Snuffing their whore mother (extremely graphic)


Note: I don’t write these kinds of stories very often. This one was written back in ’09 for some readers on another forum. And I experimented using pictures I had captioned. I understand if it won’t be to everyone’s taste.


Alison greeted me at the door wearing nothing but a huge smile on her face. Pulling me inside, she kissed me hard, leaving me breathless.

“Gawd; I’m so fucking horny!” she gasped when we came up for air.

“Why’s that?” I wanted to know, winking at her. “Is it because you knew I was coming over and you couldn’t wait to get me out of my pants?” She grinned lustfully at me.

“Oh of course that’s a part of it,” she gasped excitedly. “But remember what I told you? We’re snuffing mom tonight and Ron said you could come over and give us a helping hand!”

“You’re really going to kill your own mother?” I asked incredulously, becoming somewhat excited at the thought.

We’d discussed snuffing someone before in our fantasies and Alison had allowed it slip that one day she might consider allowing me to snuff her simply because she knew the idea made me so damn excited. But lately she’d been telling me about her brother, my best friend Ron, and how they both wanted to snuff their mother. I guess tonight was the night it was actually going to happen!

“You bet your ass we are!” she giggled. “The fucking whore’s losing her head tonight! Besides, Ron has something special for you to do to help us out! C’mon, baby; let’s go downstairs! Mom is already down with Ron and he has it soundproofed down there so she can scream her damn head off and no one will hear but us! C’mon, baby; let’s go down and make her scream!”

We went downstairs and through a rather thick door into what I could only assume was something right out of “Better Homes and Dungeons”. The walls were bare and there was a gallows-like structure back along one wall. Chains hung from rings mounted in another wall. Then I saw an ominous looking block of wood nearby, complete with a wicked looking axe that lay propped up against the wall.

There was a naked, large breasted middle-aged blonde woman kneeling in the middle of the room, someone I recognized as Ron and Alison’s mother. Ron was kneeling right behind her, buck naked. As Alison brought me closer I could see he was fucking her in the ass like there was no tomorrow, occasionally pulling on her hair. The two of them were talking back and forth to each other like a couple of filthy animals…

“Take my cock, you fucking whore! Take your son’s cock up your filthy shit-hole!”

“Gawd yes, son! Fuck your mother’s shit-hole! Sodomize my ass, baby! Then I want you to get off as you snuff your dear mother!”

“Oh, I’m going to get off all right, you cum-swilling whore! You’ve been getting laid by every cock that walks on two legs around here and I think it’s time to snuff your slutty ass!”

“Gawd yes, honey! Snuff me like the filthy cunt I am!”

“I’m cumming, mom! Take it up the ass, you filthy bitch!”

“Give it to me, honey! Cum in your mother’s ass!”

Stwm1Ron roared his release as his mother screamed her pleasure. I got the impression she was actually getting off letting her own son cum in her shit-hole. He finally pulled out, showing her gaping ass and commenting on the fact that he had left a nice, juicy creampie in her slutty hole, something she seemed to take great pride in.

“Guess who’s here!” Alison called out and Ron and his mother turned and looked over at me.

“Hey, buddy! Good to see you! Glad you could make it!”

“Hi, Riwa!” his mother quipped. “So nice of you to join us tonight! I hope I can give you lots of pleasure before my kids chop my head off!”

“Uh…thanks!” I gasped. “But I really gotta pee right now! I probably should’ve gone before I left! If someone would be so kind as to show me to the nearest bathroom down here…”

“Toilet’s right here!” Ron announced, grabbing his mother by a handful of hair and jerking her head up. “Open up, toilet!”

“You mean…?” I started to stammer.

“Hurry up, baby!” Alison nudged me. “I gotta pee too!”

“It’s ok, honey,” Ron’s mom explained to me as she opened her mouth. “I’m not much good around here for anything other than sucking, fucking and being peed into…”

“Shut up, cunt!” Ron snarled, smacking the back of her head. “Shut up and open your damn mouth! Toilets don’t talk down here!” Amazingly she dutifully opened her mouth, appearing as though she actually wanted me to pee into it!

Shaking my head, I unzipped my fly and walked up to her. “I may have a lot,” I warned Ron.

“I don’t give a shit!” he said with a wicked grin. “And neither does mom here… right mom? You’re just a piece of slut trash who’s already degraded herself… so this won’t be any different!” She grunted as he shook her head for emphasis but she still kept her mouth open.

