3 in the pool (Parts 7-9)


Part 7 – Forced Orgasms

(A flashback to before the investigation)

Melissa gasped sharply before she hit the water face first with a splash. She could not help wondering how much longer this was going to go on. Was the bitch gonna torture her without letting her cum, only to drown her ass anyway??

She saw the crotch slide down in front of her as Tammi’s legs spread wide on either side of her. The pussy was mashed into her face. For a foolish moment she considered biting down and taking a chunk of flesh. But that simple act would probably get her killed.

Melissa’s tongue lashed out. She started by working on the woman’s clit. She had to buy herself some time…

Tammi felt a shiver run through her as she gasped excitedly. Her head stuck up out of the water, allowing her to breathe easily. Sadistically, her captive was forced to hold hers as she was still angry with her.

Damn! The woman was good at licking pussy. Her resolve continued to falter. Besides, did she really want to take her life?

Melissa worked slow and deliberate, methodically sucking on the woman’s clit before probing the wet slit with her tongue. If she could catch the bitch when she least expected it, maybe she wouldn’t keep pulling away. She moved her tongue thoughtfully and deliberately, trying to use the best method she could think of to win her over…

Tammi moaned softly as her pussy was set ablaze. She squirmed delightedly at the pleasure she was experiencing. Then she began fondling her breasts while tweaking her nipples. Maybe it was possible they COULD become lovers just to get back at her husband…

Melissa slowly increased her actions. She took the woman’s clit between her lips, rolling it back and forth. Then she carefully probed beyond the woman’s pussy lips with her tongue making her captor squirm.

She felt a familiar warning spasm. Her lungs gently heaved. She was going to need air soon.

She burbled against the woman’s crotch, noticing how the body squirmed against her mouth. But another warning spasm rippled through her. Melissa anxiously began to pick up the pace, afraid she might end up drowning accidentally OR deliberately…

Tammi moaned again as she was tongued down below. She gasped and squirmed, wondering if the woman attached to the mattress was working slower and more deliberate. She didn’t want to pull away like before. Now she wanted to cum…

Melissa’s chest heaved as she lost another burst of air. She became more frantic as she redoubled her efforts. She needed to hurry by picking up the pace, causing her to lash out with her tongue in a frenzy…

Tammi was melting from the pleasure she was receiving. She moaned as she humped against the face underwater. She found herself thrusting against the tongue as though it were a small dildo.

She gasped, her eyes widening in amazement as the orgasm rushed toward her. She was probably going to scream from this. What if the neighbors heard and came over to check?

She gasped as she started to shudder. Tammi did the only thing she could think of. She went backward into the water, submerging herself. At the same time she kept Melissa’s head firmly wedged between her thighs.

A moment later the orgasm slammed into her. It caused her to scream out a froth of bubbles. Her back arched involuntarily as she began humping against the poor woman’s face…

Melissa burbled wildly. Somehow she managed to continue fucking the woman’s pussy with her tongue. She felt another convulsion shake her as her face was mashed up against the woman’s crotch.

What if Tammi got too caught up in her orgasm? What if she forgot about her captive and allowed her to drown? Melissa’s lungs were on fire.

She wouldn’t be able to hold her breath much longer. What if the bitch wasn’t going to let her live after all? What if Tammi was going to cum while letting her drown??

Tammi jerked wildly from the intensity of her climax. She bucked herself off from around Melissa’s head. She had to flail to get her feet underneath her.

She finally stood up, her chest heaving. Her pussy was tingling like mad. Then she saw a burst of bubbles well up around the mattress.

For the briefest of moments she thought about letting her drown. But she couldn’t do it. Tammi waded over and flipped it over…

‘THIS IS IT!’ Melissa’s mind screamed. She was going to pay the ultimate price for fucking Tammi’s husband in her backyard pool. Then she was flipped back over where she inhaled huge gulps of blessed air at the surface.

She coughed and sputtered for a moment or two. Then she gasped for breath as Tammi came into view. Her captor was also gasping, her chest heaving noticeably.

The two women looked at each other for a long moment. Neither said a word as they both struggled to compose themselves. That’s when Melissa caught the wild look in Tammi’s eye… “Oh; SHIT!”

“AGAIN!” Tammi demanded sharply, flipping Melissa back over. The bound woman gasped weakly before splashing face down into the water. She wondered how much strength she had left.

The pussy was pressed back up against her face. She plunged her tongue as far into the woman’s cunt as it would go. Melissa bubbled wildly as she licked like crazy…

Tammi gasped, her eyes widening. She let out a surprised cry that was suddenly cut off when she ran out of breath. Every muscle abruptly tensed up.

She began to shudder violently. She started bucking against the woman’s face until she lost her hold on Melissa’s head. Tammi pulled away, only to slip under the surface with a muffled gurgle.

She got her feet back underneath her. Then she managed to stand up. She coughed as she paused once more to catch her breath.

She saw the overturned mattress, knowing full well who was secured to it upside down. Tammi took two long, deep breaths. Then she submerged as her heart pounded in her chest.

She deliberately rolled over onto her back. Then she worked her way up close to the bound woman’s crotch. That’s when Tammi started blowing bubbles up against the woman’s clit and pussy…

Melissa’s eyes widened in surprise. She bubbled, wiggled and twisted, trying desperately to bring her thighs together. Bubbles dribbled unhindered against her clit, inflaming her desires.

She felt a warning spasm in her lungs. Once more, she knew she couldn’t hold her breath for very long. ‘DAMN THIS WOMAN!’ her mind screamed. ‘THIS BITCH IS DRIVING ME INSANE!’

Tammi looked up and saw the woman squirm. She looked into Melissa’s face, only to see eyes pleading with her. Did the bitch want air? Or did she want to be sexually stimulated?

She grinned at her as she shook her head. Tammi went back to blowing small, teasing bubbles. There was more than one way to teach someone a lesson…

Melissa squirmed in frustration, her heart pounding in her chest. Her pussy tingled like crazy. Her body was trembling as though she was plugged into an electrical current.

She felt a warning spasm ripple through her chest. She felt another one, causing her to fight to hold her breath. More bubbles tickled her slit… ‘DAMN YOU, BITCH!’

She lost a burst of air. Another one spewed out past her lips as her lungs began to cry out. She shook her head in frustration, needing air yet wanting to cum. Then a sharp convulsion forced most of her remaining breath out through her nostrils…

Tammi looked up just in time to see the burst of air. Needing a fresh breath herself, she abruptly rose up. This time she didn’t hesitate in flipping the mattress back over.

Her captive gasped for breath. Melissa shivered as her cunt tingled in frustration. This was worse than what Travis did to her in the water!

“Fuck me!” she gasped. “Please, girl! Find something and fuck the shit out of me – OW!”

Tammi cruelly pinched the woman’s nipples hard. Then she twisted them. “You’re not in any position to tell ME what to do, you fuckin’ whore!”

She allowed herself some anger as she sadistically pinched again and again. Melissa jerked as she cried out, “OW… OOHH… OUCH!” She groaned and whimpered from the assault, her body feeling as though it was on fire.

Tammi glared at her captive. “Maybe I should just drown your ass, you slut!” Then she pushed up on the mattress.

Tammi flipped it back over. This time she gave the bound woman virtually no chance to get a decent breath. Melissa quivered excitedly, her body tingling all over.

