Hanging the brothers (Male themes)


The next hanging I was involved in proved to be quite the experience…

I was given a plane ticket to a Southern city. When I arrived, a rental car had already been purchased in my name. In the glove box was a map.

I drove to the specified location. It was at the end of a dirt road that looked seldom used. I saw two attached walls of what was left of an old building. Sitting in front of one wall were three young men who appeared to be waiting for me.

They all got up when I parked and got out. I was wearing a dark jacket, hood and gloves. I don’t know whether they were concerned or relieved to see me.

They walked up to me and shook my hand. They introduced themselves as the Dalson brothers; Biff, Ben and Bill. Biff had three small coils of rope in his hand.

“You know why you’re hear?” Ben asked. I nodded.

“Are you willing to go through with it?” Bill added. He looked to be the youngest. I told them they’d paid a great deal of money to my account, and that it wouldn’t be right if I backed out on them now.

“You sure you won’t back out?” the oldest wanted to know. I told Biff I was certainly willing to hang them if that’s what they wanted.

Frankly, I was more concerned about them backing out. What if they changed their minds? What if they wanted their money back?

They must have seen my concerns etched in my features. They looked at each other for a long moment. Then they faced me as one.

The oldest declared, “We’re not backing out; right, guys?” His brothers shook their heads, indicating they were all in agreement. It seemed they were committed.

Biff handed me the coils of rope. “To secure our hands behind our backs,” he explained. Then they started taking their clothes off.

I asked if this was also required of me. Biff shook his head. Frankly, I was more than a little relieved. This whole damn thing was kind of crazy!

Their cocks became semi-hard once they were naked. I started with the youngest first. Bill did not resist me in the slightest as I secured his hands behind his back.

Next, I tied Ben’s wrists together. He bowed his head, blushing a little as I secured him. He acted as though he was guilty of something.

Last was Biff. I made sure his wrists were tied nice and tight behind his back. He bowed his head as well. But he was also breathing kind of heavily. They all were.

“Ok,” I announced when I was done. “Where is this going to happen? Am I going to hang you one at a time?”

“Around the corner,” Bill said in a trembling voice.

He led his brothers single file around the edge of the wall. Then he stopped. That’s when I gasped as I took it all in.

There were three tall, 4×4 posts, in the shape of upside down “L’s”. Three loose nooses dangled from the foremost point of each protrusion. I noticed there were places on each upright section of post to secure the rope in order to keep the condemned in midair.

The whole setup seemed kind of loosey-goosey to me. I looked at the three dangling coils and then looked at the brothers. I was more than a little astonished how they’d set this all up.

“We found it,” Ben explained when he saw my expression. “We didn’t have time to set it up properly. But we think the ropes won’t slip too much and should hold us in place ok. Besides, we all agreed we deserved to hang out here.”

“I see,” I replied, still amazed how they’d set things up. “So when do you want me to hang you all?”

There was a pregnant pause. Then the youngest stepped forward without prodding. He moved right to the middle noose where he knelt in a submissive posture.

I looked questioningly at his other brothers. “He’s the youngest and he’s ready,” Ben told me.

“He’s committed,” Biff added. “We all are.” I just nodded in understanding, even though I didn’t understand a damn thing.

I felt my cock stir shamefully in my trousers as I went over to the middle noose. I figured there was no point in delaying the inevitable. The longer I hesitated, the less likely I might be inclined to finish the job.

I looped the thick coil behind Bill’s left ear. He gasped quietly once it touched his flesh. I thought I saw his stiffening cock jump a little. But he didn’t say a word.

I carefully pulled on the rope until I slowly pulled him to his feet. I looked over at his brothers again for confirmation. They both nodded for me to carry on.

I pulled Bill up until he was balancing on his toes and rasping for breath. I thought I should say something judicial. So I simply told him, “You have been condemned to hang. May God have mercy on your soul.”

I slowly pulled until I hefted him up into the air. He let out a garbled cry as I hauled him well up off the ground. I kept the rope taut, trying to support his weight against the rope.

His cock stiffened as his legs pedaled. I was distracted for a second as I watched him. Then I remembered I had to tie him off.

I tied the free end of his rope to the cleat attached to his post. When it was secured, I paused to look up at him for a moment. He swung back and forth, his erection bouncing and dripping.

I went over to his brothers, wondering what the hell I was doing. For a moment, they watched their younger brother suffer. Then the oldest cleared his throat as though urging his brother to get going.

Ben moved over to the closest noose. He promptly knelt in a submissive posture. Then I looked at Biff.

He nodded as though I should go right ahead and get on with it. So I grabbed Ben’s noose as I put my hand on his back. I noticed him staring at the bulge that had developed in my trousers.

He licked his lips. Then he said in a trembling voice, “Please, sir. May I please suck your cock before I hang?” He wasn’t even looking up at my face. He just kept staring at my crotch.

I gave Biff a questioning look. He nodded as he quietly told me, “Its ok, sir. He deserves it. You have no idea how many times he made his younger brother suck his dick and swallow.”

“It’s true, sir,” Ben confessed.

He looked past me at his dangling brother. I heard him inhale sharply. Then he bowed his head even lower before quietly repeating, “May I please suck your cock, sir?”
I heard Bill let out a painful rasp for breath as he fought his hanging in the noose behind me. “Please, sir!” Ben pleaded. “It’s my punishment. May I please suck your cock before I hang?”

