look at Mitzy. “Did you KNOW about this??” I inquired incredulously, asking about the plot against me instigated by my husband. She just numbly shook her head. I think she was still in shock that our heads were now in the hands of our hostess.

“Well, Riwa?” Beatrice said to Mitzy’s date with a smile. “I guess you weren’t expecting this, were you.” Then she smiled coyly as she added, “Do you mind if I ask what it felt like?”

He blushed and lowered his head sheepishly. “To tell the truth, it felt incredible,” he admitted. “Her pussy started spasming and clenching like crazy. I think she was cumming when the blade fell, and I guess her body just kept cumming and cumming.”

“So what do we do with them now?” she asked her husband.

“May I make a suggestion?” That’s when they both turned curiously in Riwa’s direction.

“I know of a farm with a big slurry pit. I can drop the bodies and heads in there, and no one will ever find them again. Hell, no one will even want to get CLOSE to the bloody thing.”

“Perfect,” Beatrice said with a smile. “I think Francine would approve… that is, if she even remembers in the morning what happened tonight. The town slut and her drunken girlfriend… tossed into a pit of shit. Seems fitting I guess.” Then she handed both heads over to Riwa.

He grabbed them both by handfuls of hair, looking at our sagging, lifeless expressions as though wondering, “What the hell am I supposed to do with THESE?”

“Oh, sorry,” Beatrice chuckled sheepishly as she took them back. “Darling would you go get something for Riwa to use to transport these items out of here? Then it looks like I’ve got a big mess to clean up down here.”

“Certainly, love,” he told her. Then he leaned over and kissed her lips. Mitzy and I looked at each other up there in the ceiling as the both of us silently wondered, “Now what??”

We both found ourselves in the boot of a car with our bodies in a couple of plastic sheets and our heads in a box. Mitzy was uncomfortable as hell wondering where Riwa was taking us. “Is this what being dead is like?” she finally asked.” I shrugged my shoulders; I didn’t know.

He drove us for an hour until he pulled onto a farm and drove around back. I don’t think anyone saw him at all. Then he parked near a big, stinky slurry pit.

The smell was atrocious! Mitzy and I wrinkled our noses in disgust! It was amazing how we could even smell the bloody stuff being all dead and everything!

He pulled our bodies out and then dragged them over to the edge of the pit. The smell was overpowering; it was bloody awful. Then Mitzy got the shakes something fierce as she started shaking her head, loudly blurting out, “Don’t put us in there?!”

“Mitzy, he can’t hear us, remember?” But she cried out all the louder, “DON’T PUT US IN THERE!!”

He examined her headless corpse for a couple of seconds, feeling her up and admiring her curves. “Sorry, love,” he told her as he hefted her in. Mitzy screamed right next to me… and then she was gone. She simply vanished!

Bloody hell??!!

I got the shakes something fierce as he grabbed my body and dragged me over. Now I was starting to get deathly afraid, not that it was doing me any good. “You were a good fuck, love,” he told my body, caressing my boobs and feeling my slit. I was still wet and full of cum. Then he started to throw me in…

“NO; DON’T!” Then it disappeared under the surface. It’s as though I was yanked right along with it, and I went right in!

It was nasty; there was shit everywhere! Strangely it was as though I could somehow taste it… smell it… feel it… touch it! It felt like I was drowning in shit, and it was absolutely horrible!!

I heard a bubbly scream and I turned to look. I could actually see poor Mitzy writhing in agony right next to her corpse. She wanted out in the worst way, but I couldn’t see how it was going to happen unless someone came along and pulled our bodies out of here. And that seemed highly unlikely.

All of the sudden there were a couple of big splats. That’s when I saw our severed heads coming down to join us. I saw the look of shocked ecstasy in my features, saw the look in Mitzy’s face at the moment the blade fell. It looked like she was trying to say, “Oh, shit!” but all she did was form the ‘O’ with her lips just as the blade sliced through her neck…

…and then it felt like I was cumming… cumming and screaming and eating shit and writhing and squirming, condemned to drown in a pit of shit for all eternity for being the town slut. I hadn’t found out until it was too late this was James plan all along to get rid of me so he could replace me with somebody else…

© 2015 (written for Dorothy Oct 7 ’15 by riwa)

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