I got up close, relaxed, took aim and fired. I let fly with a rather impressive stream of piss. “Swallow it all, bitch!” Ron demanded. “Swallow every last fucking drop… unless you don’t mind if my aim is off when I bring the axe down on that filthy, fucking neck of yours!”

Stwm2She seemed to gulp it all down and I was pretty damn impressed. “Now lick it clean, cunt!” Ron demanded, smacking his mother on the back of her head. “We don’t need no dirty cocks around here!” She dutifully took me into her mouth and I felt her tongue wrap itself all around me as though she was truly licking me clean.

“I gotto go too, Ron!” Alison protested, clenching her legs together as she jumped up and down a little. “She can blow him later, ok? I gotta GO!” Frantic, she pulled me out of her mother’s mouth.

“On your back, whore!” she demanded, further degrading her mother. “I need the fucking toilet right NOW!” Her mother dutifully rolled over onto her back and opened her mouth again.

I was totally surprised to see Alison squat over her mother’s face. “Take it, bitch!” she barked and a moment later she opened up. There must’ve been a river of piss inside her because it seemed to take forever for her to finish peeing. Her mother grunted as she swallowed every drop.

Stwm3“Now get me off, cunt!” Alison demanded, sitting on her mother’s face. “Make me cum, you filthy fucking whore! Go ahead and lick your daughter’s cunt, you filthy, incestuous piece of street trash!” I heard her mother grunt and I’ll be damned if she actually started to lick her daughter’s juicy twat. What a kinky family!

Stwm4“Fist the whore, bro!” I heard Alison gasp, her eyes flashing sadistically. “I wanna hear her muffled screams!”

“With pleasure, sis!” Ron grinned and he knelt down behind his mother.

I heard her mom grunt as he shoved first his fingers and then eventually his whole hand into her pussy. Then he curled it into a fist. “Take it, bitch!” he laughed and he began fist-fucking her hard.

Stwm5She screamed into Alison’s muff, her body jerking with each thrust. Ron just looked at me and smiled cruelly.

“Her pussy’s no fucking good for cocks anymore, buddy,” he explained. “She’s taken so many fucking dicks up her twat that her pussy is stretched all out of whack. So naturally sis and I have to use something a little bigger… like THIS!” and he thrust his fist hard into his mother’s cunt.

The poor woman screamed again into her daughter’s muff as Alison cruelly rode her face. “That’s it, bitch!” she called down to her mother. “Eat me, mom! Eat your own daughter’s pussy and make me cum, you fucking piece of shit!” Then she looked up at her brother and begged him to make her scream even harder.

Ron drove his fist so deep inside her it was like he was trying to punch her cervix. She screamed and screamed as Alison rode her face. Then she started bucking like crazy.

“The whore’s actually cumming, sis!” Ron called out in astonishment. “I can feel her trying to crush my fist!”

“CUM FOR US, WHORE!” Alison screamed down at her. “OHMYGAWD; I’M CUMMING TOO!” Then Alison was the one screaming up at the ceiling. I swear she squirted all over her mother’s head.

When Alison stood up I saw fluid all over her mom’s face. She groaned as her son pulled his fist out of her cunt. Then their mother looked at me with a lustful look on her face.

“Did you like that, Riwa?” she gasped excitedly. “Tell me you got off on it!”

Damn! She really WAS a whore… a genuine slut who got off simply by trying to make sure everyone around her got off as well! I was flabbergasted and I didn’t know what to say!

“Where ARE my manners?!” Ron stated as though upset with himself. “You’re absolutely right, cunt… Riwa here needs to enjoy himself! On your feet, whore!” Then he grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her up onto her feet.

“Go get the whip, sis!” he ordered with a grin. “This whore’s about to provide Riwa here with some pleasure!”

“Sure thing, bro!” she gasped eagerly. As she went off to track down a whip Ron began to move his mother over toward the gallows.

“I think you ought to hang as Riwa whips your worthless ass, cunt. Don’t you agree, mom? And Riwa, you might as well get out of those clothes!”

“Gawd, yes!” his mother gasped. “Let me see your gorgeous cock, honey!”

Ron rolled his eyes at her as I stripped out of my clothes. I was definitely hard anticipating seeing her in the noose. Naturally she looked me over real good, especially my rapidly hardening cock, and she gave me a lustful grin.

“See, son?” she gasped excitedly. “He’s getting hard already! You think he’ll cum all over me as he whips me?” I could tell by her remark that she was hoping I would do exactly that.

