The Many Drownings of Melissa – Diane lends a hand


Melissa took a deep breath and dove for the bottom of the pool. She pulled herself along with her arms as she felt the cool water caress her naked flesh. She worked her way down until she touched the floor with her hand, eight feet below the surface.

She swam over to the pool ladder, grabbed the bottom rung and held herself in place. Melissa allowed the excitement of being underwater to cause her nipples to harden again. She wondered if she’d be able to hold her breath long enough for her host to return from her visit to the ladies room.

This was her last afternoon at Diane’s humble abode. They had met over the internet a month ago, shared their love of being underwater which included their favorite drowning fantasies. So they’d decided to get together, causing Melissa to fly in for the weekend.

As she continued to hold her breath, she fondly recalled their last couple of days. The two of them had shared a wonderful time together. Melissa regretted having to fly home later that night.

They had spoken of their deepest, darkest fantasies. They’d even done a little role-playing in the pool. They’d dunked each other and held one another under the surface until someone’s breath had come bursting forth.

They’d bonded over the weekend. But sadly it was coming to an end. So they were trying to get in a few more hours in Diane’s backyard pool before Melissa needed to be driven to the airport. As a result, the two were cavorting around in their birthday suits as the high fence allowed for plenty of privacy.

Melissa felt her chest spasm lightly as her lungs began to burn. That familiar feeling of excitement began to tingle down between her legs. So she decided to play-act a simple, yet effective drowning scenario while her host was in the bathroom.

She swam away from the ladder toward the middle of the deep end. Then she forced herself down with her palms extended. Her lungs began to heave ominously, demanding she return to the surface.

Reluctantly she swam upward, her head bursting above the waterline. She grabbed a quick lungful of air, only to begin flailing away as though she was a tired swimmer. As she pulled herself up and then slipped back under she felt her pussy start to tingle with a growing desire for a release.


Diane looked out the sliding glass door. That’s when she saw her guest thrashing about in the water. For a moment she thought Melissa was in trouble until she remembered her friend had told her she liked to use the “tired swimmer” scenario to get off. It made her smile to know how similar they were when it came to their drowning fetish.

She watched the woman in her pool pop up, wave her arms and then slip back under. It gave her sexual stirrings, even as a sadness settled over her like a blanket. It was too bad their time was coming to an end.

Her guest would be flying out later that evening. Diane felt a strong attachment to this woman from the Midwest. She’d be sorry to see her go as she really didn’t want their time together to come to an end.

An idea quickly sprang to mind. Diane grinned as she stepped out the door into the backyard. Maybe it was time to lend a hand to her guest’s little drowning scenario.


Melissa felt the tingles intensify as she pulled herself back to the surface. She gasped for breath right before she slipped back under the water. Going up and down while gasping for breath was bringing her so very close to orgasm.

It wouldn’t take much longer. Just a little bit more and she’d obtain the release she craved. That’s when she popped up, gasped for breath… and saw Diane smile at her through the glass of the patio door.

Melissa slipped back under the surface in a flurry of bubbles. She rubbed her thighs together and was rewarded as her body shuddered from the orgasm that swept through her. She pushed herself down toward the bottom, wanting to experience the feeling of cumming underwater for as long as possible.

When her orgasm began to subside, she looked up and saw that Diane had returned. She was kneeling by the side of the pool looking down at her. She smiled up in her direction.

Melissa swam under the water toward her. She felt weakened yet satisfied from her experience. Then she popped her head up out of the water near the edge of the pool.

She gasped for breath, only to have Diane grab her hair and force her back down. “So you did it again, eh you slut?” her host called down at her in anger. “You had another orgasm in my pool? I’ll teach you to pleasure yourself in my waters, you bitch! Why, you’re nothing but a drown-whore!”

Melissa burbled in surprise. Instinctively, she began waving her arms for the surface as that area between her legs flared to life again. Then she was abruptly yanked up by a handful of hair.

She gasped and sputtered as Diane glared at her, apparently enjoying another one of their impromptu role-plays. “So you wanna drown again, eh slut? I can arrange that! Get your ass back down there and suck it in, bitch!”

Melissa was abruptly shoved back down below the surface. She bubbled as she frantically clawed at the hand entangled in her curls. Her pussy was throbbing again.

A part of her was a little frightened as she’d been caught off guard. But that’s what made her bubbly dilemma all the more delicious. She was delighted to be held under again.

She cried out, releasing a froth of bubbles as she struggled to get back to the surface. Her nipples hardened significantly from her excitement. She felt her body respond, rapidly moving her toward experiencing another climax underwater.

