Ghost Town Hanging 1-2


Part 1

I don’t know what I’m going to do about Olive. I think I’m in over my head. She’s probably going to end up dead. And I’ll stand accused of murder.

That’s not the worst part. We may be directly or indirectly responsible for the future death of another young woman. I just hope when, or if, it happens, the authorities won’t trace it back to us.

You see, I got Olive involved with erotic asphyxiation about seven months ago. We started out with a simple choking during sex. We soon graduated to bagging. Then we went on to strangling.

From there, Olive went right into the hanging fetish with no nudging on my part. One afternoon I went over and discovered she’d set up a noose in her closet. She wanted me to hang her.

I was reluctant, but she insisted. She said she’d do it for real if I didn’t spot her. Thankfully I was pretty good at watching her and getting her down, especially since I insisted on a thicker noose. Her orgasm was so intense that from that point on, she was hooked.

We played around using the noose whenever we could. At first we limited things to her place or mine. But then she became more daring.

She wanted to go out in public and find secret places to rig up a noose. The first time we did it outdoors was when I took her to a national forest. I found a tree shading a boulder and strung her up right there. She promptly climaxed while she was kicking it up, thrilled to be hanged in the great outdoors.

Next we sought abandoned buildings for our plays. She wanted to be some gangster’s moll or a witness to a crime and had to be silenced. So we found an abandoned building on the edge of town, snuck inside and did our thing.

I always try to be careful with her. But it’s never enough with Olive. She just keeps pushing the envelope. I’m afraid one day she’s going to go too far.

She keeps telling me she’s not suicidal. It’s just that the orgasms are so damned good. She always wants more.

One day she told me she’d researched an old ghost town named Bannack. Supposedly there was a gallows in back of a building formerly named Skinner’s Saloon. Once she found out about it, she told me she wanted to go there and be hanged on a real gallows.

Try as I might, I could not talk her out of it. To be honest, I didn’t try all that hard. It’s always incredibly erotic watching her swing. Afterwards, we fuck like rabbits, sometimes with her pretending she’s dead and I’m desecrating her corpse.

Anyway, we packed up the vehicle and drove to Bannack. It was a long, three hour drive. So we made sure to rent a room in a large town an hour away so we could spend the night recuperating and fucking.

We stopped and checked into our room first. The proprietor was an older gentleman, curious about what we were doing in town. Olive told him we were going to drive to Bannack and look at the ghost town.

“Watch out for ghost’s, miss. There were a lot of hangin’s back in the day. They even lynched the sheriff when they found out he was part of a large gang goin’ around plunderin’ and murderin’.”

Olive grinned as she replied, “Oh, we’ll be sure to check out the gallows before we leave.” The old fart sure looked confused by her enthusiasm. I just nudged her while quietly telling her not to go blabbing it around town or it might spoil everything.

We got in the vehicle and drove off to Bannack. Olive became more excited the closer we got. Soon her excitement level soared off the charts. She really wanted to hang from a real gallows used to hang real people.

When we arrived, we discovered a couple of other vehicles in the parking lot. I told her there might be people around and that I wasn’t going to hang her in front of an audience. Besides, there might be children about. I didn’t want to traumatize any young-uns.

“I hope someone does watch me,” she giggled as she nibbled on my ear lobe. “Hanging in front of an audience would be so fucking hot!”

“Darling, you’re hopeless.”

“Better hang me as punishment then.”

We had put our rope and some items into a sack to bring along so it wouldn’t be obvious. Besides, we were both pretty sure there wouldn’t be one in place once we located the gallows. I doubt the state wanted to be responsible for someone hanging themselves either accidently or on purpose. It was just too bad they hadn’t counted on my Olive.

We found the gallows behind the saloon and checked it out. It made Olive positively giddy. Problem was: she wanted to hang naked.

There were tourists wandering around the ghost town. So I had to put my foot down. I couldn’t very well let her hang herself, only for someone with an iPhone to take pictures and then post them all over the Internet.

She grew more impatient as we wandered around the old buildings. She kept whispering in my ear how desperate she was for that family of four to get the hell out of town. She really wanted to hang naked.

We went back to the gallows and loitered around for several minutes. We must have generated some curious looks carrying that sack around with all our toys inside. We finally stashed it in a hiding place near the gallows.

Olive became impatient to the point where she hid in a sheltered spot and removed all her clothes. She dug into the sack and pulled out a pair of hose she wanted to wear. She also slipped into a set of black heels, deciding to add a little class to her dance.

I kept watch near the front of the saloon as she began setting up the noose while she was buck naked. The crazy bitch couldn’t wait any longer. I told her there was still another young couple wandering around. She said she didn’t care; she couldn’t wait any longer.

