Making a movie with my sister


Veronica is my half-sister. We share the same father. But her mother is Dominican.

She’s a 31 year old high school math teacher. And she loves the way her skin is bronzed. In the summer when she doesn’t think it’s tanned enough she goes in and really gets it bronzed up.

I didn’t even know I had a half-sister until I was out on my own. She made contact with me and then kept in touch. Slowly but surely I revealed to her a couple of my kinks.

My girlfriend Sandy didn’t help matters any. She told Verri – as my sister likes to be called – about some of the perils we play-act. Veronica sounded interested and wanted to know more.

I guess Sandy told her about some of the things we did. She said we sometimes liked to film them. My sister was curious, so Sandy sent her one video of being shot in her nightie while being tied to a post in our bedroom.

Veronica loved it and wanted to see another. Sandy sent her a video where she was noosed on a chair. She didn’t drop of course. But she stood there in very sexy lingerie.

Sis finally told Sandy she wanted to be filmed in a similar peril situation. Sandy passed the request on to me, telling me my half-sister wanted to be in a video shoot. But I wasn’t sure about the whole thing.

Veronica wasn’t satisfied. Whenever we would talk she would pester me or Sandy about the chance to be recorded in a peril video. My girlfriend told me we could make it a really hot video shoot if we wanted.

Verri sent us a recent picture of herself. She looked hot all bronzed up like that. It made my cock stand up and take notice.

Right away Sandy saw the effect the picture had on me. “Let’s invite her over, Mike. Let’s make it a video shoot to remember.” I could see where her mind was coming from. So I readily agreed.

My sister came over on the day we scheduled our video shoot. We showed her the post we used for firing squad scenarios. But she was more interested in a hanging video. So we showed her the playroom where a thick noose dangled conveniently from the ceiling.

She gasped when she saw it. Then she said, “I’d love to do a hanging video, Mike. Sandy told me about your sexy hanging scene. Can we do a hanging video?”

I looked at Sandy who grinned and nodded. So I told my half-sister, “Sure thing, Verri. Anything for you!”

“Let’s make this special, ok?” Then she left the room. “Yes, let’s make it special,” my girlfriend agreed before she too slipped away to change.

I set up the camera on the tripod. Then Veronica returned. This time she was wearing nothing but a maroon bikini top and thong. It made her look sexy as hell.

“You want to be bound; right, Verri?”

“Of course!” she gasped breathlessly. “I want the video to look good, right?” So I got a loop of nylon and tied her hands behind her back.

I helped her up onto the chair. Then I carefully looped the noose around her neck. She gasped for breath as I snapped a couple pictures of her standing there.

“Is she ready?” Sandy asked as she calmly walked in. Veronica blushed when she saw my girlfriend was totally naked. She stammered, “What… what happened to your clothes??”

“This is going to be a special project, right? And as a special project we’re all going to do it nude.”

“All of us?” she gasped in alarm. Then she looked at me in shock. “You mean… you’re going to be nude too??”

“Of course he is,” Sandy told her. “He’s the one taking the video, remember? You want him to really get into it, don’t you?”

“But… but you’re… oh my God; you’re my brother! We can’t be naked in front of each other!” Veronica certainly seemed nervous about the idea. But I sensed a certain curiosity about her attitude… as though she might be willing to chance it.

“Half-brother,” Sandy corrected her. “This is a treat for both you and Mike; am I right? Besides, I think he’s starting to get a hard-on underneath those jeans. We need to let that thing out to breath for the poor guy; wouldn’t you agree?”

“I don’t know…”

“Your nipples are hard, Verri; I can tell. Mine are so hard they hurt. Mike’s entitled to enjoy himself too. So I’m going to help him get naked and then suck his cock a little till he’s nice and hard.”

“You… you’re joking, right?” In response Sandy started to help me out of my clothes.

Veronica turned beat red when I ended up naked other than my footwear. Sandy promptly got onto her knees. Then she started giving my cock some attention.

I could tell how aroused Verri had become. Her nipples were really poking through that top of hers. She was embarrassed, yet she still seemed somewhat curious and intrigued.

Sandy paid loving attention to my cock. She’s a great fluffer. She knows just what to do to get me all hot and bothered.

I looked up at Veronica and smiled. Sandy didn’t bother checking on my half-sister standing on the chair. She was too busy seeing to my needs.

