Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 2 Snake-dinner Teri)


As we passed through another force field of some sort, the second display came into view. I was instantly reminded of an oversized hamster cage.

The glass enclosure was about 20 feet across, 10 feet deep and 10 feet high with some sort of grating at the top. The floor was covered with wood chips and stuffing of some sort. It was as though someone had ripped a mattress open and had spread the contents all around.

Sitting in the rear corner with her knees up, her arms crossed in front of her, was another naked Teri. She appeared to be frightened out of her wits over where she found herself. When she saw us approach she stood up, rushed up to us and started banging on the glass.

“Let me out of here! Why are you DOING this to me?”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” my escort giggled. “You’ll be sah-reeee!”

“HELP ME!” the Teri in the cage begged, pleading with her big brown eyes. “Let me out of here, ok? This place scares me!”

“It should, honey,” her twin giggled at her, cozying up to me. “You’re the main entrée. Don’t you realize you’re in there for our entertainment?”

“Entree? Entertainment??” That’s when she really started pounding on the glass with her fists.


“I wouldn’t do that. Oops – too late.”

‘Microkini Teri’ took my arm and gripped it as the head of a large constrictor poked its head into the cage from an opening in the back wall. It was an opening that hadn’t been there moments ago.

It located the source of the noise. Then it flicked its tongue out as it began to slither inside. That’s when it began to move into the cage, rustling the material on the floor.

Teri heard the noise. She turned with a start… and then screamed bloody murder. But there was nowhere for her to run.

The entire length of the large snake entered the cage. Its body had to be as big around as my upper leg. It was enormous!

She scurried around in full blown panic. Clearly she was trying to avoid the head of the snake. Curiously, it chased her around the cage.

Oddly, it didn’t bite her. Rather, it choose to play with her like a cat plays with a mouse. It herded her here and there with its head, its tongue continuing to flick out. I found myself utterly fascinated as I watched with sadistic interest.

After about a minute of being herded around, Teri suddenly looked down. She was now standing in the midst of one of its coils as the constrictor circled around her. She let out a scream as the snake quickly looped itself around her three times.

Her arms were pinned to her sides. But her lower legs remained free. Teri shrieked as its tongue flicked out over her face.

The poor girl’s screams were abruptly choked off as the snake began to constrict itself tightly around her. Her eyes bugged out in absolute terror. That’s when as she was lifted off the ground, her feet kicking helplessly.

My Teri leaned closer. Then she breathed into my ear. “I think you’re gonna love this part, Master.”

In the cage Teri went over backward as the snake was drawn to her feet. It loosened a coil from around her torso. Then it probed curiously with its head as though interested in something.

Its tongue flicked out, tasting poor Teri’s wet crotch. The girl gasped and shuddered. She seemed quite horrified at her violation.

There was a hissing sound as the tongue flicked and probed. Teri struggled desperately in an effort to pull air into her lungs. Her eyes were open wide as she squirmed in absolute terror.

The tongue flicked out again and again, probing and tasting. The poor girl mewled helplessly. She stiffened and then shuddered in orgasm as her torso instinctively humped outwardly.

“Damn!” my escort breathed in awe, her eyes riveted on the action in the glass cage. “It actually made her cum!”

Her hand was down to her wet crotch. I saw her pull her skimpy bottom piece aside. Then she fingered herself to climax as she watched her helpless doppelganger.

I didn’t know whether to be shocked or amused. She was actually getting off watching her twin in the tank struggle with the snake. I found it strangely erotic, my cock stiffening as I watched.

The snake’s head backed up near Teri’s kicking feet. Its jaws actually dislocated. Then its tongue flicked out once again.

The creature licked her feet as though savoring its tasty prize. Amazingly its coils loosened a little as though it wanted its prey alive. Then it engulfed the wriggling feet into its mouth.

Teri found her voice to scream. Feeling her feet being swallowed sent her into hysterics. She writhed in vain as the snake slowly began swallowing her whole.

It took her legs in up to her calves. It continued pulling her into its mouth until it had swallowed her up to her thighs. Teri stared at us in shock and horror, screaming for us to save her.

Its tongue flicked into her crotch again. Teri’s screams turned to frightened whimpers. Astonishingly, she popped off again… only to cry out when she felt her crotch being engulfed by the gaping jaws.

