Melissa and the Vacu-bag


Part 1

Melissa opened the door in response to the knock she heard. She saw a man in a UPS uniform walking back to his truck. Her heart rate spiked as she glanced down.

She saw the package that had been left next to the door. She picked it up and located the shipping label. Melissa gasped excitedly when she saw it was from The Rubber Fetish Company.

Her eyes went wide as she snatched it up. She couldn’t believe it was finally in her possession. She quickly brought it inside and hastily closed and locked the door.

She stared at the package in her hands, still not quite believing it had finally arrived. She was trembling noticeably, breathless with anticipation. She felt her panties moisten with excitement as she tore the box open and rolled its contents out onto the floor.

“It’s beautiful!” she breathed reverently. And it was… that is, if you could call a plastic bag beautiful.

It was what was called a Vacu-bag, a plastic body bag designed to have all the oxygen sucked out of it. The individual inside breathed through a little plastic tube inserted into that section of bag meant for the person’s head. The neck and waist were elasticized, designed to enhance the feelings of constriction without being completely choked off.

There was a zip on the side allowing the individual to crawl inside. The attached adaptor allowed the hose from virtually any vacuum cleaner, especially a canister model, to plug into it. It made Melissa tremble with arousal.

She’d discovered it on a fetish website several weeks ago. And it was within their budget. So she’d brought it to her husband’s attention.

Robert had grinned and had nodded his approval. So she’d quickly ordered it. They were both into breath-play, and both had agreed this would be a fun new play-toy.

Her husband had spent the next several weeks tormenting her about it. He would tell her how he was going to put her into it as soon as it arrived. Then he planned on closing off the breathing tube just to watch her struggle.

Each time she’d vividly imagined herself trapped inside, the plastic clinging to her body. She’d pictured her husband closing off her only means of air. And each time she’d experienced a shudder of arousal.

He’d always grinned at her afterward, innocently asking if she’d just come. She would always reply that he was a bastard and that she couldn’t wait for the Vacu-bag to show up. She’d even had several wet dreams about it as she waited impatiently for its arrival. Now it was here, lying on the floor of her living room.

Melissa knelt down and lovingly ran a hand over it as she shivered with excitement. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest. She felt tingly all over as though she’d been plugged into a wall outlet.

Beads of perspiration broke out all over her body. Several trickled sensuously off her heaving breasts as she found the breathing tube. She closed her eyes and placed her thumb over the end of it, imagining she was trapped inside and that her husband was cutting off her air.

Melissa winced and shuddered as a small orgasm washed warmly through her body. It passed several seconds later. She panted for breath, staring longingly at the plastic.

She wanted to wait until Robert got home. But she couldn’t stand the suspense. She simply had to experience what it was going to feel like against her bare skin.

Melissa had trouble getting out of her clothes; she was shaking so badly. She fumbled several times with the buttons, nearly tearing the damned blouse off in frustration. It was a wonder she managed to reach behind her and unclasp her bra after everything else had been removed.

She all but collapsed onto the plastic bag, weak with excitement. She stretched herself out over the top of it, lying face down. Melissa allowed her body to luxuriate in the feel of plastic against bare skin.

She got goose-pimply all over as her nipples hardened. She felt the telltale dribble of intense arousal as it trickled down her thigh. If she wasn’t careful she was going to have a little mess to clean up before this was all over.

She buried her face into the plastic, imagining what it might feel like to be trapped inside. She would be at Robert’s mercy whenever he decided to close off her breathing tube. The mental image was so arousing that she trembled as another surge of pleasure rippled through her body.

She pulled her face up, gasping for breath. Melissa felt her body tingle from the effects of her climax. Then she looked around, wondering when her husband was due to come home from work.

“What time is it?” she muttered anxiously, frantically looking around for the nearest clock. “When the hell is Robert coming home?”

The she found a wall clock and read the display. Then she cursed under her breath. Her husband wouldn’t be home for several hours.

Melissa cursed her misfortune. She turned and stared at the phone, seriously thinking about placing a call. Then she thought better of it.

It wouldn’t work out begging him to come home for a really long lunch so he could asphyxiate her before he went back to work. She was going to have to wait until he got back. For most of the day she was going to be a quivering mass of pent-up sexual energy.

“Damn!” she muttered as she stood up.

She stared forlornly at the plastic and shivered again. This time it was a shiver of frustration. She felt an incredible urge to lie down on the bag again, just to feel the plastic against her skin once more.

What she really wanted was to be inside the bag. Lying down on it again wouldn’t be enough. Maybe Robert wasn’t around to torture her by thumbing the breathing tube. But she could still climb into it. Maybe she could hook it up and find some way to turn it on and off. Only Melissa wondered how she was going to do that all by herself.

She looked out the window into the backyard, gazing at their in-ground pool. What she needed right now was a cool, refreshing swim to calm herself down. Picturing herself inside the Vacu-bag was only getting her all hot and bothered.

What she really needed was a quick dip in the pool. The privacy fence surrounding the backyard was high enough to block prying eyes. That meant she could go out right now in the nude.

Melissa strode through the house to the linen closet. She picked out a couple of towels. Then she walked purposefully to the patio door where she stepped outside into the warm, summer sun.

Less than a minute later she was back inside. Melissa gathered up the Vacu-bag and hauled it outside with her. It was as though she was afraid it might magically disappear if left unattended.

