The House on Last Gasp Lane (1-2)

(a repost)

Part 1

“Robert? We’re LOST!”

“No, we’re not! I know exactly where we are. We’re right here… on this road… headed South!”

“Very funny! Now would you please find a place to pull over and ask for directions? We should have been at the motel hours ago.”

“But there’s nothing out here for miles! There isn’t even a house we can stop at!”

“There’s a place over there!” his wife declared, pointing toward a light that illuminated what looked like a residence of some sort. “Let’s try over there and see if we can at least get some directions.”

Melissa was tired of being in the car. She wanted to pull over somewhere for the night. If that meant staying someplace other than their planned stop, then so be it. She was more than willing to forfeit the deposit on their motel reservation if it meant being in a nice, warm bed soon.

“Ok, Melissa… ok!”

Her husband followed the road they were on until they came to a crossroad that looked like it would take them straight to the lighted structure. Then he turned right. The lights of the car flashed briefly on the sign identifying the road they were now driving upon.

“What did it say?” Melissa asked, referring to the sign.

“Last Gasp Lane,” her husband replied with a smirk. “It looks like a private drive.” Then he started to chuckle.

“What’s so damned funny?”

“‘The house on Last Gasp Lane’! Sounds like an old Vincent Price horror movie.” He couldn’t help chuckling aloud.

“I am not amused!” Melissa replied in disgust. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. But as she looked at the approaching residence she felt a brief shiver of uneasiness.

The closer they got to the residence, the more sinister it looked. Now Melissa was having second thoughts about pulling up and asking for directions. But her husband had already decided it was best if they stopped. Besides, he really was lost.

They pulled up into the circular drive and got out of the car. Together they nervously walked up to the door. “You press it,” Robert instructed. “You’re the one who wanted to stop here.”

Melissa hesitantly pressed the doorbell. They heard it chime mournfully inside the home. Both of them half expected a member of the Adams family to step out to greet them.

The door opened and they both gasped in shock. Vincent Price slowly stepped out onto the landing. Upon closer inspection they decided it had to be his twin, being as how the actor had been dead for years. The old man certainly had the same craggy features, the same grayish-white hairdo.

“Can I help you folks?”

Damn! He even sounded like Vincent Price!

“Uh… we’re a little lost,” Robert stammered in shock. “We’re trying to get to the Bellevue hotel in Winston.”

“Oh my… you folks are lost,” he replied with a chuckle. “That’s well over an hour and a half from here.”

“An hour and a half?? SHIT!”

Melissa glowered at her husband. “Did you hear that? Because you wouldn’t stop for directions we’ve got another hour and a half to go!” Then she sighed as she asked the old man, “I don’t suppose there’s anything else close by is there?”

“I’m afraid not,” he replied apologetically.

“Great; just great! I gotta be in the car another couple of hours? Thanks a lot, Robert!” Her husband winced at the remark.

“Oh, good heavens no!” the old man said quickly. “I can’t send you folks back out into the night. That wouldn’t be neighborly. Besides, you both look exhausted.”

“But where will we stay?” Melissa asked in frustration before looking around at the darkness surrounding them. “I’m tired of sitting in that damned car.”

“You’ll stay right here, of course. We have an extra bedroom you folks can use.”

“We don’t want to put you out…” Robert started to say.

His wife quickly cut him off. “We’ll take it! Pay the man, honey! I’m tired!”

“I wouldn’t dream of taking any money from you folks! It wouldn’t be right. Come right in” and he waved them both inside.

“You must be starved,” he stated as they entered the residence and looked all around. The place seemed ordinary enough. But the interior seemed much larger than the outside of the building made it out to be.

“Well, I am a little hungry…” Melissa started to say.

“Ida Mae? We have company. Would you be a dear and please go into the kitchen and prepare some refreshments? Bring them into the dining room for our guests.”

“Oh we don’t want to put you out…” Robert started to say.

The old man waved him to silence. “Nonsense! Come along. I’ll show you the way to the dining room…”


As she and her husband sat at the large table Melissa had an uncomfortable feeling about the residence and its host. A couple minutes later Mr. Price’s twin walked in with a slender, rather attractive young woman at his side. She appeared to be in her early twenties.

She was carrying a tray of sandwiches, a sampling of fruit and a couple beverages. The sight of food momentarily picked up Melissa’s spirits. That’s when she noticed the young woman gawking at her in wide-eyed fascination.

“No, Ida Mae,” the old man scolded, noticing Melissa had caught the young woman’s attention. “Set the tray down and be off with you. You already have play-toys for the evening.”

She looked at him unhappily. Then she turned and headed out of the dining room. There was a look of disappointment on her face.