Was this it? Was the bitch going to fuck her? Or was she going to drown her now??

She nearly sucked in a lungful of water when she suddenly felt a tongue lash out and flick against her clit. She felt lips against her pussy as a tongue probed the opening to her snatch. Then she began to shudder as the orgasm rushed toward her…

Ohgawd-ohgawd-ohgawd-ohgawd-ooooohhhhhh… ooooooohhhh… OOOOOOHHHH…

Melissa stiffened and then screamed a bubbly froth of air. She climaxed intensely as her overly aroused body responded to the tongue action against her clit and pussy. She bucked and jerked wildly, her back arching.

Her head twisted from side to side as she grimaced in pleasure. Air poured out of her mouth as the orgasm washed over her. Every muscle tensed as she helplessly blew away the last of her breath.

She was mere moments from sucking pool water. Then the mattress was flipped over until she was at the surface on her back again. Melissa gasped wildly for breath, her chest heaving as tingles radiated outward from her cunt in every direction.

Tammi leaned over her and snarled, “Was THAT what you wanted, slut?”

Melissa nodded weakly, nearly crying with relief. Her body trembled from pleasurable tingles ricocheting around inside her. A moment later she let out a cry as Tammi hoisted the mattress up once more, flipping her over without any advance warning.

Melissa’s eyes went wide as she struggled to hold what little breath she’d obtained. She wondered if this was it. Was she about to drown, now that she’d been granted her orgasm?

She felt a mouth against her crotch. A tongue poked and probed into her opening as she was forced to hold her breath. Gawd; not again??

Ooohh… ooooohhh… ohgawd – ohgawd – OOOOOOOHHHHHH…

She burbled excitedly as her pussy roared to life. Her body was more than willing to undergo a second orgasm. She fought to prolong it, struggling to put it off for as long as she could. She’d never be able to hold her breath if she came again.

The tongue worked its magic on her clit. Then it slowly forced its way into her pussy opening. She started to shudder as her muscles stiffened again.

The orgasm exploded inside her, causing her body to buck and jerk wildly. Her back arched downward. Melissa screamed a froth of bubbles, unable to hold her breath as air bubbled freely out of her mouth.

She gurgled, pulling water down her windpipe. Then she was flipped over onto her back again. Melissa coughed and sputtered, spitting up water as her body shivered from pleasurable tingles bouncing around inside her.

A moment later Tammi’s lips met with hers in a passionate kiss. Hands freely roamed her breasts, gently caressing her nipples. “You liked that; didn’t you, slut!” Tammi told her when they came up for air.

“Yes,” came a submissive whimper. And then… “OW! OW…OUCH…OHH!” There was more nipple pinching.

“Now that you’ve cum, maybe I should drown your sorry ass. What do you think about that?” Tammi sadistically pinched the woman’s nipples hard just for spite.

Melissa yelped in pain. She moaned softly as her breath caught in her throat. Her damned pussy was throbbing again.

“What do you say, bitch? Think I should drown your ass for fucking my husband?” Tammi began rocking the side of the mattress, pushing down on it and making it bob up and down in the water. “Should I drown your ass, you fucking whore? I think I should!”

Melissa gasped, her heart thumping wildly in her chest. A part of her almost wanted to drown for this sexy woman. But something inside her told her there was a good possibility she might not be revived if Tammi sent her to the bottom of the pool.

She wanted to say yes. Yet she had every reason to suspect the woman wanted her dead. She trembled with anticipation, every nerve ending on fire.

“Time to die, you fucking slut!” And with that, Tammi lifted the mattress up and flipped it over.

Melissa cried out, getting a partial breath before splashing face down in the pool. Her heart hammered in her chest as her pussy tingled excitedly… ‘THIS IS IT! THE BITCH IS REALLY GONNA DROWN ME NOW!’

Fearful excitement welled up within her. Then she felt a warm body press up against her. A familiar crotch mashed itself into her face.

Her tongue instinctively lashed out, hoping she might earn for herself any possibility of mercy. That’s when she felt Tammi’s lips on her clit. A moment later she felt the woman’s tongue force its way into her cunt again.

They were in the classic 69 position. Maybe there was hope after all! That’s when Melissa started to shudder as pleasurable sensations rippled outward, threatening to overwhelm her.


In desperation she tongue-fucked Tammi’s pussy. Air bubbled out of her mouth against the woman’s clit. The sensations between her legs threatened to overwhelm her.

She’d become terribly aroused at the threat of being drowned. Tammi’s tongue hit in all the right places. It was all just too much.

The orgasm exploded inside her, causing Melissa’s body to thrash about. She screamed a froth of bubbles into Tammi’s pussy as she bucked wildly. If she drowned now, at least she was awash in a sea of pleasure…

Tammi cried out in a bubbly froth of air. She started to thrash about as an orgasm of her own slammed into her. Together, the two women writhed and bubbled against each other under the mattress.

Tammi wriggled free and got her feet underneath her. She rose up and gasped mightily for breath. Melissa was still upside down, bubbling frantically as she remained secured to the air mattress.

Her lungs screamed in her chest as her body tingled like crazy. She spasmed and shuddered, too numb with pleasure. She almost didn’t care whether or not she was about to drown.

She suddenly found herself rolled over once more. Up at the surface Melissa sucked in huge lungfuls of air she was certain she would be denied… maybe should have been denied. She gasped as her body trembled like crazy.

“NO MORE!” she panted. “Please… no more! I’ve got… to catch… my breath!”

Tammi grinned sadistically. She was truly enjoying the torment she was putting the woman through. Drowning the bitch didn’t seem like such a good idea any more.

“What?” she gasped out over her shoulder as she staggered to the shallow end. Tammi climbed the steps out of the pool. Then she hollered back, “I thought you WANTED to be fucked!”

Melissa craned her neck to see where the woman was going and what she was up to. Her eyes went wide when she saw her bend over and pick up a rubber dildo. It was one that had been tossed aside near a lounge chair. It was a large one, with a foot-long wooden handle on the end of it.

“Oh… FUCK!” she gasped breathlessly. Wildly erotic tingles began ricocheting throughout her body. It looked like she was really in for it now!

Tammi heard the comment, causing her to turn and looked at her captive. She waved the dildo around in the air like a sword. Then she grinned sinisterly at the helpless woman.

“Exactly,” she panted, having finally regained her breath. “You said you want to be fucked. Isn’t that right?”

She closely examined the rubber cock in her possession as though noticing it for the first time. “Damn, woman! This thing is huge! You must like ‘em this big. Travis is nowhere NEAR this size!”

She headed back to the steps leading into the pool. Tammi managed to descend into the water without losing her footing. Her legs were finally stabilizing from being somewhat rubbery, her tingles beginning to ease.

‘Oh, SHIT!’ Melissa thought. ‘Why did she have to pick THAT one?’

Melissa started to quiver as her breath caught in her throat. Travis had bought that for her several weeks ago. He used it on her whenever she got into such a state that he couldn’t quite satisfy her.

It always filled her completely. Melissa usually experienced unbelievable orgasms with it. She suddenly found herself shivering from a mixture of excitement and dread.

Tammi saw her captive start to squirm on the mattress as she approached. “You want this inside you; don’t you, bitch?” Then she demonstrably waved it all around in the air.

