My needs


Chapter 1 – DISCOVERY

First, dear readers, let me introduce myself: my name is Joanne and I am currently twenty years old.
Without false modesty, I can state that I am extremely beautiful – An elfin face, blue eyes and jet black
hair. My body is an object of desire to all men and many women who see it. Muscular, big tits, narrow
waist, curving hips, round buttocks and long, slim muscular, legs. A body to arouse jealously in almost
all women who see it and lust in almost all men.

I live with my mother, a more mature woman of forty two years, equally beautiful as me in every way.

We live in a very isolated and quite luxurious house, reached by a long and winding gated driveway. It is
completely soundproofed.

I have been home schooled by my mother, a polymath, whose teachings left me capable of passing any
exam the state educational system might want me to undertake. I am currently working on my master’s
degree in electrical engineering.

I am a consummate masochist.

* * * * * * * *

Strangely enough, it was not until I was nineteen years old that I became aware of my perverted sexuality.
Puberty had hit me like a train. Almost overnight I went from being a gangly teenager to being a desirable
woman. A woman with growing breasts and all the other attributes of her sexual awakening. My clitoris
had become amazingly sensitive and I found it hard to keep my fingers off it but obeying some strange
moral imperative, I refused to surrender to my cravings.

Then, when I was twenty, I could not resist my intense urges any longer and I surrendered to my desires.
I could not believe that I had let my so called conscience to deny me such pleasure. My orgasms were
intense and long lasting. If I had been able, I would have spent my entire life in orgasm. I found that my
need for orgasm overwhelmed all other considerations and my college work suffered accordingly. I know
now that my mother was completely aware of what was happening to me and what I was doing. She
waited until the right time to make me aware of that.

One day, when I was on the edge of cumming, I pinched my clit, hard. The pain spread through my
spasming cunt and I moaned from the intensity of it. But something kept me going and I kept pinching
harder and harder. Tears were running down my face until I suddenly flipped over the edge into the most
intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I was overwhelmed by orgasmic pleasure, writhing and spasming
on my bed until the sensations finally diminished and I collapsed, panting and moaning.

I wanted more and, as I recovered from the intensity of that amazing cum, I started to rub and pinch my
clit again. I rubbed hard and pinched as hard as I could. The sensations were amazingly intense and, once
again that intense pleasure as I came violently overwhelmed the pain.

As I recovered again, I realized that my pleasure had been multiplied by the pain I had imposed on myself.
It was a revelation. I needed pain, intense pain, to achieve all my pleasure.

Let me explain, it hurt a lot. Enough to make me cry but the overwhelming pleasure I knew would be the
result of my self-torment made my suffering worthwhile. Also, I took pleasure from the pain as I became
more and more aroused, not nearly as much as the pleasure from orgasm but more than worthwhile and
these days it has actually become intense pleasure in itself. I have learned to equate pain in my erogenous
zones as pleasure, making my experiences as a masochist intense from start to finish. I’ll tell you about
those experiences later.

With the realization that I needed pain to get the best pleasure, I started experimenting with ways to hurt
myself, especially in my erogenous areas. I found that squeezing my nipples, hard, with one hand while
the other pinched and twisted my clit would make me descend into a place where pain and pleasure
mixed. A harsh place, a place where my spasming body demanded ever more pain to fuel the flames of
my lust.

It was frustrating that I could only squeeze and twist one nipple at a time. I began looking for something
that could really hurt both of my nipples at once. It wasn’t until I used an office paper clamp to hold some
schoolwork together that I realised that such clamps could provide me the kind of mixed pain and
erogenous pleasure that I so deeply craved. The clamps were strong and were made of metal. They would
squeeze my nipples hard and painfully, giving me the sensations I needed so badly.

The first time I used the clamps on myself I was initially filled with a mixture of lust and fear. I craved and
at the same time feared the pain I was about to inflict on myself, but I knew that I would have to use the
clamps on myself and delay would not make the craving for the pain go away.

I sat on my bed and pinched my nipples, leaving my cunt alone for now, pinched them hard enough that
they began to really hurt and I started to moan and become aroused. I dug my nails into them and heard
myself moan further as my self-inflicted pain increased. I felt myself getting wet and tried to hurt my
nipples even more. It was no use; I was hurting myself as much as I could. It was time for the clamps.

I took my fingers from my nipples and picked up one of the clamps. It looked frightening and cruel and I
almost stopped at that point but, taking a deep breath, I let it close on my right nipple.

Pain like I had never known before immediately filled my entire boob and I had difficulty suppressing a
scream. My nipple was filled with agony but, almost immediately, I felt my arousal increase tenfold. I
came. Came from just the pain and knowing just how much pain was to come. It wouldn’t stop and I
came time after time, moaning aloud and feeling my cunt spasm with each new cum.