What else could I do? They’d paid me an awful lot of money. I felt like I owed it to them to accept any last minute requests they might have of me.

I unzipped my fly and pulled out my erection. It had stiffened to the point of becoming damned uncomfortable in my pants. I looped the noose around Ben’s head, making sure it was good and tight. Then I grabbed the back of his head and fucked his face.

He grunted and gurgled as his own dick hardened considerably. I noticed Biff’s was already nice and stiff. I had my back to their brother, so I had no idea how Bill was doing.

Ben was quite talented. I suspected he’d sucked many dicks before. In no time at all I was giving him a nice load, some of which splattered onto his face.

I was embarrassed over coming in another guy’s mouth. Best to just get on with it. So I pulled on the rope, hauling him up onto his feet before he had enough time to swallow.

“You have been condemned to hang. May God have mercy on your soul.” Then I hefted him up into the air before tying the rope off, my exposed cock still mostly hard.

He began to pedal as he swung back and forth. Next to him, Bill was shooting a huge load of cum into the air and arcing onto the ground. Amazingly, he still had quite a bit of fight left in him.

I went over and grabbed Biff by the arm. He quietly told me, “In front of my brothers for a second, if you don’t mind.”

I grabbed his arm and marched him over to the wall where he had a good view of Bill and Ben kicking and swinging. He watched them for a few moments before lowering his head. His dick was incredibly hard. Shamefully, mine hadn’t softened all that much.

“Ok; I’m ready.” Then he submissively lowered his head.

I marched him over to his noose. He dutifully knelt for me. But he didn’t offer to suck me, even though my appendage was “hanging out” for him to observe.

I looped the noose around him and made it tight before pulling him up onto his feet. “Wait!” he panted before I could go any further. “I have a last request.”

“Name it.”

Maybe I should have checked with him first. I certainly had no idea what he wanted from me. I sure wasn’t expecting what he said next…

“Fuck my ass.”

I was taken aback. “I beg your pardon?”

“Fuck my ass.”

I was stunned. “And why is that?”

“I made both my brothers suck my cock. Then I fucked them both in the ass. I deserve to be humiliated like that before I hang.”

I thought about it for a long moment. I’d never fucked a guy in the ass before. But my damned cock was already stiffening with anticipation.

“Please, sir. Fuck my ass. Then you must hang me. I deserve it.”

I figured, what the hell? So I bent him over at the waist. Then I pushed my stiffening dick against his puckered anus.

I slowly forced it inside. He let out a cry as I went all the way in. Then I started fucking him.

His eyes were on his suffering, dangling brothers the entire time. Their dicks were stiff, bouncing and dripping. His was just as hard.

It took a couple of minutes. I had no idea what I was expecting. I guess it felt better than I thought it would.

In no time at all I managed to leave a small deposit up his ass before pulling out. From that moment on, I wasted no more time. I was determined to get the whole thing over with.

“You have been condemned to hang. May God have mercy on your soul.” Then I pulled him up into the air until he was at a height similar to his dangling brothers.

I tied off his rope and watched him kick and pedal. At the other end, Ben began spurting his load. Bill finally appeared to be slowing down.

I watched as they pedaled while swinging back and forth. But something seemed off. When I looked closer at the nooses, I noticed they were pretty thick and were not fully tightening. I guess I hadn’t noticed before. No wonder Bill was taking so long to die.

The youngest finally settled down. He began to piss himself as Ben got his second wind. I could still see some of my cream on his face as he winced and suffered.

Meanwhile, Biff was shooting quite a load. He was also dripping spunk out of his ass. Some of it slithered down his inner thigh.

I watched them all, my dick remaining somewhat hard. I soon found myself stroking myself without even thinking. I was going to stop, but I figured they weren’t going to tell anyone I had gotten aroused watching them all hang to death.

Ben finally began to wind down, but not after furiously humping the air in front of him. Bill was mostly still save for a few muscle twitches. Biff kept fighting as though he deserved a long, lengthy hanging.

Bill quietly swayed back and forth as Ben pissed himself. Then he, too, slowed down. It wasn’t long until I saw those familiar muscle twitches in his arms and legs.

Biff fought the hardest. He shot another load as he furiously humped the air. But he must have exhausted himself because he settled right down, gently humping and wriggling his toes.

I walked up to Ben and masturbated by using his bare feet against my twitching dick. After all, I’d left him at that height. Why not enjoy the moment? Besides, he couldn’t very well say no; could he?

Next, I moved over to Bill. His face was dark; he looked like he might have expired. I used his feet as well.

There was a little bit of fight left in Biff when I used his feet. Just for fun, I pulled on his legs, hastening his departure. His chest hitched as he tried to dolphin-kick.

I jumped back just in time for his cock to piss. When he was done, I stepped forward again. Once more, I used his feet until I left a small amount of cream on his toes. Then I zipped up.

I looked at all three brothers who by now were dangling quietly. I gave each one a final push. They swung back and forth, their ropes creaking.

I watched them swing as I asked myself why they’d chosen to have me hang them. Was it a dark fantasy? Or did they think they deserved it? I suspected it might have been a little bit of both.

I made my way back to the rental car and started it up. I saw their stuff lying on the other side of the wall. How had they gotten here? How long until they were discovered? So many questions, and so few answers. And with that, I threw the vehicle into reverse, turned around, and headed back to the airport.


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