Come to me my lovely, slimy eels


Come to me my lovely, slimy eels

by guest author Krogen

Part 1

I want to tell you a story that is erotic and arousing.

Yet it is so perverse, so debased that you probably won’t believe it.

Let me assure you what I am about to tell you did happen.

I am a senior executive at a large pharmaceutical company.

We have a contract with another drug research company owned by a brilliant, bio-engineer.

His name is Stewart and by now he is easily a billionaire.

He is doing amazing, experimental work with gene splicing with special emphasis on aquatic species.

I was invited to a dinner party by Stewart at his house.

Our company had been told Stewart would be conducting some type of product demonstration.

I didn’t have much of a choice — I had to attend. My wife was ill and so I went alone.

That’s a good thing because my wife probably would have become even more ill watching what happened that night.

Then again, my wife might have enjoyed this perverse event more than I did.

My limo driver dropped me at Stewart’s mansion in Westchester County, just north of New York City.

After dinner about 50 people descended into a large room where Stewart housed one of the largest fresh water aquariums I have ever seen.

The aquarium was built into the structure so that only one glass wall could be seen.

This glass wall was easily 40 feet long and ten or twelve feet high.

This monster of an aquarium was filled with water, but surprisingly empty of any fish.

Stewart spoke saying: “Ladies and gentlemen — many of you know that one of my companies is doing extensive work in marine biology and genomic research.

“Tonight we announce a new biological creation.

“Using gene splicing techniques we have made considerable changes in the physiology and behavior of male Amazon eels.

“These new eels have no teeth and are now tame.

“Most important their behavior has been genetically transformed to make them a living pleasure toy for women.”

Some people started to laugh. I could understand why because what Stewart was saying sounded so silly.

This was so over the top ridiculous I thought Stewart had finally lost his mind.

But Stewart was absolutely serious.

Still — talking about genetically modified eels becoming a living pleasure toy for women sounded way over the top.

The giggling stopped abruptly when Stewart pushed a button and five eels swam into the aquarium.

Two were huge — at least twelve feet long. Three others varied in length from perhaps three-to six-feet.

They were iridescent in a dark purple color. Each was as thick as my wrist.

As the eels swam around they opened their mouths — surprisingly there were no teeth to be seen.

While Stewart was speaking I saw a tall, strikingly beautiful redhead standing alone near the aquarium.

She was so stunning I thought she must be a model.

She was wearing a skin-tight oriental-style gown with a slit that ran almost to her waist.

The dress looked like a second skin and was perfectly molded around her slim body and full breasts.

She had on cherry-red six-inch heels. Her hair hung straight down her back.

It didn’t take much imagination to realize this woman might be having an affair with the married Stewart.

Stewart continued: “These eels are designed to pleasure a woman and bring her to orgasm after orgasm while she is relaxing in a hot tub, or swimming or free diving or scuba diving among them.

“They can live in salt water or fresh water.

“Most important, the secretions that make eels so slick and slimy, are enhanced. This jelly-like lubrication does not wear off.

“Our tests have shown the eels are not harmful and we know they will not bite.

Stewart turned to the redheaded woman.

“My beautiful W has volunteered to demonstrate how the eels can give her pleasure.”

It was shocking to see how eager the woman appeared to be.

I began to think she had participated in this experiment or demo before.

She turned so Stewart could pull down the zipper in the back of her dress. It crumpled at her feet.

W — if that really was her real name — was standing nude except for heels and her earrings in front of all of us.

She stood proud and not the least bit embarrassed.

Her nipples were already hard. Her shaved pussy glistened in the dim lighting.

She quickly walked up some stairs and stopped on a platform next to the aquarium.

What seemed so weird was that the eels had stopped swimming and their faces were turned up as if watching and waiting for the nude W to join them.

She slipped off her high heels dove perfectly into the pool. She was holding a scuba regulator.

The regulator was attached to a long hose to some hidden air tank.

“No dive mask, no fins.” I heard Stewart say to the crowd. “Watch what happens….”

Each of the biggest eels wrapped around W’s feet and were undulating downward pulling the beautiful woman toward the bottom.

Everyone in the audience could see the eels were terrifically strong.

W smiled at us and got a deep breath of air from the regulator.

Then two mid-size eels undulated toward her. Each opened its mouth and in a blink had fastened on to her nipples.

They began sucking gently on them — as gentle as any baby. The woman threw her head back — removed the air regulator and started holding her breath. It was pretty clear she was enjoying her nipples being sucked by the eels.

Just watching all this — I must tell you — by this time I had a powerful erection.

It was so fucking weird — like something out of a porn sci-fi story.

I removed my hands from my pockets so I would not get caught stroking myself while watching this underwater demonstration. But this event was just getting started.

While continuing to suck on W’s engorged nipples the two mid-size eels began to wrap around her breasts.

