(AF’s) The Audition

April fumed as she sought out Jenna. That audition rightly belonged to her. Was it true what she’d just heard? If anyone would know, it would certainly be Jenna.

April caught her in a changing room. “Is it true?” she demanded.

“Is WHAT true?” Jenna replied. “What are you talking about?”

“Is Hope Marie giving my audition away to someone else? I told her I wanted that part.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have no idea – AWK!”

She gasped in alarm as April’s hand shot out and wrapped around her neck. “I said… ‘Is Hope Marie giving away my audition to someone else?’ Don’t lie to me, you little shit! I know you two are close!”

Jenna tried to speak, but couldn’t. April finally let her go. “All right – all right!” she gasped as she pushed April’s hand away from her throat. She coughed once as she tried to catch her breath.

“She’s letting Casey audition for the bondage shoot, ok? Casey can hold her breath longer. Does that satisfy your morbid curiosity?”

“Not at all,” April growled ominously as she turned and walked away. “I think I’ll go have a little talk with Hope Marie. That bitch thinks she can give my promised audition to someone else? We’ll just see who ultimately gets that bondage shoot!”

Casey was a little nervous. But it was not because of her abilities. It was because she was getting an audition promised to someone else.

“Are you sure April’s not going to be upset that I’m auditioning for the shoot she wants? You know how pissed off she can get.”

“I’m the one who knows the director,” Hope Marie explained. “He trusts my judgement. Besides, this is all her fault. If she wanted the shoot so damned bad, she should have been nicer to me. The bitch doesn’t deserve this.”

Casey nodded as though the matter was settled. But there was still one thing she wanted to clear up. “So let me get this straight. You’re going to chain me to the chair at the bottom of the pool. I’m going to have access to an air hose, right? Then you’re going to take a bunch of pictures to send to the director?”

“You’re not scared, are you? Everything will be perfectly safe. We have that scuba tank sitting on the side of the pool, and it’s full of air. The hose is plenty long enough to reach you on the bottom. That’s why I had you work on breathing from the regulator earlier without using a dive mask. I want your pictures to be natural: no mask, nose clip or anything like that. Any questions?” Casey shook her head.

Hope Marie smiled at her. “I think you’re going to do just fine. Now let’s get you down into position, ok? I’ll lock you into the chair, but I’ll make sure you have the regulator. Sound good to you?”

“Ok with me,” Casey nodded agreeably.

She wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of being chained and padlocked into the chair at the bottom of the pool. But Hope had the key and a sufficient supply of air. She could breathe compressed air easily enough, so that was no problem. Besides, she was willing to make this look realistic if it meant getting that bondage shoot.

She got into the pool and tested the regulator. Air flowed freely; there seemed to be no restrictions. Then she looked down at the chair she would be sitting in.

It looked comfortable enough. She’d already experimented with bondage gear with a couple of boyfriends. She found herself becoming a little aroused at the thought of being locked down at the bottom of the pool.

She swam down and sat in the chair. Hope Marie came down and motioned… “Are you getting enough air? Casey nodded.

She felt an erotic thrill as Hope began chaining her down. The padlocks completed the bondage look. Casey felt a thrill at being chained, padlocked and vulnerable.

She was now stuck on the bottom of the pool until her audition was over. She would be dependent on Hope Marie for setting her free. She was also dependent on getting all the air she would need. But she was more than willing as she really wanted to get that bondage photo gig.

She inhaled and exhaled, getting used to breathing compressed air. Hope motioned at her… “Everything ok so far?” Casey nodded at her. It was a little unnerving, but it certainly made her feel kind of sexy… and more than a little aroused.

Hope Marie surfaced and then grabbed the camera. Instinctively she checked the display. She cursed under her breath when she saw the battery icon flashing.

She hollered down at Casey, “I have to change batteries!” She held up the camera and waved it around in the air. “Batteries… I have to go get some batteries!” But it looked like the model wasn’t paying attention down there.

