A night to remember 6


A night to remember 6: Torturing Carmen and Sophia

Chastity was in a generous mood. She had enjoyed snuffing her “winnings” from the card game up on stage earlier. Then she enjoyed watching me snuff Tia the attendant.

I followed her and Monique as they led her last two prizes – Carmen and Sophia – into a sex room. She smiled evilly as she told them, “I think I’ll have you bitches entertain me until I’m ready to snuff you.”

Their wrists were tied together behind their backs. Their ankles were secured with ropes dangling from the ceiling so they could hang suspended. Knees were bent and parted so their cunts were invitingly exposed. Mouths were forced open with ring-gags.

A couple of attendants helped lift both women up into the air by the ropes attached to ankles and secured wrists. The Latina and French girl were fully suspended off the floor. Mouths and pussies dangled at a convenient height.

Chastity, Monique and I took up seats at a small table where drinks were furnished. “Bring in the clients,” Mistress announced with a wave of her hand. “I do hope they don’t mind us watching. The bitches are now available to one and all for no charge. Consider their holes ‘on the house’. I’m in a good mood tonight.”

For the next couple of hours we watched as Carmen and Sophia were fucked in every hole. Males and females came in to enjoy them both. Chastity was gracious to one and all as each client was allowed to make use of her “winnings” from the card game.

She was especially enthusiastic whenever either one was fucked by a female. She especially encouraged those clients to “Go right ahead and fuck ‘em hard, ladies! Make ‘em scream for me. That’s what they’re here for.”

As a submissive, the French slut seemed resigned to her fate, if not actually a little excited about it. She was multi-orgasmic, cumming hard time and time again. She often got off both Chastity and my wife Monique simply by her moans and cries.

On the other hand Carmen was a stubborn, defiant bitch. It was a character trait that worked against her. Once our clients discovered her flaw, they showed no mercy, ruthlessly fucking her again and again. Orgasms were virtually raped out of her body.

Of the two bitches I think Carmen’s performance aroused me more. It brought out Chastity’s cruel side. She encouraged everyone to “Rape that fucking whore! Put the damned bitch in her place!”

I’m not sure if the Latina had much practice being a submissive slut. She was certainly getting an education now. It was arousing as hell.

Halfway through the fucking Mistress suggested I go and relieve myself. She told me to show the stubborn bitch how to take it like her submissive French slut. Naturally I couldn’t resist an offer like that.

I got up to give her a taste of my cock. I raped her cunt hard, pounding her mercilessly. It made her body rock and jerk in her suspension.

Monique decided to come over and join me. She assisted by fucking Sophia with a strap-on. The French submissive was brutally fucked as she was forced to watch me bang her Mistress.

I shifted to Carmen’s ass, fucking her rectum hard. Mistress leaned forward excitedly, urging me to brutalize the bitch. Carmen tried to be defiant, but it was no use.

She cursed me through that ring gag in her mouth. I was oblivious to her cries as I pounded her shit-hole harder. I was delighted when I raped an orgasm right out of her. Her body shuddered violently as she came like a whore.

I finished her off by making her suck my cock clean after leaving a dripping deposit in her anus. She was forced to taste her ass on my still hard dick. I was not merciful as I shoved it deep down her throat.

“Gag the fucking whore, honey!” my wife urged excitedly. She spun Sophia around. Then she fucked the French girl’s mouth as well so that together as husband and wife we pounded both oral cavities.

“Make her choke on it, my dear boy!” Mistress urged me with a cruel laugh. She stood up, came over and tugged violently on Carmen’s tits. The Latina screamed with a mouthful of cock.

“Not so high and mighty now; are we, honey,” Chastity told her, her voice dripping with venom.

After we finished, Monique and I rejoined Mistress. We all went back over to the table for refreshments. Chastity raised her glass in a toast.

“Well done, my pretties” she praised us, eyeing her victims coldly. “Now that’s how you rape a couple of deserving whores, especially one who tries to be such a dominating bitch. Let’s open those holes back up for business, shall we?”

She smiled cruelly as the three of us settled in. More clients came in to partake in the two slut freebies the Club was offering. It amazed me where they kept coming from.

At the end of the second hour I was hard again. Mistress encouraged my wife and I to go ahead and fuck them for round two. By then Carmen was too weak to protest.

She still tried to act a little defiant. This time I fucked her French submissive. I allowed my wife Monique to take on the Latina bitch.

Monique was especially cruel. She fisted Carmen’s cunt while taunting her. She told her to watch me fuck her French bitch and that there wasn’t a damned thing she could do to stop it. Then she shoved a second fist into Carmen’s ass as I raped her blonde submissive.

Sophia experienced my hard cock deep inside her fertile cunt. She was helpless as she watched her poor Mistress get brutally violated. It must have aroused her greatly because she certainly endured one hell of an orgasm.

