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Coming November rewards

The concluding Shelly in Cancun chapter.
Another Santa and the asphyxia sisters chapter.
Another Mr. Wayne and the club chapter.
Another Melissa chapter.
A story about Pat’s gasper girls.
The two biker chicks are back. They’ve found another girl to have fun with.
I make a visit to the British Virgin Isles and am introduced to a wild section of the sea.
There’s a story about a client, and one about an MILF.
I finally got around to working on another Seductress chapter.
Donna reluctantly goes on Shore Leave in a fan-fiction scifi universe.

September stories/rewards will fall off at the end of October to make room for November rewards.

Mom is doing better. So I’ve not been so stressed lately. Her situation has interrupted my routine though, and I’m doing the best I can to adapt. Life has a way of interrupting our routines; right?

They are draining a nearby lake in an attempt to eliminate an invasive species. It’s been fascinating to drive over and monitor their progress. Each and every day the level of the lake has dropped until now it is mostly empty. Mom has enjoyed going to see it, so we go a couple times a week to check it out. No bodies, unless you count those poor fish. So I don’t know if it will inspire me to write any stories about it or not.

Thank you for being my patrons. Stay healthy. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

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