She thought about going down and trying to make sure Casey understood. But she was wasting time. She wouldn’t be gone long if she went right now.

She made a show of placing the key to the padlocks on a can of beer so she would know exactly where it was. She hollered down, “I’m placing the key right here!” But Casey was still not looking at her.

She hesitated a moment, not wanting to leave her alone. But she figured she’d only be gone a couple of minutes. That’s when she turned and rushed out of the pool area before running up the hill to the house.

After she was gone, there was a rustle in the bushes. April slowly emerged from her hiding place. She glared angrily at what she’d just witnessed.

She looked down to see Casey playfully stretching her legs out. She was posing in preparation for the audition that rightfully belonged to her. That bitch!

It galled her to think the bondage shoot might actually be given to someone else. Casey was certainly wearing the right kind of outfit for it. This was really pissing her off.

April looked at the scuba tank. She followed the hose with her eyes down to the regulator in Casey’s mouth. The bitch kept inhaling and exhaling while experimentally stretching her legs.

A sinister idea came to mind. April walked over to the scuba tank. Then she thought better of it.

“I shouldn’t,” she told herself. But her anger returned in a rush. After all, it would be Hope Marie’s fault for not paying closer attention should something happen to Casey, right?

The more Casey playfully posed, the more it galled April. Damnit, this audition belonged to her! It just wasn’t fair!

“Let’s see how long you can hold your breath,” she growled ominously. Then she gave the hose a warning tug…

Casey breathed deeply from the regulator, wondering where Hope Marie had gone off to. What was taking her so long? Then she felt the regulator jerk in her mouth.

She had just filled her lungs when there was a sudden yank on the hose. The reg popped right out of her mouth, catching her totally by surprise. She looked over to the side of the pool and saw it being pulled up out of the water.

She saw a shape, but couldn’t be sure who it was. Was that Hope? What the hell was she doing? Why had she taken the hose out of the pool??

Instinctively she struggled in the chair. Playfulness turned to alarm. What the hell was that bitch thinking: depriving her of the hose like that??

April laughed as she saw bubbles pop up at the surface. “Good luck with that audition, bitch.” Then she saw the key resting on the can of beer.

Angrily, she kicked the can into the pool. The key dropped into the water and sank from view. “Oops. I guess you shouldn’t have left the key so close to the edge of the pool, you stupid bitch.”

She took the scuba tank with her. She hid it away in the bushes. Then she tucked herself in as well, wanting to watch how things played out.

On the pool bottom, Casey’s eyes opened wide as she struggled in the chair. She kept looking up toward the side of the pool. But the hose failed to return. Hope Marie was nowhere to be seen.

What the hell was this all about?? Was that bitch trying to scare her by adding a sense of realism to her audition? This was crazy!

She grunted and bubbled as she struggled in the chair. How long would it be before Hope returned with the air hose? What the hell was she doing? Where the hell was she??

Hope Marie emerged from the house with the camera in hand. A fresh set of batteries were now installed. She didn’t think she’d been gone all that long.

She rounded the corner and entered the pool area. Almost immediately she realized something didn’t seem right. It took a couple of seconds before she discovered the problem.

The scuba tank was not where she’d left it. Had it fallen into the pool? How was that possible??

She looked down into the water, scanning the bottom. There was no sign of the scuba tank or the hose. What’s more, Casey was still secured to the chair. She appeared to be bubbling and struggling.

Hope let out a cry… “OH SHIT!” How long had she been without air? That’s when she dove into the water.

She swam up to the frightened woman. Casey bubbled and struggled as she shook her head. Hope tried to reassure her… “What the hell happened? Anyway, I’m here now! For gawd’s sake; don’t panic!”

Hope Marie looked all around. But there was no sign of the scuba tank or air hose. They were just gone! It didn’t make any damned sense!!

She patted Casey as she grabbed her locked wrists. She motioned as though she was going to free her. Then she pointed upward as she bubbled… “I’ll go get the key and unlock you!” Casey nodded with understanding.

