Rachel’s sensor

I thought I’d end April with a Club story. I hope you like it.

Rachel is a fuck-buddy of mine. She has dirty blonde hair with breasts that fill a C cup. She’s a hot little package. She told me she was also fucking her Uncle Brian. To me that makes her one kinky, sexy bitch.

We have a lot of fun when we’re together. She’s totally uninhibited and will do anything I want. But she certainly has some crazy fantasies.

One time while we were fucking at her place she pulled out this rope and handed it to me. I asked her what she wanted me to do with it. She said she wanted me to form it into a noose and hang her a little.

I was shocked at her request. But I was also more than a little aroused. So I asked her why she wanted me to hang her.

She smiled as she said, “Have you heard about that club in town, that place they sometimes call the Snuff Club?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard about it.”

“They have live executions on stage, you know. They have a gallows and a guillotine and…”

“I know all about that place, Rachel. What about it?”

She gave me this sly look as she told me, “Well, I kind of have this fantasy.”

“What kind of fantasy?”

“The fantasy of my sensor popping, and you and my Uncle Brian watching me hang on the Entertainment Stage.”

“You fantasize about us watching you hang on the Entertainment stage?? Damn, girl!”

“I’ll probably never get to go though. Uncle Brian won’t allow it. So how about it, Clyde? Care to hang me tonight?”

Her enthusiasm really turned me on. So I did my best to form one end of her rope into a noose. I didn’t do a very good job of it.

To my surprise she took the rope away from me and made one herself. There was a hook up in the ceiling where she’d hung a sex swing in her bedroom. I helped her take the swing down and then strung the noose through the hook.

After it was threaded through the ceiling, she handed me another length of rope. She wanted me to tie her arms behind her back. “Rachel, you’re really into this, aren’t you.” She just nodded enthusiastically.

I tied her arms behind her back. Then I noosed her up. Afterwards I just stood there looking at her.

She looked so damned sexy, standing there naked with a noose around her neck and her arms tied behind her back. She smiled as she asked, “Well? Are you going to hang me or not? After you hang me you get to fuck my ‘corpse’ using any hole you like.”

“Any hole I like, eh?” She nodded enthusiastically.

I really liked the sound of that. So I tugged on the free end of the rope and pulled her up into the air. Her eyes flew open in shock as she started to kick.

She wriggled and squirmed as her face turned red. I only left her up for twenty or thirty seconds. But when I released her she went all the way down onto the floor as though she’d been rendered lifeless.

I assumed she meant what she said and that she wanted me to keep playing our little game. So I picked her up and threw her “corpse” over the side of the bed onto her stomach. That’s when I pushed my hard cock against her anal opening.

I thrust through her sphincter and began to give it to her good and hard. Usually Rachel can be pretty vocal when it comes to sex. She loves it when I fuck any and all of her holes. But this time she remained limp and silent.

It didn’t take long before I left a huge load deep in her ass. Then I pulled her up and helped her sit upright on the side of the bed. Her eyes opened and she smiled at me.

“Fuck; what a rush! Was it good for you too?”

“It was incredible!” I panted enthusiastically.

“I don’t know how I managed to stay still while you were fucking me. I wanted to cum so bad! Now I need you to fuck the shit out of my cunt until I orgasm. I’m so fucking horny for it!”

I rolled her back over the side of the bed onto her tummy. Then I thrust into her sweet pussy from behind where I really ravaged her good. She let out her usual cries of enjoyment until she screamed in orgasm.

It turned out to be one hell of a night…

A week later I went over to her place for a booty call. She was hot and horny for my dick. She told me her uncle was out of town, so she’d called me over.

I laughed as I asked her if she wished her Uncle Brian would hang her the way I did the last time we fucked. She told me he already had… and on more than one occasion. I stared at her incredulously as I sputtered, “You’re kidding me!”

She gave me a sly grin. “Who do you think taught me how to tie a noose?”

“Does he know about your Snuff Club fantasy?”

“Why do you think he won’t take me to the Club? He’s afraid my sensor might pop and he’ll have to hang me for real. Personally, I think he wants to, but he doesn’t want to admit it. He sure was hard the last time he strung me up for those few delicious seconds I dangled from the noose.”