They started constricting and then partly releasing — massaging her breasts while never stopping their gentle sucking on her nipples.

One of the larger eels moved up the redhead’s left leg. Soon its head was brushing up and down against her cunt.

W — still holding her breath — did not attempt to resist as the head of the eel started pushing into her pussy.

Everyone in the audience was focused on what was happening.

This hybrid, unnatural ell started moving deeper into the woman’s cunt — the slime it secreted from its skin must have eliminated most, but not all of the friction.

This eel seemed to grow thicker — expanding become much, much thicker than any man’s cock.

We could see W grasp the thick eel with both hands and start to push it deeper into her cunt.

I could not turn away from watching. I was disgusted — but to my shame — it also felt arousing. God help me I was getting turned watching some freak eel fuck a beautiful woman underwater.

By now the woman had been holding her breath well over a minute. She smiled at us and then moaned — closing her eyes in pleasure as some air escaped from her lips.

The eel’s head was twisting and weaving back and forth against the walls of her pussy — straining to enter her as deeply as possible.

We could see W’s cunt walls were expanding and elongating to fully accept the slimy eel. For its part the eel started slowly moving in and out — back and forth — inside the woman’s wanton pussy.

W had closed her eyes obviously enjoying what appeared to be intense pleasure.

The eel’s in-out movement was increasing — moving faster.

As yet the woman underwater had not taken a fresh breath of air from the scuba regulator. I couldn’t believe how long she was going without air.

This bio-engineered creature — started deep fucking the woman underwater and she loved it.

A video cameras outside the aquarium with their bright red lights were recording every second.

A woman standing nearby said out loud: “I want to try that.”

Another woman a few feet away said “fuck yes let’s try it.”

The underwater scene was mesmerizing.

The beautiful W was floating, weightless, perhaps 10 feet beneath the surface. Her legs were slightly bent and spread open in a completely shameless, fuck-me pose.

Two eels were squeezing her breasts and sucking on her thick nipples. Another larger eel was penetrating and stroking back and forth in and partly out of her cunt.

More long moments passed when suddenly W underwater shrieked out – a full scream with huge bubbles of air escaping her open lips. She was climaxing from the eels.

All this time she had been holding her breath — wanting to experience some type of asphyxiation climax.

She fumbled for the air regulator — but as she reached for it she must have experienced yet another orgasm.

She stopped and moaned again — her hips flexing back and forth, matching the in and out penetration of the eel.

I thought someone better fucking rescue that woman because she’s climaxing and starting to drown.

W stopped all motion and started to sink. She was drowning.

She neared the bottom — a continuous, but slowly steam of air bubbles coming from her partly open lips. Her chest started to convulse — her body bucking forward and back.

The eel remained in her cunt. The other two continued sucking on her nipples.

At the last possible moment W opened her eyes and was able to grab the air regulator and replenish her lungs.

But this show was not over.

The fourth eel was still wrapped around one of her legs. Now its head began to stretch upward — pushing between her taut, ass cheeks — stretching them open.

The beautiful woman did not resist.

She appeared to bend slightly forward as if to encourage the eel to enter her ass.

The eel’s forward motion had stopped as if its head was against the beautiful woman’s sphincter. Then it started slowly penetrating her asshole — it’s gentle in and out movement must have helped dilate that muscle. First an inch of the eel’s body disappeared — then another inch.

This eel’s body was impossibly thick, but its slimy coating must have made it easier to enter her rectum.

I expected W’s face to register some pain, but to my utter astonishment there was even more joy on her face. I could not turn my eyes away as another couple of inches of the eel disappeared into her rectum.

The audience could see the eel moving up and in — slowly, but deeply pushing inside the eager woman’s ass.

By now the heads of both eels were so deep they had to be nearly touching each other — separated only by a thin barrier. This kind of nearly pain-free absolute pleasure from double penetration was beyond anything most women could imagine.

Even through the glass wall we in the audience could hear W’s moans of pleasure. Through her air regulator we could hear her say — “My God, my God this feels so good. Aaahhhaaa.”

W must have climaxed again. We could see thick gobs of white secretions from the eel’s bodies being pushed or forced out from the woman’s cunt and ass.

Each time she thrust forward her labia bulged outward due to the eel’s thickness. Each time she pushed backwards the eel in her ass was swallowed deeper.

You may be wondering whether anyone in the audience should have tried to stop this demonstration.

No one moved.

Everyone wanted to continue watching what pleasure the dual penetration and the hypnotic effect of the sucking on nipples was having on the woman.

By now she had been underwater for nearly half an hour. Much of that time she had been breath-holding.

W seemed to be experiencing one continuous climax — screaming out her pleasure either through the regulator or more often exhaling air through her open mouth.

The eels were patient, yet insistent. They were not rushing. It was as if her pleasure was the only thing that mattered to them.