Two minutes later she was back inside the house. Melissa mumbled to herself as she shook her head. Then she made a beeline for the garage, knowing that’s where her husband kept the shop vac.
Melissa surfaced in the deep end of her pool and gasped for breath before swimming to the shallow end. She stood up and slowly waded to the end of the pool where she climbed the steps out of the water. Her body glistened in the noon-day sun as water dripped off her naked form.

She walked over, picked up one of the towels she’d brought out and proceeded to dry herself off. ‘Much better,’ she thought, sighing contentedly. Too bad Robert hadn’t been there though to hold her under and “drown” her. She would have enjoyed that.

She made the mistake of glancing over at the Vacu-bag as it lay in the shadows next to the shop vac she’d brought out. She shivered excitedly as she felt herself start to tingle all over again. Damn!

This was driving her insane! She simply had to find some way of trying it out. Melissa walked over and stared at the vacuum and the bag, contemplating what to do next as her heart rate increased from her growing excitement.

The first order of business was securing the shop vac. So she began moving pieces of patio furniture around. She finally found a way to wedge it in good and snug so it wouldn’t go anywhere.

After all, the damned thing was on rollers. She didn’t want it moving around on her. She also didn’t want to risk having it end up in the pool and electrocuting her.

Next was the Vacu-bag itself. This she placed perpendicular to the shop vac. Melissa made sure the zip side was facing the machine. That way she could slip an arm out long enough to turn it on and off.

She grabbed the long hose she’d brought out from the house’s central vacuuming system. She attached one end to the vacuum, making sure it was snug. Then she worked the other end into the adaptor on the opposite side of the zip to the Vacu-bag.

It wasn’t long before she was trembling with anticipation again. Despite the refreshing swim, her pussy was sopping wet with excitement. Her nipples stood erect as she gasped for breath, her heart pounding in her chest.

She stared at the bag for a long moment, wondering once again if perhaps she should wait until her husband got home. But once more she got that terribly delicious mental image of being trapped inside. She desperately wanted to feel the plastic clinging tightly to her body.

Melissa shuddered at the thought. She was close to having another orgasm again. And she wasn’t even in the damned bag yet!

‘Who can I get to help me?’ she wondered as she looked around the yard. She mentally processed through a list of friends, neighbors and acquaintances. No one came to mind as a suitable spotter for what she had in mind.

None of her immediate neighbors even knew of her fetish… none, that is, except for Mike. He was a single guy who lived next door. If he was home would he be interested?

She’d told him about her asphyxia fetish one day. They’d spent the next few months role-playing over the internet. They’d even talked over the phone a few times while her husband was at work.

Lately their chats had taken a more serious tone. He’d acted as though he was more than willing to come over and take her all the way. He talked as though he was willing to strangle her to death or drown her in her pool if that’s what she really wanted.

One day not too long ago she’d found herself seriously thinking about calling him up and having him come over to do the deed. That was the very same day she’d cut off all communication with him. She was concerned things were starting to get out of hand and hadn’t talked to him since.

She found herself toying with the idea of calling him up to see if he wanted to come over and play. She began to picture him plugging the breathing tube, cutting off her air until her lungs exploded. It would be risky. But if things got out of hand and he accidentally killed her, at least it would make for one hell of an orgasm.

She snapped out of it and shook her head, chiding herself for thinking such dangerous thoughts. ‘Don’t be stupid!’ she told herself. Then she became aware her heart was beating excitedly over what she’d been contemplating.

‘You can’t really trust him anymore; you know that! Mike’s liable to take things too far. Besides, what if you get caught up in the heat of the moment and want him to take you all the way? That wouldn’t be good at all!’

Melissa knew her limitations. She didn’t dare risk giving in to those deep, dark fantasies. But she was growing more impatient.

Her mid was churning, desperate for a way to play with the Vacu-bag before her husband got home. There had to be some way of pulling this off by herself. She simply couldn’t wait all day.

She studied the Vacu-bag as it lay sprawled out before her. She could see where the hose connected to it. Maybe she could roll herself onto her side enough to pop it free. The bag should loosen around her then, enough to allow her to grab onto the zip and let herself out.

Melissa hesitated as she stared at the plastic lying before her. She weighed her options as she calculated just how difficult it might be to get out. Then she felt a surge of arousal as she quivered with longing while excitedly gasping for breath.

For a moment she looked all around. Then she made her decision. “Fuck it – I’m doing this!” she said aloud.

She bent down and carefully checked the hose connection one last time. Then she slowly unzipped the bag before carefully crawling inside into a sitting position. Her excitement skyrocketed as she gasped for breath.

Melissa was trembling so much that she had to pause to catch her breath and calm herself down. The feel of plastic on skin was almost more than she could stand. She found herself desperately wanting to feel the bag collapse around her, encasing her while making love to every inch of her quivering body.

She carefully stuck her head into that section of bag that was reserved for it. She trembled as the elastic clung to her throat like a jealous lover. Then she wrapped her lips around the end of the breathing tube. That’s when Melissa shuddered as a flush of warmth flowed though her body.

Melissa cried out through the breathing tube, whimpering and gasping as an orgasm once again caught her by surprise. If she was this excited, she could only imagine what it was going to feel like once she finally got totally inside and turned on the shop vac.

