Sandy’s Surprise


Sandy always did like to surprise me with a special firing squad execution every now and then. She was so thoughtful. Besides, she knew how much it turned me on.

She recently set one up out back in the woods behind the morgue. It’s always handy if you have a morgue close to your execution site. It means you can get the bodies inside and have some fun with them before rigor sets in.

She set a gurney off to one side of the execution post. Then she went in and brought out Priscilla Mayweather. Priscilla was a lovely brunette attending City U.

Apparently Priscilla had failed in pledging to the Phi Omicron Ro Nu sorority. She’d been given the choice of leaving school or joining the sorority posthumously. Priscilla’s mother wanted her in the sorority and apparently had manipulated her into accepting summary execution so her name would appear in the sorority album of members past and present.

When it was time for the execution my girlfriend Sandy brought out the lovely Priscilla. She guided her to the post as our sexy female firing squad took up position. Priscilla took one look at them and almost fainted. That’s when it must have set in what was going to happen to her.

I was hard in no time at all knowing I was about to witness another thrilling execution. Sandy smiled as she called me over. That’s when she introduced me to Priscilla.

“This is my boyfriend Mike. He loves executions, and he’s going to be getting off to yours. I see he brought the pistol I’ll be using to administer the killing shot on that lovely head of yours.”

Sandy looked down at my crotch and grinned. “See the bulge in his jeans, honey? See how excited he is at your impending execution? Let’s have a closer look, shall we?” Poor Priscilla could only stand there trembling at her impending demise as she looked at me.

As if to confirm my condition, Sandy rubbed the bulge in my pants. Then she pulled them down and exposed my erection. “See this, Priscilla? Hard as a rock. He’s just aching to shoot a creamy load once the firing squad ejaculates their slugs into your lovely body.”

Priscilla gulped and nodded as Sandy reached out and touched my stiffening dick. “He likes you, Priscilla. I think he’s going to enjoy watching all those bullets perforate your body. What do you think?” The poor thing’s mouth opened and closed, but no words would come.

I went ahead and finished disrobing. Sandy smiled at my naked body. “Isn’t he grand, Priscilla? You’re going to give him a great show as you die for your sorority, aren’t you? After all, we’ll be reporting back whether you died well or put up a fuss. Your mom might not like hearing about that.”

“I’ll d-do my b-best,” the trembling thing said to us.

“I know you will, honey,” Sandy told her with a smile. Then she began to disrobe as well.

It wasn’t long until my girlfriend was as naked as I was. Her body always did turn me on. She saw my erection had not diminished and smiled at me.

“He likes seeing me naked, honey. Now let’s treat him to your nude form as well, shall we? He’s going to want to see where those bullets will be entering that bare flesh of yours.”

Sandy temporarily removed the cuffs before getting Priscilla out of her blouse and skirt. She slowly but sensuously removed everything on the young woman but her bottoms. “You’ll put on a much better show if you’re naked for Mike, honey. Just look at his cock. It’s stiff as a board! Can you tell how excited he is? He’s thinking about watching you being executed in front of a firing squad.”

All our clothes were lovingly set aside. Then she backed Priscilla up against the post. “Let’s get those cuffs back on you, shall we? Don’t want you going anywhere before the rifles go off now, do we?”

My girlfriend made sure the young woman’s wrists were cuffed around the back of the post. “My, but you look sexy, honey. Let me see. I think there’s one thing missing. Don’t you agree, Mike?”

I wasn’t sure what she was referring to. Then Sandy went and retrieved a black blindfold. She adjusted it around Priscilla’s head until it covered her eyes.

“How’s that, honey? Can you see?”

“N-no, I c-can’t see a thing. D-do I have to wear this?”

“Honey, it adds to the execution if the condemned woman wears a blindfold. Am I right, Mike?”

“Right as rain, Sandy.” I could not help smiling. My cock was quivering for a release.

