The Librarian


I went there several times a week. I had no reason or purpose to spend time in a facility such as a library. Perhaps I was drawn to her.

The first time she saw me she gave me a look of disdain. Perhaps it was the way I cut my hair. I was not bothered in the slightest by her reaction.

I continued going back to the library. I even found something to read. She always reacted the same at my presence. But I was not deterred.

Every now and then I sought her out, trying to discreetly observe her activities. She did not speak much to the other librarians. I sensed she had few friends.

On one occasion I overheard her tell her coworkers how boring her existence was. She had no men in her life. There was no sex, and thus… no excitement.

Apparently the life of a librarian can be rather dull. I am not sure why she chose that profession. Maybe it chose her.

One day she came up to the second floor where I did all my reading. She came by as though checking up on me. She must have found me intriguing because from that point on, she came up during my visits just to see what I was doing.

One day I stayed until after closing time. It was late in the evening when she came up to check on me. That’s when she told me, “You’ll have to go home now. The library is closed.”

I rose up and stood over her. She gasped for breath as a look of fright filled her features. Then I quietly nodded as I found the stairs.

She followed me down, although from a distance. Then she locked the building after I’d departed. I smiled inwardly.

The next evening I repeated my delay in exiting the building after closing time. Once more, she came up to check on me. “We’re closed! You know the hour! What are you doing up here so late?”

I did not reply. Once more, I stood up and towered over her. I paused as I gave her a long look.

An expression of fright crossed her face. But it was not as strong as it had been the previous night. Did she suspect I was not as dangerous as I looked? Or did she simply assume I was harmless?

At that moment, I set out to change her perception of me. I calmly asked, “Is the building locked for the evening?”

She looked at me in surprise. Fear flickered in her features. “Uh, no… you can get out the front door.”

“Very well. It’s better you leave the front door unlocked while I’m still inside. Isn’t that right?”

She looked at me quizzically as I headed for the stairs. She followed me down until I departed. Then she anxiously locked the door behind me.

I stopped in my tracks and turned toward her. She was staring at me through the glass in the door. She abruptly turned and rushed away as though she had some last-minute duties to attend to before she went home.

I kept going back every evening. I once overheard a coworker ask her about me. She said I was working on some project up on the second floor and that I was no bother. That told me it was time to initiate the second part of my plan.

That night she came up looking for me after closing time. I asked if the front door was locked. She said it was not.

“Good,” I replied. “A woman like you could get taken advantage of in a large building like this so late at night.” I said it calmly, but I made my meaning clear.

Her eyes widened again as I calmly headed for the stairs. “Your loss,” I observed quietly as I made my exit. I’m sure she heard me.

The next night I was on the second floor after closing time. I waited to see what she would do and whether she would have a coworker assist in helping me out of the building. She showed up alone.

I looked at her coldly. “Well?”

“It’s locked,” she said quietly. “The front door.”

“I see. Now bend over that desk over there.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I will only say this once. Either you will comply or you’ll never see me again. Thus, you will be free to go back to the boring life you lead. Now bend over the desk, or go downstairs and unlock the front door to let me out.”

She froze for a long moment. Then she went over to the desk and bent over. I could hear her panting loudly for breath.

She wore a very modest sundress. I flipped it up over her ass, revealing a set of light blue panties. These I pulled halfway down her legs.

I rubbed her pussy, only to discover she was moist. I fingered her cunt from behind. She stiffened and whimpered.

I dramatically unzipped my fly, pulling my hardening dick out. The sound made her stiffen as she inhaled sharply. Then I pushed my thick erection into her opening.

She let out a cry as I entered her. It was evident she had been entered before. But I strongly suspected it had been years since her last fuck.

I brutalized her, pounding her hard. She let out a whimper and a cry. In no time at all I shot a load deep inside her.

I zipped back up. Then I told her, “Now you may go unlock the front door.” She could not look me in the eye as she pulled her panties back up, straightened out her dress, and then led me to the stairs to the main floor and the exit.

I showed up the next night just a half hour before closing. She saw me enter, but she never said a word. However, I thought I saw something flash in her expression.

She came up and found me several minutes after closing. She quietly told me the door was locked down below. “Desk!” I demanded, pointing it out to her.

Her dress was a little shorter than the night before. This time I pulled down my pants and briefs. I wanted to fuck flesh against flesh, with no material between us like the night before.

I lifted up her dress and pulled down her panties. Then I brutalized her cunt. This time I took longer to fuck her before I shot my load.

Afterwards, we dressed quietly. Then I commanded. “No panties tomorrow night. I do not want you to wear any.”

She looked at me in alarm. I told her, “If I find you wearing panties tomorrow, I will go right home. You’ll never see me again.”

She gulped, but she did not say a word. She just led me down the stairs and right up to the front door. She unlocked it and let me out before locking it behind me.

The next night I showed up with about fifteen minutes to spare. There was no point arriving any earlier. By now, I only had one purpose in mind.

She looked at me as though acknowledging my presence. But I saw a distinct flush of red in her features. I acknowledged it with an inward smile.

There was no one on the second floor when I went up. She came up twenty minutes later. She found me totally naked and prepared.

I pointed over at the desk. She dutifully went over and bent over it. I came up behind her and lifted up her dress.

No panties.

I cruelly fingered her. She gasped and moaned. Then I told her, “This time you will cum before I leave.”

She shook her head as she started to sob. “Please… no… don’t make me!”

I cruelly thrust into her. “You will cum or I will never return.” Then I really pounded her hard.

“Do not lie to me!” I hissed into her ear from behind. “I will know if you lie.” She whimpered as she pushed back against me.