She didn’t waste any time stripping me out of my clothes. She was really hot for it. So I stripped her out of hers, and we fucked like rabbits.

She was in the midst of screaming out her orgasm when she suddenly said, “Ouch!”

I looked at her and frowned. “What did I do? Rachel, what was that all about?”

She looked down at her stomach. That’s when I discovered she’d recently inserted a little red belly ring. I was so horny for her body that I guess I must have missed it.

“My sensor just popped!” she said in faux shock. “I’m in for it now.”

“What are you in for?” I was confused. “Your pregnancy sensor? That’s not a sensor, is it?”

“No. But you still have to hang me because it popped.” And once more she pulled the rope out.

This time it was already fashioned into a noose. I think she’d planned the whole damned thing. So I set about tying her hands behind her back before noosing her up.

She started panting like crazy as I got her ready to swing. Then I smiled as I fingered her dripping snatch. She clenched and moaned as she begged me to hang her.

I grabbed the rope and gave it a pull. I hoisted her off her feet and held her in the air. She rasped and gurgled as she kicked up a storm.

The sexy bitch sprayed her orgasm. Then I quickly let her down. Once more she acted all limp and lifeless.

I hauled her “corpse” over to the bed. I enjoyed her ass again, amazed how she could lie there so lifeless. I left a huge load deep up her butt before she “woke up”.

She kissed me hard, thanked me for hanging her. Then she proceeded to fuck me hard so she could enjoy another screaming orgasm. I decided I might have to hang her more often, especially if it turned her into a raving sex machine like that.

A couple weeks later I got a call from Rachel. She said her uncle had finally given in. They were going to the club on Friday and were taking her sister Jessica with them. They wanted to know if I wanted to tag along.

I told her I had a date with Lisa that night. They are a similar build, although Lisa’s breasts are larger. I think Rachel knows I’m banging her best female friend. But she doesn’t seem to mind.

“By all means, bring her along,” she told me enthusiastically. “The more the merrier.”

“Are you going to fuck your uncle while you’re at the Club, Rachel?”

“Oh hell no. He won’t let me. We’re just going to go hang out a while and look around. Maybe I’ll be able to get him to fuck me right before we leave.”

I laughed as I told her, “I suppose you could always use a condom.”

“Sure I could. But where’s the fun in that?”

“Still the same ol’ kinky Rachel, eh?”

“You’re damned right I am! See you Friday, Clyde!” She laughed before she hung up.

I picked up Lisa on Friday and headed over to the Club. I told her I had a stiffy the whole day just from knowing we were going to step inside the damned place. She laughed before she blew me in the car on the way over, getting a nice load in her mouth for her efforts.

We got there and waited for Rachel to show up with her uncle and sister. They arrived fifteen minutes after we got there. We met up in the parking lot before making our way to the front of the building.

We walked along a roped-off line of women wanting to go inside. “How about it, Uncle Brian?” Rachel asked with a laugh. “Want to buy a bitch to take inside and snuff?”

“We’re just here to look around a while. We’re going to be careful tonight, ok?”

“Aww, you’re no fun!”

She winked at her sister and her best friend. Then she grinned at me. “Clyde won’t mind fucking me and popping my sensor; will you, Clyde?”

I laughed. “Anything for you, babe.” Her uncle gave me a dirty look before smiling at her remark.

We were allowed inside the foyer to the front desk. That’s where the ladies were instructed to insert their pregnancy sensors before we even set foot inside the main part of the building. Rachel’s eyes lit up with excitement. I think she was looking forward to inserting hers into her navel.

“It won’t hurt, will it?” her sister asked, dubiously looking hers over. Of the three, she has a smaller cup size, although she still looks hot.

“Just like a bee sting,” the attendant behind the desk assured her with a smile.

Lisa and Jessica let out little yelps when they inserted their sensors. Rachel winced, but she refused to cry out. She was too damned excited to acknowledge any pain. Then we all went inside.

The place was a lot different than the commercials they showed on those adult channels. There were parts of the casino that looked older and well-used. I was reminded of other, older casinos throughout the country that looked like they could use a little updating. But we weren’t there to gamble.