My right tit was stilled filled with wonderful pain and I knew that it was time to torture my left nipple.
Again I let a clamp close on myself and once again came almost immediately as my left breast was filled
with agony. I couldn’t stop cumming and, dimly, through my mix of wonderful pain and intense orgasms,
knew that I could increase my sensations even more.

I pulled on the clamps. I pulled on them, stretching my nipples and increasing my pain even more. I
actually screamed out loud and, not knowing how to stop, twisted the clamps.

I came so hard that I fainted.

When I came to, my nipples and breasts still filled with agony, I knew that I must stop so I squeezed the
clamp on my right nipple open and pulled it away. It hurt as much as it had when I had first clamped it. I
collapsed forward and nursed my poor abused breast, holding it in my hands and moaning once more
from my self-inflicted pain.

Straightening up I removed clamp from my left nipple and once more felt my breast filled with more
intense agony.

I came again, again and again. It was wonderful, my orgasms even more intense than the pain in my poor
abused nipples. I wanted more.

Chapter 2

I wanted more but knew that I would have to wait. My nipples were bruised and swollen so that even
putting on my bra was an exercise in self-restraint. I couldn’t damage them any more without them
showing through my clothes. You may notice that I was more concerned about my appearance than I
was about hurting myself any more.

I was turned on and pushing my bruised and swollen nipples into my bra hurt wonderfully. I was wet and
knew that it would only take a little more stimulation for me to cum again. I had to wipe my cunt with a
towel before I could get my panties on without making a wet patch on them and my jeans and even that
almost made me cum.

I was an orgasmic mess.

And then the door opened and my mother stood there. My mother stood there, wearing nothing but an
amazingly tightly laced corset, her breasts on full display and her smooth shaven pussy equally revealed.
Even more amazing was the way that her breasts had been treated, bound tightly at their bases so they
had swollen and stood out from her chest like two cantaloupes. Equally amazing were the marks on those
breasts, bruised and abraded stripes decorating them all over. Her pussy was equally marked and the lash
marks decorated her hips and, as far as I could tell, continued to her arse.

“M – Mom?”

“Yes dear, It’s me, I’m just like you, a painslut and, like you, I can’t get enough. I’m so glad that you’re just
like me. Now we can play together.”

“But Mom, how did you know about me?”

“I’ve heard everything you’ve done to yourself. There are hidden microphones in here and I enjoyed
hearing you hurting yourself. It really turned me on.”

“But – but – why? I thought you didn’t know!”

“I’ve always known, dear. Ever since you started to hurt yourself.”

There, in front of me, she stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples, took a deep breath, a breath that
made her breasts jut out even more, and pinched harder. “Mmmmm – would you like to do this to me,
dear? Would you like to hurt me?”

Almost mesmerized I approached her, raised my hands, pinched her nipples and squeezed them as hard
as I could. She moaned but thrust her breasts out toward me. “Harder, oh please, harder!”

I couldn’t stop squeezing them. The feel of them between my fingers, the way Mom reacted and the way
I became wet from the experience, they all increased my own arousal. I dug my fingernails into those
compliant nipples and was rewarded by a deep, intense moan from mom, “Oh, god yes, darling, hurt
them! Hurt them!”

She threw back her head and thrust her tits out toward her pain.

“You – you too, darling!” she moaned, and with that she reached up and dug her own finger nails into my
already abused nipples.

The pain shot through them again and, hardly knowing what I was saying, I managed to gasp out, “I know
how to make it better, Mom; much better. Let go of my nipples and I’ll show you.”

She released my nipples and I let go of hers and we gasped together as the circulation returned to them.
I opened my bedside cabinet and pulled out four office clamps. Turning back, I took hold of her right
breast, loving the firm, swollen feel of it.

I clamped her nipple.

She stared at me and moaned again. “Aaaagh! Do the other one, do the other one!” She thrust her left
breast forward, obviously craving the pain. I clamped her left nipple and was rewarded by a choked off
scream. “Oh god, darling, that hurts so good, it hurts so much!”

Watching her I was filled with an intense desire to share her pain. “Mine too, Mom! Mine too!” I handed
her the remaining clamps and she opened them one at a time and let them close on my poor abused
nipples. I know I shrieked as, once again, the almost overwhelming agony turned my nipples into nubbins
of fire and the intense pain filled my breasts.