“You should see what you’re doing to Mike, honey. His cock is just aching to explode. And it’s all because of you and these nice tits of yours… tits that will soon be feeling the sting of hot lead.”

Sandy began pawing and groping poor Priscilla’s quivering mounds. “I’m afraid these lovely orbs are soon going to be perforated. That doesn’t upset or frighten you, does it?”

“Maybe a l-little.”

For a minute there I thought the poor thing was going to wet herself. Sandy reached down and rubbed Priscilla’s crotch. The young woman clenched and squirmed.

“Are you aroused, honey?” Sandy asked with wicked amusement. “Sorry we can’t do anything about that. We have an execution to perform and you need to feel hot led piercing these gorgeous mounds of yours. But you can cum anytime you wish. Some ladies orgasm right before the rifles go off. Besides, I promise to munch on your tasty, wet muff once we get your corpse into the morgue.”

Sandy ran a finger teasingly over Priscilla’s damp thong, rubbing back and forth. Then she put it between her lips and tasted. “That’s going to be yummy after you’re dead, honey. I know you’re just as excited as I am to get this show on the road. Mike’s so hard he’s liable to spew his load once those bullets tear into your flesh. Now let’s achieve some penetration, shall we?”

She asked me, “Mike, are you ready to watch me execute Priscilla here?”

“Ready!” I replied enthusiastically, my cock twitching as it saluted the lovely Priscilla and her impending death.

“Firing squad… READY?” Five rifles were immediately lifted upward.

Five rounds were loudly chambered. Sandy deliberately paused again. She looked at me and grinned as she saw how hard and dripping I was.

Sandy had my revolver in her hand. She raised it up as she chuckled with amusement. Then she told Priscilla, “Is the suspense killing you? It’s sure as hell turning me on. Can’t see a thing, can you. But I sure can. Do you know what I see? I see five rifles at the ready. Now it’s time for them to…………..”


Five rifles took aim at the lovely Priscilla. They were sexy girls in white sweater tops and schoolgirl-red skirts. Sandy and I were standing a little close to the doomed teenager. But we trusted their accuracy.

I was trembling so bad I thought I was going to “fire” before they did. My girlfriend just kept playing it up. “Honey, this is so fucking good,” she breathed in Priscilla’s direction. “They’ve taken aim right at you. I wonder what parts they will hit. Will your tits be shredded? Will one go into your stomach? Who knows?”

There was another long pause. The university co-ed trembled as she started panting for breath. Sandy looked at me with a wicked grin. There was a long, pregnant pause before………………..


I looked at Sandy in surprise. Damn! She was really stringing this along!


She held up two fingers as Priscilla turned toward her voice in alarm. The poor thing must have been horrified Sandy was taking so long. My girlfriend grinned at her as she giggled mischievously…


Five rifle shots rang out, startling the crap out of me. Priscilla’s sexy young body shook from the penetration of the slugs. Her mouth opened in a grimace as Sandy stood there triumphantly.

Priscilla groaned as she slumped against the post, her breathing heavy and labored. She went down until she ended up sitting on her ass. Her left breast had taken the brunt of the fusillade.

Sandy walked up to poor Priscilla with pistol in hand. She pushed it against the doomed woman’s head. “Honey, this is the best part,” she told her.

“Mike’s so fucking hard right now. This headshot should send him right over the edge. Are you ready for my revolver to fuck your brains out, baby?” I was hard and ready to erupt.

Sandy paused for dramatic effect. Then she pulled the trigger. A shot rang out, penetrating the doomed girl’s cranium.

Priscilla jerked before all motion ceased as she sagged lifelessly. I jerked as my balls emptied themselves. Sandy turned and grinned to see I was spurting all over Priscilla’s twitching corpse.

She let out an orgasmic cry as she came over to me. She got down on her knees and sucked me dry. Then she went over and set Priscilla free by removing the handcuffs. The coed simply slumped lifelessly onto the ground.

