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Daddy likes to bring girls home for me to play with. They eat me out and make me cum. They’re always soft, sensual and lots of fun.

Daddy doesn’t keep them for long. Every few months he goes out and gets another one. That means the current one gets executed at some point.

Daddy gets rid of them in many different ways. Sometimes there’s a hanging and sometimes there’s a drowning. Once he spitted one and then put her on to roast at a barbecue. That was incredibly exciting.

Today daddy’s bringing in a new girl. That means he’ll be replacing the one we have. I didn’t realize it was time to get another one.

Long ago I asked him if he would let me execute a girl myself. I always hoped he would let me kill one for him. But he’s always taken care of it himself.

He brings her in to me and smiles as he makes her get onto her knees. She’s all naked, her arms bound behind her back. She’s used to bondage.

Right away she starts licking me out. Daddy stands there watching and smiling. He likes it when they make me feel good. Daddy always likes it when a girl makes me cum.

He catches me by surprise when he asks, “Would you like to do this one yourself?”

I got so excited I can hardly stand it. “Yes, daddy; I sure would!” That’s when he leaves me a sword and tells me to enjoy myself.

She doesn’t react in the slightest to our discussion. She just keeps right on licking. It makes me feel so good.

I hate to get rid of her because she’s such a great cunt-licker. Daddy has told me time and time again not to grow too attached to them. He always brings new ones in for me to play with. Of course I know daddy plays with them too.

She licks and slurps until she has me gasping and shuddering. I wonder if she knows her fate. Sometimes daddy doesn’t tell them.

I would think she would be frightened if he’s already told her. So maybe she had no idea. It’s probably better this way.

It isn’t long until she has me squealing with pleasure. She knows how to get me off. Her body is so soft, and she really knows how to use her tongue.

I find myself thinking about the sword daddy left with me. It makes me feel good the way he’s giving me the privilege of finishing her off myself. It’s so arousing that I can’t help screaming again as she licks another orgasm right out of me.

I don’t know how many times we’ve slept together… how many times I fucked her silly with a strap-on. I’m really going to miss her. But my excitement at taking her life is palpable, especially since she’s going to be my first.

I’m so excited daddy’s letting me do this one. She’s so special to me. If I had to pick my first one I would definitely choose her.

I place my feet on her shoulders, parting my legs for easier access. She licks and slurps until I’m wriggling like crazy. Then her mouth finds my nub and I’m off like a rocket again. Multiple orgasms: what more could a girl ask for?

I cry out as I enjoy the last orgasm she is ever going to give me. I spray into her mouth, but she dutifully swallows it all down. Then she lovingly licks my pussy clean. Gawd; she’s so good. I’m really going to miss her!

I push her up onto her knees as I get out of the chair. Then I pick up the sword daddy left me. “You’re the best I ever had,” I whisper into her ear. “Now I get to kill you. Daddy said I could.”

She surprises me as she looks up and smiles. “He told me he was letting you kill me today. I hope I die well for you. I hope it brings you pleasure.”

“Really? You really feel that way?”

“With all my heart.”

I gasp with excitement. I can’t believe it! I’m liable to cum all over again!

I tell her, “You’re really special; you know that?” She smiles at me. But she’s trembling. Is she a little frightened?

She gasps as I hold the blade to her neck. She shudders hard; did she just have an orgasm of her own? It excites me to think she might have cum at the moment of her death.

She has no idea how wet I am or how excited I’ve become that I’m the one who gets to slaughter her. “Bye-bye, baby,” I whisper into her ear as I hold the sword firmly in my grasp. “I want you to know Daddy taught me to hold the blade steady and to make a good, clean cut. And that’s what I intend to do. After all, you deserve it.”

“I’m ready,” she says softly. Then she looks up and waits as I hold the blade to her neck. I can’t believe how much I’m trembling with excitement at this moment!

I slice all the way across her throat. That’s when her mouth flies open as she starts to gurgle. Blood streaks down her neck and chest in rivulets.

I hold onto a handful of hair to keep her upright. She gurgles for breath as her body spasms. Her eyes are wide in shock.

“Gawd, you’re so sexy,” I gasp in awe. “I just cut your throat, yet you look so sexy!” I can’t believe how aroused I am as she bleeds out while jerking and convulsing.

She falls over onto her side, bleeding out from that cut all the way across her neck. Her nipples are really hard; she looks so sexy. That’s when I see her pussy gush.

I’m sure she’s cumming as she bleeds out. It’s so arousing that I have an orgasm of my own. I can’t believe how turned on I am.

She has this look in her eyes as though she can’t believe I’m the one who killed her. She shudders again, and I hear a sexy gurgle in her throat. Then her eyes start to glaze over as her expression sags.

Damn; that felt good! I never knew taking the life of a sexy young thing would be so exhilarating! She was great at pussy licking. But slitting her throat was so much fun!

I roll her over and look down on her face. She has the sexiest death stare in the world! A moment later I gasp with delight as an unexpected orgasm ripples through me.

I stand there panting heavily for breath. I can’t believe how thrilling it was to take her life! The way she’s looking up at me gives me the erotic shivers something fierce.

I join her on the floor where I start feasting between her legs. Her pussy clenches and quivers a little. Even in death she’s so unbelievably sexy.

Her cum tastes incredible. I had no idea she would get off on dying for me! I shudder from another orgasm as I contune feasting until she finally lays still.

I pant for breath, my mouth coated in her flowing juices. No wonder daddy enjoys snuffing his girls. This was so much fun that I’m going to ask him for permission to do the next one.

2016; 2019 (written Apr 10 ’16; ed. Jun 24 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by photos found on the Internet)

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