Drowning at the Hidden Facility

Mike went to the containment room and unlocked the door. The woman were all sitting on bunks and benches. “Welcome to the Hidden Facility ladies. You’ve all been brought here to be executed, although I suppose ‘snuffed’ is the more appropriate term here. Today you’ll all be drowning. So dry those tears. At least you’ll die clean.”

“You can’t drown us!” a redhead named Sandy protested. “You can’t bring us here just to drown us!”

“Well, you’re here and you’re drowning, so that’s it.”

“Isn’t there any way out of this?”

“Well, I suppose I could use a little help. Does anyone here know how to use scuba gear?”

“I do!” Sandy gasped, figuring she could learn on the fly if it would spare her life. “Please; I’ll do anything!”

“All right, you’re in scuba gear. Anyone else want to help me?” They all raised their hands.

“I’ll help you drown them if you’ll spare my life!”

Mike looked at the young woman with her hair tied off on both sides of her head who had just spoken. “All right, you’re in. You two come with me. You other three might as well wait here and get ready to meet your maker. We’ll be back for you in a few minutes.”

The remaining women sat back down on their bunks to consider the time they had left. Dorothy the blonde didn’t know whether to be frightened or aroused since she’d always had a fantasy of drowning. Consuela in the jet black hair was terrified and started to cry. Daria with the short, red hair just sat there numbly, wondering how she’d gotten herself into this as all five had been snatched one by one off the streets.

Mike poured drinks to toast his two helpers. “Do a good job, ladies, and I might keep you around for future drownings.”

“I’m really excited about helping you snuff those bitches.” Judy tried to sound excited despite her anxiety. She was just happy he’d picked her out and was willing to do anything it took to stay alive.

“What about me?” Sandy asked, the more pragmatic of the two. She wasn’t sure either of them were going to be allowed to live. But she had to try.

“Scuba gear’s out by the tank. I’ll need you to move the bodies aside once they hit the water. There’ll be three drownings using the platform. They’ll need to be moved out of the way once they’re in the water. Show me how enthusiastic you are and maybe I’ll keep you around a little while longer. Try to escape and we’ll impale you and leave your naked body outside to feed the buzzards.”

“Got it,” Sandy told him, gulping at the idea she could end up as buzzard meat if she didn’t comply. Then she headed off to get ready.

Consuela was first since she was a crier. Her left foot was encased in a cement compound just heavy enough to keep her on the bottom. Then Mike and Judy worked her out to the end of the platform, Mike in his birthday suit and Judy in a revealing black one-piece.

Consuela let out a wail of grief. “Please don’t drown me!”

Mike told Judy, “Would you drown this bitch for me? I’m getting tired of her incessant whining.”

“Gladly,” she replied with a smirk, trying to get into her role. A push of a button on the remote Mike had given her and the hinged platform gave way.

Consuela let out a cry as she plummeted to the bottom. Almost immediately she began spasming and convulsing as she lost her breath. It took no time at all until she was hitching and gurgling, coughing up bubbles as she drowned.

Down below in scuba gear Sandy quickly swam in and moved her off to one side. She could see the problem dropping three bodies straight down. They would fall on top of each other, and she assumed that’s not what Mike wanted. He wanted to look down and watch each one drown in a nice, sexy collection.

Consuela’s dark hair swirled as Sandy worked her over out of the way. “I’ll get back to you in a bit, honey, just as soon as he drops the second one.” Then she drifted back out of the way to wait and watch.

Up at the surface Daria had been sitting in a chair with her foot in hardening cement waiting her turn. She’d watched Consuela get dropped into the water and had nearly fainted. Now Judy slowly worked her out to the end of the walkway to the waiting trap.

At the same time, Mike went and got Dorothy. Her sunset colored bikini revealed erect nipples from a perverse arousal. He liked her already.

He sat her down and put her foot in a wooden bucket. Then he poured the cement. Afterwards he left her there, telling her, “I’ll be back for you in a minute, hun.”

“Take your time,” she gasped breathlessly, seeing how hard his cock had become. She was definitely afraid of losing her life. But she was becoming more aroused than she’d anticipated. As a compromise she was hoping for one last mouthful of cum before she had to drown.

Mike went out to join Judy and Daria. Judy had worked the condemned woman out on top of the trap. There was movement underwater as Sandy worked to make sure Consuela would be well out of the way for the next one to join her.

“So what do you think? Judy asked hopefully as she turned to Mike. “I managed to get her out here all by myself.”

“Well done,” Mike told her. Daria just looked down at the water before begging for her life.