Melissa couldn’t wait to feel the bag suction hungrily around her naked, overly-stimulated body. Her hands were shaking as she pulled the zip partway up. She left just enough room to be able to snake her arm out.

This was it: the moment of truth. Melissa reached out with a quivering hand. Then she fumbled for the on/off switch.

The machine instantly roared to life, causing her to jerk her arm back. She scrambled to pull it back inside the bag. Then she fumbled with the zip, desperately trying to seal the damned thing up from the inside just as fast as she could.

It didn’t take long before she realized the suction was becoming harder to work against. She could feel air whistling through the opening. Melissa struggled with the zip as the bag collapsed around her, her excitement growing by leaps and bounds.

One final yank and the zip was up. Melissa fought to bring her arms to her sides. She sucked hard on the breathing tube as the bag compressed against her chest.

She tried to force herself to relax. She’d done all she could do. Now she focused on the incredible sensations assaulting her senses.

The elastic tightened around her waist and neck, deliciously tantalizing her with its presence. It didn’t cut off her air. But it felt like it was trying to do precisely that.

She could feel it applying pressure around her throat. Down below, the plastic was suctioning hungrily around her throbbing pussy. It pressed hard against her clit until her eyes opened wide over how good it felt.

Melissa felt it start to build deep inside her. It felt like a massive force bearing down on her. She tried to move around a little, but was all but immobilized inside the bag, the plastic forcing it’s presence upon virtually every inch of her body.

She began to tremble as the elastic seemingly tightened even further around her neck, driving her mad. She gasped for breath, only to realize the tube wasn’t allowing her to pull in nearly as much air as she needed. She gasped in abrupt panic at what suddenly seemed like an incredibly small breathing tube.

Her fear blossomed into a consuming beast. A moment later it exploded inside her, a gigantic fireball of an eruption. She stiffened as she arched her back before crying out through the tube in her mouth.

It rolled on and on, ravaging her… devastating her. But Melissa was effectively immobilized, helpless to do anything other than ride it out. She shuddered violently, desperately trying to pull air into her deliciously tortured body.

It finally, mercifully passed, leaving her weak and disoriented. She fought to pull a decent breath of air into her quivering body. That’s when she discovered the insidious nature of the Vacu-bag she’d ordered.

The breathing tube was large enough to give her the air she needed. But it was not quite big enough to give her the air she wanted. It gave her the incredible sensation of being partly asphyxiated.

Her chest heaved, her lungs protesting. What she was getting wasn’t quite enough. It was delicious agony.

She felt the fire return to her crotch with a vengeance. At the same time she became aware of the plastic clinging tightly to her body. It pressed firmly against her clit, teasing and tantalizing with the vibrations from the hose attached to the plastic.

This was far more than she’d anticipated, much more than what she’d bargained for. Melissa began to tremble again as another orgasm came charging toward her. This one felt like it was going to be stronger than the last, giving her an erotic thrill of fear.

Melissa frantically tried to roll herself over in an effort to knock the hose out of the adaptor. That’s when she discovered she was much too weak to roll and pop the hose loose. She was effectively immobilized, at the mercy of the bag that enclosed her in its lustful grip.

Her lungs heaved as she tried to move. She squirmed around in an attempt to get onto her side and pop the connection. All she accomplished was go make the plastic rub sensuously against her swollen nub.

She stiffened in a frantic attempt to hold it back, even as she started to shudder. A moment later she threw her head back. Melissa arched her back and cried out through the tube in her mouth.

The monstrous orgasm shook her to her core until she spasmed and convulsed. It felt like her heart was going to explode out of her chest. Her eyes rolled as she fought to pull a decent breath of air through the tube.

Every nerve ending felt like it was on fire. The orgasm washed through her in wave after wave. That’s when she began to wonder if anyone had ever died from orgasm-overdose.

It finally, mercifully passed until she found herself panting weakly for breath. But she was desperate to refill her lungs through the tube in her mouth. She felt dreamy and immensely satisfied, even as a part of her wondered how the hell she was going to roll over and pop the hose out of the Vacu-bag.

Melissa suddenly became aware of someone standing over her. She looked up in partial relief, half expecting to see her husband standing over her. Only it wasn’t Robert…

It was Mike!

“I see you bought yourself a new play-toy, Melissa,” he said with a smile. “I thought I heard the shop vac. I had to come over the fence and see what was going on for myself. Good for you! I was wondering what the hell you were up to. But now I understand.”

He knelt down next to her with a wicked grin on his face. Melissa felt the color drain from her face. At the same time she felt a terrible excitement come over her.

What might he do to her?? She couldn’t be sure. It made her start to rock herself back and forth again, desperate to break the connection to the hose. Once broken she hoped the bag would fill with enough air to loosen the plastic around her so she could free herself.

“Ah – ah – ahhh; let’s have none of that!” Then he smiled as he placed a firm hand upon her chest. Melissa instantly stopped struggling.

She panted hard as her breath hissed in and out of the breathing tube. She stared up at him, trembling like crazy. Her resistance was gone, stolen by the two previous orgasms she’d just endured.

“So this is what you breathe through; eh, Melissa?”

He gave her a nasty smile as he playfully ran his thumb all around the end of it. As if in a daze she found herself nodding helplessly at him. Her body was on fire, screaming for another release.

