An outrageous pick-up line


Brooke saw him at the resort pool every now and then. He stood out because of the way he seemed to spend more time on the bottom than he did at the surface. Apparently he liked to hold his breath.

She was more than a little attracted to his physique. He swam with confidence as though he and the water were intimate friends. It really made her lady parts tingle.

Working at her father’s resort had its advantages. One of them was hooking up with sexy strangers. Now she found herself drawn to this handsome young man.

One day she worked up the courage to talk to him. She wanted to come up with something that would really break the ice. So she walked up to him while he was resting in a lounger.

She lifted up her sunglasses and smiled at him. “Hi there.”

“Hi,” he smiled back.

Brooke suddenly felt self-conscious. So she nervously blurted out, “Tell me. What’s your most outrageous pick-up line?”

“My most outrageous pick-up line?” he asked curiously as he sat up.

“Yeah. What have you got for me?”

He appeared to think about it for a moment. “I don’t think I have one.” Then he smiled at her.

“Wait; how about this? Once, I almost drowned a woman. We were having fun, and I guess we got carried away. So how’d you like me to drown you while we’re getting it on at the bottom of the pool?”

Brooke stood there frozen with disbelief. Of all the responses she could have gotten, she never expected a crazy thing like that! A moment later she turned and self-consciously dove head first into the water.

He chuckled as he shook his head while watching her swim away. “Well… you DID ask. That was the most outrageous thing I could come up with on short notice.” Then he lay back in the lounger and smiled inwardly.

Brooke avoided him for the rest of the day, making herself scarce. But she couldn’t get his words out of her head. She also couldn’t forget his masculine features.

The more she thought about it, the more curious she became. Had he really almost drowned someone while they were getting it on underwater? Or was he just pulling her leg?

A few days later he was back at the resort pool. Brooke found her lady parts tingling again. She wanted to get to know him more intimately. His words kept reverberating in her head, making him appear both dangerous and appealing.

She watched as he swam along the bottom of the pool. Once more, he stayed down for quite a long time. She didn’t think she could hold her breath nearly that long.

She finally dove into the water, quietly following him. Brooke tailed him as he swam along the bottom to the shallow end. He finally popped up near the wall and gasped quietly for breath.

She bucked up her courage and swam up the slope toward him. She made sure he didn’t submerge to avoid her. Then she pulled up and surfaced a few feet away.

“Hello again,” he said with a smile as he recognized her. “I didn’t upset you with my outrageous pick-up line from the other day, did I?”

“No, you didn’t,” she lied. He just smiled as though seeing right through her.

Brooke just had to know. “Did you really almost drown a girl at the bottom of a pool? Or were you just being outrageous like I asked?”

“Oh, it really happened, uh…”

“My name’s Brooke.”

“It really happened, Brooke. Vanessa and I liked to swim and hold our breath a lot. We also liked to have fun with each other underwater, if you know what I mean.” She smiled back at him, pretty sure she knew what he was referring to.

“Anyway, we took a lifesaving course together. We took turns practicing on each other. But she told me the only way to find out just how good we were was if one of us drowned or came really close to it. She wanted to go underwater and see what might happen while we were, uh… you know. So naturally I agreed.”

“She wanted to see what might happen? You mean, while you two were underwater? Underwater doing what?” She suspected she knew the answer.

He smiled as he chose his words carefully, still unsure who he was dealing with. “Well, we enjoyed making each other cum underwater.”

“You mean fucking?”

Paul laughed, concluding he didn’t have to beat around the bush any longer. “Exactly. Vanessa wanted to know what would happen if we pushed things too far and one of us had to revive the other. We were both concerned about the potential consequences, of course. Yet we were pretty sure we could revive each other if it came to that. Besides, I think Vanessa wanted to experience it for herself.”

“One day we were going at it all hot and heavy at the bottom of this ten foot deep pool. We hadn’t really decided this would be the time we would push things. It just sort of happened.”