Judy told her, “Don’t you know you should drown with dignity, bitch?” She wanted to give Mike a good impression so he would spare her.

“Please! I don’t want to drown!”

It’s ok, honey,” Judy said as she reached around and groped her mounds through her white garment. “I can feel how hard your nipples are. You’re a little excited so I know you’re going to love this. I know Mike sure is.”

“Please! I can’t swim!”

That’s the best part about it!” Judy told her as she continued rubbing her tits. “You’re not going for a swim. You’re just going straight to the bottom to drown!”

“No! Please!”

“Take a really big breath,” Judy told her. “Then hold it for as long as you can. Mike here wants a much better show that what that last bitch gave him, ok? Show him you can give him a really good drowning performance.”

Back on the chair Dorothy watched with a mixture of horror and fascination as the cement hardened around her foot. So this was really going to happen, eh? Mike certainly looked like he was getting quite an erection watching the drownings. Somehow that turned her on despite her growing anxiety.

“Can I do this one too, Mike?” Judy wanted to show him how important it was to keep her around awhile.

“Help yourself,” he said as he handed her the remote. Judy eagerly pushed the button.

Daria started to scream as the trap gave way. At the last second she grabbed a big breath. It was purely instinctive.

The moment she hit the bottom she almost freaked out at the sight of a drowned Consuela. The poor woman had a look of horror frozen in her features. She had obviously drowned painfully.

The traitorous bitch Sandy was down there in scuba gear. It looked like she hadn’t done a damn thing for Consuela. It made Daria wonder if Sandy had secretly been in league with Mike this whole time.

The woman in scuba gear quickly realized she hadn’t moved the first one far enough out of the way. Mike had a third one coming down, that blonde named Dorothy. She needed to hurry and shift both bodies over. At least she would get to enjoy Daria taking longer to drown. Maybe if she really got into it Mike might spare her life and take her on as a snuff partner.

Sandy began shifting both women over out of the way, making room for Dorothy. She was almost certain that naïve bitch Judy up at the surface would soon be joining them. But it was probably best not to think about that since Mike might want to drown her too before all was said and done.

Daria tried to get her attention, motioning at the regulator in her mouth while begging for some air. But Sandy would have none of that. Mike wanted the bitch to drown, so drown was what she was going to do.

She worked to make sure both bodies would be out of the way to make room for Dorothy. Daria kept grunting and bubbling. Her white outfit had become transparent, allowing Sandy to see the red bikini behind it. Erect nipples tried to force their way out of the material.

Sandy found herself becoming more and more aroused. So this was what Mike liked to do to his women, eh? Perhaps she really could get into helping him drown sexy bitches! She could certainly see the arousal factor in the whole sordid affair.

Daria couldn’t believe it as her lungs burned intensely. The bitch could offer her air to help her stay alive any time she wanted. But the woman acted like she wasn’t the least bit interested.

There was a look in Sandy’s eyes, a look of murderous enthusiasm. Had she totally succumbed to being that bastard’s snuff-puppet, helping him drown them all?? It made Daria bow her head in horror as she struggled in vain to pull her foot out of the heavy cement.

She lost a few bubbles as her stomach rippled, her lungs heaving insistently. It wouldn’t be much longer before they gave out and she lost her breath. How badly was it going to hurt?

As Sandy looked at the drowned woman and the about-to-drown bitch, she thought about what Mike would enjoy the most. It occurred to her he might love to see the ladies in their best attire. So she decided to remove their garments.

It didn’t bother her at all pulling their outfits off. She liked playing with nude bodies. Maybe Mike would notice her enthusiasm and would want to keep her around awhile.

She got Consuela out of most of her attire. Naturally she left the nylons in place as one foot was encased in cement. Then she worked on Daria as the poor girl began grunting up bubbles. It looked like she was really close to drowning. This one was going to be good!

It was a huge turn-on undressing Daria while she was on the verge of drowning. The grunts, bubbles and cries for help were sexy as hell. The way the woman spasmed in her breathless agony was incredibly arousing.

Sandy became more turned on as she worked the top loose. Then Daria coughed up a mouthful of bubbles. She had to be so close now!

As the top drifted loose she noticed how erect the drowning woman’s nipples had become. She had noticed the same with Consuela. So there was something arousing about drowning after all. Well, Sandy was certainly turned on watching them bubble their last.

Sandy drifted back to watch to get a good view. That’s when Daria coughed up a huge lungful of air. She instinctively covered her mouth but it was too late and she started to drown.

It was sexy as hell the way she suffered and gurgled. The way she swallowed water as she tried to cover her mouth was incredibly erotic. It almost looked like she was cumming in the midst of her suffering.