She wasn’t the only one…

Diane breathed heavily as she held her guest under the surface. It could just as easily be her who was bubbling in the water. After all, the two of them had taken turns dunking and drowning each other all weekend, making for a very exciting past couple of days. She was really getting horny watching her drowning partner suffer.

She grinned inwardly as she pulled Melissa back up, only to enjoy her gasps at the surface. “You’re just a little drown-whore, aren’t you, bitch! So I think I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget! Drown for me, you fucking whore!” And with that she shoved her drowning companion back under the surface.

Melissa bubbled like crazy as she flailed away with her arms. She reached for her tormentor’s hand in an effort to dislodge it from her hair as that natural fear and excitement began to well up inside her. At the same time, the feelings between her legs intensified dramatically.

A part of it was due to Diane’s obscenities. Being called names while being threatened with drowning was an added thrill. She liked the way she was treated in these role-plays.

For Melissa, being held underwater against your will made the fear come naturally. Even though she knew she was going to be brought up, there was that certain part of her that wasn’t quite sure. That made the experience all the more erotic.

Once again Diane was playing her part superbly. It sent erotic tingles pinging through her body. Melissa burbled as her lungs began to cry out. Her pussy was throbbing for another release, her nipples so painfully erect.

Diane pulled her head up out of the water and glared angrily into her companion’s frightened eyes. Melissa panted, “No… please!” But she didn’t really mean it.

“NO??” Diane sneered. “You dare say no to me?? I know you want to drown, you horny little slut! So that’s exactly what you’re going to do for me! Now get your ass back down there and drown for me, bitch! Drown like the fucking little drown-whore I know you to be!” Then she forced her under yet again.

Melissa burbled in fearful excitement as she clawed weakly at the hand in her hair. Her lungs heaved from her painfully brief gasps for breath. This was almost perfect.

A part of her desperately wanted to be let up so she could catch her breath. But another part of her wanted to be held under until the very last possible moment. So she clamped her lips shut and forced herself to hold what little air she had left in her lungs as her cheeks bulged.

By now Diane was really getting into the scenario. “DROWN FOR ME, BITCH!” she screamed down into the water, hoping the neighbors couldn’t hear to make them call the cops. “SUCK IT IN, YOU FUCKIN’ WHORE! DROWN FOR ME, MELISSA; YOU HORNY, LITTLE SLUT!”

Melissa’s thighs rubbed together as she struggled to reach the surface. A moment later it swelled within her. Then it exploded, sending a violent shudder of ecstasy sweeping through her.

For a moment she lost all motor function as she jerked and spasmed with Diane’s hand entangled in her hair. Her head tipped back as her eyes rolled. Then Melissa cried out in pleasure, sending a froth of bubbles to the surface.

As Diane watched her friend’s bubbly orgasm, she felt one of her own. It was a small, pleasurable wave that rippled through her. She gasped for breath as her eyes became glassy, her body getting all caught up in the moment.

The bubbles coming up from the pool subsided. Diane heard a gurgle from the woman under the surface. That’s when she quickly pulled Melissa’s head up out of the water.

The half-drowned woman came up coughing and sputtering. Her body experienced pleasant aftershocks as the tingles continued to ripple through her. She struggled to speak, panting to her companion, “Diane? That was… fuckin’ FANTASTIC!”

Melissa felt weak and breathless. She tried to reach for the ladder but couldn’t seem to hold on. “Diane? I can’t hardly move. I think… you need to… help me… outta here.”

She looked up to see her friend looking down at her all funny-like. It was as though she was staring right through her. “Diane?”

There was no response. Diane seemed all caught up in something. Was her mind on something else??


Melissa looked up at her host in alarm. Something wasn’t right. Diane had a far-away look in her eyes.

“Diane? Need a little help here. You can let go of my hair now.”

“And now, my dear,” Diane said in a voice that didn’t sound like her own, “it’s time for you to die.” And with that she abruptly shoved her startled companion’s head back down into the water.

Her mind tried to question what the hell she was doing. But she couldn’t make herself stop. Besides, they’d talked many times about how Melissa loved to be told she was going to die right before being forcefully submerged. It really got her off.

Melissa’s eyes went wide in alarm. She lost a mouthful of air as she struggled all over again. Once more she felt a surge of erotic tingles settle in her crotch.

This time she shook her head. She was tired, exhausted. It was arousing as hell, but she really needed to catch her breath. Besides, the two recent orgasms had ravaged her, leaving her weak and helpless.

She feebly waved her arms at the surface. But her body began to thrum with growing excitement at her peril. What would happen if this time she actually swallowed water??