“Anyway, we were on the bottom of the pool. She was horizontal, hanging onto the ladder face down while I was pounding her from behind. We were wearing our suits in case someone showed up and we had to stop real fast.”

“I waited for Vanessa to break it off or signal her need to go up for another breath. She just kept grunting as she squeezed me with her love-muscle. We were just so into it. And since no one was around, we ended up pushing our breath-holding limits.”

“Vanessa suddenly gurgled as she swallowed water. I was trying to pay attention, so I noticed when she grunted and convulsed. I knew she wanted to experience what it was like to drown. But I couldn’t make myself take the risk.”

“I pulled out and quickly got her up to the surface. She went into quite the coughing spell. I never got the chance to try any kind of resuscitation on her because she had already started to get her breath back.”

“I thought she was going to be mad at me for not watching her more closely. Instead, she was angry I didn’t keep her submerged long enough. She wanted me to pump a load deep inside her until she went limp.”

“She asked what it felt like, fucking her while she was starting to drown. I told her she was really clenching around my cock. But I’d pulled out and rushed her to the surface before I could cum inside her.” Then he paused, wondering how Brooke would react to his story.

She was fascinated by his account of the incident. She also felt vaguely disappointed for some reason. “So you didn’t actually drown her then. You ALMOST drowned her, just like you said.”

“That’s right. This was last summer. Vanessa wanted me to fuck-drown her for real. Then she wanted me to carry her limp body up to the surface and revive her. But we never got the chance to give it another try it. She went off to college in another state. I haven’t seen her since.”

Strangely, Brooke’s lady parts were tingling like crazy. Was it because of his story? He didn’t seem all that dangerous to her. Or was he? Was that why she was feeling so out of breath right now?

She’d never tried sex underwater before. His story made her wonder what it felt like, fucking while holding one’s breath. One certainly couldn’t do it very long without having to come up for air; right?

She was also intrigued by the idea of pushing things a little too far and swallowing water. What would it feel like to drown with a cock inside her? Did she even want to risk letting him do that to her?

“So tell me, uh…”

“My name’s Paul.”

“So tell me, Paul. What’s it like, fucking underwater while holding your breath?”

Paul smiled knowingly at her. “The orgasms are more intense because you’re trying not to drown yourself. Maybe it has something to do with the fact you only have a short time before you run out of air and need to cum as soon as you can. It’s related to erotic asphyxiation.”

He paused as he gave her a questioning look. “Why do you ask? Would you like me to show you?”

Brooke’s heart skipped a beat as her lady parts tingled again. She looked around at the other bodies in the pool as well as those sitting in the lounge chairs at the surface. Then she made her decision.

“Can you come back tonight? Say 10 pm? I can get us access to the resort’s private soaking pool. That way we can do it in there alone with all the privacy we’ll need.”

He nodded with a smile at the thought of fucking this sexy young woman underwater. “Sounds good to me. But don’t worry. I promise not to drown you.”

“Well… I don’t know. What if you, uh… what if you get all caught up in the moment and forget about watching me?”

“Now why would you say a thing like that?” He looked her right in the eyes before adding, “Wait a minute. Are you suggesting you’d LIKE me to get all caught up in the moment and not pay attention?”

Brooke’s heart skipped another beat. Her lady parts were tingling like crazy. All she could do was stammer, “10 pm. Can you make it?”

Paul’s ominous smile made her stomach do back-flips as he told her, “I’ll be here.”

“Great. See you then.”

Brooke abruptly turned before either of them could change their minds. She inhaled deeply. Then she submerged and swam away before the urge to take him right then and there in a public place overcame her sensibilities.

As she swam toward the bottom, she thought about everything he’d said. Two thoughts entered her mind. The first question she had was: was it possible to cum underwater?

The second was much more ominous. Was she making a big mistake scheduling a fuck-session with a man who’d just acknowledged almost drowning a woman while having sex with her at the bottom of a pool? Or was she excited about the possibility of letting him drown her with his cock inside her?

The door was unlocked, so Paul entered the building. The soaking pool was right there. A bottle of wine and two filled glasses sat on the edge.

