Nellie’s present for her Uncle Mikey

Another story inspired by Mike Hunt renders.

Nellie had planned this for some time. What she was going to do was so exciting. Now she would get her Uncle Mikey’s attention for sure.

She’d been flirting with him for ages, desperately trying to seduce him. But thus far he’d rejected her advances. She blamed it on her age.

She’d just turned eighteen two weeks ago. Now she wanted to give her uncle a very special present. She had it all planned out.

She was sure he wouldn’t be able to resist once he came over and found her all ready to enjoy. She’d even dressed up in something sexy. Now he couldn’t say no to her.

She got the noose all set up in her bedroom. She brought in the stool from her father’s workshop. Her folks would be out of town until Sunday night. That left her Uncle Mikey free to come over to have some fun with her after what she was about to do for him.

She climbed up onto the stool. Then she carefully slipped the noose around her throat. Now she was ready for her Uncle Mikey to show up and enjoy what she had to offer him.

Up that high she realized she was not as steady as she thought she’d be. Her nylons were slippery on the surface of the stool. She had to be careful as she wanted to wait until her uncle arrived. He was due any minute now.

First she would put on a show for him. Then he would take her down and fuck her senseless. By the time her folks returned from their weekend trip she would be a woman.

She waited impatiently. When was Uncle Mikey going to arrive? She’d put in a call telling him she had something very important to show him.

She slipped again on the stool. It made her grab the rope so as not to slide off prematurely. She didn’t have plans to hang herself to death. She only had plans to put on a little show so Uncle Mikey would take her down and fuck her right afterwards. After seeing her dangle for a little while she was certain he would be hard and ready to finally put his dick inside her.

Nellie couldn’t believe how wet she’d become. This was really exciting. The feel of the rope around her neck gave her goosebumps.

She’d read stories how some girls orgasmed in the noose. She hoped she would do that for her Uncle Mikey. She was already wet and incredibly excited.

She thought she heard a vehicle drive up. Was Uncle Mikey finally here? She was so excited she could feel her arousal slither sensuously down her inner thigh.

She listened intently, waiting to hear the door open that meant he had walked inside. She’d left the door unlocked for him. He knew her parents were away. But she’d left a message saying it was really important that he come over to see her.

What was taking him so long? He wasn’t having second thoughts about coming in and being alone with her, was he? She certainly hoped not.

She really wanted to be dicked by her Uncle Mikey. She knew hanging was one of his fetishes. That’s why she’d set all this up: to turn him on so he would fuck her after watching her do a little air-dance.

She wanted to call out to him. What was taking him so long? She was becoming impatient.

The stool wobbled again. She tried to adjust her position. That’s when Nellie’s foot slipped.

The stool clattered away from beneath her as she dropped, the noose taking her full weight. Nellie gawked as she reached up for it. This wasn’t supposed to happen until Uncle Mikey was in her room so he could watch!

Her legs fluttered as she kicked and struggled. She could still get a little air. But the noose was tighter than she’d anticipated.

She tried to cry out, “Uncle Mikey?? *gawk* …better hurry… *gawk* …I need help!” Was he still out in his car in the driveway? What was taking so long??

She felt a warmth blossom down between her legs. Instinctively she put her hand down there and rubbed herself. It felt good.

Where the hell was Uncle Mikey?? He was missing out on all the fun! Besides, he had to get her down so they could fuck, right?

She rasped and gurgled as she kicked and struggled. The noose was slowly tightening. It was getting harder to breathe. But it was also bringing her pleasure down between her legs.

“Uncle *gawk* Mikey?? *gurgle* Help!” The noose was really getting tight now. She could feel herself breaking out in a sweat.

She hitched and gurgled. Wait; was that the front door? She tried to call out for her Uncle Mikey to hurry. But it was getting hard to force words out of her mouth.

She began to hump the air as her arms stretched forward. She wriggled like a dancer. But it wasn’t for her uncle’s benefit. It was purely reflexive as her body fought the constricting coil around her throat.

“Nellie? What are you doing?” It was her Uncle Mikey. He was standing behind her.

She tried to tell him to take her down. It was hurting too much, she could hardly breathe. This wasn’t working out quite the way she’d planned.

“Oh honey; did you do this for me? You’re so thoughtful. Let me go get something. I’ll be right back.”

She rasped air past her lips as she tried to speak, trying to tell him she wanted down now. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. It wasn’t supposed to hurt this bad.

