Dorothy’s ‘volunteer’ hanging


Dorothy smiled at the familiar face as she got out of her car. “Aneeqa, I didn’t know you’d been invited!”

“Dorothy, so nice to see you!” They embraced each other, kissing each other’s cheeks in the traditional greeting of the day.

“So are you a friend of the bride or groom?” Aneeqa wanted to know.

“Neither,” Dorothy admitted sheepishly. “But I’m friends with the Maid of Honor. Miranda invited me to come.”

“I know Miranda a little; I met her once,” Aneeqa offered, “but I happen to be friends with the groom Richard.”

They began walking together toward the building, making their way through the milling crowd. That’s when they came across Miranda. Dorothy was a little surprised she wasn’t more properly dressed, although supposedly this wasn’t being touted as a traditional wedding.

Miranda spotted them and called out to them first… “Well, there’s Aneeqa and Dorothy! Glad you two could make it!”

“Glad to be here,” Aneeqa said with a smile. Dorothy smiled and remarked, “My, but there’s a lot of people here today, Miranda!”

“That’s because we’re having some very special entertainment later,” the Maid of Honor told them.

“Special entertainment?” Aneeqa repeated in surprise. “I never heard anything about that! I was only told it was a dress-up affair and that it was a wedding not to be missed!”

“I hope I’m dressed appropriately for this event,” Dorothy added, nervously looking down at her skirt, jacket and heels.

“You’re fine, Dorothy,” Miranda reassured her, looking at Aneeqa and adding, “You’re both fine. “We’re starting inside with a reception right after the wedding. The entertainment will follow soon after.”

“Can you tell me anymore about this entertainment?”

“Sorry, Aneeqa, but right now I can’t,” Miranda replied apologetically.

“You sure are being mysterious about all this,” Dorothy added, shaking her head in dismay.

“I’m sorry about that, Dorothy, but it’s not by choice I assure you. Anyway, I’ll see you both inside, ok?”

“Ok,” they both told her as she walked away. Then Aneeqa turned and looked curiously at her.

“Mighty peculiar, Dorothy; don’t you think? Do you have any idea what’s going on here today?”

“I really don’t have a clue, Aneeqa,” Dorothy admitted. “I wish she would have told us more! There certainly is a large number of people all dressed up today!”

“I wonder what she meant by all this ‘entertainment’ business.”

“I’m sure I don’t know, Aneeqa! But I think we’re not the only ones wanting to know what’s going on. I overheard this couple right next to me saying the same thing to each other.”

“Well, I’m going to head inside. I’ll see you there.”

“Yes, you go on ahead,” Dorothy told her. “Meanwhile I think I’m going to ask a couple more people out here if they know anything more.” She nodded and then headed in the direction of the building everyone seemed to be headed toward.

Dorothy looked around until she caught sight of a couple of females heading in the same direction. She walked up to them and got their attention. “Excuse me, but do you ladies know what’s going on today?”

“No, I sure don’t!” the brunette replied. “I was only told that it would be an event we wouldn’t want to miss! That’s why Stephy and I decided to come today. Do you know anything, Stephy?”

“I sure don’t, Corinne,” her friend replied. “I’m just as in the dark as you are about it. But I heard it’s going to be special.”

‘I see these two are no help at all,’ Dorothy thought to herself. But she smiled at them as she told them, “I met my friend Aneeqa a few minutes ago. She’s curious too, but she went on ahead. I’m going to catch up to her inside.”

“Well, maybe we’ll see you inside?” Stephy asked with a smile.

“Yes, maybe you will,” Dorothy replied, smiling back as they went on without her.

‘Damn!’ she thought as she watched them go. ‘Neither of them knew anything either! I wonder what the hell is going on here today? I know there’s supposed to be a wedding and a reception. I just don’t know what this entertainment is supposed to be! Oh well… might as well go on in.’ She sighed as she followed the crowd inside…

The wedding took place in an upstairs hall. It was a simple affair, but exceedingly well attended. Dorothy was impressed with how many people had come to witness the blessed event. But the bride and groom were not in traditional attire.

Afterwards everyone was invited to attend the reception downstairs. Dorothy headed down, having missed seeing her friend Aneeqa at the wedding. She assumed she would eventually run into her at the reception, but she hadn’t yet spotted her. That’s when a harried Miranda came rushing up to her.

