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Coming January rewards

A story about iron maidens.
I dreamed I drowned them.
Another Donna’s shore leave chapter.
A fetish swim.
Indoor spa fun.
A woman gets bagged.
Another Mr. Wayne chapter.
Another drowning of Melissa chapter.
A soccer mom gets into trouble.
Another chapter to the Russian Roulette game show.
And at least a couple more I’m thinking about.

November stories/rewards will fall off at the end of December to make room for January rewards.

I got to eat lunch with mom on Christmas day. Several months ago I was stressed about her health, wondering if I would even get to spend Christmas with her. She is doing much better and is able to take short trips in her car to the store.

Lately I’ve been trying to apply myself to some unfinished projects. You saw that this last month when I got out a fresh chapter to Water Babies and a new chapter to Girl’s Night Out. I plan on keeping at it, although sometimes I find myself suffering from a little “analysis to paralysis”. I get stuck on a detail or a character so much that it slows up the writing process. I’ll see if I can do better about that.

Thanks for being my patrons. See you in 2022. Now I just have to remember to write that new year on all my checks.

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