The aquarium job (an Emma scuba story)


Note: this is an older, recently re-edited post. I also decided to include both chapters for you.

Part 1

During a period of unemployment, Emma found a privately owned aquarium looking for part time help. The position meant doing odd jobs, including cleaning the showcase tanks. Emma had scuba experience, and since she loved diving in her wetsuit and twin tanks she was pretty much hired on the spot.

The owner and operator of the establishment turned out to be a woman in her 40’s. Her name was Joanne, but she preferred to be called Jo. She was a friendly sort, although the petite Japanese girl with the coal black hair and small breasts quickly learned her boss had a dark side. It turned out Joanne loved being extra bossy toward her as well as her other two employees.

Emma had been working there about a month when she met a girl named Lucy, a 5’4” brunette with perky breasts. Chemistry quickly developed until the two hit it off right away. It was only a week before they started flirting with each other.

It was early evening on Friday when Lucy came to see Emma at the aquarium. She knew the petite Asian worked the late shift after closing time. That was the best time to clean the tanks before they opened the following morning.

On this evening she had nothing better to do. She and Emma were destined to go see a band as soon as her friend got off work. So she showed up early to wait for her.

Emma had just donned her black vintage wetsuit when she saw Lucy waiting on a bench near the employee’s entrance. “It’s good to see you,” she said with a smile. “I’m sorry, but I’m going to be a little late. I’ve got this last tank to clean. But I should be done in time for the two of us to go see that band tonight.”

“No problem,” Lucy replied pleasantly. “Besides, I’ve always been a little curious about your job here.”

“I guess you’re going to see me in action then,” Emma replied with a giggle. “What I do is not very exciting. But I worked things out with Jo. I only have this one tank to clean. Then we can go.”

Emma suddenly looked around as though things might not be on the up and up.” Over here,” she waved conspiratorially. “Follow me. I know a place where you can watch me in the tank. Besides, if anyone knows you’re here I might get in trouble.”

“Oh?” Lucy replied with amusement.

She’d only known Emma for about a week. But she’d learned a few things about her. For instance, it seemed like her little five foot Japanese friend was prone to pushing buttons and boundaries.

Emma playfully kissed her on the cheek. Then she led her down a long corridor and up some stairs. Instantly they were presented by the appearance of a large tank with a viewing bench.

“Like it?” Emma asked as she gestured toward the glass. “It’s a replica of The Great Barrier Reef. Everything is very real here.”

Lucy’s eyes opened wide in awe. “That’s fantastic! You’re one lucky bitch to get to work in a place like this!”

Emma would have giggled playfully. But she wanted to lay it on thick for her friend. She snorted, “Lucky? You should see my boss! Jo is a pushy, bossy bitch who treats me like I’m her pet! She has a pretty nasty side to her. If she ever turned on me I’m sure it wouldn’t be pretty.”

“Oh, Emma,” Lucy replied dismissively, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. “Aren’t you exaggerating just a little? You’re always sparring with someone over something; am I right? Just do what you have to do so we can get out of here, ok?”

Knowing her friend, Lucy figured Emma’s offhand remark was nothing more than the usual comment to be swept under the rug. But the petite little Asian wasn’t about to be put off. “Lucy, I mean it! She’s a nerving, plotting witch who thinks she’s God’s gift in here! You better watch out for…”

She trailed off at the sound of footsteps. Someone was coming. And it was too late to hide Lucy.

Her employer suddenly entered the viewing area. Emma braced for the worst. Strangely her boss was all smiles.

“There you are, Emma. I thought I’d find you here.”

She smiled warmly at Emma’s companion. “And who might this be?” She did not sound the slightest bit angry over having a member of the public in her establishment after hours.

Emma was all apologies. “Jo, this is Lucy. She’s a good friend of mine. I’m sorry I brought her in here. But I only have this one tank left to clean. Then I’ll be done for the day; isn’t that right?”

She was concerned Joanne might say otherwise. Surprisingly her boss was in a good mood. “Oh that’s fine, dear. I’ll be happy to keep her occupied for a bit.”

Emma did not fail to notice the way her boss touched her friend’s shoulder. It made her scowl inwardly. It seemed Jo was always on the prowl for someone new to be affectionate toward, much less boss around.

“We’ll just sit here and watch you for a bit,” Joanne went on. Then she waved her away. “Now go on – shoo. I’ll keep your friend company. Go and get your work done.”

The petite little Asian gave her friend a confirming look as if to say, “See what I mean? Did I tell you about Miss Bossy-boss here or what?”

She walked off behind the tank to the hatchway. She just wanted to get the job done so they could get out of there. She was eager to go see that band with Lucy.

Joanne and Lucy watched her walk away in her black rubber wetsuit. Jo couldn’t resist making a snide remark loud enough for Emma to hear. “She’s a good worker, Lucy. But sometimes you’ve got to keep an eye on her.”