Immediately she was torn with indecision. She knew he was going to say and do next. And she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him, certainly not in her current condition.

He smirked as he asked, “You want me to close it off, Melissa?” It triggered a jolt of excitement that surged through her.

As if in a trance she found herself nodding again. Her breath hissed through the air tube as her lungs heaved in fearful excitement. Her heart pounded in her chest.

“Ok,” he responded with maddening cheerfulness. Then he smiled as he covered the end with his thumb.

Melissa jerked as her breath was cut off, her eyes opening wide. ‘He’s gonna kill me!’ she thought with a mixture of fear and excitement. But what worried her was the little voice in the back of her head telling him to go right ahead and do it.

“You like that, don’t you?” Mike asked with a sinister grin, his thumb covering the end of the breathing tube.

The bag crinkled from her attempts to draw air in through the closed-off tube as her lungs began to heave. Melissa nodded weakly, her body trembling madly. Her strength of will was completely gone.

“I’ll bet you’ll like it even more when I do this, am I right?”

Mike reached down and started rubbing between her thighs, rubbing the plastic over her sensitive crotch. Melissa trembled as her chest heaved in breathless warning. This was not good at all!

A part of her wanted him to stop before things went too far. But her body was already responding, begging him to snuff her gloriously. She knew it would be something that would get him off if it happened.

Her lungs continued to heave in protest. Her pussy throbbed with an insatiable hunger for the orgasm to end all orgasms. Then he quietly asked, “How about it, Melissa? Are you ready to die for me?”

His words send a jolt of sexual excitement rushing through her body. She was trembling so hard she thought she was going to explode. Once more she couldn’t resist nodding her head at him, knowing this one act might be condemning her to certain death.

The thought he might go through with it was terribly erotic. She quickly became aware of the fact that her body was soaked with perspiration, allowing her to slither around sensuously inside the bag. Her lungs were screaming for another breath of air. But he was deliciously withholding that from her.

“Good girl,” he said with an evil smile. Melissa felt another wash of incredible pleasure flow through her. Then he told her, “Say goodbye, Melissa. It’s time for you to die.”

Those were the words she loved to hear in situations such as this. They were words her husband often used during their plays, words that send incredible shivers of arousal coursing through her body. And once again they had the desired effect.

She was so highly charged that it suddenly exploded inside her with a rush of incredible warmth and pleasure. Melissa cried out into breathing the tube as her body shuddered violently. The orgasm was more intense than anything she’d ever experienced before.

It rolled on and on, stealing away the very breath of life. Her lungs heaved in her chest, screaming for oxygen. That’s when her senses overloaded.

Her eyes rolled as her body convulsed. A moment later it felt like every muscle shorted out. That’s when she went limp as she blacked out…

Part 2

Melissa awakened panting quietly, not getting nearly as much air as she wanted. There was something in her mouth she seemed to be breathing through. And there was some sort of plastic wrap that totally encased her, confining her movements.

A machine of some sort was roaring in the background somewhere close by. She was hot and sweaty, feeling weak all over. Then she looked up through the plastic bag she was wrapped up in.

She saw Mike’s smiling face hovering over her. Then it all came rushing back to her as he asked, “Did you enjoy your little nap, Melissa? You must’ve cum really hard to pass out on me like that.”

At that moment she had clarity of thought over where she was and what she was doing. She knew she needed to get out of the bag before everything started up all over again. Next time she might not be so lucky.

“Bee! Geh bee gow uh heah!”

She started squirming around in an effort to roll over and pop the hose out of the bag before she started getting too damned excited again. Mike put his hand on her chest to steady her. “No, Melissa. I’m not through with you yet.”

He smiled ominously at her. Then he told her, “We’re going to have some fun now. This one’s going to be our best role-play ever.”

It suddenly dawned on her Mike wasn’t actually standing over her. She turned her head to see where he was. That’s when she discovered him standing in the shallow end of the pool. That meant she was lying right next to the edge, the zip side of the bag facing toward him.

Her eyes flew open from a mixture of fear and arousal. Oh, shit! He wouldn’t, would he??

Something told her what was coming next. She felt her excitement return with a rush as the color drained from her face. She knew she had to try and put an end to it right now before she lost the will to stop him.

Melissa began shaking her head, even as her heart rate increased dramatically.  “GUNH – UNH! GUNH – UNH!” But Mike was already sliding his arms underneath the bag.

He lifted her up, confirming what was in store for her. It gave her an erotic thrill despite the fear that welled up within her. “Let’s get you into the pool, shall we, Melissa? Let’s have a little fun before I drown your ass, ok?”

That comment sent an erotic jolt shivering through her body. She frantically shook her head while she still had the sense to try and stop him… “GUNH – UNH! GUNH – UNH!” She panted heavily through the tube, her eyes wild with a mixture of fright and arousal.

She felt her pussy roar excitedly to life with a terrible excitement as she squirmed in his arms. Then her plastic-encased body came in contact with the cool pool water. Melissa stiffened excitedly as he lowered her until she was level with the surface, the breathing tube sticking up out of the water.

“Let’s see if you can float, shall we?” Then she felt him remove his supporting arms.