Her orgasms didn’t appear to stop — her body continued undulating, back and forth with each thrust from the eels.

It had to be beyond intense for W.

By now much of her body was hidden by the slimy creatures.

One eel wrapped around her legs and hips pushing and pulling back and forth, thrusting into her pussy. Another was wrapped around her other leg while penetrating her ass. Two others wrapped around her breasts — pulling and sucking on her engorged nipples.

Later we learned the white eel secretions were also having some physical and psychological effect on W.

Somehow the white substance was enhancing her desire for more sex — for more orgasms — while eliminating any painful friction. That was saying a lot considering how thick the eel’s bodies were that were entering her.

The business side of me kicked in.

Could my company make any money selling this bio-engineered animals? Would women buy such creatures? Would such intense pleasure from a bio-engineered creature mean women could start ignoring men? Would men be able to compete with such creatures?

Breeding these animals and selling them as some sort of bathtub or swimming pool sex toy meant Stewart’s company or my company could make millions more in profits.

I stopped thinking about business when I heard another powerful, yet pleasurable scream from W.

She was screaming out another climax — this time with her mouth fully open.

That was a mistake.

Her scuba regulator fell from her mouth. The eels around her body made finding it difficult.

The fifth eel — a smaller one that had been swimming around, suddenly started wrapping around W’s throat with its head pushing between her open lips.

This demonstration was not over.


Part 2

I am a senior level executive at a large pharmaceutical company.

Along with 50 other guests I had been invited to a dinner party and then a product demo at a mansion owned by a brilliant bio-engineer named Stewart.

Now I was watching a perverse, yet a highly erotic event in which five gene-spliced Amazon eels were pleasuring a naked woman swimming in a large aquarium.

I know this sounds impossible — even crazy.

But there is no doubt in my mind these dangerous eels had been transformed with genetic enhancements into some type of tame creatures with their sole purpose to give women pleasure.

For nearly half an hour a beautiful woman named W was underwater allowing the eels to penetrate her vagina and rectum. She had been free diving and only taking breaths intermittently from a scuba regulator attached to a long hose

While screaming out another orgasm W had let the air regular fall from her open lips.

One of the eels had wrapped around the woman’s neck. A second later it started trying to penetrate the beautiful, naked woman’s mouth.

At first W tried to resist. She tried to keep her lips closed, but the eel was pushing hard.

W kept twisting and turning — but this appeared to increase the pleasure she was getting from the eels fucking her pussy and ass.

Everyone in the audience could see the head of the last eel brushing back and forth across closed lips.

Stewart spoke to us again: “The slimy secretions not only reduce friction, but act like an aphrodisiac for women — it enhances sexual desire at least twice over.”

Women in the audience gasped and several made it clear they wanted to be additional test subjects.

I thought this is so much bull. Had Stewart — an agreed upon genius bioengineer — really discovered a substance to increase a woman’s libido?

Once again I could hardly believe my eyes.

W was tasting the slimy coating that was oozing from the eels around her throat and by her mouth.

W — the woman test subject — had opened her mouth and her tongue was dancing over the eel’s body slurping up the white coating. It was like she couldn’t get enough of it.

Still holding her breath W now eagerly opened her lips — encouraging the eel to enter her mouth. It did so — several inches deep. The eel started moving in and out between her lips.

The eel’s ebony skin appeared as satin smooth as any man’s cock. Yet it was covered in the white secretions.

The eels thick, firm head flicked left and right making each of W’s facial cheeks bulge outward.

This eel would pull back and then swim hard into the woman’s mouth — penetrating so deeply as to make her lower throat bulge outward.

We could hear the woman’s pleasure moans — each moan more air bubbles escaped her lungs, despite the eel deep down her throat.

I heard other moans coming from some men in the audience. I forced myself to turn away from the aquarium.

Holly shit.

Half a dozen women in the audience — still dressed in evening gowns — were on their knees deep throating and sucking off their husbands.

The husbands kept watching the woman in the aquarium getting fucked.

Why the hell were the women doing this?

Had they gotten so sexually aroused watching they wanted to please their husbands?

Had the husbands forced them to start giving head in a room full of strangers?

Then I noticed Steward walking around with a jar of white fluid giving a teaspoon full of the fluid to women who wanted a taste.

This can’t be real, I thought.

But it was.

The white substance had to be from the eels.

It appears this substance secreted by the eels really does have a powerful effect on women — so much so they didn’t hesitate to start deep throating their husbands during a public event.

I did not know where to watch.

Five of these bio-engineered eels were pleasuring W — the woman underwater — and it was clear she was experiencing one continuous pleasurable climax after another.

The eels in my ass and cunt were moving in unison — my clit was being massaged as it had never been before. No three men had ever filled me or given me such pleasure.

By now her lungs had to burning. Each time she moaned torrents of air shot from her mouth.