Sandy called out, “Squad? Get this dead bitch up onto the gurney. There’s no need to be gentle.”

Three of them quickly came over and hefted her up. They unceremoniously dumped her onto the gurney. Priscilla was left sprawled out naked except for the tennis shoes she still wore.

About that time a new player entered the execution arena. She was buck naked. It was a familiar looking blonde who was clapping her hands. “Bravo, Sandy; bravo! I nearly came myself!”

“Dorothy Curtis?? What a pleasant surprise!”

They embraced like old friends. Then they started touching each other. Was I about to be treated to a bonus performance??

Dorothy told her how much she enjoyed the execution. Sandy said she was glad she had been able to witness the event. For a moment they seemed to have forgotten I was standing there.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. Priscilla was dead on the gurney while Dorothy and Sandy were both naked. My eyes didn’t know who to focus on.

All of the sudden Sandy turned to me and asked, “I take it the squad has enough ammunition for a second execution?”

“They certainly do,” I told her with a smile, feeling my cock stir again.

“I’m happy to give my all for Mike’s pleasure,” Dorothy told my girlfriend. Then to my utter surprise they started making out with each other right then and there. It was one hell of a turn-on.

Those sexy bitches really groped and fondled each other. To my surprise Dorothy pushed my girlfriend back against the post Priscilla had recently stood in front of. Then she started tying her to it.

Sandy became confused. “Wait, I… this isn’t the way… Dorothy, don’t you have this backwards?”

“Not at all,” she told her with a grin. “I told you I was here to give my all to Mike. But this time I have something extra special planned.”

She looked at me and asked, “How about it, love? Care to watch me execute your girlfriend?”

Alarm filled Sandy’s features. Her quivering voice betrayed her emotions. “Mike? Darling??” But she received no sympathy from me. I was turned on like you wouldn’t believe.

“Oh, don’t worry about a thing, love,” Dorothy reassured her. “You promised Priscilla there would be a little munching in the morgue, right? I promise I’ll dine on your tasty muff just as soon as we’re done out here.”

“B-B-But Dorothy! Doesn’t Mike want to execute YOU??”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s been looking forward to seeing your lovely tits perforated for a long time, love. Just look at him over there.” Indeed, my cock had hardened right back up seeing the way Dorothy was preparing my girlfriend for a sexy, impromptu execution.

“Come on over, Mike. Say goodbye to your girlfriend!” When Dorothy eagerly waved me over, I jumped to obey.

I kissed Sandy as Dorothy put the blindfold over her eyes. It was the same blindfold that had adorned Priscilla’s face mere moments ago. After all, that lovely corpse certainly didn’t need it anymore.

My cock pushed up against Sandy’s crotch. She was wet as hell as she humped me a little in her growing fright. Dorothy told us, “Hunh – unh, love. I get to play with that now!”

We caressed Sandy all over. Dorothy actually reached down and rubbed my girlfriend’s wet crotch, fingering her dripping slit. “You’ve always wanted to munch on mine, love. Now I get to munch on yours. Oh don’t worry, about Mike. I promise I’ll take real good care of him.”

Dorothy got down on her knees right in front of me. I could hear the fear in Sandy’s voice. “M-Mike, are you s-sure about this?”

“Darling, you have no idea how turned on I am right now seeing you standing there naked and blindfolded, waiting for the firing squad to shred those gorgeous tits of yours.”

“Oh, I can vouch for that, love,” Dorothy said agreeably. “You should see how hard his cock is. But don’t you worry. I’m going to take care of his needs right now.”

Dorothy began sucking me nice and slow. I groaned from her skills. Sandy looked at me as though trying to stare through the blindfold.

Dorothy became noisier as she sucked and slurped. She took me deep down her throat until she gagged on it. I gasped and moaned my pleasure.

I could tell Sandy knew exactly what was going on. She kept staring in my direction. I couldn’t tell whether she was frightened or jealous. It was probably a little bit of both.

