Cristina enjoys Nadia (graphic)

Author’s note: this is a poser story I started for a friend back in ’09 that I finally got around to finishing.

Nadia found herself naked hanging upside down from her right ankle. Her left leg hung free, leaving her more than a little uncomfortable. She was in some sort of building with a dirt floor. And she had no idea how she’d gotten that way!

How had she gotten naked?? She didn’t remember taking any clothes off! And where the hell was she?? It looked like no building she’d ever been in before! Had she been drugged and brought here against her will??

She tried to reach up to release her ankle. But she didn’t have the strength to bend herself up far enough! She couldn’t reach it and she ultimately gave up, panting heavily as she gently swung back and forth.

“HEY!” she called out. “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?? ANYONE?? SOMEBODY HELP ME!!” She could feel the blood rushing to her head and she wanted down in the worst way.

What was she doing there? Who had kidnapped her and brought her here?? Again she tried to reach up to free her ankle. But she was unsuccessful and she swung helplessly, her free leg still hanging at that uncomfortable angle.

cn1She suddenly thought she heard footseps and she listened intently. Was someone coming?? That’s when hope swelled within her.

“HELP ME!!” she cried out. “I’M IN HERE!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!” Then the door opened and she recognized in an instant who it was.

“Cristina?” she blurted out in surprise, seeing someone she actually didn’t like very much. The woman was dressed strangely, wearing only a purple top with matching purple bottoms all trimmed in red. It almost looked as though her acquaintance was deliberately clad only in her underwear!! But for the moment Nadia didn’t care what she was wearing! All that mattered was that someone was here! Now she was saved!

“Cristina??!! Thank gawd; it’s you!” But for some reason the woman acted strangely toward her!

“Well – well; look what we have here?” the woman asked smugly. “My – my, Nadia! You seem to have gotten yourself into a right awful spot! What are you doing hanging upside down all naked like that?”

“How the hell should I know how I got like this??” Nadia sputtered. “Just get me down from here, Cristina; ok? I’m uncomfortable as hell hanging upside down like this! And while you’re at it, would you look around for my clothes?”

“Now why would I do that, Nadia?” Cristina asked with a snort of disgust. Then her lips curled into a sadistic grin.

“I know you don’t like me very well, Nadia. Personally the feeling is mutual as I don’t like you either. So I think I should tell you that I actually prefer you this way!” Nadia gulped as a jolt of alarm rippled through her.

“C’mon, Cristina; stop kidding around!” she gasped. “Get me down from here, ok?”

“Oh, Nadia; I don’t think I can do that just yet.”

“What?! Why not??!!”

“Because I think I’m going to have to take advantage of you first! After all, you don’t come across a situation like this everyday where the woman you despise is so helpless and vulnerable.” Then Cristina moved closer as Nadia gasped in alarm.

“You know what, Nadia? I can’t just let you hang like this without enjoying myself! I think I should have a little fun with you! What do you say?”

“Cristina, what are you TALKING about??!!” Nadia gasped in disbelief. “This is no time for screwing around!! Get me down from here, ok??”

“But your pussy looks so juicy… and I love seeing your naked body as you hang upside down like that!”

“My PUSSY??!! Cristina, this is no time to play some sick lesbian game!! Get me down from here at once!” Then she trembled in arousal and disgust as the woman came up to her and began fingering her slit.

“You ARE wet, Nadia. Does your helplessness turn you on? I know it sure turns ME on!!”

Nadia was horrified at the way the bitch was treating her! “Cristina, don’t be such a pervert!” she cried out, wincing in disgust. “Just cut me down from here!”

“Not until I taste you first!”

“Cristina; NOO!” Then Nadia felt a tongue in her twat, wriggling its way around inside her slit.

Nadia was horrified beyond belief! She was also shamefully aroused. She simply couldn’t believe how the bitch could take advantage of her while she was in such a predicament!

“Nice and juicy, Nadia!” Cristina purred at her as she smacked her lips. “I must confess; I like you better this way hanging naked upside down! It lets me taste how excited you are.”

