Izumi’s hot spring hanging


Izumi was a playful little nymph. She was also considerably kinky. She loved dangerous games, mostly because of the affect they had on her sexually.

Once she was sitting naked in a chair with her iPhone in hand, surfing the Internet. I snuck up behind her and wrapped a pair of her nylons around her neck, playfully strangling her. Immediately her hands came up to claw the garrote away.

I removed the nylons and said I was sorry. She shook her head and told me not to apologize. I had simply caught her by surprise; her reaction had been instinctive.

She begged me to do it again, asking that I wait until she was not paying attention. She told me to strangle her harder and not to stop no matter how she might react. I said it might be difficult but I would see what I could do.

I went into the bedroom to do something. Izumi went back to her iPhone. I quietly returned five minutes later to whip the nylons around her throat, strangling her again.

She jerked with a start as her hands came up to claw at the nylons. I pulled her back against me as I strangled her harder. She rasped for breath before her hand snaked down to her pussy.

She furiously fingered herself as I nearly choked the life out of her. Then she began to buck and shudder in orgasm. I gave her an extra five seconds before letting go.

I had no idea what kind of effect that would have on her. From then on she wanted to include asphyxia during our playtimes. She even wanted to be choked and strangled during sex.

Once I put a pillow over her face while I was fucking her. She bucked and shuddered underneath me, thrashing about until she milked a cum right out of me. The moment she passed out in the midst of a savage orgasm I removed the pillow. She later told me how much she loved it.

Soon she stopped taking showers in exchange for taking baths. She loved it when I would burst in on her and force her to the bottom of the tub. She always bubbled wildly, thrashing about in the water. And she almost always experienced an orgasm.

We strung up a noose in our bedroom. She loved riding the noose while fucking me in the cowgirl position. Afterwards she would beg me to hang her as befitting a whore of her caliber.

I always took her down before serious damage was done. She often acted disappointed. I told her I didn’t want to accidentally kill her. But she didn’t believe me.

She knew the effect it had on me. She believed one day I would take her too far. And she was fully convinced I wouldn’t be the least bit sorry.

For a special treat we drove up to our cabin in the mountains in the middle of winter. We had a building next to a hot spring. She liked the idea of skinny-dipping with snow all around.

On the way up she told me how I could dispose of her body were something to happen to her. She told me I could easily get my hands on another sexy whore to play with. Her kind were a dime a dozen, and she said it shouldn’t take long to find another bitch who loved asphyxia every bit as much as she did.

Once we arrived and got settled in, she took off her clothes and made straight for the hot spring out back. I joined her and we had an erotic time in the water. I forced her head underwater and fucked her silly until she was cumming and bubbling up a storm.

Afterwards she told me I should have drowned her and then tossed her corpse into the river. Her eyes twinkled as she told me how erotic it would have been to drown with my cock up her cunt. I told her I might have to give it some serious thought. Strange how my words made her all breathless as her eyes flashed with excitement.

She fixed a nice meal and we cuddled after supper. Then she wanted to fuck again. I bagged her as I fucked her until she shuddered in orgasm, the plastic clinging tightly to her face as she passed out. Afterwards we fucked like rabbits until we exhausted ourselves.

The next morning I got up and rigged the noose out over the hot spring while Izumi did a little cleaning. Then she got undressed and came out naked. She wanted to see what I’d done out in the spring.

She came out and saw the noose dangling there. She got all excited as she grinned at me. Then she grabbed the noose and looped it around her throat.

“Hang me!” she gasped excitedly. “Hang me and leave me to dangle out here until my body freezes solid!”

I pulled on the rope and took her up into the air. She rasped for breath as she kicked and struggled. But she managed to masturbate like she always did whenever I left her hands free during her previous hangings.

She put on quite a show, jerking until she squirted into the hot spring. Then I brought her back down. She was relieved to be able to breathe again. But she expressed her disappointment I had not left her hanging. So I fucked her good and hard, forcing her head under until she savagely climaxed as she bubbled like crazy.