“Shut the fuck up, cunt!” Ron demanded, slapping her across the face. “You’re acting like a filthy fucking whore again! No WONDER we need to snuff you tonight! It’s time for you to stand in the noose while he whips your slutty ass!”

“Oh gawd, yes!” she gasped.

Ron marched his mother over to the gallows setup and made her stand under the noose. He grabbed a nearby length of rope and roughly tied her hands tightly behind her back. Then he brought the noose down around her neck, causing her to breathe excitedly as she trembled.

Stwm6“You wanna hang for him; don’t you, cunt!” he observed disgustedly.

“Oh gawd, yes!” she gasped. “Let him cum all over me while I hang for him, baby!”

“WHORE!” Ron gasped and he put his weight on the free end of the rope, lifting her up off the floor and then tying the rope off around a nearby cleat. In an instant she began to gawk and gurgle, kicking up a storm. I swear the cunt was trying to dance just for me!

“Watch her dance, buddy!” Ron told me excitedly. “The slut gets off making cocks hard. My mom’s a fucking whore I tell you… a real snuff-whore!”

Alison came back in with a whip a few seconds later and she instantly got all hot and bothered watching her mother in the noose. “Got mom dancing again, eh?” she gasped excitedly, watching her mother swing. “Gawd; she’s a fucking noose-whore! Watching her swing makes me so fucking hot!”

She gave the whip to Ron and then began fingering herself. “DANCE FOR ME, SLUT!” she yelled at her mother as she began finger-fucking her own dripping cunt. “SWING FOR ME, YOU FUCKING WHORE! GAWD, MOM; YOU’RE SUCH A SLUT!” I swear her mother must’ve heard her or something because it looked like she danced with a little more enthusiasm, her legs going every which way as her hips thrust out lewdly.

“Here’s a present for you, Riwa!” Ron told me, handing me the whip. “Whip the fucking whore, buddy! Enjoy yourself; I KNOW she would want you too! Here; I’ll even give you a non-moving target!”

I watched him reach over to the cleat, unwinding the rope and easing his mother down until she was standing on the balls of her feet, able to get some air into her lungs. Then he tied the rope off again before motioning grandly at her. My cock was hard and I shrugged my shoulders, figuring what the hell. Alison was no help at all…

“Whip her, baby! Gawd; make the slut scream! Do it, Riwa!” She was fingering herself again, moaning excitedly as she watched.

I brought the whip up and swung it through the air. It wrapped around Ron’s mother with a loud crack and she let out a choked scream as it left a red welt on her body. I swung it again and it struck once more. She jerked and shuddered, her scream choked off by the noose as it half-strangled her.

“Gawd, yeah!” I heard Alison gasp and I turned around to look at her. She was furiously frigging herself as she lay on her back in the doorway, her eyes wide in rapturous lust.

“Whip her, baby!” she egged me on. “Whip her good and hard! Leave a bunch of marks on that whore’s tummy, baby!” Then she turned toward her brother.

“Hey, bro?” she gasped excitedly. “You think we could let my boyfriend here gut mom while you’re chopping her head off?”

“Sounds good to me, sis!” he replied eagerly. “Riwa should get a chance to enjoy himself, right mom?” and he winked at his partially strangled mother.

“I’ll go get the knife!” he offered. “You stay here and enjoy yourself, sis! Besides, you look like you’re going to cum any second now!” He grinned at me before heading for the stairs. Alison looked at me with a wild look in her eyes.

“Whip her hard, baby!” she gasped. “Make her scream! Gawd; I’m gonna cum any second now!”

Turning around I went back to whipping her mother as she stood there in the noose. I whipped her hard several times, the lash wrapping around and leaving nasty welts on her naked flesh, especially her stomach area. As she screamed with each lash I heard Alison gasp behind me…

“OHMYGAWD; I’M CUMMING!” and as she cried out in orgasmic ecstasy I whipped her mother hard.

Stwm7Ron got back just in time to hear his sister pop off. That’s when he stopped me with a hand on my shoulder.

“Now you’ll want to whip her as she hangs, buddy!” he told me with a wicked grin.

He walked up to the cleat and unwound the rope, allowing his mother a few precious moments to stand flat on her feet and catch her breath. “Up you go, whore!” he gasped eagerly and he leaned into the rope. She was lifted up off the floor again and her feet started to kick once more as he tied the rope back off.

“Oh FUCK!” Alison gasped, all caught up in the moment. “WHIP THE WHORE, RIWA; WHIP HER HARD!”