I didn’t cum in her mouth, although I would have if she would have wanted me too. I needed my man-snot for the project. Besides, this was something Sandy and I had agreed to. She wanted it to be her special present to me.

Veronica panted like crazy as she watched us. I kept glancing up at her to gauge her reaction. I could tell she was still embarrassed. But it seemed to be making her hot. I liked that as it was really going to add to the video we were making.

My half-sister was panting for breath when Sandy rose up, leaving me good and hard. Then she blurted out, “I can’t believe she blew you right in front of me!”

“That’s not all she’s going to do, Verri.”

To my sister’s great shock Sandy removed her maroon top and bottoms. Now she was just as naked as we were. “That’s going to look so much better, you being naked for the video like we are. Aren’t I right, Verri?”

My cock twitched with anticipation over what was coming next. Veronica panted for breath as she gasped, “Oh my fucking God! I can’t believe I’m staring at my brother’s hard cock!” Then she felt Sandy grab the chair.

It must have made her feel unsteady because she anxiously blurted out, “Hey Mikey? This is safe, isn’t it? I mean… you’re just making a video, right?”

“It’s perfectly safe, Verri. I can assure you neither Sandy nor I can get hurt doing this. Don’t you worry about a thing.”

“You and Sandy? Michael, you’re starting to scare me.” Now she was getting nervous.

“Being scared is good, Verri. It will make the video so much better, don’t you think?” Then she gasped as Sandy lovingly caressed her ass.

“Are you nice and wet for the video?” Sandy purred at her. “Maybe I’d better find out for myself, hmm?”

“Sandy, what are you doing??” That’s when my girlfriend started to rub her crotch. Verri whimpered helplessly.

“Not bad,” Sandy murmured. “But we’d better get you nice and wet for Mikey.” Then she stuck a couple fingers up my half-sister’s dripping slit where she wriggled them around a little.

Veronica writhed and moaned. “You’re nice and wet now,” Sandy told her with a smile. “I’d say you’re ready for us to shoot some video.”

“Doesn’t M-Mike have to turn it on first?”

“It’s already running, Verri,” I told her with a grin.

“Time to meet Dolcett, hun,” Sandy purred at her. Then she started to take the chair away.

“Sandy – DON’T!”

“It’s ok,” my girlfriend chuckled. “Mike told you the video is running. And he’ll be standing right here to watch.” Then she dumped Veronica off the chair, telling her “Now put on a good dance for the video, hun. Don’t worry about a thing. And don’t worry about the chair because I’ll make sure to put it right back.”

At exactly 1350h (1:50PM) we launched my sister off the earth. My arms went wide with great anticipation. Sandy looked like she was going to orgasm just standing there watching Veronica dangle in the noose.

Verri’s legs searched for the floor. Then she started to pedal. A happy, horny Sandy gasped with delight.

“That is soooooo fucking hot, Mike! Just look at her kick! The poor thing must really want that chair back! Not yet, Verri; not yet! We’re still taking video for your peril project!”

Veronica managed to turn and look at the both of us as she struggled. A sheen of perspiration broke out all over her bronzed skin. She rasped and gurgled as she moved her lips. But no sound was forthcoming other that a few more rasps for breath.

“Fuck!” Sandy gasped, instinctively covering her mouth.

“She looks great, doesn’t she?” My cock was hard again, desperately needing another release.

“She looks like… like she was made to hang, Mike! What do you call them again?”

“A noose-whore?”

“Yes; that’s it! Fucking hell; she looks exactly like a noose-whore!”

My half-sister began to fight the coil around her throat in earnest. It was a thick rope, one we’d chosen to extend her suffering. And she was suffering gloriously. I definitely didn’t need Sandy as a fluffer for this part of the project.

My sister’s titties bounced nicely as she danced and kicked. She certainly gave an uninhibited air-dance for the camera. It was amazing the way her naked body gyrated in the noose.

The look of suffering on her face was priceless. Her nipples were hard, indicating she had to be enduring some form of arousal at her suffering. Then she appeared to rub her thighs together.

“Just look at her, Mike! Look at the way her breasts jiggle! Her expression and… oh my fucking God; did she just cum in the noose?? You’ve got to fuck her now, Mike! I think she wants you to fuck her now!”

Veronica made sweet rasping sounds as she tried to breathe. She was still kicking a little. It was erotic as hell.

I stepped up to her and told her how sexy she looked. “It’s going to be one hell of a peril vid, Verri. But Sandy thinks I should fuck you now. What do you think?”