“He’s got a great cock, love,” Dorothy said to my girlfriend. “It must have been a real treat getting to suck and fuck him every day. I promise I’ll do my best to live up to the kind of girlfriend you were to him.” Then she took me back into her mouth, sucking and slurping as I reached out and groped Sandy’s trembling mounds. Her nipples were so wonderfully hard.

Dorothy backed off, leaving me frustrated. Then she stood upright. “Darling? You might want to step out of the way. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt with any of those slugs intended for your lovely Sandy now, would we?”

I stepped back and stood apart from my trembling girlfriend. Sandy was panting like crazy. It was obvious she’d never intended for this to happen.

Dorothy looked at the young women in their skirts and tops. Then she smiled as she told Sandy, “You have five wonderful executioners, love. They were quite accurate with Priscilla. But I’m asking them to save the last kill shot for me, you know… the one to your head? The one you enjoy giving out so much?”

Sandy whimpered and trembled. Dorothy rubbed her hands all over my girlfriend’s body. “Scared, love? No, I suppose you’re trembling with excitement, aren’t you… excitement at the idea of dying for your lovely boyfriend Mike here. I can assure you he’s really going to enjoy this.”

Sandy started hyperventilating as Dorothy stepped away. I don’t know why the hell I was so damned aroused. I’d cum just a few minutes ago, yet my balls felt like they were full again.

Dorothy didn’t say a word. There was no sound. I actually heard robins chirping not too far away.

Sandy panted like crazy. Then she started looking around as though she was getting anxious. What she’d done to Priscilla by taunting her had now come full circle. Karma can be such a wicked bitch.


Sandy almost jerked at Dorothy’s unexpected cry. Five rifles were lifted up; five rounds chambered. I inhaled sharply at the eroticism of it all.

Sandy’s chest rose and fell. I was looking forward to seeing those breasts of hers get perforated. Judging by the gleam in Dorothy’s eye I could tell she was looking forward to it as well.

There was a long silence. Then we all heard “AIM!” Dorothy barked it out, causing Sandy to jerk with a start against the post she was secured to.

Once more there was a long pause, an incredibly long pause. My cock was dripping. I couldn’t believe how aroused I’d become.


Sandy had no time to jump at Dorothy’s barked directive. Five shots rang out in unison. She grunted as five slugs penetrated her body.

Sandy groaned as she slumped against the post. She was still alive and upright, although I could tell she’d been fatally wounded. Blood bubbled up in her mouth.

Dorothy eagerly waved me to come right over. She motioned for me to start stroking while she held the revolver in her hand. She didn’t have to tell me twice.

Sandy finally lost the ability to stand. She slid weakly down the post until she was flat on her ass. Then Dorothy stepped forward.

“It’s time to put you out of your misery, love. You can’t see it. But maybe it will bring you some comfort – perhaps even a little pleasure – knowing your boyfriend is going to splatter your corpse with his baby-batter the moment I administer the coup de grace.”

Dorothy hefted the pistol and cocked the hammer. She gently placed the barrel up against Sandy’s temple. Then she told me, “Cum on her when I finish her off, Mike. Splatter her sexy corpse.”

Sandy let out a little whimper of agony. I stood right next to her, stroking like crazy. Dorothy told her, “Mike’s right here, love. He’s going to cum on you after I pull the trigger. Too bad you’re not going to feel him spunk his warm man-cream all over you.”

I stroked like crazy. I couldn’t ever remember participating in an execution so damned erotic. The fact it was my girlfriend being killed by that tart from England only made it better.

“Goodbye, Sandy. See you in the morgue. I bet your muff’s going to taste wonderful.”

I thought I heard Sandy gasp a little. Then Dorothy pulled the trigger. There was a puff of smoke from the loud report as my girlfriend’s head snapped back.