An attendant came by with a tray of drinks. We all took one before Rachel asked where the snuff rooms were. The attendant smiled as she said, “Follow me.”

We walked behind her as she led us down a side hall. There were a series of rooms on either side. She found one not in use and opened the door.

We all looked inside. There was a bed, electric chair, and guillotine, just like in the commercials. A noose dangled ominously from the center of the room.

Lisa and Jessica didn’t know what to think. Rachel looked like she was excited as hell. She grabbed her uncle’s arm and begged him to let her try it out.

“Some other time,” he told her. “I’m not here to lose you tonight.”

“Maybe Clyde will hang me then,” she said as she grinned at me.

Her uncle was adamant. “No hangings… at least not in here. Not tonight.”


Brian seemed to be doing his best to protect his niece. I wasn’t sure Rachel appreciated the effort. But she bounced back from her disappointment as she happily suggested we all go take a look at the Entertainment stage.

The attendant led us back to the casino where she passed us off to another young woman. “Would you show these nice folks the Entertainment stage, Nicole?”

“Be glad to,” the attractive young lady said with a smile. And with that Nicole led us through the casino.

When the stage came into view I was visibly impressed. I half-expected it to be a little less kept up like other parts of the casino. But everything looked clean and updated.

We walked right up to the edge of the stage, taking a close look at each item. Rachel was fascinated by the twin guillotines. But she was utterly captivated by the gallows.

“How about it, sis?” she finally said with a chuckle. “Care to swing for Uncle Brian and Clyde?”

“Oh, no! I’m leaving that to you, you kinky bitch!”

“Spoilsport! Uncle Brian, let’s go fuck! I’m horny as hell right now!”

“I have a better idea. Why don’t we all go and have a drink?”

“Trying to get me drunk so I’ll fuck you later? Hell, I don’t need any alcohol for that!”

She grinned lustfully at him. When he rolled his eyes she turned to me and smiled. “How about you, Clyde? I’ve got three holes and no waiting.”

Lisa grabbed my arm and held on tight. “Tonight he’s mine, bitch!”

“Oh, you’re no fun either. Ok, Uncle Brian. Let’s go get drunk.”

We all headed off to the lounge. We found a booth and slid right in. I sat between Jessica and Lisa as Rachel sat across from us with her uncle.

A server came over and we all ordered something. As she walked away to fetch our drinks Rachel shook her head. “Damn! I can’t believe it! I’m horny as hell right now… and I can’t get laid!”

“Why don’t you wait until we get home?” her uncle suggested patiently. “I brought you over here against my better judgement so you could see the place. What more do you want?”

“I want to get laid in one of the snuff rooms; that’s what I want!”

“Nothing doing.”

“Then how about a sex room? We haven’t seen one of those yet.”

I laughed as I shook my head. “Better wear two condoms, Brian. Rachel’s liable to break one from her excitement and enthusiasm. She sounds like she’s gunning to get herself hanged.”

Lisa thought that was funny as hell. Jessica shook her head. Rachel looked at her sister and frowned.

“What’s the matter, sis? Don’t you want to watch me hang?”

“I don’t believe you, sis! Uncle Brian is trying to protect you. But it sounds like you’re trying to get yourself hanged!”

“Don’t be absurd! We can go home right after we fuck. We’ll be careful. I don’t think I’m fertile yet. Besides, I’m pretty sure Clyde and Uncle Brian here would love to watch me dance naked up on stage in front of everybody.”

Her uncle solemnly told her, “If you’re not careful in here, you just might get your wish.”

“Oh, Uncle Brian! My sensor has to pop first! What are the odds of that happening? You think it’s going to go off thirty seconds after you cum inside me and I have my orgasm? It takes time for your little fishies to swim into my pool, you know.”

“You can’t be too careful, honey.”

The drinks arrived a minute later. Rachel took hers and smiled as she lifted it up. We lifted ours as well.

“A toast. To Uncle Brian, to getting fucked hard tonight, and to little fishies swimming in the-OW!”

She winced as we all froze. “What’s wrong?” Brian asked uncomfortably.

“My stomach.”

