Melissa – his bubbly little snuff-puppet

I’m so horny I can’t fucking stand it. I want Master to snuff me and I want him to snuff me now. It’s crazy I know, but I can’t help myself.

Trembling with anticipation I disrobe and put on my sluttiest attire: black lacy lingerie that not quite covers my quivering tits. A hole grants easy access to my dripping, throbbing cunt through my black fishnet stockings. A black garter belt with straps holds them up.

Black “fuck-me” stilettos and a black slave collar complete the ensemble. Then I head out the door of my room. It gives me a shiver at the thought that in a few more minutes I might actually be dead. Why does that arouse me so?

I shakily walk through the mansion, trying to maintain my balance in these damned heels. I find Master reclining in the den in his night robe, his eyes focused on a novel. A drink sits on the nearby end table.

Nervous as hell I clear my throat and get his attention. Master puts his book down and looks at me curiously. A lustful smile appears on his face.

“Can I help you, Melissa?”

I can barely breathe. I’m so fucking excited that my cunt is dripping my arousal down my legs. “Snuff me, Master,” I request in a trembling voice that’s barely above a whisper.

His eyes light up and my breath catches in my throat. He looks interested. “How shall I snuff you tonight?” he asks with amusement.

“Your choice, Master,” I gasp excitedly. Gawd; I’m trembling like a leaf.

“Go and prepare yourself a nice bath,” he says with a wicked smile. “However you may dispense with the bath oils. Come and get me when it’s ready.” Then he’s back to his book as though he was never interrupted in the first place.

Does he want to drown me? Damn! That’s my favorite!

I’m trembling so bad I can hardly stand it as I turn and carefully make my way back to the Master bathroom. When I arrive I start filling the tub, testing the water so it’s the right temperature to receive me. My heart pounds in my chest until I have trouble breathing because I’m so fucking excited.

My life is measured in the minutes it takes to fill the tub. It’s incredibly exhilarating. When it’s finished I test the water one more time, deciding it’s close enough for Master’s purposes.

I slowly walk back to the den. My heart’s up in my throat, my legs so rubbery I’m afraid I might topple over in these damned heels. He doesn’t even look up when I make my entrance.

“It’s ready, Master.” I wonder if he can hear the excitement in my voice. Then I wait patiently.

“Very well,” he says disinterestedly. “I want you to go back to the bathroom and cuff your hands behind your back. Then I want you to kneel over the edge of the tub. Place your head into the water and wait for my arrival. Any deviation from these instructions will be met with severe discipline.” He says it so casually… as though he’s ordering breakfast and not actually preparing to snuff me.

I feel an erotic jolt at his words. What if I drown before he gets there?? Ohmygawd; I’m about to become his bubbly little snuff-puppet! I’m excited as hell!

“Yes, Master,” I say quietly, my head lowered. Trembling, I turn and head back toward the bathroom. This time I wonder if I’ll be walking out of that part of the house under my own power.

My cunt is throbbing, my arousal slithering down my netted legs in streamers. I pick up the cuffs from my room and head for the bathroom for what could be the very last time. My hands are shaking.

I enter the bathroom, what could be the room of my impending demise. My breath catches in my throat as I look down into the water. Will this be the night he snuffs me for real?

Trembling like a leaf I slowly lower myself onto my knees in front of the tub. I’m grateful I won’t have to walk on these damned heels anymore. Then I clatch a cuff around one hand.

I bring both arms behind my back before cuffing them together. Gasping excitedly I take what might well be my very last breath. Then I bend over the tub and submerge my head.

Is he going to let me drown myself? Is he going to come in and watch? Gawd, this is so fucking exciting!

I kneel there for the longest time with a terrible excitement, wondering if I’m going to end up sucking water into my lungs. It’s one of my deepest, darkest fantasies, one that Master knows all too well. It makes me wet every time he threatens to drown my ass, even as a joke. Damn; I’m so fucking horny!

I’m there for what feels like the longest time, although I doubt it’s much more than a minute or so. Then I feel my lungs begin to burn. My chest starts to heave gently until I find myself wondering how soon it will be until Master shows up.

Does he expect me to drown myself? The suspense is fucking intense. I don’t know whether to stay down or pop up for a quick breath once my lungs start screaming at me.

Bubbles start to dribble out of my nose. I strain with all my might to hold it for as long as I can. But it isn’t long until my lungs heave in protest.

I realize I’m about to reach the end of my rope. But that triggers another erotic thought: hanging from a noose for Master. For now I’m just his bubbly little snuff-puppet who’s losing her breath as it bubbles out of my mouth.

Gawd; it’s getting so fucking hard to hold it. My lungs are on fire. Surely he doesn’t expect me to stay here like this, does he? If I don’t come up for air I’m going to drown any second now.

Air spews out of my mouth in erotic bursts of bubbles until I decide I can’t hold my breath any longer. That’s when I start to lift my head up, only to be stopped abruptly by Master’s hand on the back of my head. It instantly triggers an involuntary surge of pure panic within me.

I start thrashing my head about, desperate for air. I hear a sadistic laugh as I scream a froth of bubbles, no longer doing this voluntarily. Then my head is pulled out of the water.

I gasp madly for breath as water cascades down over my face. “Oh, no you don’t,” he breathes wickedly into my ear. “You didn’t think you were going to get off that easily, did you?”

He sadistically pushes my head back down into the water until I burble anxiously. A moment later I feel his hard cock push against my wet opening. I nearly suck water into my lungs when he thrusts hard into my aching cunt.

I can’t help screaming my breath away as he ruthlessly pounds me. I hear his excitement… “Baby, you are so fucking wet! Now you’re going to drown!”

Oh fuck – fuck – FUCK!

He brutally fucks me, his hard cock filling me. I squirm and shudder like mad as air bursts out of my mouth. It feels so fucking good that I can hardly stand it.

I fight like hell to hold what little breath I have left in my lungs. But it’s just no use. I lose it in a long burst of bubbles as my orgasm erupts inside me.

A moment later I feel the hot seed of Master as it fills my pussy. I shudder with intense pleasure as my body goes from one orgasm to the next. Then I’m totally drained, my lungs screaming at me until I abruptly pass out, all caught up in a sea of never-ending pleasure…

I awaken naked in my bed, blindfolded with the sensation of someone climbing in with me. I instantly become aware I can’t move my arms and legs. Apparently I’ve been secured spread-eagled to the damned thing.

I feel someone enter my dripping cunt with his hot rod once again. I’m pretty sure it’s Master. I cry out in pleasure, only to be stopped in mid-gasp as his hand lashes out and wraps around my neck.

He begins to squeeze until once again I can’t breathe as he ruthlessly fucks me while our bodies bounce rhythmically in bed. Being fucked and breathless is such an incredible rush. I feel it swell within me until it crashes over me.

I shudder like mad as my back tries to arch under his weight. I can’t help rasping his name in ecstasy. He just keeps fucking and choking me until I pass out into glorious oblivion…

I barely remember awakening a few hours later to find that Master has crawled into bed with me where he has me in his arms. I’m no longer spread-eagled. But my body feels deliciously relaxed. It isn’t long until I curl up in his arms and nod back off, a happily fucked woman.

2008; 2018 (written Sep 25 ’08; ed. Jul 27 ‘18 by riwa)

(Picture added for illustration purposes only.)

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