It was the first time she had ever fully take part in our coupling. I think she wanted to from the very beginning. But she was too ashamed to permit herself.

I fucked her for a good ten minutes. Then she tightly clenched as she cried out. It was enough to milk the cum right out of me.

She sobbed quietly as we got dressed. Then she led me down the stairs. Before we reached the door I gave her another instruction.

“Tomorrow you will dress in something more revealing.”

“What will I say to the others?”

“Tell them you plan on meeting someone after the library closes. You will have no time to go home and change.” Then I exited out the unlocked door, wondering if she would comply.

The next night I arrived with minutes to spare. She was in a short skirt, with a blouse displaying cleavage. She seemed to be a different woman.

She came up to the second floor after locking up. She revealed she was once again wearing no panties. My erection was stiff and throbbing from witnessing her attire upon entering.

I wasted no time.

I roughly took her from behind. This time I choked her with my bare hands. She rasped as she fucked me back until she went off in orgasm.

As we were getting dressed I told her, “From here on out, things are going to get dangerous. When I show up tomorrow, you will be wearing a scarf around your neck if you are willing to keep progressing in this manner. That means you will do anything I say. If you are not wearing the scarf, I will assume you wish to make a change to our arrangement and I will bother you no more.”

She nodded as she led me to the stairs and down to the main floor. I could tell by her body language she was processing the information I had given her. What would be her answer on the morrow?

The next night I arrived to see her wearing a colorful red scarf. She was becoming a totally different woman, although she still wore those glasses. It heightened my arousal.

After closing, she came up to the second floor and found me naked. She went to remove her glasses, something she had never done before. I waved her off, insisting she keep them on. I liked the look of a librarian.

I attacked her, forcing my mouth against hers. She returned the kiss, fearfully at first, but then hungrily. Her clothes were soon removed.

I bent her over the desk as usual. I told her, “Beg me to take your ass.” She gulped and trembled before timidly replying, “Please take my ass.”

I forced my erection deep up her anal passage. She let out a yelp from the pain. Then I mauled her tits as I told her, “Now finger yourself! Make yourself come with my cock up your ass!”

I grabbed the ends to the scarf and pulled tight. She rasped as she reached up to loosen my grip. I snarled, “Finger yourself, whore!”

She reached back between her legs and began to swirl her nub. She actually thrust fingers into her cunt as though this was not an unusual activity for her. It told me she was now doing sexual things at home she had probably not been doing for a long time until my arrival.

I pounded her ass as I strangled her with the scarf. She climaxed violently, cumming all over me. I pumped a load deep up her rectum. Then we got dressed before she let me out of the building.

We did that for a week. Soon she was begging me to take her ass. And she always wore a scarf I could strangle her with.

On the seventh night as we were getting dressed, I told her, “I’m going away. Tomorrow night will be my last night with you.”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. Then she shook her head. “No!”

“I am going away. I will not be coming back.”

“Please! No!”

“Have I given you the excitement you have secretly craved?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Then I will give you one last opportunity. This will be entirely up to you. Go to the hardware store and buy a long coil of rope, long enough to form into a hangman’s noose. Make sure you bring a set of handcuffs. Also bring the toy I know you’ve been using at home.”

She looked at me in surprise. “How did you…?”

“Never mind. I will leave it up to you. Dress modestly the way I first saw you. But wear a white scarf. If you are not modestly dressed, or if the scarf is absent, I will depart and leave you with my best wishes.”

She looked at me in shock as I told her, “The choice is entirely yours. Now will you escort me to the front door?”

I showed up on the last night of my visit to the library. I looked through the window. She was alone and was wearing a modest dress with a white scarf.

I immediately developed an erection as I walked inside. She looked at me and smiled. “The library will be closing in five minutes, sir.” I had yet to give her my name.

I went up to the second floor. It was deserted, with but one exception…

A noose dangled from a beam in front of a window, a chair waiting directly beneath. The toy and cuffs were sitting on the chair.

I got undressed and waited. She came up ten minutes after closing time. She saw me standing naked near the noose, barely acknowledging the gloves I was wearing.

She quietly told me, “There’s a back door to the alley. You can push it open. Push against the bar with your shoulder.” I gave her a slight nod of my head in acknowledgement.

She calmly began to undress. She neatly folded all her clothes in a pile. Then she picked up the cuffs and toy before climbing the chair.

She carefully pushed the toy up inside her. I suspected she had been using it a lot lately. She was trembling as she noosed herself.

She attached the cuffs to her wrists behind her back. Then she looked me square in the eye. “I will never forget these days you have given me. But I do not wish to go back to the life I have lived. I am ready.”

My erection was in my hand as she stepped off. She swung back and forth as she rasped for breath. She squeezed so hard that the toy came right out of her.

I shed my gloves and stepped up behind her. I allowed her cunt to find my cock. She gratefully impaled herself upon it.

I whispered into her ear, “One more time, my lovely. Cum for me one more time. I will always cherish these moments I’ve had with you.” Then I allowed her dying body to do all the work.

She rasped as she fucked me. I could tell it was hurting her. Yet she furiously milked me as though her life depended on it.

I whispered, “Is your life exciting now? Are you finally getting the sex you crave?”

She barely rasped for breath. I thought I saw her nod. Then she arched her back as she orgasmed for me.

She finally hung limp. I pulled out of her and reapplied the gloves. I pushed the toy back into her before lightly kissing her cheek. Then I got dressed and made my departure, never to see her or the library again.

2021 (written Jun 11 ’21 by riwa. Inspired by the great render I found and I included.)

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