I watched as that family of four slowly made their way to their vehicle. Then I headed back to the gallows, listening intently. Sure enough, their station wagon roared to life.

“They’re leaving,” I told her. She was already standing on the gallows over the trap. The noose was nice and snug around her throat.

She gave me a lustful smile. I just shook my head. “I should never have taught you how to properly tie one of those things.”

“I’m glad you did. This way I can dance longer.”

“There’s always a chance something might go wrong. What do I do with you then, Olive?”

“Gawd; just leave me here!”

“You mean dressed like that while dangling from the noose?”

“Gawd; don’t fucking tempt me!”

“If you don’t survive, you silly bitch, you’ll never get to experience your fantasy again. You’ll never find another gallows or another place in the great outdoors like this ghost town.”

“I know; I know. Now get your ass up here and pull the lever. I think this trap still works.”

I looked at her and smiled. “Arms tied behind your back, tied in front, or left free?” It was a dumb question, being as how she hadn’t pulled anything else out of the sack besides the noose.

“Free to start with. I’m so fucking horny I’m going to pop! I want to touch myself this first time.”

“What do you mean, ‘first time’?”

“Will you just hang me already?”

I closely examined the way she’d strung the rope up. I mentally calculated how I was going to have to get her down. A moment later a strange female voice cried out, “Ohmygawd!”

Olive and I turned at the same time. That young couple was standing just inside the backdoor to the saloon. Their eyes were open wide in shock and horror.

Olive blushed deeply. We’d been caught before I could carry out her punishment. It was probably just as well.

“Time to get you down,” I murmured with a sense of regret. To be honest, I was looking forward to hanging her.

I thought she would instinctively cover her private parts. Instead, she looked lustfully in their direction. Then she hissed, “Do it, lover! Hang me!”

“Are you crazy…?”

“DO IT!”

I looked again in their direction. Then I loudly proclaimed, “Olive Thomas, for poisoning the Sheriff’s wife, I sentence you to hang by the neck until you are dead.”

I grabbed the lever, looking right at that young couple again. The female looked horrified. The male had this look of disbelief in his eyes. Then I pulled the lever.

The trap successfully fell away. It caught Olive totally by surprise. At least she didn’t fall very far through the trap. She’d made sure there wouldn’t be much of a fall with how short she’d tied the noose.

The young woman let out a cry of horror. The young man simply stared in shock. I was shamefully hard as a rock inside my trousers.

At first Olive began to kick. She’d been hanged many times before. But she acted differently with this one.

Maybe it was the shock of dropping a little. Most of our hangings had used a hoist method. Then again, maybe it was the realization she was being watched by strangers.

She began to swing back and forth as she rasped for breath. Then it was as though consciousness returned. I think her brain reminded her why she was there in the first place… and that she had an audience to boot.

She looked right at me as she swung back and forth. She twisted until she was staring at that young couple. They were staring back incredulously.

Olive actually reached down and began rubbing her crotch with one hand. She used the other to cup and fondle her boobs. She gently swung and twisted as the rope creaked from her weight.

I was so hard that my dick hurt inside my trousers. I really wanted to take it out and give it some space to breathe. But I didn’t dare, not with that couple looking on.

Olive humped and gyrated as she masturbated while fucking the air. It was incredible to watch. I’ve never seen anyone so lustfully addicted to swinging in a noose as my Olive.

She did a little bit of a bunny-hop while struggling in the coil. It was our thickest material designed to prevent serious injury despite the inherent risks. It was also made of hemp because she liked the way it scratched her throat.

Olive suddenly spread her legs apart as she fingered herself. She grunted and gurgled as she shimmied in the noose while furiously playing with herself. Then she squirted, her cum spewing down through the opening in the trap.

I decided that was more than enough for a first time, especially if she was crazy enough to want to go again. I wasn’t sure a second hanging was all that wise an idea. But Olive was a hard one to talk out of anything once she’d put her mind to it.

I rushed over and loosened where she’d secured the rope. I held on as I grabbed her and pulled her away from the opening. But I lost my balance and went over backward.

She ended up falling on top of me. I heard her panting quietly as she tried to catch her breath. Then she went into little hitches as she winced and moaned… “Gawd, I… I can’t stop cumming!”

She finally settled down. Then I remembered our voyeurs. I turned to see they were still standing there.

“You finally got your audience,” I said quietly. But I made sure it was loud enough for them to hear. What was the point trying to be quiet now?

“Gawd; it was so hot!” she panted. Then she looked in their direction before adding, “They haven’t left or anything. Maybe they’re curious. Let’s invite them over!”