What shocked me was that W did not seem to care — the pleasure the eels were giving her made her forget the danger and risks she was taking.

Just then another impossibly strong climax must have ripped through her body. As she arched backward she was touching the bottom of the deep aquarium.

The eel in her mouth was deeper than ever.

Those in her ass and cunt kept twisting and thrusting.

W’s large nipples were completely encased in the mouths of the two eels wrapped around her breasts.

What had to be the last of the beautiful woman’s air bubbled out from around the eel lodged firmly in her mouth and throat.

W started choking and gagging.

It was like the beautiful lab technician had become unconscious from so many orgasms.

And now she was drowning.

Stewart — her boss — stopped giving out teaspoons of the eel secretions and motioned towards the platform on top of the aquarium.

Standing there was another stunning red-haired and naked woman as beautiful as W.

I thought they must be twins.

“Jessica help W,” commanded Stewart.

Jessica instantly dove into the water. She held a scuba regulator in her hand and was not using it.

This saving angel reached W in a moment and started to try and remove the eel lodged in W’s throat.

Now the slippery white substance caused a problem.

Jessica’s hands kept sliding down the eel’s body. She was unable to get a firm grip on the creature’s body.

W’s body was undergoing a series of spasms. Her diaphragm kept thrusting in and up as if trying to gulp a breath of air.

Seconds ticked by — Jessica redoubled her efforts.

W’s body was jerking back and forth, but none of the five eels had left her body.

As this was happening I heard several really loud grunts coming from men in the audience.

They had been watching W starting to drown and were themselves climaxing in their eager partner’s mouths.

“Jesus,” screamed a man standing to my left.

I glanced over and saw him jetting an enormous amount of his cum across the face of his kneeling wife. She looked like a porn star in ecstasy as he drenched her face.

Another man standing behind me was yelling “take it, take it” as he jetted his cum into the open mouths of two kneeling women — one obviously not his wife.

The whole fucking audience was caught up in a sort of sexy orgy with the wives leading the way.

I turned back to the drowning W.

With a huge effort Jessica managed to yank the eel from W’s mouth. Jessica shoved a free flowing regulator into her open mouth.

It looked to me like W had drowned.

The four eels pulled out from W’s body and swam off to a corner of the aquarium — as if waiting.

After more long moments W opened her eyes. She started breathing from the regulator.

All this time Jessica had been holding her breath — easily more than two minutes.

W took a huge breath, removed the regulator and pulled Jessica into a deep soul kiss.

They continued kissing as they exchanged the air into each other’s bodies.

The two naked women started tongue-kissing while they continued sharing one breath of air.

The eroticism — intention or accident — I did not know, but it was spectacular to watch.

During all of this the slimy, white coating from the eels had covered not just W, but also Jessica’s body.

It must have been having a sexual, arousing effect on the second woman.

Those still watching in the audience could see the change in Jessica’s eyes.

She was suddenly experiencing pleasure — there was no doubt now – the eel secretions were causing Jessica to desire sex with the eels.

The eel that had penetrated W’s mouth swam toward Jessica.

It sensuously wrapped around her throat.

Did Jessica try to resist?

Hell no.

She took another deep breath from the scuba regulator and handed it to W.

Then Jessica titled her head back, opened her mouth as if inviting the eel to enter.

It did so in a flash.

I watched W take a deep breath, toss away the regulator and swallow the back side of the eel that was already deep into Jessica’s throat.

This creature eagerly moved backwards entering W’s open mouth.

The two women were deep throating the same creature.

The two women were caressing each other’s breasts.

One large eel glided toward W and wiggled its body between her open legs and into her slimy, white-coated cunt.

Jessica floated just far enough apart so the second large eel did the same to her — wiggling and inserting itself first a couple of inches and then several more deep into her eager cunt.

While this was going Stewart had resumed his handing out sample tastes of the eels’ secretions.

Women who had already tasted it were lining up for seconds.

Was I participating in the sex orgy by the invited guests?

Fuck yes.

Two wives — with the obvious approval of their watching husbands — started kissing me and fumbling with my pants zipper.

I had my first taste of the eel secretions on their lips. It had a marvelous taste.

It was amazing to discover the eel secretions had an effect on men.

Both women took turns deep throating me.

I heard a watery scream from the two women in the aquarium.

Both Jessica and W were climaxing in a body-twisting, face grimacing, out-of-this world underwater, breath-hold orgasm.

Seeing that did it for me.

I sprayed a bucket of cum across the face of the two wives — women I had never met.

It was fucking fantastic.

When my eyes opened I saw Jessica helping the exhausted W out of the aquarium.

The eels were gone.

I helped the two women up. They did not look embarrassed by their behavior.

They looked like they wanted to continue.

I was still rock hard.

Stewart saw me and grinned.

There was money to be made from these creatures and their special secretions.

(written by Krogen)

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