Melissa couldn’t speak. Her mouth was dry, her voice suddenly gone. Imagining that thing inside her was making her horny as hell.

She nodded weakly, unable to stop trembling. “Maybe I’ll fuck you and then drown your sorry ass!” That’s when Tammi pushed up on the mattress, flipping it back over.

The bound woman barely had time for a quick breath before she was submerged once again. Melissa’s heart pounded in her chest. She knew she was going to have a hard time holding her breath on this one.

To make matters worse, her captor slipped under the surface and started smacking her breasts with the dildo. It caused her to flinch and burble little bursts of air out of her nostrils. Would she be able to hold her breath long enough?

Tammi alternated between breasts for a few moments. Occasionally she gave the poor woman a good SMACK with the dildo, figuring the bitch had it coming. After a few more seconds, she got another idea… ‘Let’s see how well you suck cock, you fucking whore!’

She forced the rubber dildo up against the woman’s lips. Melissa’s mouth reluctantly opened up. Tammi began sliding it in and out past the woman’s teeth.

She drifted up until she allowed her knees to straddle the bound woman’s waist. Then she began fucking her mouth with the dildo… ‘SUCK IT, BITCH… SUCK IT!’

Melissa hung underneath the mattress, cuffed and helpless. All she could do was suck. And suck she did, grunting and gurgling as the rubber cock slid in and out of her mouth.

Air dribbled out of her nose as she tried to concentrate on holding her breath. She felt water trickle down her throat. She struggled not to gag until she lost a big burst of air…

Tammi saw the burst of bubbles. She stood upright and flipped the mattress back over. Melissa came up coughing and sputtering as she tried to gasp for breath.


Tammi flipped her back over. Then she swam underneath and resumed her position up against the mattress. She straddled the woman’s body as she roughly shoved the dildo back into Melissa’s mouth, the two of them face to face yet again.

The helpless woman sucked on it, gurgling and grunting until she started to gag. That was Tammi’s cue to get out from underneath her. Then she flipped her back over where Melissa coughed and sputtered until she managed to clear her throat.

“Can’t handle it in the mouth, eh? Fine with me! I guess you’d better take a deep breath, whore! Let’s see how well your CUNT takes it!”

Tammie pushed up on the mattress. Melissa gasped deeply for breath. Then she was flipped back over until she was floating face down in the pool, still attached to the air mattress.

She bubbled wildly before closing her eyes. She tried to concentrate on holding her breath despite the pounding of her heart. Melissa knew she couldn’t hold her breath for long, certainly not with THAT monster inside her!

She felt hands graze against her inner thighs. The dildo brushed against her crotch. Melissa stiffened as she braced herself.

The toy was pressed against her pussy opening. Then she felt it slowly force its way inside, inch by tantalizing inch. She started to shiver excitedly as it was pushed well inside her.

Melissa could feel it going deeper, slowly stretching and filling her. She lost a small burst of air. Her chest gently spasmed as she lost another burst until she really began to tremble from a perverse excitement.

She felt the rubber cock start to move inside her. Tammi was thrusting in and out. Melissa could feel it rubbing against the walls of her cunt, driving her wild.

The trembling became a shudder… then a violent shaking. She fought vainly to hold her orgasm back. But it was like trying to stop a runaway train by putting a bicycle in its path.

She suddenly stiffened. Then her pussy exploded as the orgasm came crashing down on her. It ripped a bubbly scream out of her lungs.

Melissa began to thrash about, her chest heaving from lack of air. Her back arched as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed through her. Air spewed out past her lips until there was nothing left to blow away…

Tammi pushed away when Melissa started to thrash about. But she left the toy inside for good measure. She watched with sadistic glee as the woman’s tortured body bucked and jerked wildly.

When she saw there was no more air bubbling out of her captive’s mouth, she got her feet underneath her. Tammi pushed up against the mattress, flipping it back over. Then she rose to the surface…

Melissa came back up, coughing and sputtering as she gasped for breath. She was wild-eyed, her entire body trembling like crazy. Her head shook from side to side.

She was simply unable to take anymore. “TAKE IT OUT – TAKE IT OUT!” She was sure her heart was going to explode.

Tammi looked at her with a cruel smile of amusement. “I like it,” she stated. “I call it… ‘Bitch on a stick’!”


“Hunh – unh, bitch! You WANTED to be fucked. Now you’re GOING to be fucked!”

Once more Tammi flipped the mattress back over. Melissa’s mind was screaming, ‘Ohgawd-ohgawd-ohgawd-ohgawd!’ She bubbled wildly, her heart hammering like crazy.

She felt the dildo start to thrust in and out again. It thrust harder and faster, fucking her aggressively. She tried to look back at what Tammi was doing to her, frantically shaking her head as her body started to shudder again… ‘PLEASE… NO MORE…’

A bubbly scream was ripped out of her lungs as another orgasm slammed into her. She bucked and jerked, causing the air mattress to splash up and down in the pool. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she began shaking uncontrollably.

…and then she was up at the surface again, flat on her back on the mattress. Melissa gasped wildly for breath. Her body wiggled and squirmed as though it had a mind of its own… “OH GAWD… MAKE IT STOP!”

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. A moment later she was sadistically flipped back over. She weakly gasped for breath right before she was submerged.

Her lungs were on fire. It felt like her heart was about to explode. Her body refused to stop trembling.

It was all she could do to keep from sucking pool water into her lungs. She was sure she was going to drown! Then the dildo mercilessly started thrusting inside her again.

This time something was added. She felt lips on her clit, felt a tongue flick against her pleasure button. Then her clit was sucked into a warm mouth.

She looked back and saw Tammi’s head buried between her legs… ‘NO……… OHGAWD……… TOO…….. MUCH……… ‘

It seemed impossible she could experience anything more devastating than what her body had already been subjected to. The orgasm slammed into her with such force that it took her breath away. Her body began jerking violently as though it had been plugged into a high voltage current.

Melissa felt like she was on fire. Every nerve ending was screaming at her. The last thing she remembered was an intense heaviness in her chest as every muscle seemed to short out. Then everything went black…

2005; 2020 (written for Melissa Aug 19 ’05; ed. Oct 24 ‘20 by riwa)

Part 8 – Tammi drowns Melissa

(A flashback to before the investigation)

In seconds, Tammi had the mattress flipped back over. Her heart thumped in her chest when she saw Melissa staring up at the sky. Her eyes were glazed over, her lips parted.

Panicked, Tammi grabbed the handle to the dildo. She yanked it out of the woman’s lifeless body. Then she moved toward her captive’s head to frantically blow air back into her lungs.

She didn’t get the chance. Melissa shuddered as the rubber cock was pulled out of her. She suddenly blinked… spasmed… gasped. A moment later she started breathing on her own.

Tears of relief trickled down Tammi’s face. She found herself more than a little surprised how grateful she was this woman was still alive. For the moment she’d forgotten all about what the bitch had done with her husband.
Travis pulled into the garage. Right away he noticed his wife’s car was gone. That was odd.

He didn’t think she would have gone to the banquet without him. But he supposed it was possible. From what he knew of his wife, it seemed highly unlikely.