2020 (written Nov 16 ’20 by riwa. Inspired by a render I found that I included. My compliments to whoever created it.)

Note: I’ve decided to add a bonus chapter for you.

Part 2

I turned to look in their direction. I thought for sure the young couple would simply leave, totally freaked out by what they’d seen. At least I hadn’t seen them taking any pictures.

They just stood there in stunned silence. I don’t know if it was due to shock or awe. But they never made a move either way.

“Aren’t you going to invite them over?”

“I think they’re too stunned to move. They might bolt if I call out to them.”

“They can stay if they want. Just get the trap back up so I can go again.”

“You don’t have to be so loud about it.”

“I don’t care if they stay or not.” Then she called out, “You two can stay and watch me hang again if you want!”

They both jumped at her words. I thought for a moment that might cause them to leave. But they continued to stand just inside the back doorway to the saloon.

I shook my head as I muttered, “Crazy broad.” Then I went under the gallows to secure the trap back into position.

Olive climbed down and went over to the sack hidden out of sight. I saw her reach in and pull out a set of cuffs. Then she pulled out a large, pink dildo.

I was astonished. “Holy hell! You want to hang right in front of them with that thing up your twat??”

“Why not? My hands are going to be cuffed behind my back. I’m horny for more, baby!”

Olive climbed back up onto the gallows. I came out from underneath, having secured the trap. That’s when I caught her removing her hose and heels.

“Birthday suit?” I asked incredulously. “Now you’re going to hang totally naked in front of them?”

Olive giggled as she replied, “Our guests deserve the complete package. I’m naked already, other than the hose and heels. Besides, I’m so fucking horny knowing they’re over there watching me.”

I climbed back up and reattached the noose so it dangled over the trap. Olive stood directly behind it, allowing it to frame her face. I wanted it to be at a level where it wouldn’t break her neck when she dropped again.

The couple stood quietly in the doorway to the saloon. They were clearly astonished Olive was going to hang again. They were also probably curious about the toys she’d brought out with her.

Olive told me, “I want the dildo deep up my twat, lover. This time I’m not going to be able to play with myself using my hands since I’m going to be cuffed. ‘Lionel’ should be more than enough to push me over the edge. After all, he’s done it several times before.” She giggled as she hefted the toy for emphasis.

I shook my head at her audacity. She didn’t care in the slightest we had a private audience. I think she was more turned on by their presence than anything else.

I looked to confirm the couple was still standing there. The young woman had blonde hair that went down to her protruding breasts. She wore a white blouse with a pastel mint-green skirt that stopped just above her knees.

Her companion was in a light blue tank top and shorts. His hair was short and blonde. I got the impression they were from some European country, perhaps here on vacation.

I finished securing the rope. Then I drew close to my girlfriend. I got a playful grope in my crotch, confirming my cock was stiff and throbbing.

Olive grinned as she chuckled. “You should be naked when you hang me. Besides, I think ‘Oliver’ needs to be let out to breathe.”

Her and her nicknames for things. I just rolled my eyes. Then I shook my head as I quietly told her, “I don’t think so.”

Immediately she turned toward that young couple. “Hey! You don’t care if my lover is naked when he hangs me again, do you?”

“Olive??” I was mortified.

She laughed as I looked over at them. Neither one uttered a word of protest. They didn’t move so much as an inch either. Were they really all that curious about us??

Olive urged me with an excited nudge. “Quick, before more tourists show up. I want you to be naked when you hang me. I want to see ‘Oliver’s’ excitement. Besides, I don’t think they care.”

“Damn you!”

“Just do it!”

I shook my head again as I hurriedly undressed. I must admit it felt good to bring ‘Oliver’ out of confinement. He was stiff and dripping.

She handed over the toy and cuffs. She’d been holding them in her hand the entire time. “Do it!” she quietly begged. “Make a show of it; ok? C’mon, lover! You have no idea how turned on I am right now! Do it right in front of them!”

I took the cuffs and toy from her. I looked right at that couple as I jerked an arm behind her back. Then I clatched a cuff onto her right wrist before bringing the other arm around in back and securing them together.

The young duo continued to stare at us in amazement. They didn’t seem quite as frightened as before. I think they’d mostly overcome their shock and were simply curious to see just how crazy us Americans acted things out right here in Old West ghost towns.

I pulled the noose down around Olive’s head. I’d tied it a bit high, and she had to rise up a little on her feet for me to get it around her throat. Then I snugged the knot next to her left ear.

She suddenly called out, “You two can come closer if you want! Come and watch this slut hang!” I just winced at her words.