Her spasming cunt milked me dry. I filled her fuck-hole with my seed. Her continuous banging left copious amounts of cum dripping out of all of her holes.

Carmen finally went off like a rocket, going from one devastating orgasm to the next. It must have been humiliating for her. She howled through her ring gag as Monique fisted her cunt and ass.

I don’t know if it was the fisting or the sight of me abusing her little slut. Maybe it was the humiliation of her situation that ultimately set her off. Her system finally overloaded because she suddenly passed out, hanging limp and lifeless in her suspension.

Chastity stood up and applauded, loving what we’d done to her card game bitches. She instructed her attendants to take them down to her suite. She quietly gave them instructions on how to prepare them. Then the three of us left to do a walk-through of the casino while her orders were being carried out.

We wandered through the casino for several minutes, saying hi to our many clients. Mistress Chastity finally decided it was time for us to attend to her bitches down in her suite. I was curious as to her plans.

I inquired as to what she intended to do with them. “Why I plan on torturing them, my dear boy!” she said with great delight. “Then I intend to snuff them. Does that satisfy your curiosity?”

My wife looked at me if to say “Wasn’t it obvious? Did you really have to ask?”

I could tell by the expression on her face that she was really looking forward to it. I felt properly chastised. “My apologies for being such a dunce.”

“Not at all, my dear boy,” Mistress replied good-naturedly. Then she patted me on the chest. “By all means… DO come and join us. It promises to be quite stimulating, a glorious ending to a wonderful evening.”

“It will certainly be a night to remember,” Monique agreed. She purred happily as she wrapped her arms through mine, allowing me to escort her.

We reached Chastity’s suite and stepped inside. We found Carmen and Sophia bound and ready to play with. The naked Latina dom had her arms roped outward and upward above her to the ceiling, her legs splayed open by a spreader bar.

A rope came down behind her from her neck. Twin threads ran down tightly through her crotch. They went right back up between her breasts to wrap around her throat, threatening to strangle her. She was not gagged and was permitted to observe her bound submissive.

Sophia lay naked on her back. She was strapped onto a body-board on a hydraulic pedestal. A section of floor opened directly below her head, revealing water.

Her arms were secured tightly to her body. But the naked French girl’s legs were spread wide. She stared helplessly up at the ceiling.

She was unable to tip her head back far enough to observe her former Mistress’ plight. She whimpered uncertainly, fearful of the known and the unknown. My cock quickly started to harden again.

Beside both bound females were a couple of small tables on wheels. Each table contained various implements of sadistic cruelty. I anticipated a forthcoming mixture of pain and pleasure.

“So how are my bitches?” Mistress asked with a smile. “Are my cunts ready for some pain? Ready to die for me, my pretties?”

“Go to hell,” Carmen panted. But there was little enthusiasm to her words. Either she was exhausted or she was simply putting on an act.

A thought occurred to me. Was it possible this whole thing had been set up from the very beginning? That seemed unlikely. After all, it could very easily have been Mistress Chastity stuck with that last losing hand instead of Carmen and her submissive.

“I’m going to have the most fun with you,” Chastity purred at her. “We’re going to have a great time together. But not to worry. I’m sure Monique will enjoy torturing your precious little sub.”

“Fuck you!”

“No, honey,” Chastity said as she sauntered over. “I plan on fucking YOU!”

She motioned for Monique to take care of Sophia. Then she instructed me to pull up a chair. “Have a drink, my dear boy. Enjoy the show.”

My wife freed the latches to the table. Then she brutally tilted it downward. Sophia’s head was immediately submerged into the water below. “Bubble for me, bitch!” she demanded.

When no bubbles were forthcoming, she grabbed an erect nipple. Then she gave it a good, hard twist while declaring “I said BUBBLE for me, you fucking whore!”

Sophia screamed a flurry of bubbles. Her body writhed and struggled. Monique slapped her tits hard before pulling on her erect nipples. “You fucking LOVE it; don’t you, whore!”

She laughed cruelly, happily abusing the bubbling blonde. I looked over and saw Mistress pawing the tits of her captor. I noticed a flogger in her free hand.

“You love it; don’t you, honey,” she chuckled mercilessly. “You love watching my dear Monique torture your slutty sub, don’t you?”

“Go to hell!”

“Tell me you don’t love hearing her bubbly screams,” Chastity demanded, pulling on her nipples. “Tell me that doesn’t get you off. Tell me you don’t love the idea of my dear girl drowning your sexy bitch!”

“Damn you!” Carmen panted. But I think Mistress was right. The more abuse Monique heaped upon her sub, the more the Latina panted heavily.

Her eyes were wide despite her distress. It was as though she couldn’t help being affected by what she was witnessing. It wasn’t long until she started to moan.