He got out of his vehicle and entered the house. She was not there, confirming she had left with her car. That’s when an uneasy feeling began to settle in the pit of his stomach.
“I thought I’d LOST you,” Tammi gasped, trying hard not to cry. She bent over and kissed the woman on the mattress. It was a kiss Melissa passionately returned.

“I’m… all right,” the bound woman gasped when their lips parted. “That was… UNBELIEVABLE! I’ve never cum so hard! You were… FANTASTIC!”

“I’d better get the keys and get you off the mattress.”

Tammi blushed as she turned and started wading toward the steps in the shallow end. Was it possible the two of them were about to become lovers? Maybe Melissa might ask her to move in with her. Would that piss Travis off?

Travis. Tammi hesitated as she frowned. It was all starting to come back to her.

“You were INCREDIBLE!” Melissa called after her as her breath returned. “I’m THROUGH with your husband! You’re a MUCH better lover than he ever could have THOUGHT of being!”

It was that comment that made Tammi freeze in her tracks…
Travis felt a growing concern when he entered the master bedroom and looked around. Everything was in its place. The room did not look at all like a female had recently been preparing to go out for the evening.

He entered the master bathroom. But that room was tidy as well. The towels hanging on the rack were dry.

If Tammi had taken a shower and washed her hair, the signs should have been all over. There would be damp towels, an open cosmetics case… droplets of water around the sink. Either she’d suddenly changed her habits and had thoroughly cleaned up after herself – which was highly unlikely – or she’d gone somewhere else without bothering to get all dressed up.

But where had she gone? And why was he feeling so damned uncomfortable over her absence?

It occurred to him she might have left a message on the answering machine. So Travis headed toward the phone in the kitchen. But that uneasy feeling continued to get stronger inside him…
It all came flooding back to her… the two lovebirds in the pool… her husband’s comment about how Melissa was a better lover than she was…


What about this bound-up slut she’d been having fun with? Melissa had been a much-too-eager participant in the whole damned thing. It made Tammi extremely suspicious. Was the bitch all that willing to change allegiances at the drop of a hat, simply over an orgasm while being forced to hold her fucking breath??

The burning anger she’d felt while watching them fuck each other in the pool returned. Tammi turned around and looked at a naked Melissa cuffed to the air mattress. She felt her rage return in a rush.

What was it the two lovebirds had said to each other? Her brow furrowed thoughtfully as she tried to remember. That’s when it all came flooding back to her…
“SHIT! I’m 45 minutes late! I should’ve been home by now! Tammi’s gonna KILL me!”

“She might if she finds out about us,” Melissa grinned wickedly, her arms around his neck. “Maybe she’ll kill me too… drown us both! I’d LOVE to drown with your cock inside me, lover!” She reached down, grabbed it and started stroking it back to life. “How about it, Travis? Should the two of us drown together…?”
Tammi glared angrily at her. So the bitch wanted to drown with a cock inside her; eh? She was pretty sure she could arrange something like that!

She looked around until she saw a beige weight belt lying under a patio table. She climbed the steps out of the pool before going over and picking it up. She hefted it experimentally before deciding it ought to do the trick.

She walked back to the shallow end and stepped down into the pool. Then she waded over toward the mattress with the belt in her hands. A look of menace filled her features…
“One… message… message… one… Saturday… four-oh-two pm… ”

“You’re supposed to BE here right now, asshole… so let me guess! You’re over at HER house again, AREN’T you, you sonuvabitch! I KNOW who she is and where she lives! Maybe I’ll just come over there right now and BURN your ass, you fuckin’ BASTARD! Maybe I’ll burn the BOTH of you…!”

“End of… message…”

“Oh… SHIT!”

Travis felt a lump in his throat as he stared at the answering machine in shock. That’s when a horrible image sprang to mind.

He gasped in alarm as he rushed back to the master bedroom. Travis fell to his knees and yanked open the bottom drawer to the nightstand on his side of the bed. He anxiously fumbled through its contents, confirming his worst fears.

It wasn’t there…

The blood drained from his face…

Oh shit! She’s not going to shoot Melissa, is she??!!
Melissa was exhausted. She felt weak all over as her body tingled with sexual satisfaction. Tammi had worn her out. She was probably going to go inside and sleep for a week when this was over.

She was definitely through with Travis… well, at least she thought she was. He was pretty good when it came to fucking in the pool. She’d have to see how long this thing with Tammi might last.

If she got tired of the woman and wanted Travis back, she’d have to see if she could arrange for some unfortunate “accident”. She could tell the police she’d come home and found Tammi floating face down in her pool. Hell, she was probably better off getting rid of her right now once she got free of the mattress.

Tammi returned to her side. Instead of setting her free, she worked the weight belt around her waist. Melissa could tell the bitch was struggling to slip it between her back and the mattress she was lying upon.

Alarm bells went off inside her. Melissa gasped as she tried to hide a surge of fear. “What’s this all about?”

“There’s one last thing we haven’t tried yet,” Tammi told her, an ominous tone to her voice. “There’s just one more thing I need to do to you.”

She finished attaching the weight belt. Then she picked up the dildo and inspected it. “I think I need to put this back inside you.”

Melissa gasped as her eyes went wide in alarm. “What for?” she sputtered as her heart skipped a beat.

A moment later she felt it press against her pussy opening. Then it was slowly pushed into her. She gasped again as it totally filled her. That’s when Tammi told her, “You’re gonna love this; TRUST me!”

Melissa looked up into the woman’s face. She saw something there that caused a shiver of fear to ripple through her. “What are you gonna do?!” she panted as her pussy flamed to life.

Tammi grabbed the handle and thrust the dildo in and out. She wanted to make sure it was nice and deep. Melissa whimpered as erotic sensations tingled throughout her body.

Tammi made sure it was in far enough. Then she moved to the head of the mattress. That’s when she bent down and whispered into the frightened woman’s ear, “I’m gonna give you what you’ve always wanted… bitch!”

“What I’ve always wanted?” Melissa gasped fearfully. “What’s THAT??”

“I’m gonna drown your ass just the way you told my husband you want to drown… with a ‘cock’ inside you!”
Travis barely waited for the garage door to fully open before slamming the car into reverse. He backed out into the street, nearly hitting a passing car as it swerved to avoid him.

“Don’t do it, Tammi!” he breathed fearfully as he slammed his foot down on the accelerator. “Please, don’t shoot her!”
Melissa’s heart was in her throat. She suddenly heard a quiet “pop”. A moment later she heard air hissing out of the mattress.

It was only a matter of seconds before she felt it begin to deflate. Her eyes were wide as she gasped, “Tammi??”

“What’s the matter, bitch? I’m simply gonna let you drown with a ‘cock’ inside your cunt. It’ll be just like you’ve always wanted.”

“WHAT?? You… you CAN’T!!”

“Why not?!” Tammi shot back, her anger bleeding through. “Travis won’t do it. So I WILL!”

She shoved the deflating mattress toward the deep end of the pool. Melissa gasped as water rose and began to lap around her head and chest. This was something she’d always hoped Travis would do to her someday. But not his wife??!!

She squirmed in desperation as the panic swelled within her. It did her no good. The mattress simply deflated a little faster…
Shit! How long would it take him to drive clear across the greater Las Vegas area back to Melissa’s house? How long had it taken for him to drive home from there? Twenty-five minutes? Thirty??