She froze for a split-second, praying she was still buoyant. Then she felt herself start to sink. She frantically pulled air through the tube before she slipped completely under the surface.

Air dribbled out of the breathing tube in her mouth as she picked up momentum on her downward drift. That’s when she felt him catch her in his arms. She couldn’t quite make out his words… “Nope. I guess not!” But she could see his broad grin.

He removed an arm from underneath her long enough to check his watch. Then he slid it back under her, supporting her as he held her submerged body. That’s when she realized he wasn’t going to bring her back up right away.

Melissa felt an involuntary spasm in her lungs, telling her she needed air soon. How long was he going to keep her submerged?? The fear and excitement was almost more than she could handle.

Her lungs heaved gently, sending a small stream of air dribbling out through the breathing tube between her lips. She frantically pushed her tongue against the opening to close it off as her lungs began to burn. At the same time her excitement swelled within her.

She found herself on the horns of a dilemma. Part of her wanted him to get her back to the surface. The darker side of her fantasies felt a strong urge for him to drown her, sending her off into never-ending darkness with what would no doubt be a devastating death-orgasm.

The soft spasms in her chest strengthened as the slipperiness of her body inside the Vacu-bag began to drive her wild. Her pussy was throbbing – she could feel another orgasm rushing toward her. So she squirmed in a futile effort to get free.

The shop vac was still sucking air, the plastic bag still clinging tightly to her body. She was helpless in his arms. But now he was checking his watch again.

At that moment a part of her wanted to be pulled back up. But there was another part of her that was being fueled by her deepest, darkest fantasies… fantasies that were now bubbling to the forefront of her consciousness… ‘Keep me down here, Mike! Let me drown for you! I know you want to watch me die! Snuff my ass, lover!’

Her lungs heaved painfully, reminding her of how badly she needed to breathe. For the briefest of moments her desire to live overrode her desire to be taken all the way. ‘NO!’ her mind screamed. ‘I’M NOT READY TO DIE! PULL ME UP – PULL ME UP! I’M ALMOST OUT OF AIR AND I’M GOING TO-‘

Melissa suddenly stiffened. She couldn’t help arching her back as she tipped her head back. Air streamed out of the breathing tube in her mouth as she jerked and convulsed, her eyes rolling as her body shuddered violently.

It felt like wild electrical charges were ricocheting throughout her body, followed by wave after wave of incredible pleasure. Too immobilized to resist, she abruptly relaxed, allowing it to ravage her. She was certain she was going to drown any second now but felt too damned good to care.

As it faded away she sucked hungrily on the tube, frantic for her next breath of air. Yet she firmly believed she wasn’t going to get another one. Then she tasted air.

She gasped for breath, sucking hard on the breathing tube. Her chest rose and fell as she panted wildly. She was at the surface, his arms holding her up so she could get air.

She shuddered over how close she had come and how erotic it had been. But now she wanted out of the Vacu-bag. She could feel herself starting to lose control.

She’d already lucked out twice. She needed to get out before he got allcaught up in the moment and did something rash. Besides, those dark thoughts she was forced to keep buried had risen to the surface. Now they were seductively whispering to her… ‘Tell him to drown you. Tell him to hold you down until the water claims your spasming body. You won’t be sorry.’

She tried to fight off her desires. Robert would be saddened if he came home and found her body in the pool. But the thought of her husband coming home to find her drowned was enough to make her shiver with excitement.

She had to convince Mike to get her out of the Vacu-bag right away. She could already feel her resolve start to weaken. This was threatening to get out of hand.

“That was about a minute twenty-five,” she heard her unmarried neighbor say to her as he leaned over her, his arms holding her up at the surface. “What do you say, Melissa? Shall we go again? Shall we see if you can hold your breath longer?”

Something told her the longer this went on, the more tempted he was going to be to take her all the way. What’s more, she was liable to take him up on it. She couldn’t risk it as she was already feeling those dangerous stirrings.

“GUNH-UNH!” she said as she shook her head, trying to be convincing. “Geh bee oww – geh bee oww!”

“Aw, c’mon, Melissa,” he said with a devilish grin. “You know you want to. I know you want to. Just nod your head and I’ll send you off to sweet oblivion.”

His words sent shivers running through her body as she gasped through the breathing tube. She was starting to weaken, her body screaming at her for one massive orgasm after another one. She could feel herself trembling as the plastic bag remained tightened around her body.

“You want me to drown you, don’t you, Melissa?” he nodded softly. It was the devil whispering in her ear… ‘Yes, Melissa… let him drown you. Tell him you want him to drown you. I promise; you won’t be sorry.’

‘NO!’ her mind screamed again.

It took everything she had to shake her head as tears filled her eyes. It was getting harder now. She could feel how incredibly aroused she was. She was almost at the point where she DID want him to send her into oblivion.

“No?” Mike said in astonishment. “You’re telling me no?? That’s not the Melissa I know! The slutty little asphyxia-whore I know would want me to drown her. Perhaps you need a little more encouragement.”

He grinned evilly at her. “Better get a good breath, bitch. You’re going back down!” Then he let go of her.

Melissa inhaled sharply as a shiver of excitement coursed through her body. Then she was below the surface, drifting downward. She picked up momentum as air dribbled out of the breathing tube in her mouth.

