Mother and daughter at the Snuff club


Carrie squirmed uncomfortably in the chair she was secured to as the water began to rise all around her. Both of her holes were fully impaled with metal posts. A large audience looked in on her through the glass.

A short distance away, her mother Cassandra hung strapped to the impalement cross. Her arms and legs were spread wide on the large X. The club’s co-owner Mr. Rick was fucking her cunt as an ominous metal pole filled her anus.

Carrie trembled from a perverse arousal as she looked over at her mother. She could tell some of the spectators were more interested in the impalement proceedings than her own impending drowning. But she couldn’t really blame them. Two snuff sluts on the Entertainment stage meant one had a choice over which visual stimuli they wanted to enjoy more.

The ring gag between her lips forced her mouth open. There was no way she was going to be able to keep the water out once it rose high enough. All she could do was grunt and drool as she kept clenching around the metal posts impaled up her ass and cunt.

How long would it take for her to drown? For that matter, how long would it take until her mother was fully impaled? Which one of them would be the first to go?

Carrie experienced a perverse thrill as she looked out at the spectators. Mistress Chastity and Mistress Am sat together on a comfortable sofa. It looked like Am had the remote to her chair.

Was it plugged in? Would it electrify her? Wouldn’t that electrocute her with all the water inside the tank?

Mistress Am’s thumb hovered over a button as she gave Carrie a knowing smile. Then the thumb came down. Carrie cried out as fire filled her holes the very moment the water reached her lap.

Both posts began to pump into her cunt and ass. She could feel them fucking her, thrusting up and down inside her. They were offset, one pumping a little faster than the other. That meant at times they would thrust in unison before the timing would be thrown off and they would alternate pumping into her.

Carrie’s mother suddenly let out a painful cry. Was the steel pole forcing its way through her body now? Carrie could not help wondering what it felt like.

She actually had some idea, being as how she had a post of her own gloriously fucking her rectum. But her mother’s post would not stop with just an anal fuck. It was destined to go all the way through until it protruded out of her mouth.

Carrie let out another cry as the posts shot fire into her holes. Then they started pumping a little faster. The water level was now climbing her bare chest.

Her mother screamed in agony. Had her cervix been ruptured? Was the post now pushing its way into her stomach? Which one of them would succumb first?

Carrie looked out and saw Mistress Am smile at her. It was incredibly erotic the way the woman was toying with snuffing her. A thumb hovered casually over a button. Then Carrie stiffened again as the posts delivered electrical fire into her sensitive holes.

Her large tits bounced as she thrashed about in the chair. Her body reacted instinctively. But she wasn’t the only one in agony. Her mother was also wriggling about as she suffered over on the impalement cross.

Carrie was hot with a perverse arousal. So this was how it was going to end for them, eh? Mother and daughter – snuff sluts alike – about to be slaughtered for the entertainment of everyone present as well as those watching on the Internet. It was beyond thrilling, the shameful excitement threatening to overload her senses.

Cool water reached her tits, causing her nipples to harden even more. She stiffened and grunted as Mistress Am fried her again. That’s when her mother glanced over at her despite her own agony.

There was a brief flicker of something in her eyes. Was that the faintest hint of a smile? Was she enjoying watching her daughter suffer?

Mr. Rick fucked Cassandra harder. She was writhing now as though something alien was growing inside her. It was the metal post rising up out of the floor on its journey through her quivering body toward fully impaling her.

Carrie cried out again as Mistress Am jolted her. By now the water level was approaching her shoulders. She had no idea how many eyes were looking on her. How many cocks were stiff from her agony; how many pussies wet at her suffering? It almost made her cum at the mere thought of it.

Her mom cried out again in agony. That’s when Carrie lost it, imagining that pole impaling her mother from ass to mouth while her cunt was being fucked at the hands of the club co-owner Mr. Rick. Carrie stiffened before shuddering in shameful pleasure at witnessing the intense suffering of her mother.

The water reached her neck. It wouldn’t be much longer before she was totally submerged. That’s when she thought she heard gagging and gurgling from her mother. Was the post up in her throat now?

Carrie knew how this was ultimately going to play out. Mother and daughter would end up dead down in the kitchen. They were destined to ride the rotisserie together as their meat was cooked. The thought made her tremble as a second climax began to swell inside her.

Mistress Am was clearly enjoying her impending drowning. The dominatrix could be seen rubbing her exposed crotch. Mistress Am looked as though she was more than eager to watch Carrie fry and drown fully strapped into the chair in the tank. It didn’t matter that Mistress Chastity had an enthusiastic eye on Carrie’s impaled mother.

Carrie felt it well up inside her until it overwhelmed her yet again. She shuddered hard as she lost her voice to scream. Then the water reached her lips. Carrie was forced to tip her head back.

On the impalement cross her mother was gagging and grunting. She appeared to be shuddering as well; perhaps she was cumming too? Mr. Rick had pulled out of her cunt. Now it appeared as though the metal post running through her body had become electrified.

Carrie tipped her head back further, struggling to retrieve that last big breath she was ever going to acquire. Then she was hit hard again by a devastating orgasm. She cried out as she struggled to catch her breath.

The water was getting high; she really had to stretch upward. The water was… it was almost to… she had to catch one more… one last breath!

Inhaling deeply, she tipped her head forward, looking out of the glass. Bubbles trickled out of her nose and gaping maw. She saw the spectators watching her impending demise with great anticipation… watched the sadistic woman known as Mistress Am appear eager to snuff her sweet ass.

There was no point tipping her head back in trying to obtain another breath. The water had risen well above her head. The tank was filling faster now.