Lisa asked, “Was it something you ate?”

I was also concerned. “Didn’t you have your appendix removed last year?”

“Yes I did, Clyde.” Then she pulled up her blouse and took a look. Her sensor looked as though it had popped and was glowing red.

We all gasped as one. “What the hell?” Jessica breathed incredulously. Lisa was shocked.

I looked at her uncle who looked back at me in astonishment. Rachel just kept staring at her sensor as though she couldn’t believe it either. She’d always talked about it as a fantasy. But now it had actually happened. And she hadn’t even been fucked in the Club yet!

“That can’t be, can it?” she asked in disbelief. Then she looked at her uncle. “Uncle Brian, how is this possible?”

I saw his face had turned white. Rachel looked at him in alarm as she asked. “Uncle Brian? What happened??”

He shook his head as he stammered for an answer. “I don’t know. That’s not… we didn’t… I mean we, uh…”

“No we didn’t; certainly not in here. But we fucked two or three hours ago, remember? I was so excited coming here that I really wanted it bad.”

“I was going to use a condom. But you said you didn’t want to. You didn’t think you were fertile yet. Besides, I thought I pulled out in time.”

Jessica stared at her sister in amazement. Then she shook her head and rolled her eyes as though she wasn’t all that surprised. “You know what people who use the pull-out method are called, don’t you? They’re called ‘parents’.”

“Here in the Club I think they’re called ‘corpses’,” Lisa added as she shook her head. “I can’t believe it! You fucked unprotected before you came here?? You stupid bitch!”

For the first time I saw fear fill Rachel’s features. Talking and fantasizing about it was one thing. Having reality smack you right in the face was something else entirely.

“Maybe we’d better get out of here,” Brian said quietly.

We had just started to rise up out of the booth when a couple of attendants came over. I didn’t recognize either one from before. But they were coming right over as though they knew something was wrong.

The brunette introduced herself as Riley Rogues. She said her shorter companion with the shoulder length brown hair and busty chest was Brooke Bannion. Then Riley looked at our three girls before asking, “All right. Whose sensor just popped?”

“Hers did,” Jessica replied without thinking as she pointed at her sister. Rachel gave her a look as if to say, “How could you point me out like that??”

The attendants seemed serious as a heart attack. Riley asked, “Will you folks be carrying this out in a private room? Or will you be doing it in public on our stage?”

“But we didn’t fuck in here!” her uncle protested.

“Legal issues dictate we allow no exceptions,” the brunette replied. “Otherwise we’d be in the courts for months on these things. Once a sensor pops, the female must be executed.”

“You mean she’s really going to hang??” Brian protectively held onto Rachel, incredulous to think it could happen like that so casually.

I had a hard time processing how serious they were. Were they really going to take Rachel to the Entertainment stage?? That’s when Riley told him, “We can certainly hang her… unless, of course, you’d like to have her executed some other way.”

“But we don’t want her executed at all!”

“I’m sorry, sir. Rules are rules. The ladies agreed to them when they inserted their sensors before coming inside.” That came from Brooke, sounding fully supportive of her companion.

“So, uh… where should this happen?” Lisa asked uncertainly as she looked around at our shocked faces.

“The Entertainment stage?” I suggested helpfully. I wasn’t thinking about a private snuff room. I just assumed it would happen in public.

Everyone looked at me like I was nuts. I looked at Rachel and shrugged my shoulders. What else could I say?

I said to her, “Isn’t that what you told us how you wanted it to happen if your sensor popped… to hang up onstage?”

“I don’t know,” she replied uncertainly. “I didn’t… I mean I wasn’t planning… we were just here to have a look around is all.”

“Maybe we’d better be going,” her uncle said quietly as he grabbed her arm.

“You and your party may leave at any time,” Riley told him firmly. “But the young lady here stays with us.”

By now we had other patrons looking curiously in our direction. There was an excited buzz of conversation over our developing situation. That’s when the attendants grabbed Rachel by each arm.

Riley told Brooke, “We’d better take her to Monique right now.” Her companion nodded. Then they started to leave with Rachel.

Brian took a step toward them. “Now wait a minute!”