I heard a sound, followed by Sophia’s screams. Monique was flogging her pussy hard while her head was out of the water. The many tails of the whip stung the poor girl’s crotch.

The board was abruptly tipped downward. The French girl screamed with her head underwater. More bubbles came up as Monique flogged the exposed pussy a couple more times.

Carmen suddenly yelped as she received a similar whipping on her crotch. “Tell me you love it, bitch!” Chastity yelled, cruelly flogging her cunt and ass. “Tell me you fucking LOVE it!”

The Club’s co-owner whipped the mistress while my wife flogged the submissive. Occasionally Monique lifted Sophia’s head up for a breath. Then she would dunk her head again, forcing her to hold her breath while flogging her exposed cunt.

Sophia screamed above and below the water. Bubbles fountained upward with her explosive breaths and painful cries. Chastity and Monique worked in tandem until the room was filled with delicious screams and shrieks.

Carmen shrieked from her pain. But still her eyes remained focused on her sub. “Cum for me, bitch!” Chastity crowed triumphantly. “Listen to your sub’s juicy screams… and then cum for me!”

Mistress whipped her hard until the Latina screamed. She shuddered as an orgasm was literally flogged right out of her. But she wasn’t the only one orgasming.

Sophia screamed a froth of bubbles from her blows. She squirted her orgasm, drenching the flogger in Monique’s hand. That just turned my wife on even more, making her more sadistic as she hit her again and again with the wet tails of the whip.

Sophia was given a break from her dunkings, only to have her tits severely whipped. At the same time I saw Mistress clamp Carmen’s nipples together with a chain. She hung weights from a link between her cleavage to add to her misery, causing her to cry out in pain.

It was arousing as hell. My cock was hard in no time at all. Chastity saw my need and responded accordingly.

“Go on over, my dear boy,” she suggested with a wink while jerking on Carmen’s chain. “Why don’t you rape that ass over there while I rape this one over here?”

Carmen whimpered, her defiance having been beaten out of her. There was this strange look in her eyes. I doubt she would have ever admitted it. But I think she was looking forward to watching me fuck her blonde assistant.

As I walked over, my wife handed me something. “Use this on her cunt when you’re not fucking her, honey.” I looked down at the item and smiled, recognizing it as a taser.

I looked over at Carmen and saw that her eyes were wide, her breathing labored. “Gawd, baby; this is going to be so good!” Mistress purred into her ear.

With my eyes locked onto Carmen’s I pushed the taser against Sophia’s dripping pussy. It was red from her whippings. The taser crackled, causing the blonde to scream in pain as her body writhed uncontrollably.

Monique savagely dunked her, telling me to do it again. Once more I cruelly tasered that exposed pink cunt-flesh. We were rewarded with another bubbly scream.

“You too, bitch,” I heard Chastity tell her captive as Monique brought Sophia back up. A moment later I saw her jam a taser against Carmen’s cunt. I couldn’t help myself as I tasered the French girl’s crotch at the same time.

Both bitches screamed in unison. Mistress got this big smile on her face. “Music to my ears,” she sighed happily.

I pushed my cock against Sophia’s puckered anus. Then I thrust hard into her quivering hole. She let out a cry as I began fucking her ass hard.

Mistress sighed again as she wrapped an arm around her captor. “He’s really raping her ass, isn’t he? Don’t you just love it? You know what it makes ME want to do, don’t you? It makes me want to rape YOUR ass!”

As I pounded Sophia’s rectum, I watched Mistress grab the handle to her flogger. She reached down as though trying to pull the rope open enough to find Carmen’s anus. A moment later she shoved the handle inside.

The Latina cried out, her body jerking. “Don’t you just love it, honey?” Mistress delightedly told her captive. “I just LOVE sodomizing a bitch like you! I’m sure you’ve fucked your slut up her shit-hole many times before. Now it’s my turn to fuck yours.”

As I thrust hard into Sophia I watched Mistress fuck Carmen with the whip handle. But Chastity’s eyes seemed to be upon me more than anything else. I exaggerated my thrusts as she did the same.

Both girls grunted in unison. It’s as though we were fucking them together as one entity. So when I hefted the taser in my hand, Mistress hefted hers while giving me a sly wink.

“I think you’re in for a shock, honey,” Monique giggled at Sophia as she caressed the poor girl’s quivering tits.

I pushed the taser against the blonde’s swollen nub. At virtually the same time, Chastity touched Carmen’s crotch. Both girls screamed together.

My wife swooned with pleasure. “Gawd; I just love the sweet sound of bitches in agony!”

“Take it, cunt!” Mistress gasped excitedly, sodomizing her charge while tasering her. “Watch your slut-sub cum for us like a good little whore!”

I tasered Sophia again as I rammed her ass hard. She screamed once more, her muscles spasming violently around my cock in her rectum. A moment later she came violently, nearly drenching me with her cum as she squirted heavily.