“Dorothy, there you are! Thank gawd, I found you! I need your help!” Dorothy was astonished.

“My help??!! You need MY help??!! But I don’t even know the bride and groom all that well except by reputation!”

“It’s ok, Dorothy. I know they will appreciate anything you can do for them. After all, it’s really important.”

“Well, I’m not sure how I can help out, Miranda.”

“Oh it’s real easy, Dorothy; I promise! I just need a little help with something out back, ok? I promise; it won’t take long!”

“I won’t miss anything down here at the reception, will I? I still don’t know what’s going on here today.”

“I promise you won’t miss out on a thing! In fact, I am authorized to give you a front row seat if you can just help me out back with a little something I cooked up for the bride and groom!”

Dorothy thought it over for a second or two before agreeing. “Well, ok,” she answered hesitantly. “I suppose I can help out for a few minutes.”

‘I suppose it can’t hurt,’ she thought to herself, stepping in behind Miranda. ‘I will probably run into Aneeqa soon enough anyway. Actually she’ll probably spot me before I spot her! Besides, with all these people here, a front row seat might be nice!’

She followed Miranda out the back door into a grassy field. Off in the distance she caught sight of something silhouetted in the late afternoon sky. Then she stared in amazement.

“Miranda, isn’t that a gallows?” she asked in utter disbelief as she pointed it out.

volunteer hanging 1“Yes it is, Dorothy. What do you think?”

“What do I think??!! Miranda, I guess I’m not sure I know WHAT to think!!” Seeing a gallows at a wedding event was NOT what Dorothy had expected to come across today!

“I just need a little help over there is all,” Miranda explained.

“A little h-help??” Dorothy stammered. “What kind of h-help do you mean?”

“Goodness, you’re jumpy today!” Then Miranda sighed with a scowl. “You want to go back inside, Dorothy? All I need is a little help out here. But if you’re not willing then I suppose I’d better go back in and get someone else!” She looked at her watch before adding, “Damn, this is going to throw their timetable off!”

The manipulative tactic worked; Dorothy quickly backtracked. “No – no; I’m willing to help!” she added hastily. “What is it you need from me?” Then she glanced up at the gallows again, a feeling of foreboding creeping over her. The damn thing was scaring the shit out of her!

“Thanks, Dorothy; I really appreciate it!” Miranda replied, appearing greatly relieved. Then she led her right up to it.

“Right this way, Dorothy. You like it? I think they worked hard to make it look authentic, don’t you? It looks realistic, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yeah, it l-looks realistic all right,” Dorothy replied, trying not to stammer, much less evidence her growing discomfort. She looked all around, hoping they wouldn’t be out there in the shadow of that damnable gallows for too much longer.

“Right up here,” Miranda coaxed, walking up the steps and motioning for Dorothy. The nervous woman hesitated as she looked up at the thick coil.

“C’mon, Dorothy! I need you up here right now! Time’s running out and I don’t want to keep the bride and groom waiting!” Dorothy swallowed the lump in her throat as she hesitantly climbed the steps.

“C’mon – c’mon; right over here!” Miranda urged, grabbing onto the coil of rope. Dorothy recoiled in alarm, her breath catching in her throat…

“W-wait a minute!! What are you going to, uh… do with that noose??”

“Will you just get over here already?” Miranda gasped in exasperation. “Damnit, Dorothy; this is taking too long! Do you want to help me or don’t you?”

“Well, ok,” Dorothy stammered. But as she got closer Miranda took the noose as though she was going to loop it around her neck.

“Uh, wait a minute, ok?” she gasped, holding up her hand as a jolt of erotic horror hit her hard. “I really don’t think I, uh…”

“Nonsense; you’ll be fine!” Miranda tried to reassure her. “Let me just snug it around your neck now, ok? See how nice and thick it is?”

“Wait – WAIT!” Dorothy stammered nervously. “Miranda I don’t think I…”

“Oh for gawd’s sake; it’s not a snake! Just calm down, ok?”

Dorothy started hyperventilating as Miranda snugged the rope up tight around her neck. “Now how does that feel?” she asked curiously.

“I don’t kn-know,” Dorothy stammered. “I g-guess it’s ok.”