Emma went and put on her twin tanks, fins, weight belt and dive mask. The whole time she found herself inwardly fuming at her boss. She’d heard the little dig when her back was turned. But she decided it was best to just get the job done so they could get out of there.

She clomped up the employee stairwell in her fins. Then she stepped off the edge into the tank. Her cleaning gear was in her hands.

She looked out through the glass as she sank to the bottom. She saw them sitting there on the bench watching her. She felt some jealousy, unsure she liked Jo being there with Lucy. But what could she do about it?

Oh well. Best to get the job done and get out of there. She didn’t want Miss Bossy-boss coming up with another assignment to give her while making off with her Lucy.

Joanne smiled at Emma through the glass. Then she turned toward Lucy who was sitting on the viewing bench with her. “I think you’re going to enjoy this,” she told her quietly. “I had a little surprise put in there for Emma. I love to keep my employees on their toes. But in this case I would have to say I’m keeping Emma on her dive fins.”

Lucy looked at her oddly as the owner of the establishment chuckled. Joanne intimately rubbed the girl’s shoulder. Then they turned to watch as Emma prepared to do her job.

“Surprise?” Lucy asked curiously. “What surprise?”

“Oh, nothing bizarre. Nothing that will hurt her. I’m just curious to see how she’ll react.”

She pointed at something in the tank. “You see that blue kelp over there? It’s the real stuff, brought over from the Great Barrier Reef.”

She paused for dramatic effect. Then she spoke in a conspiratorial tone. “That stuff can be quite a nuisance. Once you’re tangled within its strands it can be a chore trying to get out of.”

“Oh really?!”

Lucy’s eyes opened wide at the revelation. A slight smile flickered at the corners of her mouth. She knew Emma all too well, even though they’d only been seeing each other for a short time.

“You’re right; this could be interesting!” Seeing Emma all tangled up might prove to be amusing.

“Oh it definitely should be, hun,” Joanne replied, unable to stifle a giggle.

Emma saw them watching her as she descended near the floor of the tank amidst the sea life. She came into full view and gave them a wave of her hand. Then she worked her way to the front glass wall, attaching her suction cup for a handhold.

She went right to work wiping it clean with her squeegee. She soon realized the enormity of the task ahead of her. Algae had built up on parts of the glass walls from all the flora and fauna inside the tank. This might take her longer than she’d anticipated.

She pulled up her gauge and checked her readings. She figured she had about 45 minutes of downtime before her tanks ran dry. That would probably be enough time to get the job done with a little room to spare.

She fought the urge to glare indignantly at her boss. Emma fumed as she ran the squeegee over another section of glass. The sooner she got this done, the sooner they could get out of there.

“Looks like an angel, doesn’t she?” Joanne remarked as they both watched her progress.

Lucy looked at her curiously. Was that longing in her voice? Or was it something else?

“Such a sweet, innocent girl,” Emma’s boss added. “How long have you known her, hun?”

“Not long,” Lucy replied. “We’re just friends; we met last week. I really like her a lot.” She paused before adding, “You’re right. She does kind of look like an angel in there.”

“Pressure does some odd things,” Joanne murmured softly, staring into the tank. “For instance: see her wetsuit? You can see she has nothing on underneath. The pressure presses the suit and makes it nice and tight on her. You can see every little curve and crevice. Emma probably doesn’t even realize how I’ve noticed.”

Lucy peered intently as though seeing her friend in a whole new light. She really could see every little curve and crevice. Odd the way she was finding it to be rather sexy.

Joanne chuckled as they both watched her. “Perhaps ‘innocent’ is the wrong word to describe her,” she admitted. “I know from talking with her how much she loves living dangerously. So we’ll see.”

Lucy nodded at Joanne’s words. But she hadn’t really heard her. She simply couldn’t stop looking at her friend in the tank.

Her eyes kept going up and down Emma’s little wetsuited body. She couldn’t help noting every single curve. What her employer had said was absolutely true.

“Wow!” Lucy sighed quietly.

Joanne glanced over at her, smiling inwardly. Emma’s friend seemed mesmerized by the encased body of her little Japanese employee in the tank. It was as though Emma was putting on a little show for them simply by being in her rubber wetsuit as she cleaned the glass.

Joanne carefully put an arm around the young woman, wondering how hard it might be to seduce her. It certainly could be fun to try. Then she smiled conspiratorially.

“Would you like a little background on this so-called friend of yours …perhaps a juicy little secret or two? Oh, the things I could tell you.”

Lucy turned to look at her. “Sure!” she told her, her eyes opening with interest.

“Well, she lives alone and just recently moved here. As far as her having any other friends, I really think you might be it, hun. As for family, she’s alone in that department too. She has no one… almost like a little lost sheep. But I have noticed one thing.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“She seems to be quite flirtatious with the visitors here, including my small staff.”

“Is that so?” Lucy curiosity had been piqued.