“Watch her cum, bitch!” I heard Mistress gasp excitedly. “Gawd; that is so fucking hot! How about you, bitch? Are you gonna cum for me too?”

Chastity shoved the whip handle hard up the Latina’s ass. Then she cruelly tasered her pussy. Carmen jerked and screamed.

Her naked body erotically thrashed about in her bondage. The weights bounced on the chain between her clamped tits. “Cum for me, bitch!” Mistress demanded. Then she looked over at us, telling us to “Drown the whore!”

I pulled out of her ass before tipping Sophia downward. Her head was immediately submerged in a froth of bubbles. Then I tasered her cunt again as I stared at Carmen with a wicked smile.

The blonde screamed and bubbled. Her body writhed like crazy. “CUM FOR ME, BITCH!” Chastity demanded.

She left the handle of the whip up the Latina’s ass as she cruelly tasered her cunt. Carmen screamed and then climaxed hard. I saw fluids spew out onto the floor. The twin ropes were parted just enough by the handle of the flogger shoved up her rectum to allow her to squirt freely.

I tipped the board back up, pulling Sophia’s head out of the water before she drowned. Then I went back to fucking her ass. At times I paused long enough to pull out, dunk her head and taser her cunt.

My wife furiously fingered herself, all caught up in the excitement of the moment. Mistress eagerly tasered her helpless, writhing captive. Now and then she paused long enough to grab the handle to the whip to viciously sodomize that ass.

Carmen screamed again, her cries blending with those of her submissive. It was more than enough to set me off. I filled the blonde’s rectum with my spunk as her quivering muscles milked me dry.

Throughout the ordeal Mistress was exceedingly cruel to Carmen. It was not just with her implements of torture. She also taunted the helpless dom relentlessly with her words…

“Watch your bitch suffer, my pretty. Isn’t it wonderful? Doesn’t it make you want to cum? You fucking LOVE it, don’t you? Go ahead; get off on her suffering! I sure as hell am! Don’t try to deny how much you love it!”

Carmen grunted, moaned, cried out and screamed. Chastity took great pleasure in causing her pain. It was a reminder just how sadistic she could be.

Sometimes she pulled on the rope, grinding it into Carmen’s crotch while half strangling her. Sometimes she sadistically tasered the poor woman’s cunt. Most of the time she simply enjoyed herself by ramming that ass with that whip handle, occasionally pulling on the chain dangling from Carmen’s clamped tits as though trying to rip her nipples off.

After leaving a nice cum deposit in Sophia’s ass, I got a long, loving kiss from my wife for my efforts. I watched Monique fill the blonde’s ass with a huge plug, apparently to keep it all inside. Sophia flinched and grunted, moaning and squirming helplessly.

As I walked back over to the table to get another drink, I heard Mistress call over to my wife. “Flog her one more time for me, baby. Taser that juicy cunt just for me. I want to make this bitch cum one more time while she suffers.” Then she jerked on the chain dangling from Carmen’s nipples

The Latina cried out, moaning in agony as Monique took to her task with great relish. She furiously flogged Sophia’s cunt one last time. Then she tasered her as she dunked her.

There was an erotic froth of bubbles. The naked blonde screamed and wriggled helplessly. I doubted she could hold her breath for any length of time, an assumption that was confirmed by Monique bringing her back up coughing and panting after just a few seconds.

Mistress was relentless. “C’mon, bitch! You fucking LOVE it, don’t you! You LOVE how we’re torturing your bitch, don’t you! Cum for me, you fucking whore! Enjoy her torture and cum for me! Let’s cum together, bitch!”

Chastity left the handle of the whip up inside her captive’s ass, allowing the tails to dangle like the tail to a donkey. Then she took the taser and brutally shocked the woman’s cunt. Carmen’s screams bounced off the ceiling as once more she sprayed her climax all over the floor.

The Latina shuddered hard. Then she suddenly went limp in her bondage. Her head lolled forward, indicating she’d passed out.

That was the end of it. Nothing Chastity did to her could make her respond. She’d taken all she could take at the moment.

At about the same time Sophia’s cum sprayed up into the air like a fountain as she bubbled wildly. Then with a grunt she also went limp. Apparently she had joined her former Mistress in blessed unconsciousness.

“Oh no, you don’t!” my wife told her, quickly pulling her head out of the water by tipping the board level. “You don’t get off THAT easy!”

Sophia’s tongue lolled out of her mouth. Her eyes had glazed over. But her chest rose and fell, indicating she was still breathing.

“We’ll let them rest a moment,” Chastity told my wife. She panted heavily as a look of extreme satisfaction filled her face. Then she told her, “Afterwards we shall proceed with the executions. I’m really looking forward to snuffing these two bitches.”

2010; 2020 (written Sep 26 ’10; ed. Apr 4 ‘20 by riwa)

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