His mistress lived clear over on the other side of town on the outskirts of the city. If Tammi left the house shortly after leaving the message on the answering machine, she might have driven by and seen his car parked in Melissa’s driveway. She might be there right now! Hell, she might have been there for thirty or forty minutes already!

‘Don’t do anything rash, Tammi!’ he thought anxiously. Then Travis began to mentally calculate the fastest route to take to get across town while dealing with late afternoon traffic…
Melissa felt herself slip on the mattress. She cried out in alarm before she slipped again. “TAMMI… PLEASE… DON’T DO THIS…!”

Water lapped up around her head. She gasped as she tried to keep her face above the surface.

“Why not?” The scorned woman shot back. “It’s what you’ve always wanted; isn’t it, bitch? You want to drown, don’t you? I’m simply going to help make it happen!”


Melissa’s head slipped under, causing her to spew bubbles. She frantically lifted it back up out of the water, trying to bend herself at the waist. She sputtered as she slipped further along the mattress, wincing as she felt something cut into her arms and thighs.

She felt it again as the mattress sagged underneath her. She clawed at the deflating material with her cuffed hands, desperately trying to find some way to hold on and stay at the surface. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest, even as her stupid pussy throbbed excitedly at her predicament.

Tammi was no help. She was smirking as she declared, “Better take a deep breath, slut! You’re about to go under!”


Melissa pulled her head up again as her abdominal muscles began to burn. She slid along the mattress as it deflated rapidly. Little nicks of pain in her arms was overridden by the fear and excitement of a fantasy she no longer wished to experience.

“Bye-bye, slut!” Tammi waved at her, an angry grin on her face. “I hope you enjoy yourself. This is what you’ve always wanted; right?” She was actually becoming excited watching the woman squirm in panic.


Melissa abruptly slid off the end of the mattress. She sank below the surface as the weight belt took her down. Her legs finally came together in blessed relief from being in that stretched-open position for so long.

When they did, her thighs came together. It caused her to clamp onto the dildo in her pussy. Instinctively her muscles tensed up around it as her mind screamed, “OHMYGAWD!!”

Sensations radiated outward from between her legs. It was incredible! She almost orgasmed right then and there.

She felt a wave of fearful excitement flow through her. Then Melissa came to rest on her back at the bottom of her pool. That’s when she tried to bend forward, desperate to get to her knees.

She couldn’t do it. She was too weak and exhausted. All it did was help fuel the raging fire between her legs.

She squirmed to get free of the cuffs on her wrists as she struggled to hold her breath. But it was no use. If she hadn’t gotten out of them until now, she certainly wasn’t getting out of them at this stage of the game!

She burbled fearfully as her heart hammered in her chest. She tried thrashing about by kicking her cuffed ankles. That only intensified the feelings in her pussy as the toy cock filled her.

She burbled as a spasm shook her. Melissa lost another burst of bubbles. Then she frantically clamped her lips shut.

Her cheeks bulged as she anxiously held her breath for as long as she could. Air snorted out of her nostrils as she thrashed about in panic. Where the hell was Travis?? Where the hell was Tammi??

She looked up and saw her captor in the water above her. The naked woman was floating at the surface. She seemed to be holding her breath while looking down on the spectacle below.

Melissa felt a surge of hope. Maybe the bitch was going to bring her up at the last second. It was the only option she had left, an option totally dependent on the mercies of a woman she’d wronged.

She felt a massive spasm shake her, causing her to blow out another burst of air. Melissa panicked as she thrashed about. It made her muscles contract around the dildo inside her, causing her to involuntarily hump against it.

She grimaced as her chest spasmed again. Her breasts shook as her pussy throbbed. Her thighs squeezed together as she felt an orgasm swell within her.


It was that terrifying, yet perversely thrilling thought that triggered her orgasm. She screamed away what air she had left. Her naked body began bucking wildly, trying desperately to fuck the large dildo inside her.

A moment later her lungs gave out. She opened her mouth and sucked in a huge lungful of pool water. Instantly Melissa began to thrash about as her body fought to repel the liquid invasion.

She coughed and spasmed, sucking more water into her lungs. She strained to reach the surface. But she was bound and helpless, too weak to make what would only have been a futile gesture.

Her wrists remained cuffed together. So were her ankles, effectively immobilizing her. It was impossible for her to make it anywhere even close to the surface.

She convulsed painfully until she came to rest on her back, her arms behind her and her legs cuffed at the ankles. She spasmed again as she looked up at Tammi who appeared to be watching intently. A few stray bubbles made their way out of her mouth, swirling up to the surface.

The last thought that entered her mind was the shocked realization Tammi wasn’t coming down to get her. What’s more, Travis was nowhere in sight. Then the world around her collapsed into blackness as her body relaxed with a sigh.

A brief burst of air burbled out of her mouth. A few stray bubbles lagged behind, slowly making their way to the surface. Her eyes glazed over as she looked upwards in astonishment, her mouth frozen open…

Tammi lifted her head up for a breath of air, gasping with immense satisfaction. Then she stuck her face back down into the water. There was no movement from the body below.

An occasional bubble spiraled up to the surface. But that was it. Melissa’s vacant eyes looked up at her in shock, her mouth gaping open.

Tammi noticed the woman’s erect nipples. She wondered if the bitch had indeed enjoyed one last orgasm. Did it really matter? Did she even care?

For a moment, she felt a brief pang of regret, especially upon remembering their sexual activity of the past several minutes. Then her feelings of anger and betrayal returned. At least the bitch was not going to fuck her husband anymore.

She stared down at the sight below her, holding her breath as she floated at the surface. She saw the cuffed ankles before thinking about the additional cuffs on the drowned woman’s wrists. Should she leave them in place? If she did, it might not look like an accidental drowning.

She was considering going down to remove them when a thought struck her. What if Travis came back over to check up on his precious mistress?

Her first thought was wanting to see the shocked look on his face. Then she pictured him lying at the bottom of the pool with a matching set of handcuffs on his wrists. Tammi smiled at the mental image of her husband struggling underwater with his arms cuffed behind his back and a belt wrapped around his waist.

She lifted her head up out of the water and gasped for breath. Then she swam over to the side of the pool where she’d left the keys. She grabbed them, turned around and dove down toward Melissa’s body.

If she was going to give Travis the full treatment, she’d need the cuffs. At least she’d seen an extra weight belt lying nearby. That way the bitch could go right ahead and keep the one she was wearing.

Tammi pictured Travis lying next to his drowned slut and smiled inwardly. The more she thought about it, the more the idea appealed to her…

2005; 2020 (written for Melissa Aug 21 ’05; ed. Nov 17 ‘20 by riwa)

Part 9 – Tammi drowns Travis

(A flashback to before the investigation)

Travis pulled up in front of the garage and breathed a sigh of relief. His wife’s car was not parked anywhere nearby.

‘Maybe she’s not here,’ he thought hopefully. ‘Maybe she never came over in the first place.’

Then again, maybe she’d already come and gone…

Travis pictured his beloved mistress lying dead on the floor, a bullet hole in her head. He gasped with fright as he leaped out of his car. Then he hustled to the front door.

Finding it unlocked, he threw it open and ran inside. “Melissa?! MELISSA! WHERE ARE YOU?!” But there was no response.

He quickly searched the house. She wasn’t inside. Was she out in the back yard?