Riley seemed sympathetic. “I’m sorry, sir. But her sensor popped. You all knew the rules when you set foot inside the club.”

About that time a couple of bouncers showed up, warily eyeing our party. But we were still too stunned to put up any kind of resistance. Without another word the attendants escorted Rachel toward the Entertainment stage.

I grabbed Lisa and told her we were following them. I wanted to see what was going to happen. If Rachel was going to hang, I sure as hell wanted to be there to witness it. So we took off without bothering to see what Brian and Jessica were doing.

We were halfway to the stage following Rachel and her escorts when a red glow came on up in the ceiling. Almost immediately the atmosphere changed inside the Club. It was though a certain sense of excitement had been pumped into the air through the filtration system.

Some people stopped what they were doing to follow us. Others rushed ahead of us. Perhaps they wanted to get there in time to get a good unobstructed view of the execution.

There was a woman in domination garb patiently waiting near the roulette wheel when we arrived. They took Rachel right up to her and introduced her. “This is Monique,” Riley told her. “She’ll be your executioner for the evening. Monique, this young lady popped her sensor.”

“I see,” the executrix said as she looked Rachel up and down.

She looked at the rest of our party and smiled as Brian and Jessica caught up to us. “Did you folks come with this young lady?” Lisa and I nodded.

“Very good. Now how shall I execute her for you?” At least she was polite about it.

None of us answered. I think we were still a little stunned at the sudden turn of events. That’s when Brooke answered, “From what we’ve been told, it seems hanging is the preferred method of execution. I believe it’s a fantasy of the condemned?”

“Is this true?” Monique asked Rachel with a smile.

The woman was so polite and casual that she didn’t seem like someone who would willingly execute another human being. But she was certainly dressed for it. What I found interesting was the way she spoke to us so calmly, as though she’d done this many times before.

For a moment Rachel didn’t know what to say. She tried to smile with a nod as she finally said, “Yes, it is. Hanging on stage has always been a fantasy of mine. So I g-guess hanging will work for me.”

“That’s a fine choice,” Monique told her as she looked her up and down admiringly. “Now let’s get you out of those clothes, shall we? Our guests enjoy watching the condemned hang nude.”

For a moment I thought her Uncle Brian was going to intervene. But the bouncers had followed us to the stage and were now eyeing him as though daring him to do something rash. He must have concluded it wouldn’t do any good to put up a protest as he didn’t do anything.

I was surprised the way Monique and the two attendants calmly removed Rachel’s clothes right there in front of everybody. I looked around to see a huge crowd was gathering. Apparently a lot of people wanted to stop gambling long enough to watch an execution.

Rachel was stripped out of her clothes until she stood there naked. Her sensor clearly stood out as it glowed red. “It’s popped all right,” Monique observed calmly with a smile.

Brooke held Rachel’s folded garments in her arms. She asked us, “Who should I give these to?”

Jessica numbly murmured, “I’m her sister. I guess I’ll take them.” Brooke nodded as she handed them over.

Rachel seemed to be coming out of her shock. Was she starting to get into this now? She actually smiled as she told Jessica, “Take care of them for me, ok? I’ll need them when we leave.”

Her sister looked at her in astonishment. I was also surprised at her words and her change of attitude. Did she really think this was going to turn out to be another one of those short hangings like we’d played back at her place??

Monique chuckled at Rachel’s attitude… “That’s cute.” Then the attendant named Riley handed her a length of rope she’d procured from somewhere near the roulette wheel. The executrix smiled as she used it to bind Rachel’s wrists behind her back.

By now a large crowd had gathered. A part of me was wondering if they were going to hang Rachel for real or just make her suffer in the noose for a few moments. I’d heard about all the executions they’d previously carried out. But it was hard to swallow this was actually going to take place.

Monique took Rachel up on stage. My sexy fuck-buddy now seemed to be getting into the swing of things, so to speak. She seemed to become more excited and less apprehensive about what was going to happen.

The murmur of conversations died off all around us. I watched as Monique walked Rachel over to the gallows. Then she operated some controls on the frame.