That afternoon I added a wrinkle to our hot spring play. I tied her wrists behind her back to her ankles. Then I noosed her up and hauled her hogtied into the air. She wriggled like a good little whore as she rasped for breath.

When I lowered her she had a different problem. She ended up submerged face down, still unable to breathe. Then I jerked on the rope and hauled her back up to hang again.

I don’t think I ever saw her squirt so hard. Her orgasm looked incredibly intense, at least from where I was standing as I held onto the rope. Then I let go and she dropped into the hot spring with a splash.

I fucked her mouth until I blasted my load between her lips. Then I pulled her head up out of the water. She gasped for breath before telling me she’d cum like a fucking whore.

That night our sex was incredible. I choked and strangled her into orgasm after orgasm. We finally exhausted ourselves before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Izumi begged me to hang her out in the hot spring one last time. I could see by the look in her eyes just how much she wanted me to take her all the way. By now I was starting to seriously consider it.

I had everything packed up in the car when Izumi took off her clothes. She grabbed the rope and headed out back for the hot spring. I shed my clothes and followed her out, asking her what the hell she thought she was doing.

“My friend Misaki would love to be your girlfriend. She has told me so on many occasions. She is a whore just like I am.” Then she tossed one end of the rope over the beam above the hot spring.

She grinned excitedly. Then she said, “Please hang me, Riwa-san. Leave me dangling here until spring where you can take me down and cast my body into the river. Go to Misaki and make her your new whore.”

She took the rope and looped it around her throat. Then she waited expectantly. When I hesitated she said, “Please, Riwa-san. I am so excited I am ready to burst. But I can see you are excited too. I want you to cum as I hang to death for you.”

My cock was certainly erect. I grasped onto the rope to make her think I was going to do it. Then I paused.

Could I do it? I was incredibly fond of Izumi. But I was also incredibly aroused. Had she ascertained my weakness, just as I had ascertained hers?

I grabbed the rope and pulled her out of the water. She gasped as one hand reached up for the coil around her neck. The other began fingering her dripping slit.

I held her in the air as she kicked and fingered herself. Then I tied the rope off. Her eyes seemed to flash with a burst of radiance as she kicked harder, her fingers blurring as she furiously masturbated.

She rasped for breath as the noose tightened. There was a definite chill in the air from being exposed to the elements while standing out of the water. So I lowered myself until I was nearly fully submerged, stroking as I watched her.

Her nipples were incredibly erect, her labia swollen through her hairy bush. She appeared to be dripping profusely as she swung back and forth. Then her knees came together as she squeezed her fingers with her cunt.

Her orgasm came squirting out of her as she hitched and shuddered. It looked like the most intense orgasm of her short existence. She appeared to exhaust herself. Then she hung limp as my cock went off in the warm waters of the spring, ropes of cum swirling around.

Her body hitched as her arms dangled at her sides. For a moment I was sorely tempted to bring her down. But I saw something flicker in her eyes as though she was pleading for me to leave her up. Perhaps it was just my imagination.

I sat there in the spring for a full fifteen minutes as Izumi hung limp and lifeless. Her bladder gave way, allowing urine to roll down her legs into the spring. Already I was seeing frost start to accumulate on her naked body.

I went inside, got dressed and then drove down the mountain. I was not afraid of anyone finding our cabin and the naked body dangling outside. It was in a remote part of the forest.

When I got home I received a visitor late that evening. It was Misaki. She bluntly asked me if I had hanged Izumi as she’d gotten a text message the other day from her friend, telling her what she hoped I would do to her.

I was stunned and did not reply. She just touched my shoulder and smiled. “It is ok, riwa-san. I will be your whore now. Maybe you can take me to see the body of my friend Izumi. And maybe one day you will hang me too.”

2019 (written Feb 16 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by the manip created by Quidam Martin.)

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