He hurried to the patio door and threw it open. He entered the backyard and looked around. “Melissa? You out here?”

Travis saw a pile of clothes on a lawn chair. He strode over to them and picked them up. A moment later he felt a stab of fear the moment he recognized them.

They belonged to his wife…

He looked around and spotted one of the weight belts, along with the two sets of handcuffs he and Melissa frequently used. They were lying together near the deep end. It was almost as though they were calling attention to themselves.

He walked over to them. Then he happened to glance down into the water. Travis gasped at the sight of a naked woman lying on the bottom of the pool.

The other weight belt was wrapped around her waist. Her eyes were wide in shock, her mouth gaping open. He recognized her immediately.

It was not his wife…


“That’s right, you bastard! It’s that whore you’ve been seeing behind my back!”

The voice behind him was female. Travis instantly recognized who it belonged to. That’s when he spun around to locate the woman who’d spoken.

Tammi stepped out from her hiding spot in the shadows near the house. She was completely nude. Travis might have been a little aroused at the sight were it not for the fact the revolver in her hand was pointed squarely at his chest.

He stared at his wife in horror. Then he looked down into the pool again. “Tammi, what the hell have you DONE?!”

He gasped as he pointed down into the water while choking back a sob. Tammi merely smirked at him. Then she acted shocked, as though she’d just been accused of something.

“Who, me?? I didn’t do a damned thing! Your little drown-whore has merely been down there playing with herself. She’s been at it for about…”

She paused as she glanced at her watch to confirm the time. Then she smiled sinisterly at him. “She’s been at it for a good twenty minutes. She’s pretty good at holding her breath; wouldn’t you agree?”

Tears welled up in his eyes. “No!” he gasped in horror. “Why? You didn’t have to KILL her!”

“You love her, don’t you!” Tammi’s eyes narrowed coldly. The weapon in her hand never wavered. Travis wisely swallowed his answer.

“You want to join her? You love her that much? That’s fine with me, you sonuvabitch! Get out of those fuckin’ clothes!”

Travis went deathly pale. “Wait a minute, honey!” he pleaded as his hands came up defensively. “Let’s talk this over!”

Tammi used both hands to steady the gun. “You’d better start stripping out of those clothes fast, lover! Otherwise, the first shot will be headed right for those precious family jewels of yours!” That’s when she menacingly lowered the gun, aiming it right between his legs.

Travis instinctively lowered his hands and covered his crotch. “All right – all right!”

He hastily stripped out of his clothes, dropping them in a pile. Then he pulled his underwear down. He was embarrassed at the way his cock seemed to be stirring.

“You find all this exciting?” she asked with a wicked gleam in her eye. “I should have figured as much. Or maybe it’s the sight of your drowned lover lying at the bottom of her pool.”

She motioned toward the weight belt with her gun. “Pick it up, asshole. Put it around your waist!”

“But Tammi…”

“DO IT!”

He jumped before reaching down for it. He quickly wrapped the belt around his waist. He paused only a moment before attaching it, especially when he saw her stiffen as she steadied her aim.

“Now the cuffs, you bastard! Cuff your wrists behind your back!”

Travis looked at her in shock as he hesitated. “DO IT!” she barked angrily. “What… you think I won’t shoot your sorry ass? Turn around and put them on so I can watch you do it, asshole!”

Travis briefly thought it over. Then he decided he couldn’t risk it as he reached down for the handcuffs. His wife was much too angry. For now, he had to try to talk her down.

He fumbled with the cuffs, trying to delay attaching them to his wrists. “Tammi, she didn’t mean ANYTHING to me… I SWEAR IT!”

“Shut up and put ’em on, you bastard! I don’t want to hear it! I saw you two together in the pool this afternoon. I also saw how you looked down at her when you rushed into the backyard. ‘Didn’t mean anything to me’, my ass!”

Tammi slowly stepped toward him. The gun was steady in her hand. “Now hurry up with those damn cuffs! I haven’t got all day!”

Travis winced the moment he realized Tammi had been over here earlier in the day. She must have been watching while he and Melissa were in the pool. Something told him this might not turn out all that well.

He snapped the cuffs into place. Then he shook his wrists at her from behind his back. “See? They’re on; ok? Tammi; don’t shoot me!”

“Oh, I’m not gonna shoot you, you sonuvabitch! I’m simply gonna drown your ass, just like I drowned that little slut of yours!”

Travis gasped as his eyes flew open wide. “Tammi; NO!”

“Go join your drown-whore, you bastard!” Then she angrily shoved him into the deep end.

Travis cried out as he tumbled into the pool with a splash. Right away he kicked himself back up to the surface. He came up spitting and sputtering.

“NO, TAMMI!” he gasped. Then he slipped under the surface as he struggled to keep his head above water.

He kicked himself back up. “TAMMI, DON’T DO THIS!” Then he slipped under again.

Travis kicked himself back up. To his shock, Tammi calmly set the gun down on a lawn chair. She just watched his efforts with no emotion whatsoever as he struggled to stay at the surface.

She noticed his hard cock. For a lingering moment she imagined what it would feel like inside her. She wondered what it would be like to fuck him while he was drowning.

Her eyes suddenly lit up at the thought. Damn! What an idea!

She kind of liked the thought of her pussy being the last thing his cock would be inside as he drowned. She certainly preferred it over the cunt of that damned slut who was now lying at the bottom of the pool. She stepped toward the edge as she gave it some serious consideration.

Travis saw her approach. Hope swelled inside him. He was tiring rapidly, on the verge of panic. “TAMMI… PLEASE… HELP ME…”

She suddenly jumped into the pool feet first. Tammi bubbled back up to the surface. Then she swam over to her husband.

Travis felt a rush of relief. But she needed to hurry. He was tiring rapidly…

“Please… ” cough, gasp… “help me…” burbrublr… “I can’t stay up much longer!”

She climbed into his lap, grabbed his erection and centered it against the opening to her pussy. Then she slowly forced it inside her. His eyes went wide in horror.

Travis could not stay at the surface from the added weight. He slipped under as she wrapped her legs around him. Then she helped pull them both back up to the surface one last time.

He gasped as he sputtered, “What are you doing?? Tammi, get me out of here!”

“Your whore drowned with a dildo in her twat. The least I can do is drown you with your cock inside me. Better take a deep breath, asshole, because it’s going to be your last, you… fuckin’… BASTARD!”

Tammi filled her lungs. Then she drove herself downward. She made sure to impale his shaft deep inside her while forcing him toward the bottom of the pool.

Travis tried to put up a struggle. But it was no use. She wrapped her legs tightly around him, preventing him from successfully kicking them both back up.

Tammi started fucking him hard, bouncing up and down on his shaft. Travis burbled frantically, all thoughts on survival. He twisted and squirmed as he tried to kick his way back to the surface.

Tammi felt a perverse excitement begin to swell within her. She could feel her husband’s cock pulse and throb inside her. She maintained her hold on him with sadistic glee, refusing to allow him to work them both back to the surface.

She saw terror displayed in his eyes. It made her grin inwardly. ‘Time for you to die, you S.O.B.! I hope you enjoy the trip while it lasts!’

She fucked him hard as she eagerly rode him. Travis burbled before briefly getting caught up in the pleasure of the moment. His heart hammered in his chest.