Her uncle returned with a little step stool. “Ok, honey. I know you’ve been pressuring me to enjoy your sexy body. You’re eighteen now. So I guess it’s ok. Besides, I’m so turned on seeing you dangle from the noose like that.”

Her mind cried out for her Uncle Mikey to get her down. She wanted to dance for him and then fuck him. She hadn’t planned on going all the way for him?! She’d simply slipped prematurely off the stool is all!

There was nothing she could do as he removed all his clothes. He placed the stepping stool behind her and climbed on. Then he told her, “Honey, you’re so sweet. I can’t believe you did this all for me.”

She tried to shake her head, tried to explain it was all a big mistake. Then she felt him reach around and grope her mounds. It made her feel warm as her legs twitched while her arms jerked.

“Oh, honey. You have no idea what you’re doing to me. You look so sexy hanging like that.”

Nellie tried to tell him he didn’t understand. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. But she couldn’t make her lips move.

It hurt so bad. But she couldn’t kick her legs anymore. She tried to lift her arms to reach for the noose around her throat. But her arms felt like lead weights.

“I had no idea you knew about my hanging fetish, honey. I think you’re going to catch your folks by surprise with this one. But I suppose I should enjoy you now that I’m here.”

He groped and fondled her as he developed an erection. He was sure she’d done this for his benefit. It wouldn’t be right if he didn’t take advantage of her generous offer now, would it?

Nellie was just conscious enough to feel him gently remove her outfit. He left her wearing her nylons. Then she felt him move behind her again.

She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak, couldn’t even move. She called out in her mind for her uncle to take her down so they could do this while she didn’t hurt so bad. But he didn’t seem to understand what she wanted or expected from him.

“Oh honey; you look so sexy. I’m really appreciative you went to all this trouble for me. How can I ever repay you? Well, you’ve been trying to seduce me all this time. So I think I know exactly what you want from me now.”

Nellie was dimly aware of him pushing his cock inside her. She jerked and twitched as he forced himself all the way inside. It was exactly what she’d wanted from him this whole time. But couldn’t he take her down first?? If he didn’t hurry and take her down it was going to be too late!

He started to thrust hard in and out of her. Nellie shook from each insertion of his dick into her wet, dripping orifice. But now it was getting hard to feel him inside her.

The pain was so intense… so overwhelming. She could hardly think straight anymore. A glob of her fluids squeezed out around the cock inside her to slither sensuously down her leg.

Mike grabbed her boobs as he fucked her from behind. “It feels so good, honey. But let’s try that ass of yours now, shall we? You’re not going to have need of it anymore after today, am I right? Let’s see how nice and tight you are.”

She barely felt it at all as he forced his cock up into her anal passage. A tear trickled down her cheek as she twitched and quivered. A moment later she felt that familiar warmth blossom inside her again. But it hurt too much to fully enjoy the experience.

“I love you for doing this, Nellie. It makes you so special to me. You feel nice and tight. Maybe we should have done this long ago. But I couldn’t make myself do it until you turned eighteen. You understand; right?”

“I know you just had a birthday. But it feels like you did all this as a special present just for me. I’m touched and flattered, honey; I really am. I promise never to forget it.”

It was a nice sentiment. But Nellie hadn’t heard a single word. She was spiraling away into oblivion.

She went into little hitches as a death rattle emanated from her throat. “Dying for me now; are you, honey? That’s so special of you.” Then the life flickered out of her eyes forever. She did not feel his cock empty itself inside her ass.

Mike couldn’t resist fucking her over and over again. He even fucked her pussy a second time. But he couldn’t resist enjoying that compliant ass of hers.

There was nothing but sporadic muscles twitches as stray nerve endings fired. He checked for a pulse, but there was none. That’s when her bladder released unexpectedly.

When Mike was satisfied he stepped back to look at her. Perhaps it wouldn’t look good if his sister and brother-in-law found her naked like that. So he proceeded to carefully dress her in the outfit she’d hanged herself in.

He found a nice breezy dress to put on her. Afterwards he gave her a nice, long look. He was getting hard again.

“Honey, I’d better leave before I strip you down and fuck you again. You look sexy as hell. I hope your folks appreciate the effort you went through for me. Thanks again, Nellie.”

2019 (written Jul 1 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by renders by C. Mike hunt.)

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