Hanging him (m/m; male victim)


I cuffed his arms behind his back. Then I led him naked into the next room. That’s when I showed him the dangling coil hanging from the hydraulic machine.

I told him I was going to noose him up. Then I was going to lift him up onto his toes and fuck his ass. His cock got hard as he looked at the noose that would hang him.

I moved him right in front of the dangling coil where I gently looped the noose around his neck. I made sure to cinch it tightly behind his left ear. He gasped for breath as his cock hardened even more.

I disrobed before I stepped behind him. My cock was hard and throbbing. I pumped the handle to the hydraulics, removing the slack from around his neck.

I gently pumped the handle until he was shuffling around on his toes. I heard him rasp as he tried to get a decent breath of air down his windpipe. “How does it feel?” I asked with a cruel smile.

He rasped and gurgled as he struggled to find a place to stand with the least amount of discomfort. But there was no such place. He could not ease the tension of the rope around his throat.

I reached around and stroked his erection from behind. “You’re hard,” I murmured into his ear. “You’re looking forward to hanging for me; aren’t you.”

I grasped onto his growing erection. It felt like he was thrusting into my hand. I have no idea whether it was deliberate or simply instinctive.

He was just the right height for my dick as he balanced on his toes. I pushed against his anal opening from behind. Then I slowly forced my way inside.

He stiffened and grunted as he tried to shuffle around on his feet. But there was nowhere for him to go. My cock pushed all the way inside him.

“You’re nice and tight,” I said into his ear, gently fucking his ass I continued stroking him. “Don’t worry; you won’t be cumming just yet. I’m saving that for when you’re dangling in the noose.”

I gave him a nice slow fuck until I was ready to cum. I worked his cock with my hand, keeping him hard without giving him the urge to purge. He twitched in my hand. It also felt like he was thrusting within my grasp.

I told him I was going to hang him the moment he felt my seed up his ass. I fucked him harder as my cock stiffened. Then my balls unloaded my spunk up his rectum.

I quickly pumped the handle to the hydraulic gallows. The noose lifted him right up into the air, causing me to slide right out of him. His eyes went wide as he struggled to breathe.

He began to kick and sway as he dangled from the noose. His secured arms jerked haphazardly behind his back. His cock bounced as he hitched in the noose.

He made delicious rasping noises as he fought the rope even harder. That’s when his cock began to ooze its cream. It dripped off the tip to splatter onto the ground.

I stroked my growing erection as I watched him. “Almost gone?” I asked with a smile. “I have just the thing to send you on your way.”

I went over and picked up a baton from a nearby table. I went back over and stroked his erection as he tried to breathe. His chest heaved as his eyes began to glaze over.

I took the baton and rammed it hard up his ass. It sparked a little animation inside him. Life returned to his eyes as he kicked a little more.

More cream oozed out the tip of his cock. His struggles lessened until he was gently dangling back and forth again. That’s when I raped him once more with the baton.

He jerked as he kicked and swayed a little. But there wasn’t much life in him. His saluting cock dripped more cream. Then piss began to flow out of the tip.

I rammed the baton up his ass one more time. There was hardly any reaction. So I gently lowered him in the noose until his toes were less than an inch from the floor.

I stepped behind him, removed the baton, and then rammed my cock up his ass again. He hardly responded. Droll fell off his protruding tongue as stray muscles fired in his arms and legs.

I fucked him until my cock emptied itself into his rectum a second time. Then I left him dangling less than an inch off the floor. My cum leaked out of his ass as urine dribbled off the tip of his drooping penis.

I brought the baton over to him one last time. I breathed into his ear, “Happy birthday, my friend.” Then I rammed it hard up his ass.

There was no reaction. In fact, he seemed to like it where it was. So I left it inside him as I left to go make myself a drink.


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