Famous At The End – Faye and the audition clip


He came in promptly at 11:30 and placed the mail on her desk. “Thanks, Fred,” Cynthia Packwood replied with a smile. He gave her something of a goodbye salute before walking out the door.

Cynthia looked through the mail he’d deposited. There were a couple of bills, computer generated letters from a couple advertisers trying to get on her program, and a couple dozen envelopes from what looked like fans of the show. There was also a thick, square envelope with a return address written in pen.

Intrigued, Cynthia opened it up. Inside was a compact disk and a folded sheet of paper. She read the note first…

To whom it may concern,

We’re Faye and Randy Gatsnor, and we’d like to be on your show. We have an act we think will bring a great deal of viewers and advertisers to your program. We included a clip of our audition on a CD. We hope you’ll give us some consideration.

That was all there was, aside from what looked like a number to a cell phone. It wasn’t even signed, not that it was necessary since they’d already given their names. What could their act consist of to make them send a clip to her?

On the CD were the words Gatsnor Audition. Underneath the title was what appeared to be the same cell phone number. Cynthia shrugged her shoulders as she fitted it into the disk drive on her computer.

A video file icon came up that read Gatsnor Audition. Her computer did a sweep that resulted in a pop-up notice saying the file was not infected. Then she clicked on the icon.

Immediately an image came up of what looked like a motel room. A noose was already hanging down from the ceiling over the bed in full view. Now they had her attention.

A young man came over and sat on the edge of the bed in full view of the camera. He was naked, and his cock was hard. It looked a bit longer than the average male. That’s when he told someone off-screen, “Ok, Faye. Get over here on your knees.”

“Ok, Randy.”

A moment later a naked young women with brown hair and modest breasts came into view. She knelt in front of him as he sat on the side of the bed. Then she began to give him a blowjob.

Cynthia watched for another minute or so. “Porn,” she muttered as she shook her head. “We get these all the time.”

She was just about to click it off when the young man grabbed the back of her head. He appeared to force his cock hard between her lips until it she was made to take it all the way down her throat. Then he held her there.

She started to gawk and gurgle. It wasn’t long until she tried to come off. But he just kept her there.

“Deep throat,” Cynthia observed. “Nice, but no sale.” Then she looked a little closer. Wait; was that young woman’s face actually starting to turn red?

Faye gagged and grunted as he grasped firmly onto her skull. Her body appeared to shudder as she instinctively tried to pull away. Cynthia concluded the young woman definitely couldn’t breathe. Was this a part of what they wanted to show her?

She stayed with the video long enough to see Faye’s eyes start to roll. She moaned as she went into hitches and spasms. Then he pulled his cock out of her mouth.

She appeared to be unconscious for a few moments. Cynthia watched as he pulled her limp body up onto the bed with him. A moment later she started to shake and hitch as though her systems were coming back online.

She whispered something to him and he nodded. She seemed happy about that. Then she got on her hands and knees on the bed, facing the camera.

He got behind her and appeared to push his cock inside her. Then he started thrusting. The young woman gasped and moaned as she reached under to grope her tits before reaching further back to finger herself.

Cynthia was about to turn it off when he suddenly wrapped his fingers around her throat. Faye’s eyes widened in response. Then she started to gasp again.

He thrust a little harder as he appeared to squeeze her neck with a little more strength. The director of the show saw the young woman’s face start to turn red again. He was actually choking her during sex!

It looked like it was getting harder for her to breathe. In fact it looked like her eyes were starting to bug out a little. Cynthia was turned on just enough to keep watching.

Faye shuddered hard again until her eyes rolled as she passed out a second time. She virtually collapsed onto the bed with her ass in the air. He appeared to keep fucking her until she came back around.

When she fully regained consciousness she reached up for the noose above the bed as the young man laid flat on his back. She noosed herself before he grabbed a little coil of rope and tied her wrists behind her back. Then she lowered herself down onto his erect member.

Once more Cynthia was intrigued enough to keep watching. Faye bounced up and down on his cock. But the noose pulled her up short as she could only get part of it into her pussy.

The deeper she tried to take him, the more she strangled herself. Once more she started rasping and moaning. Her nipples hardened as her pussy became red and swollen for the camera.

She deliberately went up and down despite the redness of her face and her difficulty breathing. The strain on her legs was plainly visible to the director of the show. She was actually hanging herself as she rode his cock!

Her breathing became ragged and sporadic, her chest heaving as the noose tightened around her throat. It got harder for her to remain on her bent legs. A moment later they gave out entirely.

She rasped and gurgled as she fully impaled herself on his dick. Her face went a deep shade of red. A moment later cream started leaking out of her cunt as she went into convulsions.

Cynthia was fully aroused now, watching the clip as he reached around to grope Faye’s boobs. She was hitching and spasming as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Then he climbed out from underneath her.

For a moment she hung limp in the noose. Then he lifted her up and struggled to loosen the coil. He finally got it off from around her neck, allowing her to crumple onto the bed.

He smiled into the camera. “Thanks for watching. When we’re in your studio, she will remain impaled on my cock as she hangs until she’s dead. I hope you’ll consider us for your show.” Then he repeated the number Cynthia had seen written on the CD before the clip ended.

The director of the show sat there breathlessly. Then she picked up the phone, pushed a button and placed a call. “Bob? Cynthia. I may have another one for us. I think this one can be filmed live. I just got an audition video. You can view it anytime you like. Yes, Bob; I think this one will work great. You want me to give them a call? Ok, Bob. Thanks.”

She disconnected from the call. Then she pushed another button for a line outside. She punched in the number on the CD. Then she waited until the line was picked up and a female voice answered.

“Hello, Faye? This is Cynthia Packwood from Famous at the End. I just had a look at your audition video, and I like it a lot. When would you and your husband be available for an interview? Tomorrow afternoon? Good. Bob and I will be here.”

(Feb 4 ’18)

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