Joanne casually touched her back, seductively rubbing a finger along her shoulder. “She can be quite the flirt. But I guess she can afford to be. Sometimes I don’t even think she’s aware she’s doing it.”

She paused as though remembering something. Then she smiled. “I walked in on her once. She was flirting with a guy that used to work here. Another time I saw her on her knees with another guy. I think she was about to…” The owner paused before quietly adding, “Oh never mind. I suppose that’s kind of private.”

It had worked; she had drawn the girl in with her gossip. Lucy was now hanging on every word. She looked at Emma through the glass as though seeing her in a new light.

“Tell me,” Lucy asked quietly. “What did it look like? Did you think she was… well… she did tell me she was bi.”

She blushed as she lowered her head. “Well… never mind about that.” Now she was embarrassed.

Joanne smiled and cleared her throat. “Well, she didn’t see me. It did look as though… well… you know.”

She continued to run a finger along Lucy’s shoulder. She was becoming excited at the evening she might have. Luring Emma into a peril while seducing her friend? What a thrill!

Emma methodically worked her way across the glass of the tank. She could see both of them sitting there watching her. They sure seemed to be sitting rather close to each other.

It looked like her boss was telling Lucy something. Was she confiding in her perhaps? Maybe sharing secrets about her?

As she wiped the glass she saw Jo say something to Lucy. Her friend smiled back each time her boss spoke to her. Emma wondered what was being said about her, and she found herself becoming a little indignant.

She couldn’t help noticing how Lucy’s nipples were beginning to protrude through her shirt. And her employers hand was on behind her back. What the hell was going on?! There certainly wasn’t anything she could do about it, not while she was in the tank.

Her boss looked in at her, smiling while waving in acknowledgement. Emma nodded in return. Then Jo turned back toward her friend, ignoring her as if she wasn’t even there.

She fumed inwardly as she ran the squeegee over another section. Bubbles exhaling from the connection of the twin hoses to her tank as she took another breath.  It wouldn’t help to get all grumpy about it.

She had to keep working until she was done. Then they could get the hell away from Miss Bossy-boss for the night. It sure looked like Jo was making moves on her girl.

Emma grumped to herself as she moved her suction cup handhold further down. She was slowly working her way across the surface of the glass. If she increased her pace, maybe she could finish a little sooner.

Joanne wiggled a little closer to her quarry. She glanced knowingly into the tank at Emma before diverting her attention back to Lucy. She was enjoying the chase, knowing how it had to be galling the petite Asian.

“Another time I watched her work her magic on a woman,” she went on, all too happy to dish something juicy about her employee. “She was only a visitor here. It was nothing sexual or anything. But the way Emma flirts is just… an eye opener.”

“I always thought she was a little bi,” the owner continued thoughtfully. “I wasn’t totally sure; after all I was kind of hoping for myself. But since you’re here it would seem my hope is probably lost. She’s such a tease, you know. I’m sure she doesn’t realize it. It’s just her way.”

She was enjoying planting her little seeds, laying the foundation for a little delicious seduction. Lucy reacted by leaning back a little. The newcomer could feel Joanne’s hand caressing her hair.

“Oh, yes,” she acknowledged. “I know Emma can be quite the flirt.”

She looked into the tank at her Japanese friend. She could not resist admiring her body in that rubber wetsuit. She even liked the way her fins slowly kicked as she worked the glass.

Lucy suddenly remembered something. “You said ‘living dangerously’. What’s that all about?”

Joanne chuckled in response. “She seems to kind of get off on it, if you catch my drift. In fact, I have a tidbit or two on that if you’re interested.”

Lucy looked into Joanne’s face, her curiosity increasing.  “Really??”


The brunette smiled. “Now that I think about it, Emma has given me that same idea on a couple of occasions, so to speak. Nothing overt or anything. It’s just that on a couple of occasions I noticed she almost tried to get herself into trouble.”

The employer smiled lustfully at her. “I thought as much. Just keep an eye on your so-called friend in the tank. I suspect she’s not going to be able to help herself. The show’s just about to start. Watch this!”

There was excitement evident in her voice. She was obviously looking forward to something. Now she really was curious.

“Show? What show?”

Joanne merely motioned at the tank. Emma was easing back from the glass. She appeared to be unaware just how close the thin, blue strands of kelp were waving just below her fins.

“The danger thing I was telling you about? Emma seems to be fascinated by it. I went out with her once. She had a little too much to drink, you know? It’s like a truth serum to her.”

“Anyway, she told me about some of her past jobs she took just for the thrill, you know… the danger and the risk? For instance, there was this job she took helping with the construction of a dock. Imagine that tiny thing working underwater with dock builders. She loved the risk of it all, and she certainly had her fair share. She told me she got caught underwater a few times working with them.”