“Aren’t you the least bit excited?” Miranda asked. “I’ve heard most women get a little excited when they first feel the rope around their throat. It would really help me if you were to tell me how it feels. Remember, this is for the bride and groom!”

“Well, I…” Dorothy started to stammer before she was forced to pause, swallowing another lump in her throat.

“C’mon – c’mon; I’m running behind schedule as it is! Just tell me already!”

“Y-yes, I g-guess I’m a little, uh…”

“A little what? Scared? Aroused? Excited? C’mon, Dorothy; I need to know so we can get back to the reception!”

“S-scared and, uh… excited I guess,” Dorothy admitted nervously.

“See? That wasn’t so hard to admit, was it?”

“Could you, uh… t-take it off now?”

“Don’t you feel a little sexy, Dorothy?”

Dorothy was trembling as she wracked her brain trying to figure out why the hell Miranda wanted her out here with the noose and the gallows. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out how it fit into the reception back in the building! So she decided maybe it was best to play along for now… anything to hurry things up so she could get her to take the damned thing off!

“Uh, yeah… I g-guess it feels a little, uh… s-sexy. Now could you just, uh… take it off already?”

“Almost done, Dorothy; I DO appreciate this!” Miranda gushed. “Just one thing more, ok?” Then she pulled out a set of handcuffs hidden within her outfit.

“Now that we’ve got the noose around your neck, we’ll want to complete the ensemble, right? Now let me just add these handcuffs here.”

Dorothy recoiled again, squawking with fright. “P-please, Miranda… don’t…” That’s when the Maid of Honor angrily put her hands on her hips.

“Dorothy, I’m hurt! My friend asks if I know someone who can help on her wedding day and the first person I think of is you! Now do you want to help me or don’t you?”

“Look, I just don’t, uh… I don’t know about all this and…” But Miranda ignored her reluctance by pulling her arms behind her back and roughly locking her wrists together with the cuffs.

The moment she heard them clatch behind her back Dorothy’s knees nearly gave out. Why was she so frightened?? After all, she was only helping the Maid of Honor with a certain part of the reception, although she had no idea how the gallows fit into all this! Perhaps she was reading the wrong thing into Miranda’s actions, and she told herself to try to calm down.

Miranda looked her up and down approvingly and then smiled happily. “Thanks, Dorothy!” she gushed. “The bride and groom are really going to love this… and so are all their guests!” Then she reached into another pocket of her outfit, pulled out some sort of two way radio and spoke into it…

“Ok, Edwardo; send them all out! Our volunteer is all ready to go!”

Dorothy gasped in alarm. “Volunteer??!!” she blurted out in a trembling voice. “Volunteer for WHAT???!!!”

“Why, a volunteer to be hung of course, you silly bitch! Why do you think I needed your help out here?! I needed you to get into position so I can hang you special for the bride and groom and for everyone attending the reception!”

“But I d-didn’t volunteer!!” Dorothy gasped in horror.

“Sure you did! You climbed right up onto the gallows and willingly stuck your head into the noose, right? You volunteered, Dorothy; I sure didn’t force you or anything!”

“But you s-said it was for the reception!!”

“I wasn’t lying; it IS for the reception, sweetie!” Then she turned as people started streaming out of the building in their direction.

“That’s right, everyone!” she called out to them, waving them to come closer. “Come on over and gather round. Dorothy here has volunteered to hang for you all this afternoon to celebrate the union of our friends Mary and Richard!”

There were excited murmurs as people started to gather around the gallows. Dorothy was horrified and she started to hyperventilate while pleading with those walking up… “NO I HAVEN’T – NO I HAVEN’T! I HAVEN’T VOLUNTEERED FOR ANYTHING! SOMEBODY GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!”

“That’s good, Dorothy; that’s really good!” Miranda encouraged happily. “Show us more fear; play your part well!”

“BUT I DON’T WANT TO HANG!” She was terrified out of her mind, wondering how this day could have turned on her so vindictively.

Dorothy saw her friend standing there in the crowd, and she tried to appeal to her to help her. “ANEEQA; FOR GAWD’S SAKE, GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!” Miranda just smiled in her direction.

“Isn’t she playing her part to the hilt?” she observed proudly. “She’s really milking it for all she’s worth, isn’t she? Mary and Richard should be really happy!”