Brooke was also in the building. She was standing totally naked as though she’d been waiting for him. She smiled shyly at him before climbing into the water.

Paul shed his street clothes. He removed his speedos he’d worn underneath. Then he climbed into the shallow soaking pool with her.

He sat down right next to her in front of the wine bottle and glasses. She leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back.

He smiled when they came up for air. “You don’t beat around the bush, do you?”

“I’ve been thinking about you all afternoon. You have no idea what you’ve done to me.”

“What have I done to you?”

“Nothing a little bit of this won’t fix.”

Brooke reached down and gently stroked his erection. Then she cupped his balls. He twitched in reaction to her touch.

“So what was it about me that made you invite me here tonight? Was it our discussion about me having sex underwater with Vanessa?”

“Maybe,” she breathed as she continued caressing his erection.

“Was it the idea of experiencing an intense orgasm underwater?”

“Possibly.” It felt like she was on fire with a terrible arousal.

“Was it the thought of drowning with my cock inside you?”

“Oh gawd, no… well… maybe.” Then she kissed him again while her hand continued to rub his erection.

They came up for air, but she simply could not keep her hand off his junk. She just kept rubbing it. Then she asked, “You want some wine?”

“Right now I’m not thirsty.”

“Neither am I,” she panted breathlessly as she kissed him hard.

They came up for air again. She looked down at his erection. Then she asked, “Did Vanessa… I mean… did she suck your cock underwater?”

“All the time. She liked seeing how long she could keep me in her mouth while holding her breath.”

“Damn! This is something I really gotta try!”

“Be my guest.”

He smiled as she adjusted her position. Brooke took a deep breath. Then she submerged.

She took Paul’s dick into her mouth. But she got water up her nose. She came up snorting.

She looked at him self-consciously, smiling with embarrassment while coughing and sputtering. “It takes some getting used to,” he explained with a grin.”

“I love a challenge,” she replied before filling her lungs again.

She submerged and took him back between her lips. She bobbed up and down, enjoying the way he twitched in her mouth. His moan at the surface gave her more erotic tingles.

She came up gasping for breath, giving him a curious look. “I think you’ve got the hang of it,” he said with a smile.

Her eyes twinkled as she told him, “I think I can stay down longer.” Then she filled her lungs and submerged again.

She took him back between her lips. Then she started bobbing up and down. Brooke was able to keep the water out of her nose. She was even able to give him some pretty decent suction.

Paul moaned as he put his hand on her head while resting another hand on her back. Brooke eagerly bobbed up and down. Bubbles came out of her nose and around the seal her lips made. She was really starting to get the hang of it now.

She came up panting for breath. “How was that?” she asked, her eyes twinkling lustfully.

“Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“Nothing like this.” And with that she filled her lungs and submerged again.

Brooke sucked him down, using her hand to help stroke his meat. Then she tried taking him deeper. He moaned as she glubbed up bubbles.

She came up gasping for breath. She kissed him deeply. Then she told him, “I think I need a minute or two.”

“Let me give you some attention while you’re catching your breath.” Then Paul filled his lungs.

He submerged and rolled over onto his back. Brooke straddled his head. Then she centered her womanhood over his mouth.

He dutifully began using his tongue, licking and lapping between the folds of her labia. Brooke gasped and moaned. She grasped onto his head to make sure he hit the right spot, unaware he was stroking his erection.

Bubbles dribbled out of his mouth and nose. They hit her just right, causing even more tingles. Gawd; it felt good!

He was underneath her for the longest time. Damn! How long could he hold his breath?

She was a water-baby at heart. But she hadn’t encountered too many fellas who could outlast her underwater, much less give her oral like this!

She tried not to squeeze his head between her thighs too much. Then bubbles started coming up. That’s when he gave her a polite pat on her ass. She interpreted it as his needing up for a breath.

She shifted in place, allowing him to come back up. Brooke immediately filled her lungs and submerged, taking his cock back between her lips as he sat upright. She felt compelled to return the favor while at the same time seeing just how long she could hold her breath.