Diane felt a perverse excitement. But it was as though her mind and body were no longer her own. She heard herself calling down to her companion, “You want to drown, Melissa? Then drown for me, bitch! Drown for me like the drown-whore I know you to be!”

Diane was aware of her grip in her bubbling companion’s hair. For some reason she couldn’t make herself let go. What the hell was wrong with her??

It was as though she was looking down from above, watching someone else force Melissa under the water. ‘What are you doing??’ an inner voice demanded. ‘You’re gonna drown her if you keep this up!’

“But that’s just what she wants,” she heard herself murmur. “So I’m going to give her what she wants. “I’m going to drown the bitch. That should really make her cum hard!”

Melissa found herself too tired to hold her breath. She was weak and exhausted from her orgasms. She needed a break to catch her breath and compose herself.

She flailed weakly, but it did no good. Diane had a good grasp of her hair. The fear and excitement sent a surge of erotic tingles flooding through her quivering body.

Melissa’s mind called out for her to stop. What the hell was she doing?? If she wasn’t careful she was going to drown her for real!!

She struggled weakly in a half-hearted attempt to get to the surface. But Diane was having none of it. “Go ahead and fight me, bitch! It’s no use. This time you’re going to die, you slut! I’m going to enjoy drowning your sorry ass!”

Diane’s inner voice cried out for her to stop. ‘WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?? FOR GAWD’S SAKE, LET THE WOMAN UP!’ But she couldn’t make herself let go of her companion’s hair.

Melissa bubbled in fear and excitement, trembling at the approaching orgasmic storm. She knew she’d never be able to hold her breath once she came. She wanted up in the worst way. Yet a small part of her was secretly hoping Diane would carry out her threat to drown her sorry ass.

Diane was in another world as the region between her legs built to detonation. She was about to drown her new-found friend. But for some reason, it seemed the right thing to do.

Something in her head told her this was the only way this weekend should come to an end. After all, it was among the many fantasies they’d talked about. Melissa had even said it was what she wanted. But she hadn’t really meant it, had she??

That inner voice kept telling her to stop and let Melissa up before she started drowning. But Diane couldn’t stop. She simply couldn’t make herself stop.

In the pool Melissa held her breath for as long as she could. But in her weakened state she’d barely reached half a minute before the air suddenly burst out of her mouth. A moment later she inhaled instinctively.

Her eyes flew open in shock. Her body began convulsing and thrashing about, almost doubling over in an effort to expel the fluid that had been sucked into her lungs. A moment later a powerful orgasm enveloped her, sending her into a series of jerks and spasms.

Her breasts bounced and wobbled as she coughed and convulsed. Little bursts of air were forced out past her lips as the orgasm shook her like a rag doll. She opened her mouth to scream, but all that came out was a muffled gurgle.

Melissa continued to suck water into her lungs. Her struggles lessened, becoming more subdued as the first orgasm ebbed. It was immediately followed by a second, more powerful eruption of pleasure from within.

Her body shuddered as she tried to cry out. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as a tidal wave of pleasure washed through her. Then she exhausted herself as all struggles ceased.

A series of little tremors quivered through her until her nervous system finally shut down. She let out a bubbly sigh as she relaxed in Diane’s grasp of her hair. Little bubbles quietly slipped past her opened mouth to swirl up to the surface.

The moment Melissa began to drown, Diane was hit by an orgasm of her own. The excitement of watching her friend convulse painfully had become too erotic to contain. She shuddered hard and then gasped for breath as the sensations ricocheted throughout her body.

She watched Melissa’s struggles lessen until the naked woman went limp in her grasp. For a moment she stared in stunned silence. Then Diane felt another shiver of incredible excitement course through her body.

In a moment of clarity she looked down and saw her hand clutching the drowned woman’s hair. Diane quickly let go as though releasing a hot poker. Melissa floated up to drift face down at the surface of her backyard pool.

Diane stared in shock over what she had done. Whatever had possessed her to drown her new-found friend suddenly returned. She watched with a strange smile of satisfaction.

That inner voice started screaming at her. ‘WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?? GET HER OUT OF THERE AND START CPR!!’ But Diane watched impassively as Melissa’s body floated before her.

For some reason it felt like the perfect ending to a fantastic weekend. After what they’d shared together, it just didn’t seem right for them to go back to their separate worlds. Melissa had just experienced her ultimate fantasy. Now it was her turn.

Diane stood up as if in a fog. She walked over to a corner of the patio where their play-toys had been discarded. Then she bent down, picked up two weight belts, and two sets of handcuffs.