“Caught underwater?” Lucy asked curiously. “You mean like trapped or something?” Without realizing it she had actually nudged closer to the owner of the aquarium, now appearing to welcome those soft touches.

Joanne nodded with a smile. “She told me she got caught under a piling more than once. She came really close to running out of air before they found her. Sometimes I think that girl actually loves her close calls.”

She moved her hand to the girl’s knee as Lucy looked into the tank, watching her petite friend squeegee the glass. It seemed as though Emma was lost in her task. She was not looking at them at all, appearing anxious to accomplish the task at hand.

Lucy felt tingly all over. She was enjoying where all of this seemed to be going. Hell, she even liked the way Emma’s boss was coming on to her.

“It’s kind of funny you should mention this,” she remarked. “To be honest, I kind of sensed something like that about her myself. But I certainly didn’t think she would ever take anything like that too far.”

Joanne leaned closer and conspiratorially asked, “You want to hear a story about this place?” Lucy nodded with growing eagerness.

“The keeper once caught her in the octopus’s tank. She was prodding and teasing the poor thing. He didn’t say anything; he just watched her in there. Oh, she didn’t try to hurt it or anything like that. But he got the impression she was trying to, well… you know… maybe get herself caught in something?”

Joanne thought about it for a moment. “She does seem to take these chances at times, hun. Very risky chances. I don’t know why, but I kind of like that.”

Lucy looked at her for a long moment. She felt a strange flush of arousal. Then she self-consciously looked down at her feet.

She mumbled something unintelligible. She blushed as she thought about it. “You know?” she finally said, feeling embarrassed at revealing this to Emma’s employer. “I think I like that about her too.”

Joanne motioned at the tank with her head and snickered. “Yes, hun. Even now, little Emma doesn’t realize it yet. She’s taking a chance in there, something she doesn’t even know about. Hell, maybe she does on a subconscious level.”

“Is she?” Lucy asked, almost sounding hopeful. “You say she doesn’t know about it?”

“Doesn’t know about it… or maybe she does but she’s focused on the glass.”

Lucy blushed again. “I don’t know why this is such a turn on for me right now.”

Joanne believed she had Lucy in the palm of her hand. She wanted to get this girl excited at her employee’s imminent peril. Well, it was probably imminent so long as Emma remained unaware while moving closer to the kelp.

She figured a little more information ought to fully fuel the fire. So Joanne leaned in conspiratorially. “I can tell how much you’re enjoying this. But I know something else. Allow me to add just a little bit more.”

As she spoke she softly moved her hand up Lucy’s leg. Lucy looked into the glass at her wetsuited friend. But she could not help quivering from the seductive touch of the owner of the aquarium.

Emma noticed how close to her friend her employer was sitting. It galled her, especially when they were “innocently” looking back at her through the glass. Both of them were smiling at something.

She paused in her work, noticing how Jo had her hand on Lucy’s leg. She drifted in place, her fins moving very little. Then she let go of the suction handhold as she stared in at them.

Was her boss trying to seduce her Lucy? Was this going to interrupt their trip to see the band? Maybe she’d better hurry and finish up.

The blue strands of kelp danced tantalizingly under her fins. They were mere inches away, as though calling out to her. But Emma was not thinking about them. No doubt she believed them not to be of any great importance.

She was becoming annoyed – disgusted more like it – at the behavior of her employer. Lucy wasn’t doing a damned thing to resist either. It was time to move to another section of glass… perhaps a section where she didn’t have to watch them get so chummy with each other.

As she started to move away, she pushed her fins downward to kick in order to send her upward. That’s when she inadvertently stuck her right foot straight down into the kelp bed. Almost immediately the tiny blue strands wrapped around her fin and ankle as though they were living things in search of prey.

Instinctively Emma tried to kick herself away. It had the effect of driving her left foot deep into the waving strands. Those dutifully wrapped around her left fin and ankle as well.

She tried to move upward, only to be jerked to a halt. Her hands waved as though she was trying to pull herself upward. But the kelp pulled her up short.

She looked down with surprise at the entanglement. She grunted as she exhaled, annoyed to see what she’d been snagged by. Emma was impressed by the way such thin strands were successfully holding on to her.

She tried to pull herself upward, each time with a little more effort. She tried to kick her fins free. But they only became more entangled. It was only kelp; shouldn’t she be able to pull herself out?

The petite Asian looked down with confusion. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t breaking loose. The strands seemed so thin, yet she was not coming free despite the effort she expended.

She looked through the glass, wondering if they were watching her. She was embarrassed to see Jo shaking her head while pointing and laughing at her. Lucy looked in on her as though in a daze.

Emma became extremely annoyed with them as well as the situation she’d gotten herself into. She struggled to kick herself free. Then she twisted violently in place, her ankles cocking as her legs jolted.

She was angry as hell, angry at her carelessness and furious with her employer who seemed to think it was funny as hell. A moment later she lost one of her fins. It was as though the kelp was demanding it from her, leaving her in her bootie.