His cheeks bulged as air dribbled out of his nose. He kicked feebly before giving in to the swelling in his throbbing shaft. A moment later he exploded inside his wife’s pussy.

Tammi felt her husband’s cock spasm inside her. It drove her crazy with desire. She felt cum spew inside her, causing her to burble pleasurably as an orgasm washed over her.

A moment later she heard a gurgle. Then Travis started thrashing about. Now he was all caught up in the throes of drowning.

It was like riding a bucking bronco. She held on firmly as he twisted, jerked and spasmed. Air billowed out of his mouth.

She felt his cock twitch inside her. She squirmed with excitement, holding her breath as another orgasm rushed toward her. This was more exciting than she could have possibly imagined.

Tammi fucked her husband hard as she stared into his terrified face. She felt him convulse painfully. Then he seemed to relax as his eyes glazed over.

A bubbly “aahhh” slipped out of his partly opened mouth. A few solitary blips of air scurried to the surface. Then they finished their descent to the floor of the pool without interruption.

Another orgasm all but overwhelmed her. Tammi cried out in a bubbly froth as her muscles contracted around the cock inside her. Then she noticed the pain in her chest.

A spasm rippled through her as her lungs heaved. She disengaged from her husband’s twitching cock, her pussy clenching with disappointment. Then she swam for the surface.

Tammi burst up into fresh air and gasped for breath. She half swam, half crawled toward the edge of the pool. Then she grabbed onto the side and held on for dear life as the feelings inside her gradually subsided.

She looked down and saw Travis come to rest on his back. He was lying right next to the body of his mistress. His eyes were wide in shock, his mouth open from his last attempt to breathe.

“Now you two bastards… can be together forever!” she gasped as she struggled to catch her breath.

She looked down on them until her anger bled away. A moment later she was filled with a terrible sadness. She made her way to the shallow end of the pool. That’s when Tammi climbed out, collapsed into a nearby lawn chair, put her head in her hands and started to cry…
After a while Tammi sighed as she got to her feet. Then she rubbed the tears out of her eyes. For the moment she was unsure what she should do next.

She walked over and looked down at the bodies in the pool. “Better go down and get the cuffs off him,” she muttered, her anger having bled away. “I wonder if I should remove his weight belt as well.”

She picked up the keys and took a deep breath. Then she jumped into the water feet first. Tammi swam down toward the bodies, pulling herself along with her arms as air trickled out of her nose.

She grabbed his body and rolled it over onto his stomach. His cuffed wrists came into view. It took a few moments, but she managed to get the handcuffs off.

She bubbled as she hesitated. She finally rolled the body back over. Then Tammi pulled on the release to the weight belt.

She felt a warning spasm in her chest. She finished pulling the belt off from around his waist. Then she made a dash for the surface, blowing air out of her mouth.

She burst up and gasped for breath. Then she swam over to the edge. Tammi tossed the belt, keys and cuffs onto the concrete patio.

As she clung to the side of the pool, she looked down at the bodies below. “I should lay that bastard on top of his fuckin’ whore!” she muttered as her anger briefly flared.

She took a deep breath before swimming back down. Tammi grabbed a wayward arm, struggling to move Travis onto Melissa’s body. She managed to work him face down on top of the drowned woman.

She released bubbles out of her nose as she felt her lungs begin to burn. Tammi swam back to the surface. Then she burst up, gasping for breath once more.

“That ought to do it,” she muttered in disgust. “Those two lovebirds can just stay down there and enjoy themselves.”

She swam to the shallow end of the pool and climbed out. Tammi found a nearby towel and started to dry herself off. As she did, she found herself wandering over toward the deep end of the pool.

She looked down upon the carnage she had caused. She paused, suddenly deep in thought. Then she took a deep breath before talking out loud, rehearsing what she would say…

“They were having an affair and must have drowned themselves, officer.”

She winced and shook her head. “You’re a lousy liar,” she told herself. “They’re never going to believe you. You’ve just drowned two people. Now you’re going to prison for murder.”

She sighed as tears welled up in her eyes again. She looked down into the water at her handiwork. Now she felt regret over drowning Melissa.

She hated admitting to herself how she’d actually enjoyed their time together. The two of them should have gotten together and drowned Travis instead. Now it was too late.

She’d lashed out in anger and had drowned the slut. It was something she could not undo. There was no way she could retract that action.

What was she going to do now? Go home and wait for the police to come knocking on her door? Her life was virtually over at this point.

She sighed again as a tear trickled down her cheek. She looked down into the water, wishing she hadn’t reacted the way she did. Then she blinked, staring down into the water in disbelief.

For a moment she thought she’d seen Melissa wave at her to come on down and join her. But that was impossible! The woman was DEAD!

She stared intently. Melissa’s arms lay motionless at her sides. Her eyes stared upward, her mouth frozen open. The dead woman couldn’t POSSIBLY have moved!

“Come join me, Tammi…”

Her eyes went wide in astonishment. Then she closed them tight as she shook her head. It wasn’t possible.

“You’re hearing things.” She said it aloud, just to hear her own voice. “You’re hearing things. It’s time to go home. Let the cops settle this. Maybe they’ll suspect a lover’s quarrel gone wrong.”

She didn’t believe that for a minute. Go home? Go home to what?

‘You might as well go down and join them.’ Then she blinked at the thought. “What the hell are you thinking??” she murmured to herself.

She looked down into the water. Tammi suddenly found herself contemplating the idea. After all, she had nothing to look forward to except a long prison sentence.

She looked closer. For a moment she thought she saw Melissa’s arm beckon to her again. Then she heard the woman’s words… like an echo upon the breeze…

“Come join me, Tammi…”

She blinked as she shook her head. She didn’t know if she’d heard it in the air or in her mind. But the more she thought about it, the more the idea was beginning to take hold.

Tammi found herself considering the matter. How would she go about it? How would she drown herself?

She would need the weight belt; she was too buoyant. But what if she went down and chickened out at the last second? Would she pop the weight belt off and swim back up?

There was always the handcuffs. She could cuff her arms behind her back, just like she’d done with her husband. That would work.

A fearful shiver rippled through her. She remembered how Travis and Melissa had drowned. Now she imagined herself painfully thrashing about underwater, her arms cuffed behind her back.

The thought unnerved her. She didn’t think she could go out that way, not after seeing the terror on her husband’s face as he drowned.

For some unexplained reason, she wanted her body to end up as close to Melissa as possible. But she couldn’t guarantee where she would come to rest. It was too bad her husband had come between them, and that she’d drowned Melissa in a fit of anger.

…had come between them…

An idea suddenly sprang to mind. As she thought about it, she felt butterflies well up in her stomach. That’s when Tammi experienced a strange surge of arousal.

Could she do it? Would she have the nerve to go through with it?

She looked down into the water, staring intently at Melissa’s body. She was sure the dead woman was calling to her. Somehow she was beckoning to her… waving her to come down.

But that wasn’t possible! Even now, she couldn’t detect any movement down below.

Was it her conscience, the fact she’d just drowned two people? She thought back to their sexual encounter together. Tammi actually wished Melissa was still alive to lick her pussy. Now that was a crazy thought!