Her pussy throbbed at her predicament, the vacuumed plastic massaging her crotch. She could feel her juices mingling with her perspiration. The erotic sensations were driving her mad.

She was afraid of the situation she now found herself in. Yet she was horribly excited at the thought that this time he might not let her back up. It was getting harder to think straight.

She felt her momentum diminish until she began to rotate onto her side. It was as though the hose was hanging up and slowing her down. It felt like she was being pulled up against the wall of the pool.

She thought she heard the “brrr” of the hose to the vacuum as it rubbed against the edge of the pool. For some reason it heightened her arousal. Then her back thumped against the wall and she let out an “oomph”, causing her to lose a burst of air through the breathing tube.

Then she was drifting down again, quickly coming to rest on the pool floor on her side, facing away from the wall. That’s when she saw Mike standing naked in front of her. His dick stiffened rapidly, and she quivered excitedly as he submerged right in front of her.

‘What’s he going to do to me?’ she thought excitedly. It sent an arousing shiver coursing through her.

She watched as he came up to her, grabbing her on both sides of her body. He pulled her away from the wall, making sure the hose remained connected to the bag. Then he stretched her out on her back, grabbed her by the shoulders and then hovered over her, grinning evilly.

Melissa shivered again as her excitement ratcheted up a notch. She stared up at him through the clear plastic with wild eyes. She was helplessly at his mercy.

The thought of it drove her wild as her body trembled. A part of her was sorry he couldn’t penetrate her because of the sealed bag. Another part of her was glad he couldn’t.

He pulled himself down to her and worked his legs on either side of hers before pressing his shaft up against her crotch. It caused her to moan as a few more bubbles dribbled out of the end of the breathing tube. A moment later he grinned maliciously.

He bubbled before wrapping his lips over the exposed end of the breathing tube. Then he slowly slid his body back and forth over her plastic-covered form. It had the effect of rubbing his dick back and forth over the opening to her throbbing cunt.

Melissa had never experienced anything so utterly erotic before in her entire life. She grunted as her lungs began to spasm. Her eyes went wide as she began to squirm underneath him.

The fact he was sucking on the tube, pulling the very air out of her lungs, made her dizzy with arousal. Between that and his cock rubbing back and forth over her plastic-covered clit, she felt her excitement spike sharply. She stiffened as the orgasm charged toward her.

She fought like hell to hold it back. But it was no use. A moment later it erupted inside her in a massive explosion of pleasure.

Her tightly wrapped body went off in a series of convulsions. She bucked and jerked wildly… “UNGH – UNGH – UNGH!” Her lungs heaved in her chest as her back arched.

It felt so good that it actually hurt. It seemed like every nerve ending was frying. Her eyes rolled as her orgasm seemed to roll on and on.

It took her breath away, preventing her from sucking on the breathing tube. At that moment nothing mattered but the pleasure she was experiencing. She wanted to scream… “YES – YES; LEAVE ME HERE TO DROWN! SNUFF MY ASS, MIKE!”

…and then it was gone, leaving her weak and breathless…

Melissa needed air badly. But Mike’s mouth was still on the breathing tube, preventing her from inhaling or exhaling. Her lungs cried out for air so much so that it triggered yet another orgasm.

Melissa went off again, bucking and jerking and convulsing wildly. She tried to scream but she couldn’t catch her breath. She became dizzy… disoriented… her body swimming in a sea of pleasure.

At that moment she didn’t care anymore, so long as the incredible sensations didn’t stop. She didn’t feel Mike lift her climax-ravaged body to the surface. And she wasn’t aware of the fact that his thumb had remained over the breathing tube the whole time as he swam her up. All she knew was that she was falling into a void that was warm, black and surging with incredible pleasure…
Her senses came back online about a half minute later. Her chest heaved as she filled her lungs with air. Then she tried to shake the haze out of her eyes, wondering why her body was tingling so much.

Her vision cleared until she saw Mike smiling down at her. She felt his reassuring arms underneath her. That’s when she realized she was still in the Vacu-bag… still in her backyard pool.

“How was that, Melissa?” he asked with a grin. “Did you like that? It looked like you had one hell of an ‘O’!”

She nodded, too weak to protest or complain. She was still awash in a sea of tingling pleasure. She simply remained limp in his arms.

“Are you ready for the big one now?” he asked with an evil smile. “Are you ready to die for me? Just say the word – just nod your head – and I’ll take you to the deep end and leave you there. Just give me a sign, baby, and I’ll say those words I know you want to hear.”

Melissa froze, her eyes wide as her excitement escalated. A moment later she started to tremble with enthusiasm. How could she say no?!

It felt so damned good, especially with the promise of something so much bigger to come. She found herself shivering with arousal as a battle of wills raged within. She knew she shouldn’t, but those deep, dark desires of hers had been released until she could hear those insidious words in her mind…

“Nod your head… tell him ‘yes’. Let him drown your ass and you will have the biggest, most earth-shattering climax you will ever experience. Tell him ‘yes’, Melissa. Then you’ll rest… rest forever on an eternal wave of orgasmic bliss.”

She blinked her eyes. There was Robert to think about, not to mention her job and her friends. She knew she needed to say “no”. But her body was trembling uncontrollably at the mere thought of it.

If only she could get out of the bag. If only she could gather her wits about her so she could think straight. This was the wrong place and time to think about such an erotic life and death decision, especially with her body feeling so terribly aroused.