“Cristina; NO!” Nadia gasped. “DON’T DO THIS TO ME!” Then the tongue returned to her dripping pussy and she moaned weakly.

She wriggled and squirmed, gasping and whimpering. It was shameful what the bitch was doing to her! But she couldn’t help herself!! Nadia moaned weakly, trying to resist but to no avail.

“I like a little hair on my bitches,” Cristina purred cruelly. “I see you keep it nice and trimmed so it isn’t all that bushy. But it looks like you do have a couple hairs out of place. Here, let me help you with those.”

Nadia yelped in pain as Cristina pulled on a couple hairs in her pussy. Then she felt the tongue poking back into her slit again before a couple more hairs were painfully yanked out. She yelped and whimpered, her body instinctively jerking each time the bitch pulled on another little pubic hair! Cristina was doing it on purpose; she was deliberately TORTURING HER!!!

cn2“How about this ass of yours, bitch?” Cristina giggled cruelly. “Do you like rimming?” She laughed before she started licking all around Nadia’s puckered anus.

Nadia writhed and moaned, wriggling in vain. What the crazed woman was doing to her was shameful!! But she was helpless and there was nothing she could do to stop the bitch from abusing her! She concluded that Cristina was either evil or simply insane!

All of the sudden she felt fingers in her pussy. Then she felt a thumb push its way in past her anal ring. She yelped and moaned, especially when Cristina started licking and sucking on her nub. “I’ll bet I can make you cum, Nadia! Wouldn’t THAT be fun? How’d you like to have a nice, juicy orgasm?”

“NO!” Nadia gasped in horror, trembling from a shameful arousal. “Cristina, just get me DOWN from here, ok?”

“Not until I’ve had my fun, bitch!”

“Ohgawd, you WOULDN’T!!”

Nadia was horrified as fingers suddenly fucked her pussy hard while a thumb wriggled intrusively inside her asshole. But the lips on her nub were buzzing her, driving her mad. Nadia was thoroughly ashamed when her body was forced to succumb, shamefully responding to the sexual assault with a humiliating orgasm.

She stiffened with a groan as it slammed into her. Then her back arched as she bucked and jerked against the rope holding her by her ankle. Her hands flexed as her feet cocked and curled until the hot wave of pleasure gradually diminished.

“Damn, bitch!” Cristina said with awe. “When you cum, you really cum HARD, don’t you! Now let’s see what happens when I shove something a little bigger into that wet cunt of yours!”

“NO!” Nadia gasped. “Cristina, STOP THIS!” Then she yelped as several fingers pushed into her pussy!

“You’re HURTING ME!” she cried out. Then she felt Cristina’s whole hand push inside her. She felt it curl up into a fist before it started thrusting hard in and out of her! It felt like the bitch was literally punching her through her vagina!!!

“OW…OH…OW… STOP IT… OWWW!” There was a distinct squishing sound as the bitch fisted her hard!

Nadia wailed in agony as she was brutally raped with Cristina’s fist. She simply couldn’t believe how she could be treated so shamefully!! Then the bitch pulled it out. But her immense relief was short-lived as the woman pushed several fingers into her ass, stretching it… widening it!

“NO! GAWD NO, CRISTINA!! NOT MY ASS??!!” Then she screamed as an entire fist pushed its way inside.

“YOU’RE RIPPING ME APART!” Nadia screamed as the woman brutally fisted her anus. But Cristina simply laughed with cruel amusement.

“I’m glad I got the opportunity to shove it up your ass, bitch!” she cackled with wicked amusement. “You’ve had this coming to you for a long, long time!”

She finally pulled her fist out, leaving poor Nadia panting weakly while quietly sobbing. Her holes hurt something fierce but at least the bitch had stopped!

“Now will you just let me down?” Nadia whimpered softly. “Please, Cristina; just let me down!”

Cristina came around front, making Nadia think that perhaps her torment was over. Then Cristina grabbed a handful of hair, jerking Nadia’s head upward.

