Arlene’s consensual drowning thoughts

Note: A short bonus story for you to end this month.

I can’t believe it! It’s finally going to happen. Today’s the day he’s going to drown me.

I’ve been begging him to do it for weeks now. I know he wants to drown me. Every time I bring it up he gets such a huge bulge.

The other day we fucked underwater in our backyard pool. He pounded me so hard that I had a really intense orgasm. My lungs were straining and I nearly lost all my air. You have no idea how hot that was.

Afterward I told him he should have finished me off. I would’ve cum even harder if he would have drowned me. Just the idea of him holding me down while fucking the air out of my lungs gets me so turned on.

Ever since we built this backyard pool I’ve been thinking about it. The idea of being found at the bottom of our pool in the deep end is such a huge turn-on. Every time I tell Bret, he gets so hard. So I know he’s been thinking about it too.

He’s asked me how I want him to do it. But there are too many options to choose from. I honestly can’t decide.

One idea that gets me wet is being anchored nude to the bottom by my ankles to a set of weights. Even better would be if he were to come down and touch me all over as my lungs start to burn, waiting and watching until the air bursts out of my mouth. Damn, I’m really getting horny just thinking about it.

There’s another idea I’ve thought about that I haven’t told him. He could drain the water level to the pool, tie my hands to the metal pool ladder in the deep end, and then slowly fill it back up. I know I would go crazy with the water slowly rising while he was stroking himself as he watched me.

Of course the best way would be if we were fucking in the deep end. It’s hard to contemplate anything hotter than him thrusting deep inside me while we’re at the bottom of the pool. Imagining him pushing my limits while filling me with his seed makes me so wet and horny. Damn, my nipples are hard just thinking about it!

I suppose he could always tie me up, weight me down and then toss me into the deep end. Watching me wriggle and struggle until my lungs gave out would give him quite a thrill. It would be a good role-play for us.

I can picture him now with me floating at the surface, looking at me with lust in his eyes. He gives me one last kiss, and then he gently pushes me under. No fanfare; no announcement – it’s just under I go. Then I have to hold that last breath until it explodes out of my lungs.

When I’m almost gone I want him to take the heel of his hand and shove it into my stomach, forcing the remaining air out of my lungs. I want them to be filled and my stomach full of water as I lie on the bottom looking up at the surface. I can tell I’m going to have one hell of an orgasm when it happens.

Ok, Bret! I’m out here naked just waiting for you! Hurry home and drown me, honey! I’m so turned on right now I’m afraid I just might start the festivities without you!


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