Mike was no help at all as he kept pushing her. “C’mon, Melissa… you KNOW you want to. Just give me a nod and I’ll say those magic words.” Then he paused, looking at her expectantly.

Melissa stiffened, staring at him in wild-eyed horror. It took everything she had to keep her head from nodding. She was so terribly aroused as she fought against the desires trying to seduce her…

“Nod your head, Melissa – give him the green light. You KNOW you want this. Allow him to say the very phrase that always excites you to your very core.”

Tears filled her eyes as she fought the battle within. But her body was betraying her. She was weakening rapidly; she could feel herself giving in.

“C’mon, bitch!” Mike insisted. “Nod your damned head! I’m going to drown you anyway. Show me that you really want it. We both know you do; am I right?” That inner voice didn’t help matters any… “Yes; nod your head. Give him permission to drown you. Allow him to say the words.”

Melissa felt her body shudder with desire. She closed her eyes and winced, desperately trying to hold onto her sanity. A small part of her wanted Robert to come charging to her rescue. But the rest of her wanted to give in. She had to fight like hell to keep from nodding her head.

“You stubborn bitch!” he told her in frustration. “I see you’re going to need a little more convincing!”

Mike grabbed her and began making his way out into the deep end of the pool, treading water as he towed her body along. The long hose to the shop vac slid along the edge of the pool accordingly. “I’m going to drown your sorry ass anyway, Melissa,” he said impatiently, “so you might as well enjoy yourself. C’mon, cunt; nod your damned head! Tell me that you want it!”

At that point she almost gave in. She was so close, her body primed with such arousal that it took everything she had not to nod. She knew there would be no going back once she gave her permission. There would be no resuscitations, no ‘do-overs’.

“Fine, bitch – be that way!” Then she felt his arms come out from underneath her.

Her excitement spiked as she frantically gasped through the breathing tube. She pulled as much air into her lungs as she could before she slipped under the surface. Her eyes opened wide, flush with an incredible excitement as she slowly sank downward.

She struggled to keep the massive orgasm that was rushing toward her at bay. Then she felt herself being swung against the wall of the pool again. The hose hung up at the surface until her back hit the wall.

Melissa let out an “oomph” as she lost a burst of air through the breathing tube. Then she began to slide down the wall, her pussy throbbing with greater and greater intensity. She fought like hell to hold her breath, trying to remain calm. But it was all too damned exciting.

Inwardly she cursed herself. She should have nodded her head. Besides, he said he was going to drown her anyway. The excitement was almost overwhelming.

She came to a sudden stop, gently bouncing up and down a little over a foot off the pool floor. It left her trapped and helpless, the bag clinging tightly to her naked body. It also left her terribly aroused.

She moved her head to look around the interior of the pool as much as possible from her vantage point. Melissa grunted as she hung horizontally, a stream of bubbles spewing out of the breathing tube. The tightness of the vacu-bag against her pussy was maddening.

All of her senses were primed. The plastic bag tightly suctioned against her body, the faint sound of the shop vac somewhere above her. She was wet from perspiration and the juices of her many orgasms.

The cool pool water contrasted sharply with how warm she felt. The elastic around her throat was sending delicious signals to her brain. The Vacu-bag mercilessly encased her, the plastic clinging to her breasts and crotch. She could feel it pressing against the hood of her clit, driving her insane with arousal.

Mike swam down into view, his cock hard with arousal as a sadistic grin filled his features. He swam up to her and mouthed the words “bye, bye.” Then he covered the end of the tube with his thumb.

At the same time he slowly rubbed her plastic covered crotch with his free hand. It sent a jolt of erotic tingles flushing through her. Melissa’s lungs heaved as her eyes went wide in understanding…


The thought was so terribly exciting that she felt every muscle stiffen as it charged toward her. It was a massive explosion of pleasure about to overwhelm her. Then she began to shudder as her back arched involuntarily.

Her lungs heaved in her chest as she instinctively sucked on the breathing tube in her mouth. But she was getting nothing as his thumb remained firmly over the opening. Then it exploded inside her, a white-hot, blinding flash of pleasure.

Melissa’s body came alive, spasming and convulsing violently as the orgasm shook her to her very core. She tried to scream but she could not get air past her vocal chords. She tried to suck on the tube, but no air came through.

It drove her wild as wave after wave of intense pleasure slammed into her body. Her lungs were on fire as she tried once more to suck on her end of the breathing tube. But nothing came through.

Melissa went from one orgasm to the next, her body shuddering so hard she appeared to be having a seizure. She couldn’t hold it back, not that she really wanted to. It just kept coming and coming, wave upon wave.

Once more she tried to scream as her eyes rolled.  Her body was awash in a sea of pleasure. She was sure she was going to suffocate in a blaze of glory.

One moment she was on the verge of passing out. The next she was amazingly at the surface, pulling as much air into her lungs as the tube allowed. She shuddered and trembled as orgasmic aftershocks kept rippling through her body.

She was dimly aware of being pressed up against the pool wall to keep from sliding back down into the water. Then Mike’s face appeared before her. “Are you ready now?” was all he said.


She couldn’t help it; she was too far gone. Melissa eagerly nodded her head as a thrill of excitement flushed warmly through her overly aroused body. Then she eagerly grunted, “GUNH – HUNH! GUNH – HUNH!”