She gobbled him down, doing her best to take as much of him down her throat as possible. His moans at the surface indicated she was at the top of her game. She groaned and bubbled, enjoying this far more than she could have possibly imagined.

She pushed herself until her lungs were straining. She let out a huge burst of bubbles before she came back up, gasping quietly for breath. “Not bad,” he said admiringly.

She kissed him deeply. Then she tried to crawl into his lap. She slowly worked his throbbing member deep inside her.

He shifted around underneath her. She was surprised as he submerged a few seconds later. He grasped her wrists as she eagerly rode him in a reverse cowgirl, impressed with his breath-holding abilities.

Brooke took her time, giving him a long, languid fuck. It was erotic as hell, especially the way he released occasional bubbles. The idea he could drown with his dick inside her was an incredible turn-on.

He finally lifted his head up out of the water. Brooke had no idea how long he’d been under. But now she felt like it was her turn to return the favor.

How long could she hold her breath? Could she give him the same pleasure he was giving her? What about this idea of drowning with his cock inside her? For some reason she could not get it out of her head.

She changed positions before climbing back on. She rode him as she put a hand on his chest. “I… I think it’s time for you to fuck me underwater now.”

“Are you sure about that?” he asked. “I don’t want to push you into doing something that makes you uncomfortable.”

“Of course I’m sure! I just rode you while you were holding your breath. It’s only fair you fuck me while I’m holding mine.” Then she kissed him deeply, wondering what she was getting herself into.

“Let’s start with something easy, shall we?”

She eagerly nodded her head. But her heart was hammering in her chest. The fear and excitement were such that it felt like she was already close to cumming.

He turned her around until she was on her knees facing away. He slowly pushed into her from behind. Then she filled her lungs before lowering her head into the water.

Paul thrust into her from behind, enjoying the tightness of her womanhood. Bubbles swirled up as she moaned underwater. Then she came up gasping.

“Gawd; that’s good!” Then she filled her lungs and went right back down. She moaned and bubbled as Paul’s manhood thrust in and out of her.

She stayed down longer before coming up for another breath. Paul gently grabbed her wrists. Brooke did not resist as she filled her lungs and went back down.

Paul thrust harder in and out of her. Brooke winced and moaned, trying to keep her breath in her lungs for as long as possible. Now she wanted to see if she could experience that “intense orgasm” Paul had previously mentioned.

She stayed down longer until her lungs began to strain. It felt incredible! The orgasm heading her way felt stronger than the one she’d received from the last fuck-toy she’d met at the resort.

Paul pumped harder into her from behind. Brooke moaned as she started losing bubbles. She could feel the strain in her chest. But she wanted to remain underwater for as long as possible.

She winced and cried out. Paul thrust even harder. It suddenly swelled until it seemed to totally overwhelm her.

Brooke shuddered as she screamed her breath away. Bubbles billowed to the surface. Paul pumped her a few seconds longer until she was sure she was going to drown. Then he pulled her head up.

Brooke panted like crazy. “Fuck, that was – aahhbrgblrglrugrlblg!” Then she was forced back under the surface, not having had nearly enough time to catch her breath.

Paul pumped her good and hard. Brooke bubbled again, afraid he was going to drown her for real. Then she winced as it swelled within her until a second one overtook her.

A hot wave of pleasure flushed through her body. Brooke bubbled a very weak “FUCK!” Then Paul pulled her head back up.

She gasped like crazy, struggling to catch her breath. “Fuck; I don’t believe it! I just came twi – WAIIITT!”

Back down she went as Paul really pounded her. Brooke bubbled weak and helpless. She’d had no chance whatsoever to get any kind of a decent breath.

The thought of drowning both scared and aroused her. Then her senses dimmed as she climaxed again. It was so intense that she thought she was going to pass out.

A moment later she was at the surface. Paul slipped out of her. Then he guided her into his lap.