Hope shot up to the surface. She swam over to the side of the pool and burst up, gasping loudly for breath. It was so confusing. She couldn’t understand what had happened to that damned scuba tank!

She looked at the side of the pool and blinked her eyes in disbelief. The beer can with the key on top was supposed to be right there. But it had also disappeared. What the hell was going on??

What the hell – what the hell – WHAT THE HELL?? Where was the fucking key?? She frantically filled her lungs before diving back down.

Hope Marie didn’t hear the bushes rustle. Nor did she hear the sound of laughter as April rose up. “That’ll teach you not to mess around with me,” she growled as she slipped away out of the pool area.

Hope Marie swam back down, anxiously trying to convey some sense of reassurance to Casey. But the woman was growing more desperate by the moment. If she didn’t get air to her soon, she was going to drown!

There was only one thing she could think of. Hope Marie pressed her lips to Casey’s. She could only hope the model understood what she was doing.

She expelled her breath into the anxious woman’s mouth. Casey grunted with understanding. She nodded as her lungs swelled with stale air.

It was a temporary solution. But at least it bought her a few more seconds. Now what should she do?

There was no point looking for the scuba tank. It clearly wasn’t in the pool. And she hadn’t seen it anywhere up at the surface.

That meant she had to set Casey free. And that meant she needed to find the key. So where the hell was it??

She looked all around the floor of the pool until she spotted the beer can. Had it been knocked off the side of the pool? She didn’t think she’d kicked it into the water by mistake.

She anxiously swam over to have a look. But she didn’t spot the key anywhere. Without a dive mask, her vision was blurry. What’s more, the pattern on the pool bottom made it hard to spot the wayward key.

Hope Marie frantically began sweeping the pool floor with her hand. The key had to be down here somewhere. The beer can was in the water, right? That meant the key had to be in the pool as well.

She had to hope it was down here somewhere. If it wasn’t, that meant Casey was going to drown. That was something she didn’t even want to think about.

She swept her hand back and forth across the floor of the pool. But she couldn’t find the damned thing anywhere. That’s when she heard Casey grunt and bubble in alarm.

Hope turned to see the woman’s chest heave as air spurted out past her clenched lips. Casey was almost out of breath again. She had to do something fast!

Hope Marie shot up to the surface. She popped up, panting like crazy. Then she took a couple of quick breaths before inhaling deeply.

She frantically dove back down. Hope Marie swam over to Casey still bound to the chair. Then she turned her head towards her.

She pressed their lips together before exhaling. Would this work again? Casey nodded with a grunt, her need for air momentarily satisfied.

After giving Casey another lungful of stale air, Hope Marie swam over to the side of the pool. Once more she began sweeping the floor of the pool with her hand. She was desperate to find the key.

She didn’t know what she was going to do if she couldn’t find the damned thing. After all, she’d made the mistake of securing Casey a little too well. Hell, she’d chained her down and then padlocked her to that damned chair! If she didn’t find the key soon, she would be forced to watch the poor woman drown!

She stayed down for as long as she dared. Her own lungs were empty, especially after passing on every last morsel of air she had. Then her chest heaved ominously in warning.

She turned toward Casey, not wanting to leave her behind. She heard the poor woman grunt as bubbles slipped out of her mouth and nose. Casey anxiously shook her head; she was out of air again.

How long could she keep feeding her stale air before Casey’s lungs rejected it? She had to find that key and get her up! But now her own lungs were on fire.

Hope Marie shot up to the surface for another breath. She popped up and gasped loudly. Then she frantically filled her lungs before anxiously heading back down.

How many more breaths could she give Casey? How much more stale air would the poor woman’s lungs accept? Would this be the last one before the struggling model drowned?

Once more she swam up to Casey. She pressed their lips together before exhaling into her mouth. Casey wriggled and grunted as bubbles leaked out.

That told Hope all she needed to know. She couldn’t keep sharing breaths of air that much longer. She had to find that damned key!