She couldn’t stand it anymore. She wanted it now; oh, how she wanted this! There was no thought of job, friends or husband.

“Good girl,” Mike said to her, causing her to feel another flush of warmth flow through her. “You’ve been a great neighbor, Melissa. But I suppose all good things must come to an end.”

He paused dramatically. Then he told her, “I’m going to let you go now. But this time I’m not bringing you back up.”

Her breath caught excitedly in her throat as he kissed the plastic pressed against her forehead. Then he smiled lustfully at her. “Goodbye, Melissa. It’s time for you to die.” Then he let her go…

She gasped excitedly as a bolt of energy surged through her overly stimulated body. A moment later she began to sink in a sea of arousal, trembling as she went down. Her body responded excitedly to the fact that her life span was now measured in minutes as her heart hammered loudly in her chest.

There was no way in hell she could hold her breath for long. She was too damned excited, her heart pounding in her chest. Even now her lungs were starting to spasm, telling her she hadn’t had nearly enough time to catch her breath up at the surface.

She saw Mike submerge as she continued to sink. But this time he kept his distance, watching her intently as he began to stroke his thick cock. At that moment she regretted never having felt it inside her.

She saw he was going to enjoy himself as he watched her drown. That thought sent another jolt of excitement surging through her body. Then she bounced to a halt as the hose stopped her descent again, holding her a little over a foot off the pool floor with her back to the wall, just like the last time.

Melissa hung horizontally against the wall, totally encased in the Vacu-bag. She felt deliciously helpless, believing she was never going to receive another breath of air again. That thought was driven home as her lungs heaved in her chest, desperate for a decent breath of oxygen.

She spewed air out of the breathing tube, sending a stream of bubbles scurrying to the surface. Her mind screamed, ‘THIS IS IT! I’M GOING TO DIE RIGHT HERE! OHMYGAWD…’

She was so terribly excited that the orgasm caught her by surprise. She barely had time to stiffen before her body exploded in a flush of pleasure. Then she was violently spasming and convulsing inside the plastic she was encased in.

The perspiration that dripped off her body made the inside of the Vacu-bag slippery. She cried out in pleasure, blowing her breath away as a stream of air spewed out of the breathing tube. Her world became nothing more than wave after wave of pleasure overwhelming her, much like the surf pounding into a shoreline.

At that moment she felt something give. Melissa suddenly felt pool water entering the bag as she drifted down once more. Then she quickly came to rest on the floor of the pool, lying on her side against the wall. Up at the surface the shop vac shuddered and died from the sudden intake of pool water.

Cool liquid hungrily surged into the Vacu-bag. It flowed and probed, chilling her overheated body with cool water. She shuddered violently, still caught up in the onslaught of a devastating orgasm.

Cool water finally found her crotch, invading her highly aroused pussy. Melissa instinctively gasped, pulling pool water into her tortured lungs. That’s when her eyes snapped open in surprise.

She began convulsing violently as her lungs inhaled sharply, only to cough water back out. She hitched and spasmed as though suffering a major seizure. Her eyes barely registered the fact that Mike was now eagerly jerking on his cock.

Despite her agony she felt wave after wave of white-hot pleasure flow through her. It was unlike anything she’d ever known before. Her body thrashed about inside the Vacu-bag, caught in the middle between an over-powering orgasm and the agony of drowning.

Melissa grunted and gurgled as she hitched and convulsed until her body couldn’t take it anymore. She abruptly went limp on the pool floor. She lay unmoving save for the occasional spasmodic twitch from a stray nerve impulse.

Mike swam over to her, a wisp of his cream clinging to the tip of his shaft. He bubbled with a smile as he stared at her. She appeared to smile dreamily at him as the bag loosened all around her, filling with water.

He saw a stray twitch in her arm, saw another one make her leg quiver. Then something inside her body seemed to let go. There was a small flurry of bubbles that dribbled out past her parted lips, some finding their way through the breathing tube to scurry to the surface. Other bubbles gathered together, imprisoned inside the Vacu-bag.

Melissa was conscious enough to feel him reach out and gently caress her face through the plastic. It made her feel warm all over. She felt a brief ripple of excitement wash through her. Then she couldn’t see him anymore. The next thing she knew she was plunging into an endless sea of oblivion as darkness came for her.

Mike smiled as he saw the life flick out of Melissa’s eyes. Then he reached down and gave her forehead one last kiss before heading for the surface. His cock was spent, his lustful desires temporarily sated.

The first thing he noticed when he came up was that the shop vac had shorted out. The hose had separated from the bag, probably while she was thrashing about in the midst of her last orgasm. The resulting surge of pool water must’ve damaged it because he could see smoke wisping out of the top of the machine.

He turned, made his way to the shallow end of the pool and climbed the steps. Then he looked down at her one last time. ‘It’ll look like she carelessly rolled into the pool and drowned herself,’ he thought as he gathered up his clothes.

He made his way over to the fence where he threw his clothes over onto the other side. Then he climbed over. That’s when he found himself wondering if he would ever get another opportunity like this one. Perhaps that lovely brunette in the next cubicle at the office…

2006; 2019 (written Nov 11 ’06; ed. Apr 19 ‘19 by riwa)

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