Sandy immediately went into death spasms. That’s when my cock went off. I sprayed her naked, spasming corpse as Dorothy gasped, “Yes, love! Cum all over her dead, sexy body! You have no idea how much that turns me on!”

I splattered my girlfriend until I thought I’d squeezed out most of my man-cream. Dorothy quickly got down on her knees and finished sucking me dry. “I’m jealous she got most of your spunk, darling. I just might have to lick it all off her corpse once we get her inside.”

She freed Sandy from the ropes tying her to the post. My dead girlfriend crumpled over onto her side. She looked so incredibly sexy lying there with bullet holes in her chest and forehead.

Dorothy grabbed Sandy and adjusted her around on the grass. She laid her out the way Sandy was going to end up on a slab in the morgue. I looked down at her with a feeling of incredible excitement. I’ll be damned if my cock didn’t start to stiffen again.

“Just look at her, darling. Doesn’t she look wonderful lying there on the ground? She took those bullets for you just like Mata Hari did all those years ago. Truly a lovely sight to behold!”

Dorothy reached down and grabbed my dangling member. It didn’t take long for me to stiffen right up in her hand. “We’re going to have a blast inside the morgue, darling… just you, me, and your lovely corpse of a girlfriend.”

She stroked me as I stood there looking at my dead Sandy. Just seeing her perforated like that was really turning me on again. It was too bad she wasn’t alive to witness my excitement.

“Let’s see what she has to say about her execution, love.” Then Dorothy knelt down. She removed the blindfold until my girlfriend’s eyes were revealed.

Sandy vacantly stared upward at us. My cream had splattered parts of her face and chest. The hole in the center of her forehead completed the sexy image.

“Just look at her, darling,” Dorothy told me enthusiastically. “It looks like she’s begging us to take her inside and have some fun with her.”

Dorothy calmly walked over to the gurney. She looked down at Priscilla’s dead body. Then she grabbed the gurney and unceremoniously tipped it over. The dead City U coed tumbled onto the ground in a heap.

“Sorry about that, love. But Sandy’s more important than you are right now. Don’t worry; eventually we’ll get back to you.”

She motioned for the firing squad to come over. They reverently lifted Sandy up onto the gurney. I think they were tender with her because of the emotional attachment they had with her, especially at being allowed to participate in so many of Sandy’s previously organized executions.

They slowly wheeled Sandy and the gurney into the morgue. Dorothy and I followed right behind. All our clothes as well as the weapons remained outside.

Once we got my corpse of a girlfriend inside, the firing squad departed, their duties having been concluded. That left Dorothy and I with Sandy. That’s when she began rubbing my girlfriend’s naked body all over.

I watched as Dorothy fingered her dead, dripping slit while I played with Dottie’s full, firm breasts. Dorothy murmured, “Sandy must have orgasmed the moment that hot lead tore into her. What a thrill it must have been. I can’t wait to feast on her wetness.”

Dorothy got a hose and washed Sandy’s body down while it remained on the gurney. She must have forgotten she was going to lick all my cream off. Maybe she was eager to get to the good stuff.

After washing it down, she began rubbing it all over with her hands, feeling up Sandy’s cooling corpse. It surprised me how much she seemed to be into it. I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I just stood there and watched. But it sure felt like I had a permanent erection.

Dorothy bent over and told my dead girlfriend, “You have no idea how turned on I am right now, love. You talked so many times about the women you played with right here in this very morgue after they were dead. Now it’s my turn to play with you.”

Sandy said nothing. She just stared upward with that vacant look in her eyes. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was.

Dorothy went on talking to her. “At the time I thought it was bloody disgusting the way you described what you did to each corpse. But now I’m beginning to understand what it was that must have turned you on about the whole bloody thing. Seeing you lying there with those holes in your chest? Seeing those lifeless eyes and that vacant expression? I can’t believe how turned on I am, love! Bloody hell!”