She gurgled as her legs flew outward. Then she brought her thighs together. She rubbed until she shuddered for a second time.

“She’s cumming again, Mike! She really wants it!” Sandy was panting heavily, looking as though she’d just had an orgasm of her own.

I gently stroked my dear half-sister’s cheek as she kicked a little. “Sandy thinks you want me to fuck you, Verri. I know I’ve always wanted to. And now I see you want me to as well. So I’m going to give it to you while you’re still hanging in the noose. It’ll make for a great video. I sure do love you, Verri.”

I stepped up onto the little wooden box we’d left below her. It was good for catching spills and messes. Sandy was so thoughtful putting it there before the hanging. And I was pretty sure Veronica wasn’t going to mind.

I grabbed her legs and pulled her to me. She rasped and gurgled as her legs fluttered a little. Then I kissed her lips, sucking on her tongue as it started to protrude.

I started to enter her as her feet cocked and curled. Sandy gasped, “I think she can feel you inside her, Mike!” I looked at her and smiled, noting how my girlfriend seemed to be in a state of euphoria.

I quickly discovered Verri’s pussy was just like Dorothy’s when we hanged that sexy bitch. It was nice and tight. I could feel it clenching around my erection from the effects of the noose around her throat.

It took me some time to push all the way inside. You kind of have to work to get your willie in there. But once you do, they squeeze so hard it almost hurts. Sandy refers to it as squeezing so hard “it hurts delightfully tight”. I couldn’t agree with her more.

I grabbed her ass, pulled her to me and started fucking her. Her pussy clenched wonderfully. She kept making little rasping sounds, although they were starting to quiet down.

“Fuck her, Mike!” Sandy gasped, and I saw my girlfriend finger herself. Then she panted, “Is she as good as Dorothy was?”

“Pretty damned good, baby.” But it wasn’t long until my balls started to swell. I was about to cum inside her.

I tried to hold off, wanting to fuck her for as long as possible. But I guess I’ll never be a porn star. I blew my wad in less than two minutes.

“My turn!” Sandy gasped as she rushed forward after I pulled out. She spread Verri’s legs, knelt down and then mashed her face into my dying half-sister’s cunt. I thought I saw Veronica twitch a little, making me wonder if she could still feel something down there.

Sandy tongue-fucked our sweet noose-whore. Sis seemed to tremble again. I thought her thighs squeezed a little. Then she hung limp.

Sandy went over backward, her face coated with my cream as well as my half-sister’s cum. She looked dizzy and disoriented as she panted for breath. “What a noose-whore cum cocktail, Mike! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so fucking hard!”

I stepped up to Veronica and touched her naked body all over, enjoying the feel of her warm breasts in my hands. “That felt wonderful cumming inside you, sis. You milked the cream right out of me. And you made Sandy cum as well.”

I caressed her cheek. Then I told her, “This is going to be the best peril video ever. I love you, Verri.” Her face was a purplish-red so I assume she was too embarrassed to reply. Or maybe the noose had simply exhausted her.

I stepped over to the camera and paused it to take some stills. Veronica hung nice and quiet for Sandy and I. I think she wanted us to get some great pictures to go with her peril video.

At one point her bladder released. “Should have expected that,” Sandy said with a laugh. “At least the box below caught a lot of it.”

Verri gently swayed back and forth, her body twisting in one direction and then reversing itself. Her nipples were still hard. It looked like her pussy was still dripping from what must have been an incredibly intense orgasm.

I finally took her down and then carried her over to the sofa. Sandy slid the chair back under the noose. “I did promise her I’d put the chair back,” she said with a knowing smile.

I propped Verri’s body up on the sofa before spreading her legs. Sandy immediately dove right in to do a little necro muff-diving. So I stuck my cock in Sandy from behind and gave her a nice, long fuck as she feasted until she went off with a couple more orgasms.

It’s not important for you to know how we disposed of the body. Let’s just say Sandy knows a guy who works for a mortuary. He even lets her help him out, although I can only imagine the type of “help” Sandy gave him with my half-sister’s corpse.

In the end the video turned out rather well. If you have never hanged and fucked your sister, half-sister or otherwise, I suggest you give it a try. Take it from your “Uncle Mike”. Trust me; I ought to know.


2019 (written for Mike and Sandy Jan 28 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by his renders and his story idea.)

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