Once more Hope Marie began sweeping her hand around the pool floor by the chair. She was desperate to find the key. Besides, if anything happened to Casey she would be responsible. It would be her fault if the poor woman drowned.

Her fingers touched something metallic. Hope anxiously scooped it up. One quick glance confirmed she’d found the key.

She swam over to the chair where she frantically began working on the first padlock. She was painfully aware how much Casey was starting to squirm. There was a look of agony on the model’s face; she was already losing what stale breath she had left.

Hope Marie doubted Casey’s lungs would accept another expelled breath of air. She had to get her out of the water right now. Time was of the essence; she had to get her back to the surface.

She fought with the first lock until she got it to pop open. Casey’s arm immediately came free. That’s when she started to thrash about as she blew air out of her nose.

Casey instinctively jerked against her other arm, trying to pull herself free. It made Hope fight to get the key into that padlock. Casey’s struggles were only making it ten times harder, making Hope want to cry out, “STOP STRUGGLING! GIVE ME A SECOND!”

Casey’s grunts became more anxious. It looked like her chest was really heaving. How much longer until she couldn’t hold her breath anymore and started swallowing water??

Hope Marie fumbled with the padlock as Casey struggled in the chair. Hope mentally kept telling herself, “C’mon – c’mon – c’mon – C’MON!” Her own lungs were starting to burn.

Did she dare go up for another breath? What if Casey started to drown before she got back? What if she herself swallowed water before she could get the last damned lock off? Gawd; what if they both drowned??

“Gotta hurry – gotta hurry – GOTTA HURRY!!” Casey looked as though she might pass out or swallow water at any moment. There was simply no more time.

The lock suddenly popped opened. Hope Marie rushed to remove the confining chains. Then she grabbed Casey’s arm… “GOTCHA! NOW LET’S GET YOU OUT OF HERE!!!”

Casey didn’t respond. Hope wrapped an arm around her and hauled her up. A moment later they both popped up to the surface.

Hope Marie gasped wildly for breath. She looked on in horror; was Casey even breathing? A moment later the model began to pant weakly. That’s when her glassy eyes began to show some life.

“I got you,” Hope gasped, trying to reassure her. “You’re ok now. I got you up.”

She swam her over to the side of the pool. They reached the edge and clung on for dear life. Casey coughed and sputtered, somewhat amazed she hadn’t drowned.

“Are you all right?” Hope asked, feeling a wave of relief wash over her.

“Yeah… I’m all right,” Casey panted weakly.

“You really had me worried down there,” Hope Marie said with a nervous chuckle, trying to use a little levity to lighten the mood. “You weren’t supposed to make the audition so damned serious!”

“What did you do… with the scuba hose?” Casey’s relief was beginning to morph into confusion and anger.

“I have no idea what happened to it! I had to go inside to change the batteries in the camera! I wasn’t gone all that long. But when I came back out, the damned thing was just… GONE! And so was the fucking key! Anyway, you saw it! The tank was sitting right over there! Now it’s just gone!”

She pointed over at the side of the pool in frustration and disbelief. Casey looked over and then back at Hope. “So where the hell did it go?”

“I don’t have a fucking clue!”

Hope Marie climbed out of the pool and looked all around. She kept muttering to herself, “Where the hell did it go?” Then she thought she saw something in the bushes.

She went over and muttered, “What the hell??” That’s when she came across the scuba tank and hose. The gauge indicated it had almost as much air as when they’d started

“Found it,” she called out, pulling it out of the bushes.

Casey gave her a look of surprise. “How the hell did it end up way over there?”

Hope Marie puzzled over the matter for a moment. Then her expression clouded over in anger as realization set in. “I think I know the bitch who moved it. Just wait until I get my hands on her!”

2013; 2020 (written Sep 16 ’13; ed. Feb 13 ‘20 by riwa)

(Pictures are from Aqua Fantasies “Hot Aqua Fantasies for Cold Winter Nights” and are for illustration purposes only.)

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