There was a very quiet hum as the noose came down. Rachel smiled as though she was starting to get excited. Was she looking forward to the experience? Had she accepted she was about to die and was simply going along with it? Or did she believe she wouldn’t be up in the air very long?

Monique stood her on the gallows facing the gathered spectators. The thick, hemp noose ominously framed her face. Now she acted like she was really looking forward to it, especially with everybody watching.

Her enthusiasm started to get to me. I could feel my cock stiffen in my pants. I picked up a couple of stray comments around me over how sexy Rachel looked and how they were looking forward to watching her hang.

Lisa stood next to me and murmured, “They’re not really going to hang her, are they?”

“It certainly looks like they are.”

“Does she know that? She acts like she’s looking forward to it!”

“I don’t know.”

Brian came up on the other side of me. Rachel’s sister Jessica stood next to him, Rachel’s clothes still in her arms. Her expression was a mixture of emotions that seemed to range from alarm to a strange curiosity.

I leaned over and quietly asked Brian, “Did you plan this from the very beginning?”

He looked at me in surprise. “Of course not! I just didn’t think… she had her period a short while ago. She was horny and anxious to fuck. We didn’t have time for a condom. She wanted me to cum inside her, but I thought I pulled out in time. She was disappointed not to feel my cream inside her.”

Monique took the noose and looped it around Rachel’s neck.  She snugged the knot up tight against her left ear. Rachel was still exhibiting an expression of excitement. But now she was starting to hyperventilate. Was she beginning to have second thoughts?

I could tell her nipples were incredibly erect. Her crotch was glistening from what I could only assume was a terrible arousal. She looked like it was all catching up to her as she struggled to catch her breath.

Monique finished with her duties. Then she stepped over to the controls. Rachel stood there panting for breath as she looked out at all of us.

I wondered how she felt having all those eyes upon her. She looked like she was incredibly excited. Then she glanced upward as though checking to see where she would soon be dangling.

Monique smiled at the crowd before motioning at my doomed fuck-buddy. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in for a treat. This attractive young lady has popped her sensor. Apparently she wants to slow-hang for our enjoyment. She says it’s a fantasy she’s had for a long time. I hope you all enjoy the show. Now let’s all watch her hang, shall we?”

She hit a control on the side of the gallows. I saw the noose slowly retract upward. It tightened around Rachel’s neck until she was pulled up onto her toes.

The noose paused, holding her there for a moment. She appeared to nervously swallow as she panted for breath. Everyone around us went deathly silent. My cock strained in my trousers.

“Are you ready?” Monique calmly asked Rachel.

My fuck-buddy turned and looked at her. “I g-guess so,” she rasped. But her excitement seemed to have diminished. In its place was a sense of uncertainty.

“You look like you’re terribly excited, honey. You might even be one of those females who cum in the noose as she hangs to death. I hope you enjoy yourself.” Then Monique activated a control.

Rachel let out an “URK” as she was pulled up off her feet. She went at least a foot up into the air. I wondered what she was thinking now that she was about to experience her greatest fantasy.

Her feet fluttered for solid footing. Then she started to kick. Her legs went flying as she began struggling in the noose.

She looked right at her uncle and I as she threw her chest out in our direction. Then her legs came together as she started humping. It looked like she was fucking the air.

There were oohs and aahs as she squirted hard. It looked as though she was experiencing one hell of an orgasm. It was incredible to watch.

For a moment she hung limp. Usually that was my cue to take her right down. But Monique never moved a muscle.

Rachel looked at me in alarm as she started to struggle again. She undulated in the noose like a fish dangling from a line. Then her expression took on a look of alarm.

I got the impression she wanted down. Surely it must have hurt like hell. I don’t think she expected to be airborne that long. Or maybe she didn’t know what to expect.

She began to fight the noose again. Her legs started to kick as she jerked and gyrated. But there was no escaping her agony, not this time. She was not back in her bedroom, thus Brian and I didn’t have permission to take her down.

She wriggled and undulated as she writhed in the noose. That’s when her face started turning red. I couldn’t believe how hard my cock became at her struggle.

“Fuck!” Brian quietly gasped as he stood next to me. “I never took her this far. Seeing her hang like that is unbelievable!”