Nest to her a naked Consuela swayed back and forth, her mouth open. There was something about the two of them naked that really turned her on. More and more Sandy found herself hoping Mike might keep her on to assist in future drownings.

Daria was still hitching as Sandy moved in. She knelt close and began fingering the drowning woman’s cunt. She could feel Daria’s pussy squeezing instinctively around her fingers.

Next to her Consuela looked like she was in the middle of an orgasm of her own. But the moment looked frozen in time. Drowned in the midst of cumming so hard must have been a horrific way to go. Deep down Sandy hoped the poor bitch had derived some small satisfaction out of her ordeal.

Up at the surface Judy gasped incredulously. It had been horrific to behold. The way Mike could watch them drown so easily seemed so… so callous and uncaring!

“So what do you think so far?” he asked her as he put a hand on her shoulder.

She knew the reply she needed to give if she wanted to live. “Uh, it was great!”

“You liked it too?”

“It was, uh… really exciting!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it too. Stay right here. I’ll go get Dorothy.”

He walked back to her sitting on the chair. It looked like the cement had pretty much hardened by now. But instead of taking the cement out of the bucket he decided to dump her in bucket and all.

He walked right up to her and smiled. “It’s your turn, Dorothy. Are you ready to drown?”

“Bloody hell!”

She was trembling from a perverse arousal. She’d already seen him drown two women without the slightest bit of remorse. That told her she could expect no mercy from him. Strangely it turned her on even more.

Her eyes settled on his erection. It was nice and hard. Clearly he was enjoying himself.

Dorothy licked her lips. Then she told him, “If I must drown, can I… can I…?

“Can you what?”

She didn’t say another word. Besides, he was close enough. Dorothy leaned over and took his cock into her mouth. If he was going to enjoy watching her drown, she wanted to give him a good show by going out with his cream on her lips.

He fucked her mouth until he stopped right before giving her his seed. Immediately she put up a protest. “Hey, what gives? I thought I was going to suck you dry!”

“Let’s get you out onto the platform first.”

She grudgingly let him work her out where Judy was waiting. She was left out on the trap in position. That’s when Judy saw Mike’s still erect member and decided to further ingratiate herself into his good graces.

She bent down and took his cock down her throat. After all, she really didn’t want to watch Dorothy drown. Besides, she wasn’t entirely convinced Mike wasn’t going to drown her anyway.

“Hey, what gives, love?” Dorothy asked in protest. “I was supposed to suck you dry!”

“No, you’re going to suck water now.” Then Mike activated the control to the platform.

Dorothy felt a jolt of eroticism as the trap dropped her. “YES; DROWN ME, LOVE!” Then she was on her way down as the excitement swelled inside her.

She let out a cry as she hit the water. At that moment Dorothy wet herself from fear and excitement. This was really going to happen. And at that moment she started to cum from her horrific excitement.

Mike watched with great enthusiasm as he forced his cock deep down Judy’s throat. Dorothy looked like she was really into it. This was one drowning he was particularly looking forward to.

Sandy the scuba diver moved right in the moment Dorothy bottomed out. She wanted Mike to enjoy watching the sexy bitch drown naked. So she quickly worked to remove the woman’s top as she grunted and bubbled.

Dorothy didn’t struggle or put up a fight. She didn’t even try to stop the bitch from removing her top. She figured it wouldn’t do any good as she was going to drown anyway.

The guy on the platform seemed to be all turned on at the prospect of watching her breathe her last. So Dorothy decided she was going to give him her best effort. After all, what else could she do? She was going to drown anyway.

Sandy reached out and groped Dorothy’s quivering mounds. It was sexy watching the bitch struggle to hold her breath. But soon that breath was going to burst out of those lungs.

It really turned Sandy on as she reached out and felt up the woman’s heaving chest. Dorothy’s boobs bounced from the agony of holding her breath. And her nipples were hard as little pebbles.

Seeing the two drowned women next to her nearly made her scream her breath away. That’s when it really settled in. Dorothy nearly climaxed as she realized she would soon be joining them with those incredible expressions on their faces.

Dorothy grunted as she instinctively tried to hold her breath a few seconds longer. Her body didn’t want to give in to the inevitable. She would have to go through the agony of trying to hold her breath before her lungs gave out. At least she was trying to give Mike up there one hell of a show.

Dorothy struggled to hold her breath as she instinctively fought to pull her foot out of the cement. But she was firmly stuck. She was really going to drown down here!

The excitement swelled within her as her lungs heaved, bubbles slipping out through her clenched lips. She was almost out of breath. Her lungs were going to open up at any moment.