Emma cried out in anger and frustration. She exhaled heavily as she pulled hard with her legs. A moment later she lost the other fin.

“Do you see now?” Joanne said to Lucy with a chuckle while pointing at her struggling Japanese employee. “That kelp is kind of tricky. You saw how she backed herself right into it. It’s hard to tell whether it was a natural mistake or if a part of her subconsciously wanted to do it on purpose. Now she’s all tangled up.”

Joanne loved the end result, no matter how it had come about.  She stared intently, watching every delicious move her employee made as she struggled in the clingy material. Lucy simply found herself in a daze, numbly answering, “Yes, I see. Wow!”

2013; 2020 (written by “Emma” and riwa Dec 10 ’13; ed. May 21 ‘20 by riwa)

Part 2

Emma saw her friend Lucy and her boss Joanne looking at her. Both had strange smirks on their faces. It infuriated her even more now that she was hung up… “Ha- ha; very funny, you two.”

She looked down at her ankles, noticing how both of them were thoroughly entangled within the kelp. She reached down to pull on a few of the stubborn strands. But she discovered the damned things wouldn’t tear away that easily.

She twisted and tugged, trying to pull, rip or even tear it away. But the kelp was incredibly stubborn. This was not good.

Was she really stuck? Would Jo have to come down and get her out while her friend was out there watching? That would be embarrassing as hell!

“Shit,” she blurted into the reg in her mouth. “Damned stuff!”

There were a couple more attempts at pulling her legs out of the kelp bed. But it accomplished nothing. What’s more, her friend and employer sat watching her as though enthralled, even though it was plain as day she was stuck.

She finally gave up in disgust, waving at either one of them to come into the tank to help her. But neither of them rose up from where they were sitting to intervene. What the hell was wrong with them?

Emma twisted and tugged, swaying from side to side.  She looked through the glass at them. But they appeared to be chatting with each other.

She tried to wave to get their attention… “Hell-OOOO! I’m in here, remember?” But instead of coming to her aid they just sat there watching with some degree of amusement in their features.

Emma shook her head, wondering why she always had to do everything herself. She crouched down into the waving strands, moving her hand down her legs in an effort to get a better grip on the clingy material. If she could get it off her ankle she would soon be free.

Somehow she remained stuck. Emma grunted in alarm as she tried to jerk her arm out. Unfortunately the kelp had wrapped itself around her wrist as though it had morphed into a malevolent being.

With another jerk of her arm she lost her balance. Emma toppled helplessly into the kelp. Waving strands hungrily reached out to snag her legs, her arms, her twin tanks.

Her free hand waved frantically at the surface. Emma’s petite body instinctively twisted and squirmed in an effort to tear herself loose. But it wasn’t long before she’d become thoroughly entangled by the numerous vines.

Lucy was absolutely mesmerized at the sight beyond the glass. She panted quietly while leaning forward to watch every little movement so as not to miss anything. Joanne leaned forward as well, seductively touching Lucy’s thigh as she too was caught up in the unfolding drama.

“See, hun?” she gestured, her breathing becoming heavy and labored.  “What did I tell you? She’s really stuck, don’t you think? It makes a nice, erotic image, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I do,” Lucy answered as if in a trance. “It’s incredible to see her stuck like that. But, uh… shouldn’t we help her or something?”

Joanne smiled as her eyes twinkled. “I’d say she has a good 20 minutes of air left in those tanks. She has plenty of time. Let’s allow her to enjoy herself, shall we? In the meantime I’m sure the two of us can find something to do to, uh… occupy ourselves?”

Instinctively Lucy picked up on what the seductive woman was implying. She could make out with Emma’s boss while ignoring her entangled friend. How would she react inside the aquarium?

She realized she was not the least bit resistant to the idea. Emma was such a flirt anyway that she felt it was perfectly ok. How could it be cheating if Emma did it all the time?

“I suppose we could,” Lucy answered breathlessly. Then she looked into the tank and smiled at her imperiled friend. That’s when she deliberately turned away.

Strangely Lucy was all turned on. She was aroused by Emma’s sensuous wetsuit, knowing she was naked underneath. And she was turned on knowing her little Asian friend loved risky situations.

She was especially aroused at seeing the little slut wriggling helplessly in all that kelp. Knowing there was a limited amount of air left in those tanks gave her a strange tingle in her loins.  Making out with her boss while Emma was helplessly stuck might be a real thrill.

Lucy turned toward Joanne, reaching out to caress her arms. Then she nodded at the tank with her head. “Think Emma will mind?” she asked with a grin as her eyes twinkled.

“Why should she mind?” Joanne replied. “Besides, there’s nothing she can do about it now. Our little flirt’s a bit wrapped up at the moment…”

Emma stopped struggling the moment she saw them turn to face each other. To her shock they leaned in and started kissing one another. And it wasn’t like one of those innocent pecks on the cheek either. They were passionately kissing!