At that moment Dorothy saw the bride and groom walk up. That’s when she started pleading with them as well… “PLEASE… DON’T LET HER HANG ME??!!”

Mary took her new husband’s hand in hers and smiled. “We really appreciate your performance today, Dorothy; we really do! You are really making it exciting for everyone here! This really means a lot to us!”

“BUT I DON’T W-WANT TO HANG!” That’s when Miranda grabbed onto the rope and pulled it tighter.

The noose snugged up tight, pulling Dorothy up onto her toes. It virtually cut off all further speech as she started gawking and gurgling. A moment later a dark stain appeared in her skirt as she pissed herself from her terror.

“There we go, folks,” the Maid of Honor said with a flourish, motioning at her very reluctant ‘volunteer’. “We’ve heard enough from her performance, so now we’ve got her up on her toes where she belongs! No point in hearing anymore how much she doesn’t want to hang, right?” and she winked at everyone.

“She’s acted well and truly made her point!” she went on with a flourish. “Now let’s get this show on the road, shall we?” The response was clapping and cheers from the gathered spectators.

Miranda tied the rope off, keeping Dorothy up on her toes in a partially asphyxiated state. She caught sight of Dorothy’s wet skirt and smiled. “Aww, did we just wet ourselves, sweetie? Not to worry; it’s all a part of your performance, and we all really appreciate it!”

Aneeqa came up to the woman serving as executioner, looking curiously at her friend all noosed, trembling and gasping. “Are you really going to hang her, Miranda?” she queried. “Did she really volunteer?”

“I sure am, Aneeqa!” the Maid of Honor replied excitedly. “You won’t believe it when I say this, but she came right out, saw the gallows and volunteered on the spot! Why she couldn’t wait to stick her head in the noose! She even told me she hoped to hang well for her friend Aneeqa today! Isn’t that right, Dorothy?”

They turned to look at her as the topic of their discussion rasped and gurgled, trying to force the words out of her mouth that it was all a lie, that she had not volunteered in the slightest but that she had been tricked! She could only plead with Aneeqa with her eyes not to let them hang her.

Aneeqa looked at her friend in the noose with new-found admiration. “Wow, Dorothy; I’m really excited!” she happily told her. “I’m so very proud of you today! Thank you so much for volunteering! This is a real treat; I’m sure Mary and Richard are going to love it! I know I sure am!” Dorothy rasped and gurgled but was unable to verbalize a reply to the contrary.

Miranda looked at the bride and groom, smiling as she saw them nod their readiness at watching Dorothy’s show. Then she turned to face the gathered throng. “Is everyone ready for today’s entertainment?!” she said aloud, proudly acting as Master of Ceremonies.

There were eager cries for her to get on with it, causing her to grin excitedly. “Ok, ladies and gentlemen… let’s drop her!” Then she walked over and grabbed onto a lever. “You’re on, sweetie,” she said happily to the frightened woman as she pulled it.

Dorothy tried to cry out as she fell, only for the noose to pull her up short as she wet herself in orgasm. She’d only fallen about a foot or so, leaving her another foot off the ground. Then her feet began fluttering for solid footing beneath her that was no longer there.

Volunteer hangingHer mind cried out for somebody to get her down from there as her legs started to scissor. Then she began to swing back and forth as her legs flew outward. One heel flew off and then the other followed as her toes curled.

She rasped and gurgled, astonished that it could hurt so much. But she was still getting air, although it was painful every time she tried to take a breath. The noose hadn’t cut off her windpipe completely, but it was making it an agony every time her lungs tried to swell from taking another breath.

Her legs pedaled as though she was trying to run in the noose. Then her knees began jerking upward as though that would somehow relieve the agony around her throat. But that only succeeded in constricting the lethal coil around her neck, making it even harder to draw a breath.

She twisted in one direction and then back the other way as she swayed back and forth. Aneeqa came into her line of vision and she pleaded with her eyes for her to take her down. But when she saw the look of rapture in her friend’s face, she was horrified that she appeared to be so sexually aroused watching her suffering…

“Damn, girl; that is so fucking sexy! I never knew you were going to volunteer for this! Why didn’t you tell me?! It’s a hell of a surprise, honey, but I fucking love it! You are really putting on quite a show!!”