Robert and Melissa looked at each other, both wondering what he’d meant by that term as they watched her depart. “You’ll have to excuse my daughter,” the old man said with a smile. “Sometimes she stares; I’m trying to break her of that. And I’m sure you noticed she doesn’t speak. Sadly her vocal chords were damaged while she was growing up.”

“Playtoys?” Melissa asked curiously.

“An expression,” he replied with a smile. “She knows what it means.”

“I see.”

“After you’ve eaten I’ll take you upstairs to your room.”

“Thank you,” Melissa replied. “Right now I’m simply dead on my feet.” The Vincent Price twin oddly chuckled at her choice of words.


“This is where you’ll be sleeping,” the old man said, waving them into a large bedroom up on the second floor.

The room had a gothic feel to it. But the four poster bed looked promising. They both thanked him again for his hospitality.

He asked if there was anything more he could do for them. They politely declined. He smiled and nodded.

He was at the door when he paused and looked back at them. “One question, if I may. You two wouldn’t by any chance happen to be heavy sleepers, would you?”

“Why’s that?” Robert asked.

“We don’t normally have guests and I don’t want you to have any trouble falling sleep. It’s just that the house is old and settling on its foundation. There can be a lot of creaks and groans at night… strange sounds you might not be used to. That’s why I put you up on the second floor.”

There was something in the way he said it that Melissa found disturbing. But she brushed her concerns aside, attributing them to sheer exhaustion. “I doubt we’ll have any trouble falling asleep,” she told him. “I’m so tired I’m liable to fall asleep in my clothes.” He smiled, nodded at them and left, closing the door behind him.

The two of them collapsed in their clothes onto the large, four poster bed. They chatted quietly for a few minutes. Melissa couldn’t help commenting on the old man’s uncanny resemblance to the departed actor.

“I hear everybody has a twin on this old world,” her husband chided her.

“Maybe so, Robert. But did you see the way his daughter had acted when she set her eyes on me?”

“Honey, she just thinks you’re beautiful like I do.”

“That’s not getting you out of my doghouse for getting us lost, Robert.”

“Can we just go to sleep?” he asked as he slipped out of his shoes.

“You’re not going out to get my luggage?”

“You can go down if you want.”

Melissa rolled her eyes. “I’ll sleep in my clothes, thank you very much. Some chivalrous husband you turned out to be.”

She slipped out of her shoes as well. They stretched out on top of the bed side by side. A faint creaking sound made her grab onto him for reassurance.

It wasn’t long before the two had fallen asleep, sprawled on top of the bed in the clothes they’d been driving in all day.

Part 2

Melissa awoke with a start. She was sure she’d heard something.

There it was again… a cry of some sort. Was it the old man’s daughter?

Melissa nudged her husband. “Robert? Did you hear that?” But he seemed to be out like a light.

She quietly climbed out of bed, listening intently. She moved to the door and slowly opened it. Then she peered out into the hallway.

She heard something down the hall… an animal maybe? No, it sounded manmade. Curiosity got the better of her.

Melissa stepped out and quietly closed the door behind her so as not to awaken her husband. Then she carefully made her way down the hall in the opposite direction where the sound had come from. That’s when she came to a plain set of stairs, quite unlike the ones they’d come up earlier.

There; she heard it again! It sounded like a faint cry of alarm, coming from somewhere down the stairwell. It sounded like someone was in agony.

Melissa cautiously made her way down into what appeared to be a dead end. There was a door on each wall. Her only other option was to retrace her steps back to the stairwell.


She’d definitely heard that! It sounded like it had come from behind the door right in front of her. And it sounded like a female. Ida Mae perhaps?

She crept up to it and carefully turned the knob. She slowly pushed the door open enough to peek inside. There was dark alcove which emerged into a lighted room.

She couldn’t see around the corner of the alcove. So she slipped inside and quietly closed the door behind her. She crept up to the edge of the darkened alcove and peered around the corner into the room…

Melissa’s hand flew up to her mouth to stifle a scream as she stared in horror…

There was a naked young woman who looked to be in her late teens or early twenties. She stood on the balls of her feet in the middle of the room. Her hands were bound behind her back.

A noose was wrapped around her throat. It extended up toward the ceiling where it looped through a ring that hung from the end of a long, thick metal chain. It came back down to a cleat on the nearby wall where it was tied off.

The poor woman was whimpering fearfully. Her body trembled as her nipples protruded out of a set of full, firm breasts. Standing next to her – also quite naked – was Ida Mae.

The old man’s daughter was staring intently at the young woman in the noose. Her eyes were wide with excitement and anticipation. She seemed to be enthralled at the poor woman’s suffering.

Melissa was shocked to see Ida Mae reach out and lightly brush her hands over the noosed woman’s breasts. She seemed utterly fascinated. The poor woman trembled in response as she gasped for breath, managing to get out another abbreviated cry.