“Hey… HEY!” she cried out, waving at them with her free hand. “What are you doing? Jo, don’t be kissing my friend like that! Lucy, knock it off! Stop fooling around, you two, and get me out of here!”

She tried to signal she was really stuck and that she needed help. But they didn’t seem the least bit concerned. They just continued their passionate embrace.

For the moment it appeared as though Emma was on her own. She began tugging on her legs again, trying to pull them free. But it just wasn’t happening.

She felt the seam of her wetsuit dig into her crotch. She began to swoon from the pressure as well as the peril. The vines were clearly working against her, clinging to her as though toying with her.

She could feel the kelp strands hanging onto her along with the underwater pressure rubbing against her crotch as she breathed from her regulator. If this kept up she was liable to orgasm. It would be so embarrassing if she came right in front of them.

The lovebirds turned and looked at her with amusement. She was angered upon seeing Jo lovingly massage one of Lucy’s breasts. What made it all the worse was the way her friend seemed to appreciate it, tipping her head back and closing her eyes.

Emma became aware of new sensations. She could feel vines rubbing against the soles of her feet. More tingles ran up her legs to settle in her crotch.

She had long acknowledged her soles were erogenous zones. It was something she often used in order to get herself off. But there were times it had become a weakness for others to exploit.

Her soles began to tingle from the infuriating strands. Combined with her tingling crotch she was in serious trouble. She was entangled, slowly running out of air, and becoming perversely aroused by the whole damned situation.

Emma shook her head as she began wriggling her feet, trying to pull them free. But the vines were everywhere, entangling her as they worked at tantalizing her. Every time she tried to pull a foot free she felt the strands wrap tighter around her ankles while working their magic on her soles.

She struggled harder, desperately trying to wriggle her way to freedom. It only succeeded in making the strands clamp down tighter onto their prize. The seam in her wetsuit tightened against her crotch until she began to swoon again.

A thousand thoughts flashed through her mind. What if Jo and Lucy got too distracted and didn’t get to her in time? What if she ran out of air? How much air did she even have left? Why weren’t these damned vines leaving her booties alone?

She tried to reach for her gauge to check on her remaining time. But the strands had that too. It was all tangled up and well out of reach. She couldn’t even get to the hose to pull the gauge closer.

What if she was about to run out of air? What if all this had been planned from the very beginning? What if Jo and Lucy had conspired together to arrange this? Wouldn’t it be easy to claim it was nothing more than a regrettable accident?

Emma began to struggle harder, wriggling anxiously to reach the air gauge. When that didn’t work she tugged frantically on her legs. The vines were maddening on the soles of her feet.

She could feel herself losing the battle. Then she saw Jo and Lucy looking in on her through the glass. She saw glazed expressions on their faces.

What the hell? Were they getting off watching her??

“See how she fights, hun?” Joanne breathlessly remarked to Lucy as the two of them watched Emma’s battle with the vines. “Isn’t that sexy? See how she struggles to free herself? Just look at her face. If I didn’t know better I’d swear that little slut was about to cum.”

“Is she??” Lucy asked as she leaned toward the glass to watch. “Is she really?? I’d love to see that!”

“Just look at her,” Joanne observed, her breath catching in her throat. “If I would have known this I wouldn’t have waited so long to arrange an ‘accident’ for her.”

“Look – look – look!” Lucy gasped. “I think she’s going – I think she’s going – there she goes!”

Both women instinctively rubbed themselves as they watched Emma swoon and exhale in the tank. They saw her struggles lessen, her eyes rolling as she exhaled heavily. Bubbles flushed from her regulator. It was the most erotic thing they had ever witnessed, and it turned them both on something fierce…

Emma panted weakly, the orgasm having sapped her strength. She soon became aware how hard she was breathing from her regulator. Surely she was depleting her air supply. At this rate it couldn’t last all that much longer.

She waved at them through the glass in growing desperation… “Please! You’ve got to get me out of here!” There seemed to be no response.

She reached out toward the glass window. She was just able to reach it. Emma began to beat on it with the palm of her hand. Unfortunately, it only made Jo and Lucy smile at her before turning to kiss each other all over again.

“NO!” she cried out into the reg in her mouth. “I’m running out of air! You bitches can’t leave me like this! I’ll drown in here! You’ve got to get a knife and cut me loose!” But the two lovebirds were now seriously kissing and groping each other, seemingly oblivious to her plight…

Lucy was amazed how turned on she was. She paused from kissing the owner of the aquarium to look in her friend’s direction again. Emma seemed desperate; she was even beating on the window.

“Oh, that’s so hot,” she murmured in observation. Her body was on fire from an incredible arousal at seeing her friend react from the peril inside the aquarium. “I see what you mean now. She really does get off on the danger!”