As she struggled to get a decent breath of air she saw Stephy and Corinne standing there watching her with great interest. Both of them appeared to be rather flushed from the spectacle. But it was evident they admired her courage, even if they thought she was a little crazy to volunteer…

“Wow, just look at her hang!”

“Did you see her orgasm when Miranda pulled the lever?”

“That is so fucking hot… although I could NEVER volunteer for something like that!” Dorothy rasped for breath as she tried to convey to them that she hadn’t volunteered. But at this point in time it really didn’t seem to matter anymore. She was going to hang to death anyway; no one was going to take her down.

She twisted in place, getting a glimpse of others watching her. She saw several bulges in trousers as well as many females appearing quite out of breath. She even saw one woman in a white blouse with nipples poking through the fabric as though she was quite turned on by the spectacle!

She twisted and swung until the bride and groom came into her line of sight, standing there observing her every movement. There was a noticeable bulge in Richard’s pants, a bulge the bride was only too happy to be groping at that very moment. Dorothy noticed Mary seemed to be in a rapturous fog of bliss, appearing to intently study her every agonizing jerk and spasm in the noose…

“Just look at her, honey! Miranda really picked out a good one! She’s quite a fighter!”

“She sure did, my love. I wasn’t sure I believed her when your Maid of Honor said she would supply the volunteer if we put up the gallows. But it was well worth it!”

“Maybe we could hang someone next year on our anniversary, Richard?”

“If I know Miranda, she’ll probably find someone to ‘volunteer’ if you would like that, my love. Let’s ask her when we get back to the reception.”

Dorothy’s mind raced with incredulous thoughts. Why was this happening to her; why had she been so deceived? Was this the plan all along: for Miranda to pick her out so they could all watch her hang during the reception?? Everyone out there seemed more than a little eager to watch her hang to death!

She kicked and struggled for two minutes… four… six! It felt like an eternity, an agony she could not comprehend. She could still breathe, although just barely. A part of her wanted to die, wanted her suffering to end. Another part wanted to live, wanted someone to come up and cut her down.

She kicked and jerked, causing the noose to tighten even more. Her knees came up and she jerked down hard again as though trying to jerk the noose loose from around her neck. It only tightened even more, causing her body to panic from lack of oxygen as she kicked and struggled.

There was a brief flurry of activity as her body swung and twisted. Then she finally hung limp, her eyes glazing over as her tongue protruded. She was humiliated as a loud fart emanated out from underneath her skirt, followed by her bladder giving way. Most of the spectators witnessed the urine streaming down her legs, and they cheered and applauded as though it was the icing on the proverbial cake.

“I think she’s about done, folks,” Miranda observed at around the nine minute mark. “We’ll just leave her up here for awhile for all of you to enjoy!” Then she turned toward Richard and Mary.

“To the bride and groom!!” she declared. “May you have many happy years together!”

Dorothy barely heard the cheers and applause. But she was more focused on the fact that she couldn’t feel anything below her waist anymore. What’s more, she could feel major organs dying inside, could feel her body in agony. Then her vision failed her.

She could still hear voices, could hear people talking about her hanging, talking about how much they had enjoyed it. She recognized Aneeqa’s voice as she congratulated the happy couple… recognized Miranda telling them how honored she was to be allowed to execute Dorothy for their happy day. Then she faded away into unconsciousness as merciful oblivion finally claimed her…

Her heart continued to beat for another fifteen minutes, pumping slower and slower until it finally gave out. By then several of the spectators had come up to have their picture taken with the dangling volunteer. The bride and groom also stepped up, happily sandwiching Dorothy’s lifeless body between them for several pictures.

Eventually everyone headed back into the reception hall. Miranda hung around until everyone was gone. Then she came up to Dorothy one last time and gave her dead body a push.

“Thank you for volunteering, sweetie,” she whispered lovingly. “You were really great! But I’m going to leave you out here awhile longer while everyone is at the reception. After all, we don’t want your corpse stinking up the place on Richard and Mary’s wedding day, do we?” Then she giggled as she took her leave, heading back toward the reception to share in the joy of the big day with the bride and groom as well as the memory of such a wonderful hanging…

© 2015

(written for Dorothy May 1 by riwa)

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