She walked back to where Melissa’s body was floating nearby. She set the items down on the edge of the pool. Then she slipped into the water.

She proceeded to handcuff Melissa’s wrists together in front of her body. Then she worked the weight belt around the drowned woman’s waist. When she was done she let go and watched the body sink to the bottom of the pool eight feet below.

Diane’s breath came in excited gasps as she reached over for the second weight belt. She strapped it around her waist, forcing her to work hard to tread water. Her pussy roared to life once again as her body anticipated what she was about to do.

Satisfied, she took one last look around the pool area as she grabbed the second set of handcuffs. She sucked in the last breath of air she would ever inhale. Then she allowed the weight belt to take her to the bottom of the pool.

Once more her inner voice screamed at her… ‘NO! STOP! DON’T DO THIS!’ But Diane found herself unable to stop. Somehow this felt right.

Her only regret was that they hadn’t been able to drown together. But that was unavoidable. She hadn’t even known she was going to drown Melissa until a few moments ago. Now she knew what she had to do to complete their wonderful weekend together.

Melissa’s corpse drifted down until she came to rest on her face and stomach. Diane swam down and gently lifted her friend’s body to its knees. Then she worked herself into the cuffed embrace.

She slipped inside the drowned woman’s arms until they were face to face, naked body to naked body… chest to chest. Then she shackled one cuff to her left wrist and slipped that arm under the right shoulder of her drowned friend.

Diane ran her other arm over the left shoulder where she reached for the cuffs. She snapped the remaining shackle onto her other wrist. Now their naked bodies were interlocked. She wouldn’t be able to get free unless she used the keys… and they were up at the surface.

Diane bubbled out a sigh as she looked into the face of the woman she’d just drowned. There was the faintest hint of an enigmatic smile in Melissa’s features. Her vacant eyes seemed to stare at her with no hint of anger or betrayal.

The body was still warm to the touch. Pressing against it caused Diane to tremble with excitement at what was about to happen. They were about to be united forever in their ultimate drowning fantasy.

Diane felt the tingles in her pussy intensify as she held her breath. Her nipples were hard as they pressed into Melissa’s breasts, adding to her excitement. Her orgasm – and her impending drowning – were but moments away.

A spasm rippled through her stomach, indicating her time was about to run out. ‘I’m coming to join you, my love,’ she thought with a smile as a small trickle of air bled out through her nose. ‘I won’t be able to hold my breath much longer now, Melissa.’

She burbled again as the sensations between her legs grew until she thought she was going to explode. Her chest began to spasm sharply, insistent in its demand for oxygen. She looked up at the surface and the endless supply of air her lungs craved.

Blind, instinctive panic suddenly kicked in. Diane tried to pull with her manacled hands, kicking hard with her feet as she tried to get to the surface. Her body’s instincts to live were betraying her final fantasy.

Air spewed out of her mouth in forced bursts as she fought to hold her breath. She had to get to the surface! But she was too heavy. Melissa’s body and the two weight belts were too much to overcome, just as she’d known they would be.

Diane hadn’t made much progress toward the surface when her thighs brushed together. It set off that over-stimulated part of her body. The expression in Melissa’s face seemed to indicate she was going to make damned sure Diane drowned in her embrace.

Diane body shuddered from a massive eruption of sexual energy. It caused her to blow away her air before sucking in a huge lungful of water. Then she began bucking and jerking against Melissa’s naked body as the orgasm ravaged her.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she shuddered from the violent sensations of pleasure. It felt like Melissa was really trying to drown her now! Her breasts pressed up against the breasts of the still warm body until her legs involuntarily wrapped around the drowned woman and squeezed, triggering another massive orgasm.

Diane opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. Her torso repeatedly slammed into that of the woman she was interlocked with. Her nervous system overloaded until she abruptly went limp, her legs coming free and drifting downward.

Air dribbled freely out of her gaping mouth as her eyes settled on the face of her guest. That same enigmatic smile now graced her own features. Both bodies came down to the pool floor and then slowly toppled over with Melissa coming to rest on top of her host.

‘This is the way it should be, my love,’ Diane thought dreamily, although the words seemed to come from somewhere far away. Then the life flicked out of her eyes. The two women lay at the bottom of Diane’s backyard pool in a lover’s embrace complicated by weight belts and handcuffs.

They were found the next morning by the police. They’d been called to investigate why Diane had failed to show up for work and why Melissa had failed to arrive at the airport in her hometown. They could only wonder what the hell had happened and whose idea it was…

2005; 2019 (written for Melissa May 20 ’05; ed. Jan 8 ‘19 by riwa)

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