I brought the whip around, the lash wrapping around her tits. She jerked and kicked as she thrust her breasts out proudly, almost as though she was giving me a target to aim for. I whipped her again and again, sometimes hitting her tits and sometimes leaving welts on her stomach.

Pausing to look behind me, I was astonished to see Ron going at it with his sister. He was fucking her hard from behind and she was crying out excitedly as the two of them watched me whip their mother…




Stwm8I whipped her a few more times as Alison orgasmed loudly behind me. I heard Ron roar his release as he fucked his sister. Then he called out for me to go give their mother a flying fuck while she could still breathe a little.

His mother hung limp in the noose as I walked up to her. But she had enough energy to wrap her legs around my waist, enough to impale herself on my throbbing shaft. She was the one who did all the fucking, trying her best to ride me even as her face started to turn red from being strangled by the noose.

Behind me Ron and Alison were still going at it. This time she was sitting in his lap with his cock up her ass, the two of them facing us as they taunted their mother. I glance back to watch them for a moment or two – a brother sodomizing his sister while they watched as their mother tried to milk me dry with her spasming cunt.

He had been right of course; her pussy was soft and loose from supposedly having been fucked so many times. “Hey, Ron!” I called back over my shoulder. “You’re mother’s cunt is no fucking good!”

“I told you it was fucking worthless!” he called back to me as his sister rode his cock up her ass. “Anytime I give mom my cock I have to use her filthy shit-hole! Rape her ass, Riwa; at least that’s still good and tight! Sodomize the worthless whore, buddy. Go on and hurt the bitch! Gawd, sis; you’ve got one tight ass!”

Stwm9I pulled out of her limp cunt and found her twitching ass. I pushed in past her anal ring and found a delicious tightness. She grunted and gurgled as I started raping her ass. Behind me both Alison and Ron seemed to get into it again…

“Gawd, Ron; look at him go! He’s really ramming his pole up her ass! Look at her jerk like a fish on a line!”

“Fuck yeah, sis!” Then I heard him behind me calling out to his mother…


Stwm10His mom grunted as I fucked her hard, her face starting to turn purple. “FILL HER FUCKING ASS, BUDDY!” I heard Ron cry out and with a cry of release I shot my load up her shit-hole. A moment later Ron was there to let her down and remove the noose from around her neck before she strangled to death. As I pulled out of her ass she dripped my cum onto the floor.

“Lick it up, bitch!” he ordered and he grabbed her by the head and slammed her down toward the floor. “Lick it up off the floor, slut! We keep a clean gallows around here!” I watched as she licked up my cum off the floor that had dribbled out of her ass. Then he dragged her over toward the block of wood.

Stwm11“Kneel, bitch!” he told her. “And stretch out your fucking neck onto the chopping block where it belongs!” She did as she was told, moaning softly.

“Now lick it clean!” Ron ordered, pointing at my cock, a dick that had just come out of her filthy shit-hole. Ron’s mother looked up at me with a lustful expression before opening her mouth and hungrily gulping me down.

“Sorry about that, buddy,” he explained. “I should have reminded you about that loose piece of flesh she calls a pussy! Then he turned and looked at Alison.

“Hey sis; why don’t you go get the strap-on? You know… the big one? It’ll give you one last chance to fuck the whore before her head comes off!”

“With pleasure!” she gasped in delight and she left the room for a moment as her mother sucked me down.

“You know better than that, bitch!” Ron called down to his mother, grabbing her by a handful of hair and pulling her head up. “You’re supposed to share! Now suck them both, damn you!” He shoved his hard cock in her face and she eagerly gulped his down. She acted like she really enjoyed all the abuse her son was heaping on her.

“That’s a good bitch!” he told her. “Suck your son’s cock, you incestuous piece of filth! It’s ok, mom; you won’t be around much longer to suck it down so you better enjoy it while you can!”

She gobbled it down, grunting like a bitch in heat until he pulled her head up and made her suck mine. “Fuck her face, buddy!” he told me. “She’s just a cunt; nothing more! Fuck her face like the filthy whore she is!” I couldn’t help it and I thrust hard into her mouth, my cock twitching as she gagged on it.

Alison came back and I swear she had on a strap-on the likes of which I’d never seen before. It looked like it was bigger around than my fist and she brought it around so her mother could see it. Ron and I stepped out of the way to watch.

“Suck THIS, bitch!” she gasped lustfully and she tried her best to jam it down her mom’s throat. It was way too big; naturally her mother gagged on it.