We both nursed our pain wracked tits, moaning aloud and both approaching orgasm. I wanted to drive
her over the edge so I reached forward, grasped her clamps, and squeezed. She screamed out loud and
fell to her knees, pulling my hands with her. I squeezed again and she screamed again and fell into an
obviously intense orgasm, falling all the way to the floor, jerking and writhing as her sensations
overwhelmed her.

I was very close to cumming myself but I decided to wait for Mom to recover and then she could hurt me
enough to put me too over the edge. In the meantime I kept my self on the verge of orgasm by twisting
and squeezing my clamps just enough to keep me on that edge. It hurt, oh, it hurt, but I had begun to
need the pain almost as much as I did the overwhelming orgasms that the pain could give me and there
was further masochistic pleasure to be found in preventing myself from climaxing.

Eventually, my mother recovered enough to open her eyes. She stared at me, her mouth opening and
closing as she tried to form words. Finally, as her tremors diminished enough for her to gasp out “Leave
them on, darling, please leave them on!”

“Oh, mommy, do mine too! Hurt my tits some more!”

She struggled to her feet, wincing and moaning as her huge breasts swayed with her motions, her crushed
nipples filling them with even more agony. Lurching forward she reached for my nipples and the clamps
that tortured them. She grasped them.

I felt the pain in my nipples explode. My entire tits were filled with delicious agony.

I came.

I came as I had never cum before. I felt my pussy gush with fluid and glorious pleasure radiated from it
to fill my entire body. Like my mother before me, I fell to the floor, moaning and writhing as I became
overwhelmed with that pain induced cum. I lost contact with the world and existed in a universe of pure
pain and overwhelming pleasure. How long it really lasted I don’t know, but it seemed to last almost

I think I returned to my original, still painful real existence and lay there on the floor, moaning from the
continuing pain in my poor abused nipples.

“Get up, darling. Get up so I can bind those nice big tits of yours, just like mine are. Now, do you want
me to take the clamps off your nipples or would you rather keep them on? I’m keeping mine on so they’ll
keep me like this, just about cumming.”

I ran my fingers over the torturing clamps, sending a surge of pain from nipple to tit and straight to my

(Mommy told me later that since I was a complete slut I didn’t have the right to call my breasts ‘breasts’
any more but always must call them ‘tits’ as someone like me deserved. In the same way, I have a cunt
and I don’t orgasm, I cum.)

“Nnnnn! I’ll keep them on, please mommy. Ohh, they hurt. They hurt so well.” Again I rubbed my fingers
over the clamps and almost screamed at the wonderful pain and simultaneous arousal.

Mommy actually pulled on hers and tears ran from her eyes. “Oh, God, yes! Mine really hurt too! Ooh,
thank you for this, darling, thank you for these clamps and thank you for all this pain! It’s wonderful, just

I was still trembling from my overwhelming cum “I’ve got some more clamps. Maybe we could hurt our

“On our lips, crushing our lips?” She actually licked her lips at the thought. Mommy is so wonderfully

“I wonder if we could do it on our clits. We could do it to ourselves while we watched each other.”

“Oh, god yes! I love hurting myself and with you here it’ll be so much better.” She leaned forward and
kissed me. Pushed her mouth against mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back,
twining my tongue around hers and nibbling on her lower lip.

I was French kissing my own mother. Was I shocked? No! I loved it, loved the forbidden nature of the
act and loved her, not as my mother alone but as my partner in pain and overwhelming pleasure. I was
in lesbian love with her, with my own mother.

She broke the kiss. “I want to,” she gasped. “Oh, I really want to! Together, and then we can torture
each other. Now, help mommy hurt herself and I’ll help you.

I crawled to my bedside chest and bought out about a dozen more clamps.

She looked at them and licked her swollen lips. “So many, darling?”

“Inner lips, outer lips and clit.”

“I’ve never done that to myself before. But we have to get those nice big tits of yours bound. Oh, and we
need weights for our nipple clamps.”

She surprised me than and still surprises me once in a while. We are equally and wonderfully perverted
but occasionally she still surprises me.


“Yes, darling. Every time we move they’ll swing backward and forward and hurt our tits some more.
Oh, darling, with you here I just can’t get enough!”

“I can’t either, mom. I didn’t realize just how much I needed this. I want it to go on forever. My tits
really hurt and I want more! Oh, god, mom – I’m so kinky and twisted!”

She kissed med again and we rubbed our pain wracked tits against each other’s, the clamps getting
entangled and further pulling on our nipples. We were moaning and whimpering into each other’s
mouths, but rubbed harder, trying to increase our pain and arousal. “I have to bind your tits.” She
murmured to me. “You’ll love it.”