Brooke was impaled upon his erection as she panted for breath. “Gawd, that was… that was fucking incredible!”

He smiled as he twitched inside her. She looked at him and said, “You haven’t cum yet, have you?” He just shook his head.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but… how’d you like to cum inside me while I’m drowning?” The way his cock twitched inside her gave her his answer.

“Brooke, are you serious?”

She nodded as she panted for breath, still trying to process the words coming out of her mouth… “Vanessa never drowned for you, did she?”

“She never got the chance; no.”

“Then I want to do it. I’m a jealous bitch; I’m jealous of her now. I want to be able to say I one-upped her. And that means being able to tell her if I ever see her that I’m the one who drowned with your cock inside me.” Another twitch from his cock gave her the tingles something fierce.

“How do you want to do this, Brooke?”

“Your drowning; your choice. Now we’d better do this before I chicken out; ok?”

Paul nodded as she took deep breaths to get ready. Then Brooke went over backward. He split her legs apart, running her right leg up his chest as he slid into her throbbing love-box.

Brooke moaned and bubbled. Gawd; what was she thinking?? She was understandingly frightened, but she was so aroused that she couldn’t make herself change her mind. Besides, Paul was going to revive her; right?

She clenched as he fucked her while she held her breath. Would he actually go through with it? A part of her hoped he might back out at the last second. Yet she really did want to one-up that bitch Vanessa.

He thrust in and out as her chest began to burn. Bubbles trickled out of her mouth. Brooke covered her lips with her hand, hoping to contain as much air in her lungs as possible.

Paul’s erection twitched and throbbed inside her. She could feel the fear and excitement swelling within her. What if she climaxed while she was drowning? Would he like that too?

The strain in her lungs grew worse. Bubbles fizzed out through her fingers. Her stomach hitched as her chest heaved, her breasts wobbling up and down.

She saw him look down on her. Was he going to pull her up at the last second? Or was he going to go through with it? Gawd; she didn’t know what she wanted him to do!

She lost a big burst of bubbles. Instinctively, Brooke started to lift her head up. Paul just pushed down into her chest.

Her eyes opened wide in horror. She shook her head as she lost more bubbles. Then it overwhelmed her.

Brooke shuddered hard in orgasm. It was the most intense climax of her life. For a moment it blotted out her need to breathe. Then it passed.

Her lungs heaved in agony. A moment later they simply gave out. She shook her head and screamed her breath away as she gulped water.

Her eyes opened wide as she reached upward, vainly trying to push him off. A moment later she felt him spurting a load deep inside her. Her body responded with another minor shudder of pleasure.

She kept gulping water as she hitched on her back. It really hurt like hell! Then the pain started to ease a little.

Her expression softened as he gently thrust in and out. She stared up at him in horror. She hitched one last time before going limp underneath him.

She was still conscious. No wait… she was no longer in her body! Somehow she was looking down at him and her drowned body from the side of the soaking pool.

“Keep me down a few moments longer, Paul. I want you to enjoy yourself.” He did not appear to hear her.

He suddenly pulled her up out of the water. He lifted her out and gently laid her down on the side of the pool. Then he began doing CPR.

Brooke suddenly got dizzy. She was no longer standing there looking down on them. A moment later her eyes flickered as her chest heaved.

She blinked before she coughed up a bunch of water. Then she let out a ragged gasp. Paul made sure the water came out of her mouth before lifting her up to his chest.

“Brooke, are you ok?” She coughed a couple of times before trying to nod.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“No, I was… I was… what was I doing again?” She could no longer remember standing out of her body along the side of the pool.

“Are you ok?”

She coughed and nodded again. “I felt you cum inside me, Paul. Then I had a really intense orgasm. I think I might have had two.”

“Maybe we should get you dried off.”

She nodded again. Then she told him, “I think I’m ready for that glass of wine now.” It had sat along the edge of the pool untouched the entire time.

2021 (written for JustPaul Apr 23 ’21 by riwa. Inspired by vidcaps from a JustPaul animation.)

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