Guillotine repair


The two sisters got out of their vehicle and turned on their flashlights. The barn looked old and decrepit in the dark. In fact, it looked downright spooky.

“Are you sure it’s here, love?” Dorothy asked her sister Zilpha as she flashed her light all around.

“This is where they told me it would be,” she replied nervously. “Maybe we should have come in the daylight.”

“I thought this was right up your alley, especially the way you like taking people around at night on your ghost walks.”

“Zip it, love.”

Zilpha led the way to the barn. They were right at the door when an owl hooted somewhere in the distance. A moment later something flew overhead.

Zilpha grabbed her sister for moral support as she anxiously looked all around. “C’mon, love,” Dorothy told her. “Let’s go inside and see if it’s really there.”

Dorothy was the one who grabbed the handle. She slowly opened the door to the sound of a mournful creak. Then she stepped inside, flashing her light all around as her sister crowded in right behind her.

“Against that wall,” Zilpha said quietly. Both flashed their lights in that direction. That’s when it came into view.

“Bloody hell,” Dorothy breathed reverently. “You really found a guillotine in here, love!”

“I told you my source was a good one.”

They carefully approached, flashing their lights to maintain their bearings. Then Dorothy illuminated the wooden structure. Clearly it had seen better days.

“Not much to it, is there,” Dorothy observed sadly. “It’s bloody well falling apart. I wonder if Frank would like to have a go at it.”

“Frank? Who’s Frank?”

“He’s my carpenter, love. I bet he can do something with it. Now let’s get out of here before somebody sees us.”

“Or something comes out of the shadows and gets us,” Zilpha added with a nervous laugh. Neither sister felt safe until they were in the car on the road heading back into town.

Three days later they were back. This time Dorothy’s carpenter friend was with them. And it was much earlier in the evening, as the sun was just now setting.

They took him inside and showed him the structure. Frank shook his head in amazement. “At first I didn’t believe you, love. But it looks like you really found a guillotine.”

He flashed his light all around the contraption in the growing darkness of the barn. He spent several minutes looking it over. Then he gave his assessment.

“It’s in bad shape, love; really it is. I suppose I might be able to do something with it. But the blade is cracked and bent. I can’t fix that; I’ll have to order a new one.”

“Can you do it?” Dorothy asked hopefully. She wanted to see it in working order. Hell, she was half tempted to lie down in it once he got it functioning again.

“I’ll have to haul it back to my shop. It’ll take two or three weeks minimum. And I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to come up with a blade for it. I’m not even sure it would be worth it.”

“I know a museum who would pay handsomely for a working guillotine,” Zilpha offered. “I can make it worth your while, Frank. We both can; right, Dottie?”

“If you can get it to function, Frank, I’ll ride it naked for you,” Dorothy said with a naughty grin. Zilpha just rolled her eyes in disgust.

Frank looked at the older sister and smiled. “I’ll bet you would, wouldn’t you, love. Ok. I’ll have the boys come get it and take it back to my shop. I’ll see if I can get it to working.” Then he turned to Zilpha.

“Go talk to your museum friend. Tell him I’m working on a guillotine. If he’s interested, we can talk terms of delivery.”

For the next three weeks Dorothy heard nothing. Zilpha called her once, but her sister had nothing to report. She hadn’t even tried calling her carpenter friend because she suspected he was busy. So she had no idea if he was having any kind of success with it.

Three days later she got a call from Frank. The guillotine was ready. Would she like to come over and have a look before the museum curator hauled it away? Besides, hadn’t she promised to go for a ride on it once he’d finished?

Dorothy got the shivers something fierce as she called her sister. But Zilpha wasn’t home. Dorothy couldn’t remember if this was the night she was out on another of her ghost walks.

Dorothy drove to Frank’s residence. His workshop was in a building out back. She didn’t bother going to the house when she saw all the shop lights were on.

She knocked on the door of his workshop as a surge of erotic tingles hit her hard. “Frank? It’s Dottie!”

“C’mon in, love!”

She opened the door and stepped inside. She had to walk around a little wooden partition blocking her view. When she cleared it, she gasped at what she saw.