“Take a good look,” Joanne breathed. “Just look at her. I think she’s going to pop off again. I should’ve brought that kelp in here long ago.”

Sure enough, Emma began wriggling like mad, frantically tugging on the vines entangling her. Joanne and Lucy saw the look in her eyes as she began to swoon once more. Then there was an exhalation of bubbles as her eyes rolled.

“Gawd; she just came a second time!” Lucy gasped, furiously rubbing herself.

“I can’t believe how sexy she looks struggling in that wetsuit,” Joanne added. “That seam in her crotch must be driving her mad.”

A thought occurred to her as an evil smile spread all over her face. “Would you really like to drive her wild, hun?”

Lucy’s eyes lit up excitedly and she eagerly nodded. “What do you have in mind?”

“Just follow my lead, hun…”

In the tank Emma sucked hard on her regulator. She was weak as a kitten, her orgasms having exhausted her. She didn’t have the strength to get herself free anymore. And she strongly suspected she was going to run out of air… perhaps at any moment.

As she looked through the glass she couldn’t believe how they were deliberately rubbing themselves as though getting off on her peril. Didn’t they understand her predicament? Didn’t they realize she might be running low on air? Surely they had to understand that, didn’t they??

She watched as they both stood up together. She saw Jo take Lucy’s hand. There was a smile on her employer’s face.

Her boss tapped on the glass and smiled at her. She heard her say, “Lucy and I are going to go spend some quality time together! It’s unfortunate you got all caught up in that kelp bed! It’s too bad no one was here to see you get into trouble!”

“What do you mean ‘no one’??” Emma cried out into the regulator. “You two are standing right there looking at me!” Whether they understood her or not didn’t seem to matter.

“She told me how much of a flirt you are!” Lucy called out to her. “So we’re going to go spend some quality time together! I’ve decided I’m going to take Joanne to see that band instead of you! It’s too bad I didn’t get here in time. Maybe I could have saved you!” She smiled cruelly as though she wasn’t the least bit sorry.


Her boss shook her head in sorrow. “Sorry about this, Emma! I can’t help it if I’m attracted to your girlfriend! I guess you should have been more careful cleaning the glass inside that tank! But I’m sure the danger you got yourself into should be good for a couple more juicy orgasms before you run out of air! We saw the last two cums you had! They really looked sexy!”

“They sure did, Em!” Lucy added with a grin and a cheerful wave. “Seeing you wriggle and squirm and cum like that was really sexy! Anyway, we’ll see you around, Em! We’ll be making out in Jo’s office imagining you running out of air while going out with a bang!”

“NOOOOO!” That’s when they turned their back on her. Lucy and Joanne walked away hand in hand.

A moment later it hit her with all the fury of a runaway locomotive. Emma swooned, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her body shuddered hard. The seam in her crotch added to her forced pleasure as the kelp strands conspired to tantalize the soles of her feet.

It was so devastating in its fury that she nearly passed out from the intensity of it all. Her vision blurred until she became dazed and disoriented. It felt incredible.

When she began to recover she became painfully aware how hard she was sucking the air from her tanks. How much did she have left? Surely her air was almost gone!

She looked out through the glass, but Jo and Lucy were long gone. They had truly left her all alone in the tank. They were nowhere in sight.

Were they really going to allow her to drown? Were they going to claim it was all just an unfortunate accident? How could she know for sure?

It occurred to her how easy it would be to claim she had become entangled in the kelp and simply run out of air while cleaning the tank. The squeegee she had with her along with the partially cleaned glass wall would confirm it was all true. Hell, they might even get away with it!

Emma’s mind screamed, “I HAVE TO GET MYSELF OUT OF HERE!” She began tugging against the kelp she was tangled up in. But it was a losing battle.

The more she worked one leg free, the more entangled the other became! The harder she struggled, the more the vines clung to her. It was taking everything she had just to keep her one arm free of the clingy kelp.

Emma looked all around, exhaling heavily as she searched for something to help extract her from her predicament. But there was nothing available. The squeegee might have helped, but now she couldn’t even get to it. It had fallen well out of reach.

Her attention was drawn to a couple of splashes up at the surface. It was Jo and Lucy. And both of them were in scuba gear.

She breathed a sigh of relief. Then her eyes opened in shock. They were both buck-naked.

They came down to the floor of the aquarium, staying well away from the kelp bed. Emma tried to stretch toward them with her free arm. They grinned as they waved back at her.

She saw them shake their heads. What was this?? Weren’t they going to do something about her plight??


Emma suddenly heard a quiet buzzing, an all too familiar sound. She turned in the direction of her air gauge as her eyes flew open in horror. It was alerting her she only had about five minutes of air remaining.

It was a piece of equipment she’d attached to her gauge a long time ago. She wanted to be alerted in case she got distracted and ran herself low on air. Now it was doing its job.

She was almost out of air. But she was still hopelessly entangled in the bed of kelp. What’s more, Jo and Lucy didn’t appear to be the least bit inclined to come to her aid.