Melissa stared in disbelief as Ida Mae slowly ran her hands up to the poor woman’s neck. She reverently brushed against the rope while caressing the bound woman’s neck, face, ears and hair. She touched her softly, soothingly… caressing her as though caressing a prized possession, paying close attention to each response as though studying her victim’s reactions to stimuli.

The old man’s daughter suddenly reached over toward the rope and pulled down on it, raising the trembling woman up to her toes. “Chris – tine??” the noosed woman gasped in alarm as Ida Mae watched with interest.

“Chelsey?! NO – gawk!”

Melissa turned her head at the second voice. She was horrified to discover there was another woman in the room. This one was in no better condition than the one in the noose.

Melissa stifled another scream as she stared in horror at a naked girl who also appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties. She was in a high-backed chair, her arms strapped down to the armrests. Her legs were spread wide and tied to the front legs of the chair.

There was a rope around her neck that went through the back of the chair. It was attached to some sort of handle on the other side. Melissa’s eyes were wide in horror.

What was happening to the woman in the chair was similar to what was happening to the woman in the noose.  Her body glistened with perspiration. Her nipples were also erect, sticking out of her mounds as though they might pop off at any moment.

It suddenly occurred to Melissa these two suffering females knew each other! After all, they’d just gasped each other’s names! What the hell was Ida Mae doing to them??

Melissa stood frozen in place with erotic horror. Ida Mae turned toward the one apparently named Christine. She raised a finger to her lips as though to shush her. Then she turned back to the one in the noose.

She gently let go of the rope, allowing the one named Chelsey to breathe easier. Then she reached toward a panel and pulled a lever. There was an instant hum of machinery.

Melissa stared in horror as the noosed woman was lifted higher. The chain retracted up into the ceiling. Chelsey gawking until she was standing on her toes, gasping fearfully as her body trembled again.

Ida Mae hit the lever once more. The poor girl was left stretched to her limits, desperately shuffling around on her tiptoes. She seemed to be looking for the right position to ease the tightness of the noose around her neck so she could breathe easier.

“No…!” the woman in the chair gasped, each breath a struggle. “Ida Mae…” gawk… “please… don’t hurt her!”

The poor girl squirmed in the chair, struggling to get a good breath of air. The rope appeared to be tightened around her neck enough to cause suffering while allowing partial breaths of air. There was a disturbing redness to her face.

Ida Mae looked at her and smiled. Her expression seemed to indicate she would deal with her shortly. Then she turned back to the one named Chelsey where she reverently stroked her chest, fingering the poor girls nipples while causing her to rasp for breath as she shuffled around on her toes.

Melissa wanted to run screaming out of the room. But she was unable to move or cry out, mesmerized by the terrible eroticism of it all. Despite the wild panic welling up within her, she found herself becoming terribly aroused.

She wanted to cry out, wanted to tell Ida Mae to stop what she was doing. But her mouth was dry, her feet frozen to the floor. Her mind couldn’t wrap itself around the fact this woman was torturing these two young girls by using asphyxiation.

She watched in horrified fascination as Ida Mae caressed the quivering woman’s legs, going up and down her inner thighs. The cruel young woman noticed a trickle of something dribbling out of the noosed girl’s slit. Her eyes opened in wonder as she reached down to touch it.

She began rubbing her fingers back and forth over the slit. They became sticky and glistened with moisture. The noosed woman moaned and shuffled around a little as her body trembled.

Ida Mae brought the sticky fingers up to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and carefully tasted then. Her eyes opened in discovery as she stuck the fingers completely into her mouth, thoughtfully sucking on them.

A look of pleasure flowed over her face. She ran the fingers back down over the slit, rubbing them back and forth again until they slid inside the opening. The noosed woman responded as another raspy moan slipped past her parted lips. Her body quivered in spite of herself as tears trickled down her cheeks.

Melissa glanced over at the woman in the chair. Christine was in breathless torment over what was happening to her friend in the noose. She struggled to get free, but she was bound and half choked.

Melissa’s stared at her for a moment. Then she saw a small puddle on the seat directly below the bound woman’s crotch. It shimmered from the dim lighting, indicating the poor girl’s horrific arousal.

Melissa was horrified at what she was witnessing. She also felt a surge of shameful excitement envelop her. What was being done to them was horrific and humiliating. But for some reason she was becoming aroused as well.

Melissa turned her attention back to the two in the middle of the room. She watched Ida Mae pull her wet, sticky fingers out of the poor girl. The sadistic girl lifted the fingers to her mouth and got another taste.

She turned and looked curiously at the reddening face of the woman named Chelsey. She moved close enough to push the fingers forward until she inserted them into girl’s mouth opened mouth. Chelsey choked back a sob and reluctantly close her mouth on the fingers.

Ida Mae slowly pulled them back out. Then she began to caress the breasts of the woman in the chair. It was horrifyingly erotic.