Stwm12“Fuck this; I’m fucking her cunt!” Alison said in disgust after a few moments. She moved behind her mother and I saw her start to push it in. Her mom’s eyes got big as saucers and she started to cry out.

“Take it, cunt!” Ron called down to his mom and he promptly thrust his hard cock deep down her throat. A moment later she tried to scream as Alison slammed her other end with the largest strap-on I had ever seen in my life.

Together brother and sister brutally pounded their mother in both ends. It was the kinkiest, most erotic thing I have ever seen. What’s more I think the bitch orgasmed hard… although her scream was muffled by the cock in her mouth.

“Your turn, buddy!” he waved at me and I shoved my hard cock down his mom’s throat. She eagerly swallowed it down but she started to choke and gag on it as her daughter pounded her relentlessly, calling her all sorts of names. Alison told her that after tonight she wouldn’t be sucking cock ever again so she’d better fucking suck it like the town whore she’d become.

Stwm13“I think it’s just about time for this whore to die!” Alison finally called out as she hammered her poor mother’s pussy hard. “Don’t you think so, bro?”

“Absolutely, sis!” he lustfully agreed. “Shall we tell the whore what she’s won?”

“Go ahead, Ron!” Alison laughed, her mother still gagging on my cock as I drove it deep down her throat.

“See this axe over here, cunt?” Ron told his mother as he motioned toward the deadly weapon. “I’m going to use it to cut your fucking head off. And I’m going to enjoy every fucking second of it!” His mother grunted with my cock in her mouth; whether it was from fear or excitement I couldn’t be sure.

“You see that knife he brought in here, bitch?” his sister went on. “We’re going to give it to Riwa here. And you know what he’s going to do with it, you fucking whore? While he’s driving his cock up your filthy shit-hole he’s going to reach underneath and fuck your stomach with it, cunt! That’s right, bitch; he’s going to gut you like a fish! Then we’re going to put your guts in that bucket over there…” She pointed in the direction of a small metal bucket before going on.

“…and then we’re going to feed your guts to the neighbors’ dogs!” she finished. “So what else are we going to do to the whore, bro?” she asked her brother.

“Oh, well we’re going to put your head in your empty stomach cavity and pee all over it, mom!” he said enthusiastically. “Then maybe we’ll sew you back up with your head jammed against your cunt from the inside so when I fuck your loose pussy my cock will go right into your fucking mouth. That way you can suck my cock while your head’s in your stomach! What do you say to that, whore?” I swear the bitch grunted and nodded her head as though eager to get on with it.

“She wants it, Ron!” Alison gasped excitedly. “The snuff-whore actually wants it! The filthy cock-sucking, cum-swilling town whore wants to be snuffed while we get off on it! Can you imagine that??!!” Then she slammed her big strap-on hard into her mother’s pussy, screaming for her to take it like the whore she was.

Her mom tried to scream but with my cock in her mouth it came out a muffled grunt. Then Alison pulled out of one end as I pulled out of the other, both of us panting heavily.

“Get the axe, Ron,” Alison pointed. Then she gathered up the knife and handed it to me. “And this is for you, baby,” she cooed at me, giving me a long kiss that would melt leather. “Now go sodomize the cunt with your dick before fucking her stomach with the blade!”

Alison’s mom whimpered as I moved behind her, her eyes lingering on the knife in my hand until I was directly behind her. Then she looked up at her son who had picked up the axe and was examining the blade carefully.

“Sharp enough to chop off the head of the town whore,” he murmured to himself, loud enough for us all to hear.

I heard his mother moan again as I centered my cock against her anal ring. I was unable to believe how terribly excited I was. Gawd; I was actually about to partake in the snuffing of my best friend’s (and my girlfriend’s) mother!

“Don’t be gentle on the whore!” Alison instructed me. “She’s nothing but a cunt! Now drive that hard cock deep into that fucking shit-hole of hers! Make the bitch scream!” I did as I was told, brutally thrusting it in deep and hard.

Her mom let out a scream of pain and pleasure, a scream that was abruptly cut off as Ron thrust his hard dick into her mouth. “Tip your executioner, whore!” he demanded and he fucked her face hard as I raped her ass.

Stwm14The crazy bitch moaned lustfully like she was on drugs or something. Then her son pulled out of her mouth and asked her if she had any last requests. She never once hesitated…

“I want Riwa to rape my ass, honey!” she gasped excitedly. Then she directed her comments back in my direction.