She remembered how the woman had drowned with a dildo inside her. Tammi was sure she’d seen another one lying around somewhere. She could locate it and use it on herself when she went down…

What? Didn’t she mean IF she went down? Was she really this serious? Did she even have the guts to go through with it??

Tammi searched until she located two sets of handcuffs. Her heart thumped excitedly in her chest. Then she went over and stopped at the edge of the pool.

She looked down as she gasped aloud. It was suddenly hard to catch her breath. Did she really want to…?

Tammi abruptly jumped into the water with a splash. She forced herself to swim down to the bodies below. A set of handcuffs dangled from each hand.

When she got there, she reached out, snagged Melissa’s wrist and snapped a cuff onto it. Then she moved over the top of Travis to the woman’s other arm.

She grabbed it and attached the other set of cuffs to it. Then realization set in as to what she was contemplating. It caused her to panic.

Tammi pulled away and swam up to the surface. She burst up, gasping wildly for breath. Then she swam to the edge of the pool and pulled herself out, huffing and puffing.

What the hell was she thinking? Was she insane?? Water dripped off her glistening form, nipples hardening from a perverse excitement.

She looked down into the pool, her heart racing. She thought about going back down, cuffing Travis to Melissa, and then beating a hasty retreat. The cops might buy it if they concluded the two lovebirds had engaged in a suicide pact, either that or a sexual game gone awry.

She shook her head as tears welled up in her eyes. They were going to catch her, and she damn well knew it. Her conscience was not going to let her get away with it.

She caught her breath as she looked down into the water. Once more, she contemplated the cuffs on Melissa’s wrists. Each one seemed to beckon to her, calling for her to come down and lock each of her wrists to them.

She heard that voice in her mind again… “Come to me, Tammi… come be with me…’ It soothed her, calming her jangled nerves. She thought she felt her resolve coming back.

She looked around until she spotted a vibrator lying under a lawn chair. She walked over and picked it up. Tammi studied it intently, a mixture of fear and arousal flowing through her.

She slowly walked back to the edge of the pool. Then she looked down, her heart hammering in her chest…

“Come join me… let’s be together…”

The voice was seductive as it beckoned to her. She sighed and trembled as she set the vibrator down. Then she sat down on the edge of the pool, her legs dangling in the water.

She paused for a long moment. Then Tammi slipped into the water. She picked the vibrator up off the side of the pool and turned it on.

She absentmindedly rubbed it back and forth over her nipples. Then she stopped as she thought about what she was considering. Was she sure she really wanted to do this??

“Come down to me, Tammi… it will be ok…”

Her heart thumped loudly in her chest. She was dimly aware how wet her pussy had become. There was a strange excitement over what she was considering.

If she did this, there would be no turning back. She would be committed. She would be resolving herself to the same painful experience she had forced upon her husband and his lover.

Did she deserve a lesser fate than what they’d suffered through?

She tried to take long deep breaths to steady her nerves. Then she heard that voice again. “…I’m waiting for you, Tammi… come to me…”

She looked down into the water, certain the dead woman was somehow enticing her to come down. The empty cuff on each wrist waited for her arrival. It was as though they, too, were calling to her.

Should she change her mind? Maybe she should go down and remove the cuffs. Instead, she absentmindedly moved the vibrator down and rubbed her clit with it.

Tammi moaned softly. She found the opening to her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. The vibrations buzzed against the walls of her womanhood, setting her on fire.

She gasped for breath. She moaned again. Then she remembered how Melissa’s tongue felt on her twat.

“…come BE with me, Tammi…”

She looked down, panting heavily for breath. She was momentarily frozen with indecision. Tammi stared at the bodies below for what seemed like an eternity.

She suddenly filled her lungs before submerging. Tammi swam down, trembling with fearful anticipation. Air dribbled out of her nostrils as she reached the bodies on the bottom of the pool.

She hesitated again. This was the moment of truth. She looked into Melissa’s lifeless eyes as the vibrator buzzed inside her.

“DO IT… join yourself to me!”

Trembling from a perverse excitement, Tammi picked up the empty cuff on Melissa’s right wrist. Then she snapped it onto her left one in one fluid motion. It caused her heart rate to spike dramatically.

There; it was done. There was no turning back now. It would be all but impossible trying to free herself now, much less struggling to drag the body with her back to the surface.

“…hurry! Do the other one quickly! There’s so little time!’

As if in response, Tammi felt a warning spasm in her chest. Her lungs wanted air. Her time was indeed short.

She stretched herself over the body of her husband. Then she reached for the other cuff as her heart pounded inside her. She fumbled with the cuff, working it onto her wrist.

She shook it while pressing it down against Melissa’s wrist. She deserved this. In her mind, Travis had come between them, not the other way around. Now he was between them again and…


Tammi jerked her arm in horror. Her mind screamed, “What have you DONE?! You STUPID BITCH! You’ve just DROWNED yourself!”

Her eyes went wide as her chest spasmed again. She burbled in panic as she began to struggle. Meanwhile, she became dimly aware of the fire in her loins.

She started squirming wildly as air burbled out past her lips. She wanted to breathe; she needed to return to the surface!


“You’ve JOINED with me! Now we’ll be together forever!”

The voice calmed her, even as her chest spasmed once more. The fire in her pussy became a raging inferno. Instinctively she began to hump against the vibrator buzzing inside her.

Air bubbled out of her mouth as she started to struggle. Panic welled back up inside her. Then she heard that voice in her head…

“Give in to it… Let it take you…”

She tried to ignore the burn in her lungs. Instead, she tried to focus on the fire between her legs. Tammi began fucking the dildo, humping harder and faster as air spewed and spurted out of her mouth.

She clamped her lips together, wondering how much longer she could hold her breath. Her body convulsed sharply. She lost another burst of air as she felt an orgasm draw closer.

She became aware of her husband’s bare ass against her. Blindly Tammi pressed up against it, trying to mash her clit into it. She wanted to cum before it was too late.

She experienced a sharp, painful spasm while losing a massive burst of air. She was almost out of breath. Tammi humped her husband’s ass for all she was worth as her muscles contracted around the buzzing vibrator deep inside her.

She grimaced in pain as her cheeks bulged. She was rapidly approaching the limits of her endurance. Then most of her remaining air burst out of her mouth.

She inhaled sharply, just as the orgasm slammed into her. Tammi’s eyes flew open in shock. Then she tried to scream as she started thrashing about.

She wildly humped and jerked as she tried to free herself. All she could manage was a muffled gurgle. She bucked wildly, the orgasm almost overwhelming her as her lungs kept pulling water into her system.

She desperately tried to jerk away from the cuffs that held her to Melissa’s arms, bouncing off the body of her naked husband in the process. She shuddered hard as she convulsed painfully. Then she abruptly went limp as every muscle shut down.

The pain in her chest eased. She gazed down and was able to look into the eyes of her husband’s mistress. Once more she heard the voice in her head… “Now we’ll be together forever…”

Her mouth opened in an attempt to respond. But she couldn’t get any words out. Her eyes slowly glazed over as a bubbly sigh eased out of her gently constricting throat.

The bodies at the bottom of the pool grew still. The water became calm as silence filled the air. It would be another hour before a startled voice filled the backyard…

“HOLY SHIT! Wouldya take a look at THAT!!”

2005; 2020 (written for Melissa Aug 21 ’05; ed. Dec 30 ‘20 by riwa)

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