Emma frantically made a slashing motion with her hand, grunting and shaking her head… “I’M OUT OF AIR, DAMN YOU! DON’T JUST STAND THERE?? COME AND GET ME OUT!!”

Her boss did not come to her aid. Instead, she was horrified to see Jo reach down and begin rubbing herself. A moment later she saw Lucy do the exact same thing.

What was this? Were they going to get off watching her run out of air?? NOOO!

Emma began to thrash around in growing panic. She was painfully aware the pressure in her tanks could drop at any moment. At the same time she felt a horrific arousal swell within her.

There was no way in hell she could stop it. Another orgasm would surely steal the last of her air. It would take her breath away, helping to rapidly drain her tanks.

Emma tried to hold it back. Then she was cumming hard, moaning and shuddering in orgasm like she had never cum before. The pleasure was incredibly intense.

Joanne and Lucy were in awe watching their sexy Japanese slut cum up a storm. Lucy let out a squeal as she furiously fingered herself, cumming right along with her friend. Joanne let out a bubbly cry and then shuddered hard in orgasm, moaning and grunting in ecstasy. She simply could not believe how incredibly erotic it was to watch poor Emma cum in that bed of kelp.

Emma sagged with exhaustion. She didn’t have the strength to do anything now but wait for her tanks to run dry. Her eyes were glassy as a dazed look filled her features.

She was going to drown any minute now. The pressure would drop until she couldn’t get a breath. Instinct would make her shed her regulator and inhale water from the aquarium. And there was nothing she could do about it.

Her vision dimmed; was she seeing things? Were they coming closer? She couldn’t be sure. All she could do was continue to breathe, wondering which breath would be her last.

They grabbed onto her arm as dive knives flashed. A moment later the pressure dropped precipitously. She grunted and shuddered, sucking in vain.

Emma tried to breathe deeply. Then she wearily shook her head. The regulator fell away from her lips, allowing bubbles to spew out of her mouth.

Knives flashed before a regulator was pushed into her mouth. Emma inhaled weakly. Her lungs inflated with compressed air.

Slowly but surely she felt herself being pulled out of the bed of kelp. She could see they were working together. Then she was out of the kelp, causing her to inhale with gratitude.

In a daze she saw Lucy looking at her. Her friend’s naked body was quite appealing. Emma would have reached out to molest her if she would’ve had the energy.

She suddenly felt her arms being pulled behind her back. Apparently Joanne was behind her. What was this?

A hand came around and popped the reg out of her mouth. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. Then Lucy moved in.

Her friend began caressing her all over… touching her… fondling her… moaning with lust. Emma tried to wriggle free. But Joanne had a good grasp on her.

Air spewed freely from her lips as she shook her head… “GAWD, HUN; DON’T DO IT – I’M EXHAUSTED!!” Then Lucy reached down to rub her crotch.

Emma could feel how wet and sticky she was. Her wetsuit made little slurping sounds as her friend rubbed her. She moaned weakly, her eyes rolling as she tried to hold her breath.

It hit without warning, an orgasm seemingly too intense to withstand. Emma shuddered hard at the pleasure washing through her as she fought to hold her breath. Then she promptly blacked out…

When she regained consciousness she discovered she was out of the tank. Emma had no idea how she’d gotten there. She was lying flat on her back in her wetsuit, her gear and dive mask having been removed.

Lucy hovered over her, a lewd grin on her face. Amazingly her friend was back in her clothes. She gasped “Wow, Emma; you look wiped out!” Emma could only nod in agreement.

“You are one lucky bitch,” she heard Joanne tell her as her boss sat in a chair. She too was back in her clothes. Her employer was casually sipping on something in a cup.

“You are so clumsy, you know that? You should know better than to go sticking your fins into a bed of kelp. Lucy and I had to cut you out with a couple of dive knives! If it weren’t for us you’d be dead!”

Emma wanted to mouth off that she hadn’t known about the kelp and that she should’ve been warned ahead of time. But she thought better of it. The petite little Asian chose to remain silent.

Lucy grinned at her. “You looked so damned cute cumming in the tank like that.” Then she sat her up, wrapping her arms around her and hugging her tight as she exclaimed, “I could just eat you up!”

“You’d better get dressed if you’re going to go see that band with your friend, Emma.” Then Joanne scowled at her.

“Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy. Now I have to make a call to get someone else to come in and finish up your job. I suppose there’s no helping it though. Just be here all the earlier on Monday to make it up on your timecard. Now shoo!”

Lucy helped Emma to her feet. They stumbled off toward her locker and a change of clothes. But the little Japanese girl couldn’t help wondering what else Jo might do to her now that her little danger-fetish had been thoroughly revealed…

2013; 2020 (written by “emma” and riwa Dec 10 ’13; ed. Jun 22 ‘20)

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