Her heart hammered in her chest as she watched. Melissa slunk back into the darkness of the alcove. She was afraid Ida Mae could hear the beating of her heard.

She told herself she had to do something. But what could she do? The old man’s daughter may have been mute. But she certainly appeared to be quite athletic and was no doubt much stronger than she was.

If she tried anything here, there was a good chance she would end up in the same predicament as these two poor girls. Then she remembered the way Ida Mae had looked at her in the dining room. Melissa shivered with dread.

She had to get out of there. She needed to run back to the room and awaken her husband. Then they needed to get the hell out of there.

Melissa tried to move. But her feet felt like they were glued to the floor. Why couldn’t she move? And why was she so damned aroused??

The sudden hum of machinery made her focus on the woman in the noose. Chelsey was lifted up until the tips of her toes barely brushed the floor. Her eyes went wide in horror.

Her feet fluttered in a desperate effort to find the floor. She gawked and gurgled as her legs kicked. There was another hum and she was lowered until her toes touched once more.

Melissa could see her strain to push herself up in an attempt to get another breath. She looked like she was really struggling to breathe. If Ida Mae wasn’t careful the poor girl was going to strangle to death!

She watched the sadistic daughter stick her fingers into the slit once again. She moved them around before pulling them out. Then she stuck them into her mouth once more, smiling with satisfaction.

Without any thought or warning, she reached over and pulled the lever down hard. This time the chain pulled upward until the girl named Chelsey was lifted completely off the ground by at least a foot. Her eyes went wide as she gawked and gasped for breath, her feet fluttering as she rasped, “CHR…RIISS…SSTT…EEEENNN!”

Her body came to life, kicking wildly with her legs as she began to swing and dance. Her friend in the chair let out a gasp of “CHEL -SEE!” She struggled, but the rope was still half strangling her.

Christine squirmed against her bindings, but there was nothing she could do. Melissa felt tears in her eyes. She felt sorry for the poor girl who was being forced to watch her friend suffer and die.

Her mind screamed, “DO SOMETHING, YOU SONOFABITCH!” But she felt powerless to intervene. What’s worse, she was shamefully aroused at the whole thing.

All she could do was stare in horrified fascination as poor Chelsey swung and danced on air. Then Ida Mae reached behind the swinging woman. Melissa stared in shock as the old man’s daughter stuck her fingers into the hanging woman’s slit from behind.

Chelsey responded, her legs no longer kicking as her body contracted around the fingers inside her. Her feet twitched, her breasts heaving as her face went from crimson to a horrifying shade of blue. Melissa could see her body fighting just to pull in one more breath of air.

Ida Mae’s eyes got bigger in revelation. She caressed the front of the hanged woman’s crotch with one hand while keeping her fingers inside the poor woman’s dripping slit with the other. Then she looked up into the girl’s eyes, watching as they began to roll into the back of her head.

Something made her look down at the noosed woman’s crotch. Chelsey began to spasm again, jerking on the noose and contracting the muscles in her womanhood. She opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water. Then she abruptly tried to pull her knees up to her chest.

Melissa stared in wide-eyed horror. Christine was also watching in helpless agony from the chair while partially strangled. The whole damned scene felt so surreal.

Chelsey’s knees came part way up, jerking up and down a couple of times. Then her legs dropped. The poor girl hung limp in the noose, swaying gently as Ida Mae fingered, stroked, caressed and fondled the woman’s privates.

There was a strange, far-away look in Chelsey’s eyes. She looked as though she’d just experienced some sort of sexual stimulation. But her head hung sideways in the noose.

Ida Mae pulled her fingers out of the hanged woman’s slit, studying them intently. They were sopping wet. She carefully brought them up into her mouth for another taste.

She looked up at the sudden guttural sound of Chelsey’s death rattle that came from somewhere deep inside the noosed woman. She gasped excitedly as she watched the life flick out of the poor girl’s eyes. A moment later Ida Mae shivered noticeably with a contented sigh, as though the whole thing had been a rather pleasant experience to observe.

Melissa gasped quietly in shock, nearly giving away her hiding place in the shadows of the alcove. A warm flush of pleasure flowed through her, shaming her at the thought that a young woman’s death had made her cum. Tears billowed up in her eyes. Then she heard a choked sob from Christine… “NOO…” gawk “…OOO!”

The two watched in horror as the old man’s daughter ran her hands up and down over the dead woman’s body. Ida Mae caressed her breasts and fingered her erect nipples. Then she ran her hands down the swaying woman’s legs, caressing the inner thighs.

She rubbed her fingers over the slit a few more times. But this time there was no response. Chelsey was gone.

Ida Mae sadistically pushed on the woman’s body, setting it swaying back and forth. She smiled with glee. Then she turned toward the girl in the chair. That’s when Melissa saw the horrible glint in her eye.

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