Dorothy tenderly ran her hand up and down Sandy’s corpse. She found a bullet hole and felt around inside it with a finger. “Bloody hell, love. Did you treat your victims this way?”

“I can attest to that,” I told her with a smile. “She loved feeling them up. She gave each one careful scrutiny once she got them inside.”

“Even playing with the bullet holes?” Dorothy asked incredulously as she stuck a finger in the one in Sandy’s right breast.

She smiled as she poked her fingers in more holes. Then she jerked her hands away. “Wait; what the hell am I doing?”

“You’re being inquisitive, Dorothy. And you have no idea what it’s doing to me.”

She looked at my erection and smiled as she licked her lips. Then she went back to poking fingers in my girlfriend’s bullet-ridden corpse. I couldn’t remember if Sandy had ever fingered bullet holes in her victims before. But I was almost sure she had.

“This is so kinky, darling. Why am I so turned on?”

“I don’t know. But you’re sure as hell turning me on too.”

Dorothy stuck a finger in a hole near the center of Sandy’s chest. Then she stuck one in her forehead, the one she’d created by administering the coup de grace. She playfully wriggled both fingers, checking my response. I just grinned at her, becoming more and more aroused.

“Bloody hell! It feels so intimate violating her like this!”

“She doesn’t seem to mind, Dottie. Just look at her face. I almost think she likes it!”

Dorothy stuck her fingers in all the holes. She even wriggled them around inside. Sandy never objected, not even once.

I finally asked, “Still going to feast on her muff, Dorothy?” I had my doubts it was really going to happen. Our tart from England wasn’t into girls, certainly not in that way.

She looked at me for a long moment. Then she smiled before she moved to the end of the gurney. She grabbed Sandy’s legs and pulled her body down until my girlfriend’s crotch was within easy reach.

Dorothy splayed the legs off the end of the gurney. She fingered the wet slit, breathlessly observing how damp she was. “She must have cum the moment those rifles went off, love.”

“I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she did.”

Dorothy leaned over and began kissing Sandy’s crotch. Then she tentatively stuck her tongue out. She lapped up the sticky fluids before pulling her head up, commenting on the incredible taste.

She leaned back in and began licking some more. I heard little slurping sounds. Dorothy moaned as she began to lick a little more enthusiastically.

By now I was so hard and throbbing that I had to have another release. Dorothy was right there handy, all bent over invitingly. So I slowly pushed my hard cock into her pussy from behind, making her moan into Sandy’s crotch.

“Bloody hell, Mike! I never knew this could be such a turn-on. No wonder Sandy loved doing this to each of your lovely execution victims. Fuck me hard, darling. I’m so hot for it that I need a good shag right now.”

I thrust in nice and hard. Dorothy grabbed Sandy’s ass, pulling her dead crotch up closer to her mouth. She gasped and moaned as she continued to lick and slurp while I gave it to her good.

Sandy lay there like a trooper, taking it all without one peep of protest. She just kept staring up at the ceiling as though encouraging us to violate her. It was arousing as hell.

I was horny like you wouldn’t believe, watching Dorothy feast on my dead girlfriend’s womanhood. There was just one thing left to do.

I paused and slid out of Dottie’s pussy while I went to fetch it. She looked to see what I was doing. “Where are you going, love? Don’t leave me now! I was getting close!”

“I’m just getting something to help you get off, Dottie. Go back to what you were doing.”

She went back to feasting on Sandy’s muff. I returned with a knife before slipping back inside her wet tightness. She gasped and whimpered with lust.

Dorothy grunted and moaned as she slurped and munched. Sandy’s naked corpse rocked a little. I could feel myself getting close. Now that Sandy had gotten her surprise, it was time for Dorothy to get hers.

I pulled her upright as I thrust my cock up into her. I could feel her clenching. She was going to pop off at any moment.

“Cum for me, you sexy bitch!” I breathed into her ear. She reached down and fingered her button, moaning excitedly as I got ready. Then I brought the blade up and held it against her throat.