“See this, bitch?” she asked with wicked glee, brandishing a nasty looking dagger. “I’ll let you down, honey… just as soon as I slit your fucking throat!” Then she held it right up against the trembling woman’s neck.

cn3Nadia gasped, her naked body wriggling instinctively. Her nipples were hard, her pussy dripping from her terrified arousal. Surely Cristina couldn’t be SERIOUS, could she??!! Was the bitch actually going to slit her throat???!!!

“Let me go, Cristina!!” she panted heavily. “I’ll do anything you want… give you anything you want!!”

“There’s only one thing I want from you, bitch!” Cristina snarled. “I want you dead! I want you so fucking dead! This is a moment I’m going to cherish for a long, long time!”

“Cristina; NOO!!”

Nadia was absolutely horrified! Then she felt a sharp pain across her throat as her warm blood spewed out of the wound in her neck. Her body bucked and jerked as she was made horrifically aware of her life’s essence flowing freely out of her wound!!

Nadia tried to scream as her body instinctively bucked and jerked against the rope tied to her ankle. But all that came out were sick, gurgling noises. Gawd; the bitch had really slit her throat!! She was actually bleeding to death; she could literally feel her life oozing out of her body!!!

cn4Nadia instinctively reached up to her neck with her hands, only to feel the warm blood streaking down her face and flowing over her fingers. “That’s a good bitch!” Cristina gasped with wicked amusement. “Let’s see all that blood spill out onto the ground! You’re sure as hell not going to need it anymore, honey!” She held the blood-stained dagger in her hand as she steadied the wriggling, dying woman.

cn5“I smell your arousal, bitch!” Cristina giggled. “Are you cumming for me again? Or did you just piss yourself? Your nipples are hard; you must be turned on while dying for me! That is so thoughtful of you!” Nadia tried to scream, but all that came out of her mouth were a few bubbly gasps as her life’s blood gurgled out of her major artery.

“What’s that, you say?” Cristina chuckled, trembling excitedly at her kill. “I can’t quite hear you, honey! Speak louder, you stupid cunt!! What’s that, you say? You want me to play with your corpse after you’re dead? Why I’d LOVE to, Nadia!! It’s the LEAST I can do for someone I loathe as much as I loathe you, you bitch!!

Nadia’s naked body writhed and wriggled in its death throes. She tried to scream one last time but she couldn’t move her lips… couldn’t force air past her voice box! The bitch had actually cut her throat… and she really appeared to be enjoying watching her die!!

Blood flowed out of her wound as her heart rapidly pumped it out of her body. Nadia couldn’t believe she was about to die in such a shameful manner!! She gurgled… and then pissed herself as her body shuddered.

“That’s right, bitch,” Cristina cooed at her as the woman gurgled and shuddered. “Cum and die for me, honey! Gawd; this is such a fucking turn-on watching you bleed out! I think I’m going to cum watching you die, you fucking bitch! What’s that? You want me to cut your fucking head off??!! No problem, Nadia; I’d be GLAD to!!!”

Nadia was horrified at this final indignity… and then her consciousness started to fade away! She tried to scream out of fear of the unknown. Then she gurgled and hung limp in Cristina’s grasp as her life’s blood continued to pool onto the ground directly beneath her, her dying heart rapidly pumping it out.

“Lovely; simply lovely!” Cristina remarked as her own body shuddered from an incredible arousal. “Now I think I’ll have your head, bitch! You sure don’t have any need of it anymore!”

She got down on her knees and started cutting, sawing through flesh and bone. She found herself kneeling in Nadia’s blood but she didn’t care! She was too excited to care… too excited to even think straight! Her only disappointment was that Nadia had bled out so quick that she hadn’t gotten to experience the full effect of having her head cut off.

cn6Nadia’s head suddenly came free and Cristina grabbed a handful of hair. She held it aloft as she stood up. Blood streaked down the dead woman’s face as she stared with lifeless, horrified eyes.

“There you are, bitch,” Cristina said proudly, still trembling with excitement. “And if I do say so myself, I think you look much better this way! In fact I’m tempted to take your head outside and kick it all around the ground just for sport!” She laughed cruelly, still trembling with excitement at the evil deed she had perpetrated upon the hated woman.

cn7Cristina looked at Nadia’s headless body, admiring nipples that were still erect. Blood was still dripping out of the neck but the body had pretty much stopped spasming. It was a sight that utterly thrilled her!