All sorts of negative thoughts surged through my head. How much trouble were we going to find ourselves in if we kept this up? Would the young couple report us to the authorities?

To my surprise they stepped out of the doorway and came closer. Olive gasped excitedly for breath. Apparently they really wanted to watch me hang her again.

“You asked for it,” I muttered under my breath. Then I pushed ‘Lionel’ against her opening, twisting it to get it started. She gasped and moaned as she wriggled upon the trap.

“How about you, lover?” she gasped with a whimper. “Is ‘Oliver’ excited too?”

“Do you need to ask?” Then I pressed my erection into her ass for confirmation, making her moan again.

The young couple had drawn closer. They had a great view of the two of us standing naked on the gallows. There was certainly no point holding anything back now.

I was strangely aroused as I ran my hands all over Olive’s bare skin. She gasped and moaned as I groped her boobs before fingering her swollen nub. She stared at our guests before moaning, “Oh fucking hell, John! Just do it already!”

I walked over to the lever out of her line of sight as before. I paused to look at that couple for a long moment. Then I loudly proclaimed, “For being such a fucking whore, I sentence you to hang by the neck until you are dead. May God have mercy on your soul, because I sure as hell won’t!”

Olive inhaled sharply. I think she actually started to orgasm. Then I pulled the lever.

The trap folded away underneath her with a loud noise. Olive cried out as she dropped a couple inches. I prayed the drop, like last time, wouldn’t be enough to cause permanent damage.

Right away she began to kick and struggle. She shimmied and gyrated like a dangling snake as her hands jerked and flexed behind her back. Then she humped the air as though enthusiastically fucking ‘Lionel’.

That young couple stared in complete and utter shock. I was sure the male was sporting a noticeable bulge. To my surprise, his golden haired companion instinctively reached down and self-consciously grabbed her crotch through her skirt.

Olive let out a rasp as she swung back and forth. She really writhed and gyrated as she kicked a little. Seeing the couple staring at her in wide-eyed wonder only seemed to turn her on even more.

I walked around toward the side of the gallows so she could see me standing there observing her dance. I grabbed my erection and visibly stroked myself. Olive went nuts as she kicked and shuddered even more.

I stroked hard and fast. I finally shot my load in her direction. It fell through the opening in the trap, although I think a couple drops hit her legs.

She gushed fluid as she climaxed hard. That’s when I rushed over to the rope and freed the knot where I’d secured it. I tried to maintain the tension as I reached out to grab her, hoping the two of us wouldn’t tumble through the trap and break our necks.

Once more she fell on top of me. We both landed rather hard. Then I rushed to loosen the noose from around her throat.

She hitched and shuddered on top of me as she rasped, “OH GAWDDDDDD – FUCK! Take it out – take it out!”

I pulled the toy out of her, allowing her to begin to settle down as I held on to her. She panted heavily as the two of us struggled to get our breath back. Then I looked over at our private audience.

They were still standing there in amazement. The female seemed to be panting as though trying to get her breath back. Her companion stared at us in utter disbelief.

The young woman finally spoke in a quivering voice. “I… I can’t believe you hanged her twice!”

“Olive is crazy,” I explained. “It’s sort of a fetish with her. We’ve played games like this many times before. But lately she’s been wanting to find a real gallows out in the great outdoors.”

“The orgasms are incredible!” Olive added as she panted for breath. Then she winced as she gasped, “Fuck; another aftershock!” She whimpered as she shuddered briefly before settling down again.

The young man asked, “Isn’t that a little dangerous?”

Olive smiled back at him. “I keep telling John to hang me and leave me dangling somewhere. But I think he’s too much in love with me for that. Maybe someday though. I’m still hoping.”

“It’s very risky,” I added as I scowled at her. I noted their accents were clearly American. “I keep telling her it’s not a good idea. But she just keeps pushing the envelope.”

Olive giggled. “Who knows? Maybe someday they’ll read about me.”

“Darling; you are so fucking crazy!”

“So why do you keep sticking around and humoring me? You get so damned hard whenever you hang me, and you know it! It turns you on just as much as it arouses me.”

“How dangerous?” the young woman suddenly asked from out of the blue. I could see a questioning look in her expression.

“Ashlynn, what are you doing?” Her companion frowned at her as though sensing what she had in mind.

She turned to look at him. “Aidan, I just want to know is all. There’s no one else around, is there? Besides, they did it!” and she pointed right at us.

She looked at us for a long moment. Then she quietly asked, “Would it be possible? Could you… I mean… would you help me experience a hanging for myself?”

2020 (Written Dec 27 ’20 by riwa)

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