I broke away from her, stepped back and lifted my already swollen and agonized tits toward her.
“Yes, mom! Please, mom! Make them like yours, all swollen and round! Tell, uh, tell me; does it hurt?”
“Yes it does, dear, especially around the base where I’ll tie you tightest. But your tit itself gets all
swollen and tender and aches really hard. It’s a good time to whip them.”

I was wondering if I could take any more pain, but my arousal from the pain was reaching incredible

I was a cum waiting to happen.

But mum had one spoiler in mind. “We’re going to have to take the clamps off our nipples – that is if
you want to keep them! You take mine off and I’ll take yours off.”

“It’s really, really going to hurt isn’t it mom?”

“Oh, yes! It’ll make you really, really scream.”

I was filled with a mixture of dread and of fervid longing for the torture to come. I faced my mother and
reached out to her nipple clamps, one in each hand. She did the same to me and we stood there staring
at each other waiting for the first one to make a move.

Mom cleared her throat. “On three, both together on three.”

I nodded my head in agreement.

“one – two – three! And on three she pushed on the handles of the clamp. Before the pain could really
build in my nipples I compressed her clamp handles and pulled them toward me.

The extra pain was nearly overwhelming. Both of us sank to our knees, moaning and weeping, nursing
our poor agonized nipples and tits until the pain started to diminish.

And I came. Came again, writhing on the floor and unable to control the jerking and spasming of my
cunt, the jerking of my hips and body as the orgasm took control of all of me. It seemed to take an
endless time, time while pleasure and pain controlled every part of me but eventually I slowly recovered
until I was just lying there, breathing deeply and sobbing quietly to myself.

Mum rolled over to me and kissed me deeply. “We still have to bind your tits, darling. I think you’ll love

Something had been bothering me. “Mom, isn’t this incest?”

“Well, it would be if we were going to have a baby, but that’s not very likely, is it? Incest laws are to stop
inbreeding, not what we’re going to be doing to each other.” She smiled: “You’re going to get a lot in your
cunt, sweetheart, but not a real live unprotected dick, OK? Now, do you want those tits bound or not?”

I realized that I did want my tits bound, and the more I thought about it, the more and tighter I wanted
them bound. I lifted them toward my mother; “Oh, yes, mom! Tightly so they hurt!” I realized something
that I had really always known. “Oh god mom, I want them to be hurt, really hurt! Yes, oh yes, hurt them
for me!”

I returned her kiss, hard, driving my tongue between her lips and wrapping it around hers as I mashed our
lips together. “All of me, mom, hurt all of me!”

“Come into my room then, darling. I’ve got all sorts of nice things there.”

“You’ll bind my tits?”

“Binding will be just the beginning, darling, just the beginning. And, yes, they’ll really hurt.”

She smiled at me and kissed me again.

We climbed to our feet and she led me by the hand down the corridor and into her room. It was decorated
by pictures of women in torture and agony. She saw me looking around at them; “Mostly friends and
acquaintances of mine. They all need pain as much as we do and we meet quite frequently to torture and
be tortured. You’ll be able to join in now.”

“Now then, dear, it’s time to bind your tits. Most dominants use rope or cord. Not very wise because it
can take quite a while to get off in an emergency. I use releasable tie wraps, the long white kind with the
release tab on the connector. Faster, tighter, more pain and safer. Now, hold your right tit and pull it

“I did as she said, grabbing my right nipple and pulling my right tit away from my body, deliberately
stretching it until it hurt. “Like that, mom, right out like that?”

“Perfect, dear. Now, are you really ready for this?”

“Yes, mom, yes! Do it, make my tit hurt!”

She passed the tie-wrap around my stretched tit, holding it against my rib cage where it met my tit meat
and pulled it as tight as she could. It hurt just as much as I had been dreading and hoping for. It hurt
where the tie-wrap bit into the base of my tit which hurt wonderfully and my tit itself was filled with a
growing and all pervading ache, a fierce ache that made my whimper. I reached up to try to comfort my
tit but mum slapped my hands away.

“Leave it alone! I still have to do the other one. Now pull your left tit out, like the other one so I can get
this wrap tightly around the base.”

I grasped my left nipple, still hurting from the clamp it had been tormented with earlier, and used it to
pull my tit away from my body. She quickly passed the tie-wrap around the base of my left tit and pulled
it just as tight as my right tit’s binding. Like the other tit it hurt as the tie wrap tightened around it and I
loved it. Looking down I could see both my tits swelling and standing out from my chest like two swollen
cantaloupes. The ache increased with each minute and soon I was sobbing and nursing both tits.

“Oh, it hurts, mommy. It hurts so good, it’s turning me right on!”

“Would you like me to whip them?”

by Guest Author Captain von Folter

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