Rachel started humping again. But this time it looked like she’d lost all control. Her first dance had seemed more coordinated. Now she was jerking around as though she couldn’t control how her body responded.

She hitched violently as though she couldn’t help herself. When she humped in our direction I couldn’t help gently humping back at her. It was purely a reflexive reaction.

“Fucking hell!” Brian gasped. Next to him Jessica blurted out, “Damn! Sis is really suffering! It looks so… it looks so HOT!”

Next to me Lisa was panting for breath. Without taking my eyes off Rachel I asked, “Are you ok?”

“I can’t fucking believe it! She’s really suffering! She’s jerking around like… like she’s fucking or something!”

I took a quick look around. Ever male was watching intently. Some of them looked like they were humping too.

I told Lisa, “Every guy in here wants to fuck Rachel right now. Hell, they’re already fucking her!”

“Are they really??” Lisa took a quick glance around. Then she looked back at her best female friend who was now really suffering in the noose.

Rachel kicked hard as she swung back and forth. It was as though she was desperate to free herself. Her arms jerked behind her back as her legs flew every which way.

Her face turned a dark shade of red. She twisted and swung as her legs went flying. Then they came together as she started humping the air again.

I couldn’t help humping back at her. A moment later my cock went off. It left a stain in my trousers. But a quick glance around revealed I wasn’t the only one. Even Brian was breathing heavily as he humped with his torso.

Rachel thrust her crotch outward until a massive spray arced out of her cunt. Her pussy lips had flared and were winking like crazy. Then exhaustion appeared to set in.

She hung quietly as she gently swung back and forth while twisting in place. I saw twitches in her arms and legs. Her crotch humped a little, but it looked mostly like muscle reflexes.

Her face was a dark shade of red. I thought I could actually hear the rope creak as she swayed back and forth. The spectators around us had gone deathly silent as though determined to listen to every little agonizing sound she made.

I thought I heard a gurgle as her toes wriggled. Stray muscles fired in her upper thighs. She appeared to shudder a little. Then I heard a distinct splatter as her bladder gave way.

That must have been the sign everyone was waiting for. Now the murmurs started back up… “She just pissed herself.”  “Did you see how hard she climaxed?”  “She really fought the noose for a while there!”  “And the way she was fucking us?”  “I was fucking her right back! Look at the stain in my crotch! Totally worth it!”

Rachel tiredly swung back and forth. It looked like her eyes were glazing over. There wasn’t near the excitement and enthusiasm in her expression like there had been right before she became airborne.

Monique walked up to her. She started pawing and groping her, telling her how hot it had been and how she’d mesmerized the entire audience with her dance. She even commented how several pairs of pants had been stained as a direct result of her performance.

She rubbed Rachel’s breasts. Then she fingered her dripping slit. Rachel did not respond. Her eyes were vacant, her expression starting to sag.

Monique turned to face the audience. “Wasn’t that a wonderful performance? Let’s give the young lady a nice round of applause, shall we?”

Rachel didn’t get ‘a nice round of applause’. She got a standing ovation. There were loud cheers and whistles as everyone clapped enthusiastically.

“Well, Jessica?” Brian said to Rachel’s sister after the cheers started dying down. “What did you think?”

“Incredible!” she panted. “Just… incredible!” She didn’t seem to know what else to say. Amazingly she just stood there with Rachel’s attire still in her arms.

“Look on the bright side,” Lisa told her with a wry smile. “It looks like you just inherited all her clothes. I know she was complaining about you borrowing her things. Now you won’t have to worry about it anymore.”

I looked at Brian who looked back at me. “Was it everything you thought it would be?”

“More,” he said quietly with a nod. “I never took her that far. That was unbelievable!”

“I never hanged her that long either. She looked like she was really suffering at the end. You think she enjoyed it?”

“She got several orgasms out of the deal,” he replied. “Hell, she must have gotten something out of it!”

The four of us stood there in silence for the longest time, watching Rachel dangle quietly in the noose. Meanwhile people around us began to depart, They’d gotten to witness an execution. Now they were eager to get back to their gambling.

2019 (written for “Clyde” and “Rachel” Aug 23 ’19 by riwa)

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