Frank had a large wooden guillotine all set up in his workshop. It was made of oak, the wood stained and varnished. A long bench lay attached for the victim to lie secured to.

A gleaming, silver blade hung from the top. Frank was standing right next to it. A moment later he pulled a rope.

The blade whooshed down. It landed with a loud THUNK. A helpless watermelon lying at the base of the guillotine split right in two, the front half falling to the floor. Dorothy let out a cry… and then promptly wet herself….

“Well, love?” Frank asked, motioning grandly at it as he pulled the blade back up while smiling like the Cheshire cat. “What do you think?”

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy gasped reverently. She couldn’t believe it. She also couldn’t believe how wet she’d become at witnessing the glorious contraption.

“It took four weeks, and I searched high and low for a blade. I finally found one in East London. What do you think?”

Dorothy walked up and put her hand on it. It sent an erotic shiver running through her body. “Bloody hell, Frank. I had no idea you could… it’s lovely!”

“So what do you think, Dottie? Ready to take it for a spin?”

She gasped as she started to tremble. She had no idea he might actually want to take her up on her offer. He saw her hesitation and laughed.

He slipped a wooden dowel into the frame. Then he pulled the rope again. The blade came down, only to stop right above the lunette where the dowel held it fast.

“My special feature, love,” he told her with a smile as he pulled the blade back up to the top. “Are you going to go for a ride before your sister’s museum friend comes and hauls it away? He’s paying me a handsome price for it, you know. It’s going to cover all my expenses while leaving me with a tidy profit.”

“I suppose I did make that promise,” Dorothy told him breathlessly.

She watched him seesaw the bench until it stood vertical. “I strap you down to this, love. Then I tip it flat before pushing it forward until your head passes through the opening. When that’s done I secure your head in the lunette. Ready to go for the ride of your life?”

“Bloody hell!” she breathed as another erotic shudder rippled through her.

She slowly undressed, embarrassed at the way her nipples were now protruding out of her breasts. She winced with the knowledge Frank could now see how wet she was between her legs. Well, she wouldn’t be naked for long. Then she could get dressed and go home. At least she’d be able to tell Zilpha…

Her sister. Where was Zilpha? Was she out on her ghost walk? Too bad she was going to miss out on all the fun.

She was panting for breath as she finished undressing. She stepped around to the back of the guillotine and pressed herself up against the bench. She remembered it being called a bascule because of the way it seesawed her flat onto her stomach.

Frank strapped her down in three places: shoulders, waist and upper legs. Then he slowly tipped her forward. Dorothy let out a gasp as she was lowered flat onto her stomach.

“Just got to slide you forward now, love,” Frank told her. Then he gave the bench a shove. Dorothy slid right through until her head was sticking out on the other side of the path of the blade.

She gasped as she looked down at the floor. She couldn’t believe how aroused she’d become. Then she noticed the red stain below her as he brought the lunette down in place.

“Frank? What’s that?”

“What’s what, love?”

“Did you spill something on the floor?”

“Oh! I forgot the wicker basket, didn’t I. Just a moment, love. Let me go fetch it for you.”

Dorothy kept staring down at the floor. That sure was a remarkable red stain. She couldn’t tell if he’d spilled paint or lacquer on the floor while working on his machine. It seemed almost too red for that.

“Here’s the basket, love. Tell me what you think.” Then he placed it directly below her head.

Dorothy gasped in shock at the contents. The basket was all red and bloody. Inside was the severed head of…


The blade suddenly whooshed down. Dorothy felt a sharp pain in her neck. Then it felt like she had fallen until her lips were pressed up against her sister’s right ear.

Frank reached down and pulled both heads out. Then he showed them to the museum curator who had just stepped out from behind another partition. “Will these work, Riwa?” he asked with a smile.

“Perfectly,” the museum curator said with a smile as Dorothy’s legs kicked and flailed. “We’ll prepare the heads while encasing the bodies in plastic. I really appreciate you providing a couple of bodies to display with our guillotine.”

“My pleasure,” Frank said as he held both skulls aloft.

Dorothy was conscious long enough to see her legs kicking. Her naked body jerked and hitched all strapped down to the bascule. Then her vision faded away as she plunged into the abyss of oblivion…


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