“My-my!” Cristina observed with a cruel laugh. “Look what happened to you!! You seem to have lost your head! Here, let me put it back on for you where it belongs!”

She walked over and cruelly shoved the knife blade into Nadia’s wet pussy. There was no reaction from the corpse. Cristina was a little disappointed the bitch had not felt her womanhood being so sadistically violated. But she supposed that was as it should be.

She shoved the knife all the way in, the blade buried up to the edge of the handle. Getting a wicked idea Cristina impaled Nadia’s head onto the knife’s handle through the hole in her neck. Then she came around to look at her handiwork. What she saw made her laugh out loud!

“Look at you, Nadia!” she cried out hysterically. “I always thought you had your head up your ass!! And look at those arms!!! Why, they are as thick as your legs! And how do you plan on walking on those spindly things hanging down near your tits? And your ass… it looks so very strange now!!!”

She laughed as she walked around back. She stepped in Nadia’s blood but she didn’t mind. Then she stood with one hand on Nadia’s head and the other affectionately upon her outstretched leg.

“You know?” she giggled. “You look so much better this way!! I think you and I are going to become such great friends now! This way you can talk out of your ass all day long and I won’t mind one bit!!”

cn8Cristina felt so horny that she stripped out of her underwear. Then she grabbing the corpse by the leg still tethered to the rope dangling from above. She put herself into a pose as though some photographer was taking an imaginary picture of her having caught some large ocean fish! But this was far better than any fish! This was a bitch who deserved what she had just received!!


Cristina slipped in the blood pooled at her feet and she went down sprawling. But that just made her laugh hysterically. “I guess you got the last one on me, Nadia!” she chortled. “…making me slip and fall in a pool of your own blood!” Then she began touching herself all over, overcome with the sexual thrill of her kill!!

cn10She was so horny; gawd, she was so fucking aroused!! Cristina crawled up onto her knees, kneeling in the blood of her slain adversary. Then she began making out with the dead body, kissing Nadia’s lips while pulling the naked corpse to her so that their breasts were rubbing together!! It was such a rush that she almost orgasmed right then and there!!

cn11She cut Nadia down and began rolling around upon the naked corpse, becoming more and more turned on by the moment. Then she heard the door open and a man stepped inside, the man who had paid her handsomely to murder Nadia. But the money was simply an added bonus. Besides, she would have done this long ago had she known how much fun it was and how erotic it had turned out to be.

“Having fun with her corpse?” the man asked as he walked up to her.

“You have no idea!” Cristina giggled in reply. “You should have seen the shocked look in her eyes when I slit her throat.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, Cristina,” he told her. “But I must be going now and I can’t leave any witnesses.” Then he pulled a weapon, shoving the barrel into her pussy.

She looked at him in complete and utter shock. “You wouldn’t!” she gasped. Then she heard the sound of a single shot as searing pain tore through her body. Cristina stared with a look of frozen astonishment as the bullet tore right through her heart.

cn12Her body sagged in death, lying upon the naked body of the woman she had killed mere minutes ago. For a long moment he just stood there admiring their two lifeless bodies. Then sudden inspiration came to him. After all, he had secretly witnessed Cristina’s abuse of Nadia. Why couldn’t he arrange something fun and humorous??

cn13He took Cristina’s right leg and tied it to the rope hanging from the ceiling. Then with a burst of further inspiration he took Nadia’s head off the handle of the dagger, pulled the dagger out of her pussy and then cut off Cristina’s head. After all, he suspected Nadia would appreciate the way he was about to humiliate Cristina.

He impaled the blade into Cristina’s cunt. Then he impaled her head upon the handle. Now it looked for all the world like Cristina was trying to lick her own pussy. It was a nice gesture for the dead Nadia, a fitting humiliation for the bitch who had so cruelly murdered her. Then he left, smiling inwardly as he imagined how the two naked bodies would eventually be discovered…

cn14© 2014


(written for Andrea Jan 12 by riwa)

(Poser renders are courtesy of Early and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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