“Fuck my shit-hole, Riwa! I’m the town whore and I deserve to be raped. Sodomize my fucking shit-hole, baby; cum inside this whore’s filthy ass!” Then her voice changed and it sounded like she was begging.

“Then I want you to enjoy my tummy, honey! Plunge the blade into my fucking belly, Riwa; gut me like a fish! Fuck my stomach with that glorious blade, baby! Then reach inside and rip my guts out!”

“Here’s a bucket for the whore’s intestines!” Alison declared lustfully, taking a metal bucket she suddenly had in her hands and setting it down underneath her mother’s stomach with a bang. “Let her guts fall into this, Riwa!” Then she gave her mother a cruel look. “You’re going to be the gutted, HEADLESS town whore in about 5 minutes, bitch!”

I thought for sure her mom was going to orgasm right then and there! She shuddered hard, her muscles instinctively clenching around my cock up her ass before she looked up at her son, her eyes flashing anxiously. I swear the whore acted like she WANTED her head chopped off!

“Do it, honey!” she gasped eagerly. “Cut my head off and then piss on it, baby! Stick it in my empty belly and then degrade my worthless corpse for your pleasure! Gawd, honey; I want you to enjoy my body after I’m gone!”

“Oh, we’re going to do that all right, you filthy piece of shit!” he responded with an evil grin. “And you know what we do with shit? We flush it down the toilet., bitch… just like we’re going to do with you! We’re going to take you down to that farm outside of town and dump your body in that outhouse along with the rest of the shit! THAT’S where the town whore belongs!”

“Oh, FUCK!” his mom gasped and I felt her ass spasm around my cock. I swear the bitch was going to cum any second now.

“Now rape that ass, buddy!” Ron urged me. “Fuck that shit-hole; sodomize the whore! Then when you’re good and ready I want you to gut her, ok? Just open her up and pull all that crap out of her stomach for the dogs! She sure as hell won’t be needing it anymore after tonight!”

Off to the side I saw Alison fingering her cunt again, moaning softly. I couldn’t believe she was actually going to get off watching her mother being cruelly snuffed! Gawd; that turned me on and I began thrusting harder into the woman’s ass, pounding her ruthlessly and trying to make her scream.

Her mom grunted as I raped her ass. I couldn’t help holding the knife out in my hand for her to see as if to let her know what she would soon be feeling in her belly. Ron and Alison both watched me, the two of them panting heavily as their eyes flashed with excitement… definitely a kinky, screwed-up family! Then they turned to each other.

“I think the whore should beg for it,” Ron observed.”

“Whores ALWAYS want it!” Alison remarked excitedly, “…especially snuff-whores like this one!”

“Then I think she should beg!” Ron decided and he yanked his mother’s head up by a handful of hair. “If you want him to gut you, bitch, you’re going to have to beg for it!” I honestly didn’t think she would go for it but the kinky bitch actually did as he suggested!

“Gut me!” she moaned. “Gut me, Riwa! Cum in my ass and gut me like a fish! Fuck my stomach with that knife, baby… nice and slow so you can enjoy every pain-filled moment of my suffering! Gawd, honey; I can’t stand it anymore! Gut me, baby… please? Do it now, honey!! Gawd, Riwa; don’t make me wait for it!!”

“Gawd; she’s such a snuff-whore!” I heard Alison gasp excitedly as she fingered herself. “Go ahead and do it, baby! Gut the fucking whore; you can hear how bad she wants it!”

Stwm15“Yeah, buddy!” Ron added, axe at the ready. “You heard the slut! Fuck her stomach with that blade, Riwa! Gawd; my mother is such a filthy whore!”

I thrust harder into her shit-hole with my cock, my excitement building. My hand trembled as I held the knife. I wanted to do it right away but I also wanted the moment to last forever. I sincerely doubted I would ever get another opportunity like this. Besides, it was so delicious listening to his mother beg for it, her desperate cries getting louder and louder…


I waited as long as I could, the moment suspended in time as I listening to her delicious pleas. Alison furiously rubbed herself and I suspected she was going to cum hard the moment I plunged the blade up into her mother’s abdomen from underneath. Her mom’s neck lay exposed on the chopping block, her body trembling like mad as she begged and pleaded…


Stwm16As I plunged the knife into her soft belly she screamed and then came hard, her ass spasming painfully around my cock as her body bucked deliciously. At the same time Alison let out a shriek of orgasmic release as she came too. Ron’s cock abruptly went off and cum shot out through the air and splattered onto the side of his mother’s face and in her hair.