“Darling, what are you doing – AWKAUGGHH!” That’s when I sliced right through her neck.

Dottie let out a gawk as blood started pouring out of the wound I’d just made. Her body began to jerk in my grasp. That’s when her lovely fuck-box began clenching like crazy.

“I’m sure Sandy wanted you dead this whole time, darling,” I whispered into her ear. “I couldn’t very well say no to my girlfriend, could I? Three victims in one day? I’m going to pump gallons of baby-batter into all three of you!”

Dorothy started to jerk and spasm. I could feel her trying to milk another cum right out of me. It was erotic as hell the way she was hitching and gurgling.

“Cum for me, Dorothy. Is the London tart going to orgasm for me as she dies?” Then I sliced a little more across her neck.

More blood began flowing out as she writhed and spasmed. She kept trying to speak, her mouth opening and closing. But her words were gurgling in her throat.

I rammed my cock hard up her quivering love-slit as I hissed into her ear, “You’re a tart, darling. Now you can die like one.”

She was no longer munching on Sandy. Signals from her brain were getting scrambled. Amazingly her hand reached down and fingered herself as I sliced through flesh and bone.

She really jerked as I tried to cut through her neck. Her pussy was clenching like crazy. I was on the verge of shooting my load until she squeezed me right out.

I completely severed Dorothy’s head from her neck. Her body fell out of my grasp and crumpled onto the floor of the morgue. It left my erection stiff and twitching.

“Arrgghh; so good, Dottie!” Then I brought her head down and thrust into her mouth. That’s when my cock went off.

Her eyes stared straight ahead in surprise as though she couldn’t believe it. I kept thrusting and pumping my creamy load into her mouth. Her lips quivered as though she could taste my spunk.

I pulled out of her mouth and held her head upright. My baby-batter mingled with the blood from her severed neck, spilling out and dropping onto the floor. It was incredible.

I looked into her eyes and told her how much I loved her participation in Sandy’s execution. I said it had been erotic as hell. Cumming in her severed skull at the end was simply icing on the cake.

It was time to give my dead girlfriend what I knew she was hoping to receive. But I pushed my cock against her other hole instead. Then I slowly forced my way through her clenched sphincter.

I began thrusting in and out, enjoying her anal passage. She just lay there all limp and lifeless. But she had this expression as if to say, “I should have known you’d want to take my ass after I was gone.”

“Yes, Sandy; yes! I’ve always loved your ass!” Then I began thrusting hard and fast.

I was still aroused and stiff from my experience with Dorothy. I didn’t know how long I could last. But I gave Sandy my all, enjoying her ass as I lifted her legs, crying out my enthusiasm for an afternoon well spent.

I gave my girlfriend one last hard fuck. I even alternated between her ass and pussy. She didn’t seem to mind.

I went back and forth between holes while glancing behind me at where I’d left Dorothy’s severed head. Somehow I stayed hard enough. I thought about Sandy giving Priscilla the coup de grace, and it helped keep me nice and stiff.

I went back to her ass, enjoying how tight she was. I remembered how I’d so casually snuffed Dorothy. Her blood was everywhere, her eyes staring lifelessly back at me.

I managed one last climax, although I didn’t give Sandy very much cream. Then I was reminded of Dorothy’s promise to munch on her muff. I pulled out before placing her head back against my girlfriend’s leaking crotch.

“Clean her out, darling! Taste my cream oozing out of her hole!” I didn’t hear any licking or slurping. But Dorothy looked like she was giving it her all as I raised my arms in triumph.

What a day it had been. Three executions in one afternoon. And I still had Priscilla to bring in and enjoy.

I had a couple more hours to kill. And I had three lovely corpses to play with. How the hell was I ever going to top that?

2019 (written for Mike and Sandy Aug 2 ’19 by riwa)

(Renders are courtesy of Mike Hunt.)

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