All of the sudden she tipped her head back and coughed up bubbles. Then Dorothy started drowning painfully hard. That’s when she started cumming again.

Sandy couldn’t believe how erotic it was. She also couldn’t resist rubbing herself. Glancing upward, she hoped Mike could see her enjoyment of the drownings as well so he would want to keep her around awhile.

Dorothy went into painful convulsions. It hurt like hell. But there was a sensation of pleasure in her loins.

She saw Sandy getting off to her suffering. She was also dimly aware Mike was somewhere above her. Was he getting off on her drowning as well?

Her contractions forced most of the air out of her lungs until Dorothy began to settle down. She didn’t hitch near so much as her lungs flooded. Her top drifted nearby as Sandy had been too excited at her impending drowning to take it away.

Dorothy’s drowning was the one that did it. That’s when Mike erupted in Judy’s mouth. She groaned as she got his load.

She tried to swallow every last drop, figuring that should prove her devotion to him. She hoped it meant she wouldn’t have to drown. A quick glance down indicated Dorothy had drowned violently.

Down below the waters started to settle. “Take a look,” Mike told her. He had a look of satisfaction on his face.

Judy bent over and looked down, fearful of getting too close to the edge lest he push her off into the water. She half expected a shove in the back. She was relieved when it didn’t come.

“Three drowned, sexy bitches; am I right?”

“Three drowned, sexy bitches,” she repeated, trying to give him a smile.

“So what do you think, Judy?”

“V-very sexy,” she told him as he reached down and groped her. “I l-liked it a lot.”

“Do you really mean that?”

In response she reached back and kissed him. She hoped her actions would give her a stay of execution until she could find a way to escape. Somehow she had to find a way to get away from this madman.

At that moment she began to feel funny. She felt tired all over. She was starting to lose her ability to stand.


“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t… move my…” Then she collapsed onto the platform.

“You can’t move because that drink you ingested had something in it. I believe you’re suffering from what can be commonly referred to as a delayed reaction.”

“A delayed reaction, Mike? To what?” But a sense of horror was already beginning to settle over her.

“To your impending drowning, bitch.” Then he activated the control to the platform. The trap lowered until Judy rolled off the end into the water.

Her eyes were open in horror. The last thing she saw was his erection. Then the waters of the drowning tank swallowed her up.

Mike knelt down to watch. This one was going to be the icing on the cake. The bitch hadn’t suspected until the very last moment.

She wasn’t going to be able to hold her breath very long. Dorothy had given him the best drowning so far. But he was still going to enjoy this one.

Judy couldn’t hold her breath at all. Almost immediately she began hitching and gurgling as she sank to the bottom. She stared upward in shock, unable to process how easily she’d been tricked.

She got a glimpse of the three who’d drowned before her. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. Her breath bubbled freely out of her mouth as her lungs flooded. Now she was about to join the other three bitches down here on the bottom.

Judy couldn’t believe how painful it was. She drowned in agony, her body hitching as she gurgled up water and bubbles. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to her.

Her chest felt like an elephant was sitting on it. Every fiber of her being felt like it was being raped by the invading liquid. She tried to scream again, but she couldn’t get her lips to move… couldn’t force sound out of her throat.

Sandy excitedly started to move in to play with the bodies. She was looking forward to removing that stupid bitch’s outfit and having fun with her down here. It served Judy right for being so young and naive.

At that moment she felt a great tiredness settle in on her. Sandy suddenly lost the regulator in her mouth. Almost immediately she inhaled as she began hitching and gurgling.

It was only then as her lungs were filling with water that she realized she’d been played. Her nipples hardened as she hitched and gurgled. Sandy was aware of a sense of pleasure in her loins as her lungs screamed at her.

Mike looked down on his handiwork. They were all drowned now. The two who’d helped him had no idea he was going to drown them as well. What he’d spiked their drinks with had worked perfectly, giving him the time necessary to accomplish what he’d set out to do.

But of all of them, the one that inspired him the most had been Dorothy. She hadn’t resisted or begged for her life. In fact she’s almost seemed eager to give him a good show.

And so she had. It certainly looked like she’d put on a good drowning performance for him. She’d willingly sucked his cock before being sent to her watery grave.

Of all five she’d seemed the most enthusiastic. Even now she was looking up at him with a vacant stare as though asking if he’d enjoyed her show. Stray bubbles slipped out past her parted lips. That’s when Mike decided of the five down at the bottom he would probably remember her drowning the most.

2019 (Feb 24 ’19)

(Inspired by C. Mike Hunt’s renders.)

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