I thrust in and out with the knife to Ron’s excited cries of “YEAH, BUDDY; GUT THE FUCKING WHORE! FUCK THAT BELLY!” It was like his mother was one giant orgasm, bucking and shuddering as I sliced through her stomach. She grunted and gurgled, seemingly going from one orgasm right on to the next one.

“GET THE AXE READY – GET THE AXE READY!” Alison cried out and Ron lifted up the axe, waiting for the right moment.

I continued to fuck their mother with the knife with agonizing slowness, cutting all the way down toward her clit. The whore grunted and gurgled as blood slowly bubbled out of her mouth. “PULL HER GUTS OUT – PULL HER GUTS OUT!” Alison cried out and as I reached into her mother’s warm abdominal cavity and started pulling out her entrails Alison went off again, screaming into the heavens as her body stiffened and then shuddered…


I felt the warmth of blood and intestines in my hands and I slowly pulled it all out, allowing it to plop noisily into the bucket. I swear Ron’s mom must’ve heard the sound because there was a very distinct spasm as if she’d just orgasmed special. I just kept reaching in, feeling around and pulling out internal organs.

“SNUFF HER, RON!” Alison screamed out, overcome with desire. “DO IT NOW!”

“TIME TO DIE, WHORE!” Ron called out as he lifted the axe. I swear his mother orgasmed again when she heard them cry out. She tried to stiffen, exposing her neck as best she could despite the pain she was going through. Then the axe came down with a sickening crunch, totally severing her head as a gush of blood spurted out of her neck stump through the pumping actions of her dying heart. At that moment several things seemed to happen all at once…

– the body of their mother began thrashing about, all caught up in the orgasm to end all orgasms with my hand still well inside the warmth of her stomach…

– my cock erupted inside her shit-hole and I shot load after fucking load like I was never going to stop…

– Alison cried out in orgasmic release, her body bucking and shuddering as she furiously finger-fucked her pussy…

– Ron picked up his mother’s severed head and allowed her dying expression to see me fucking her headless body before excitedly thrusting his still hard cock into her gaping mouth…

Stwm17 …and then Alison ran over and took her mother’s severed head from her brother, crying out “IT’S MY TURN – IT’S MY TURN!” before cramming the head into her crotch with an orgasmic cry. A moment later I saw a stream of urine stream out of the dying woman’s neck stump and I wondered if the poor thing still had enough consciousness to be aware that her daughter was peeing unashamedly into her mouth, yet another degradation in a night full of degradations.

Stwm18Alison finally brought the head over to me, looking into the face and gasping, “I think she’s still conscious, baby! Make her taste her shit-hole one last time!” Her mom’s face was wet with piss and both cum and pee dripped out of her neck-stump!

Alison held her mother’s head up for me to thrust my cock into. I swear there was still consciousness on the poor woman’s face and I couldn’t help wondering if she’d tasted both her son’s cum and her daughters pee. Then I pulled out of the dying woman’s ass and plunged my cock into her mouth where the tip of my dick actually peeked out through her severed neck.

Alison held her mother’s head in place, long enough for me to thrust in and out of her mouth a few times. I could see her mom’s eyes were wide in an expression of what I believe must have been the reaction to the wildest orgasm of her life. Then I watched her eyes glaze over, the life flicking out of them like someone had just turned off a light bulb. Her body spasmed on the floor for another few seconds before going completely still other than a few muscles twitching from stray nerve endings that were still firing, not yet having gotten the message that the host was dead.

Stwm19Alison panted heavily and she appeared weak and dizzy. Then she got on her knees and stuck her hands into her dead mother’s warm stomach, helping me drag out the rest of the internal organs.

We rolled her mother over onto her back and then placed her severed head inside her empty, gutted tummy, leaving it face up so that his mom appeared to be looking up at us with a tired yet happy expression, her mouth gaping open. “I gotte pee again!” Ron announced. “If anyone else has got to go then now is the time before we sew the bitch back up and leave her head inside.”

Standing over the body he took careful aim and then let fly. Urine streamed down, splattering her face until he found his target, getting most of the rest of it in her open mouth. I stood up and joined him, definitely having to pee again. Even Alison stood over her mother’s body and the three of us peed all over her face and then into her open mouth, her empty stomach catching the remnants, especially what exited her neck stump and began to puddle with her blood.

Stwm20When we were done Alison bent down and began adjusting her mother’s severed head. “Let me try something,” she said thoughtfully. “I wanna see if I can make her pussy tight again!” A few moments later she was done.