Carrie was jolted again by the posts in her holes, causing her to lose more air out of her nose and mouth. The speed of their thrusting intensified. Carrie knew she would not be able to hold her breath much longer, certainly not like this.

She looked over to see the tip of the metal pole slowly emerge out of her mother’s mouth. Cassandra’s head was tipped back, gleaming metal slickened with bodily fluids protruding out past her lips. She was jerking and shuddering as though she was being fried from the inside out. Carrie’s snuff-slut mother was dying gloriously!

Carrie cried out from an orgasm of her own. She lost her breath in a huge burst of bubbles. Mistress Am appeared to be furiously rubbing her crotch.

Carrie swallowed water, causing her to cough up bubbles as she hitched and gurgled. Then she was cumming and drowning, experiencing a mixture of intense pain and unexpected pleasure. Mother and daughter convulsed together, dying in unison like the snuff-sluts they were………………………………

Carrie’s eyes abruptly flew open. She blinked the tiredness out of her pupils as she tried to lift her head. That’s when it all came rushing back to her.

She was tied spread-eagled to the queen bed in her mother’s bedroom. She could feel the toys vibrating in her cunt and ass. Gawd; she was going to cum again!

Her naked mother calmly walked in and smiled at her. “Did my snuff-slut daughter finally awaken from her little nap? For a minute there I thought I’d done you in. Didn’t I successfully snuff your sweet ass last time? No matter. Ok, honey; let’s try this again.”

Cassandra eagerly climbed onto the bed where she savagely groped her daughter’s large mounds. Then she turned around and straddled Carrie’s head while facing her daughter’s spread-eagled legs. That’s when she slowly mashed her pussy against the young woman’s face.

“Let’s try this again; ok, honey? Eat my cunt as you smother and die for me, you sexy bitch!”

Her mother pressed her crotch down hard on her daughter’s mouth. A moment later Carrie could hardly breathe. But her tongue dutifully snaked out and began to lick. Maybe she could earn a respite if she made her mother cum while the sadistic woman was squatting on her face.

She felt movement down between her legs. Her mom had grabbed both toys again. Carrie heard wicked laughter as her mother began brutally fucking both of her holes with them. It instinctively made her hips rise up as though accepting the cruel, delicious rape.

She couldn’t breathe; gawd, she couldn’t breathe!! It swelled within her yet again. Then Carrie was cumming and cumming and cumming until consciousness spiraled away into oblivion once more…

It was almost noon at the dining room table. Mother and daughter sat eating a very late breakfast. Carrie smiled as she spoke first.

“Mom, last night I dreamed about that Snuff Club again while you were asphyxiating me.”

“Again? Do you have a death wish, darling?”

“Don’t try to deny it, mother. I’ve seen your eyes get all glassy whenever we watch one of those videos. You want to go every bit as much as I do. Hell, you get so turned on that we end up in bed with me being asphyxiated time and time again.”

“Honey, you know how dangerous it would be for the both of us to go, don’t you? We’re both snuff-sluts; you know that. We’d probably get so damned turned on that I doubt we’d survive a night in there.”

“You think we could sneak in for an hour or so? I’d love to see Mistress Am and her Guillotines. The last video showed her pulling both levers at the same time, beheading them together while sending those bitches straight to heaven. You have no idea the mess I made while I was watching that.”

“Honey, don’t tempt me. I might want to make sure you were one of the two bitches up on stage when Mistress Am went up and did her thing.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, mother.”

“You’re damned right I would! I’m ashamed to admit how much of a turn-on it is thinking about you being snuffed on stage by a sexy bitch like that.”

“You want to try it, mom? You want to see if we can get in?”

“I don’t know. We can always watch it again on the Internet.”

“I know – I know. But seeing one in person? I can’t imagine how hot that would be!”

“So how would we go about getting inside?”

“I don’t know. But I was wondering. Do you suppose Aunt Amanda could get us in somehow? She’s got plenty of money.”

“Dear, you know she’s not into this shit like we are. Oh, she knows about us. And she knows all about that damned snuff club. But every time I mention it to her she just shakes her head and laughs while saying she’s going to outlive us both.”

Carrie tried not to be disappointed. This time the urge was stronger than ever. She wanted to get into the club at least once. She really wanted to see that show on the Entertainment stage starring Mistress Am and her Guillotines.

Her mother looked at her and laughed. “You know we can’t afford to get in there. I know Mistress Am is having another performance soon. I just don’t see how we can swing it, not with our funds being so low right now.”

She paused for a moment. Then she smiled at her daughter. “Give me a minute, honey. I’ll see what I can arrange.”

Cassandra took her iPhone and left the kitchen. She was only gone a few minutes. When she returned she shook her head with a sad little smile.

“Just as I suspected. Amanda turned me down flat. She said she didn’t want to watch us get executed up on stage. I told her we only wanted to get in, look around, enjoy the guillotine show, and then get the hell out of there.”

“Give Aunt Amanda a little more time, mom. You saw how she showed some interest the last time she was here and we talked about it. I think eventually she’ll come around.”

“You might be right, honey. But for now it looks like a no-go.”

Carrie laughed. “We could always try getting in line and seeing if someone would sponsor us.”

“We could, honey. But that might get us killed.”

“You really think so?”

“Girls in line don’t always get the same protections, honey. You know that. Still… do you want to give it a try? Are you eager to find out which one of us might survive a night in the Snuff Club?”

They both chuckled. Then mother and daughter grew quiet and thoughtful.

They took a long look at each other over the kitchen table. Faces were flushed; breaths coming heavily. Both of them had clearly become overly excited at the idea.

Carrie looked at her mother curiously. Then she smiled. “So what do you think, mom? Shall we take our chances out in line?”


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