Cries turned to shrieks as her body continued to be pulled inside by the snake’s interior muscles. She was being swallowed whole… and all while she was still alive! That’s when her screams became more frantic.

Her head shook side to side as she was pulled deeper inside. Her arms remained pinned to her sides by the coils. She was not squeezed to death as they loosened just enough to allow her to be pulled inside the opened jaws.

By the time her large tits reached the outside of its mouth she was in much too far to escape. The remaining coils released their hold on her. I knew right away that she wasn’t coming back out.

I watched in morbid fascination, my cock hard as I absentmindedly stroked it. ‘Microkini Teri’ continued to finger-fuck herself. She kept gasping aloud how hot the whole scene was.

‘Snake-dinner Teri’ (as I called her) writhed and screamed in absolute terror. I quickly turned to see what ‘Stripper Teri’ was doing. After all, I was curious as to her reaction.

She was still dancing. But her eyes were open in horror as she watched what was happening. I could only imagine what terrible thoughts she was thinking, especially concerning what might happen to her were she to prematurely halt her performance.

“She makes a good meal, don’t you think?” my Teri giggled. “I tried to program the snake to eat her feet first. But I think he likes the taste of cum anyway. This way we get to watch her face as she goes right down his gullet. Mmm – mmm; lip-smacking good, don’t you think?”

Then she giggled as she waved at her doppelganger. “Bye–bye, honey! Don’t give the poor thing indigestion!”

In the cage Teri was shaking her head while screaming in absolute terror. I could see her pleading with her eyes for me to save her. But I had become seriously aroused at her predicament.

“You just keep on screaming, honey!” my escort called out to her with amusement as she reached over and grabbed my hardened cock. “I’ll see that Master here gets taken care of! Don’t you worry about a thing!”

The young woman inside the cage was horrified. Surely she realized we were leaving her to become the main entree. A moment later the snake’s tongue licked around her large tits before that part of her body was sucked into its mouth. It left Teri’s head and shoulders sticking out as she wriggled and squirmed in vain.

My escort giggled into my ear. “I hope the poor thing doesn’t get sick and throw up because of all that makeup on his dinner.” She continued to stroke my hard cock as she added, “Don’t worry if you’re horny. It’s ok to get aroused, Master. I know I sure as hell am!”

Teri’s shoulders finally slipped inside, leaving her head twisting and shaking. She cried out, “PLEASE HELP ME! DON’T LET IT EAT ME!” Then its muscles pulled on her body once more until her head slipped inside.

I heard her scream as though from a tunnel. Then the mouth readjusted. The jaws functioned once more as it closed around her crimson strands waving back and forth on her head.

For a second I thought I could still hear muffled cries. I watched breathlessly as the snake continued to swallow a writhing Teri deeper inside its body. Her presence made it twice its size in diameter.

You could clearly tell that what it had swallowed was human. I hadn’t noticed ‘Microkini Teri’ dropping to her knees. But I certainly felt her mouth engulfing my cock as she purred, “Now I get to swallow YOUR snake, Master!”

The movements slowed inside the belly of the snake. I could only wonder if poor Teri was asphyxiating inside there. Maybe the digestive acids were eating away at her.

The bulging form of the swallowed human stopped wriggling entirely. It made me wonder if death had finally claimed her. All that could be seen was the shape of a female with distinctly protruding breasts pushing outward against the snake’s skin. The entire mass continued to move ever so slowly inside the interior of the large reptile.

Teri rose up from her blowjob, giggling as she left it unfinished. Then she looked into the glass cage as the snake seemed to curl up and settle in for a long digestive process.

“I hope he doesn’t need an antacid, Master. I don’t think I can find one big enough for him. I think she’ll digest rather nicely in there though. He must have had quite the crush on her as it looked like he made her cum a couple more times inside before she succumbed.”

She chuckled at her pun. Then she winked at me before murmuring, “How’d you like that one, Master?”

“Very creative.”

I smiled at her. She purred as she gave me a long, lingering kiss. Then she winked at me before asking, “Ready for the next one?”

I nodded my head. That’s when she took my arm and led me off to the next one.

2010; 2020 (written May 22 ’10; ed. Sep. 25 ‘20 by riwa)

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