“Try it now,” she told Ron with a naughty smile.

Ron moved around and then got down onto his knees, lifting up his mother’s ass so he could fit his cock into her cunt. He thrust in and began fucking the lifeless twat until he suddenly smiled.

“What did you do?” he gasped excitedly. “It feels better!”

“That’s her mouth you’re hitting, bro!” she said with a smile. “I just shoved her head up close so that whoever fucks her pussy will get into her mouth!”

Stwm21“Damn, sis; that’s a great idea!” Ron gushed and he fucked his mother hard until he went off yet again. Alison held the head in place the whole time, still degrading her mother by calling her all sorts of names.

“Your turn, Riwa!” she said with a lustful grin. I figured we’d pretty much degraded her mother to the point where it didn’t really matter what we did to the body anymore. So I thrust my hardening cock into the dead woman’s loose pussy. Sure enough, when I went in far enough I could feel the open mouth to the severed head.

I fucked her dead cunt hard until I came again, shooting a half-decent load. Alison tipped her mother’s severed head back, showing Ron and I the collection of our combined cum as it pooled in her mother’s open mouth. Then she surprised us by quickly lying down on her back.

“Hold her head over my face!” she gasped. “I want the dead whore to share your cum with me! Just pick it up, Ron, and hold it over my face until it dribbles out of her mouth into mine!” I just stood there stunned as my kinky girlfriend laid there with her mouth open while Ron slowly held his mother’s severed head over her, tipping it enough for the cum in the dead woman’s mouth to spill out.

Stwm22Alison gulped it down hungrily. Then she got up and looked at her mom’s headless corpse. “My turn!” she gasped eagerly. “My turn to fuck mom’s dead shit-hole!”

She put the strap-on back on. The she proceeded to rape her mother’s asshole, doing her damnedest to push the huge end into her mother’s gaping maw as Ron tried to hold the head in just the right place. Naturally the end of the strap-on wouldn’t fit past her mom’s lifeless mouth but that didn’t stop Alison from fucking the shit out of her mother’s dead body.

Stwm23Alison had a massive orgasm from raping her dead mother’s ass. Then we all finally decided it was time to take a break. We went upstairs and had a little something to eat along with a healthy dose of alcohol.

We came back downstairs and looked at the headless body of their whore mother. For some reason that turned us all on and we decided to abuse the corpse a little more before we got rid of it. I took the neck stump as Ron took his dead mother’s ass, Alison watching as we took turns defiling her mother’s dead body. We took turns fucking her ass, cunt and neck stump. We even pulled her head out of her empty belly and fucked her face again!

Stwm24Ron and I came in his mom’s mouth again because Alison wanted to hold her head and drain our cum into her mouth once more. After getting all the cum she could get, she kissed her dead mother’s lips, giving the woman a lot of tongue. Then she jammed the face of the severed head into her crotch.

“Eat me, you dead whore!” she gasped excitedly and she humped her mother’s head until she orgasmed loudly. Then she tenderly placed her mom’s severed head back inside the dead woman’s empty stomach so that it looked up at all of us.

We stood over her for the longest time, staring at the severed head lying in the abdominal cavity. Then Alison got this big grin on her face.

“Ding – dong; the town whore is dead!” she proclaimed. “Everybody pee on the town whore now!” Then she straddled her mother’s body before squatting and peeing all over her face.

Ron and I were next, standing on either side as we peed all over her. When we were finished Alison got a needle and thread and as a final act of utter degradation she began sewing her mother’s head inside the dead woman’s empty belly. Then she looked at the two of us…

“Fuck me, boys! Just seeing mom’s headless body’s got me so fucking horny! Fuck me now!”

There was a fold-up bed over by one wall. Ron and I took Alison over and proceeded to double team her. The whole time she kept looking over at her dead mother, getting more and more excited. It wasn’t long until talk turned to the possibility of snuffing Alison…

Stwm25We tossed the body of their dead mother into the back of a pickup and drove her out to that farm they’d mentioned. It was the dead of night when we hauled the corpse down to the outhouse.

With a lusty cheer we stuffed it down into the smelly mixture of filth. Once more Alison let out a cheer… “Ding – dong; the town whore is dead!” Then the three of us headed back to the car, giggling like a bunch of drunken schoolgirls. But as we drove back we started talking about watching Alison hang in their basement. It would prove to be a night I would never forget to my dying day…

© 2009

(written for Ron, Bedeyes and Evelick Aug 31by riwa)

(Pictures captioned and added for illustration purposes only.)

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