Sela’s pesky neighbor


Note: Here is a bonus story for the holidays. This time it involves a male victim. It’s only fair to the ladies, right?

He was trouble from the first day he moved into the house next door. As soon as he saw her outside he rambled over and introduced himself as Derrick. He had short, dirty blonde hair and looked like he hadn’t shaved in five days.

The first thing he did was to ask her out. Sela tried to be polite. But he didn’t want to take no for an answer. She finally told him she wasn’t interested.

He came over the next day to borrow some scotch tape. Sela immediately suspected it was a ruse to get inside her home. She gave him a dispenser she’d purchased last week, only for him to ask her out again. Once more she declined.

The next day it was a request for milk for his cereal. The day after that he wondered if she had a broom. Each time he was there he asked her for a date. The bastard just couldn’t take no for an answer.

She was buying groceries the next day when she overheard another woman complaining about a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer. She shared she was having the same problem. The other woman laughed as she lamented it was too bad they couldn’t make them disappear.

Sela laughed at that. Then she gave it some thought. That’s when a wicked idea sprung to mind.

After two weeks of pestering her for a date, Sela finally told him there was a place in the woods she liked. It was near a waterfall with a pool. He immediately offered to pack a picnic lunch and drive her up there.

She offered him a compromise. He could bring the sandwiches and she would bring the drinks. She said she had an appointment but she figured she could get away and meet him there later. She was relieved when he said that would be acceptable.

She drove up early and parked in a different location. Then she hiked to the spot and waited for him. Sure enough, he showed up about a half hour later lugging a large picnic basket.

He expressed surprise he hadn’t seen her in the parking lot. She told him a friend had dropped her off. She hoped it wouldn’t be too much trouble if he drove her back. Instantly his eyes lit up, no doubt at the idea she was alone and was now dependent on him.

Derrick set up a blanket on the ground. He pulled out the food while Sela fixed a couple of drinks. She made sure he didn’t see what she dropped into his container.

He’d just taken a drink when Sela asked if he wanted to go skinny dipping. He readily agreed, no doubt thinking his charm was finally winning her over. They both quickly stripped.

He was preparing to wade into the water when he started feeling high and a little sleepy. That’s when Sela fetched the rope she’d hidden a short distance away. She used a small length to tie his hands behind his back. Then she threw one end of the longer nylon over a nearby tree branch.

She quickly formed the free end into a noose she’d learned to tie. Then she led him over to a rock below the branch where the rope was dangling. “You’re going to love this, Derrick,” she said enthusiastically as she helped him over. His mind was so foggy that he went willingly, hoping he’d get to fuck her.

He was getting an erection which she reached out and stroked to encourage him. She looped the noose around his neck. Then she pulled on the other end, forcing him to climb up onto the rock.

“Isn’t this fun, Derrick?” she asked with a smile. He smiled back as he nodded drowsily.

“You want to fuck me; don’t you, Derrick?” He smiled and nodded again. Everything was so fuzzy he was having some difficulty staying awake.

She tied off the free end of the rope. Then she grabbed his cock. “You want to fuck me, right Derrick? Ok, baby; let’s fuck!” And with that she pulled him off the rock by his cock.

He swung back and forth, rasping and gurgling. He seemed drowsy and confused. Sela grabbed his cock and stroked it, noticing how hard he’d become.

“You like fucking me, Derrick? Doesn’t it feel good?”

He was so tired and confused. He couldn’t breathe, but his cock felt good. Was he fucking her like she said?

“You going to cum for me Derrick?” Sela asked as she stroked his meat. He began hitching and jerking, his legs kicking a little as he twisted in place. Then his cock went off in her hand, splattering Sela’s chest.

“Did that feel good, Derrick?” she asked, aroused at the way he’d splattered her with his cream. She kept stroking him as he slowed down. His eyes were half closed as stray muscles started firing.

“Got any more for me, Derrick?” she asked with a smile as she kept stroking him.

He twitched and shuddered as his cock went off again. Sela got a little more cream on her chest. That was enjoyable. But now it was time to depart.

“Eric, that was one hell of a fuck. But I’ve got to go now. I’ll see you later, ok?”

Sela quickly got dressed. She packed up everything she’d brought with her. Then she made the hike back to where her vehicle was hidden. As she drove home she wondered how long it would be before Derrick was found and who her new next door neighbor might be. Hell, she’d enjoyed this one so much the new one might also be worth bringing out here for a picnic.

2018 (written Oct 11 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the picture/manip)

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