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Angel’s lungs began to protest. She couldn’t get a breath through the black swim cap that covered her face. The more she tried to inhale the more she squirmed in growing panic.

This was worse than him using that damned translucent yellow swim cap. At least then she could see enough to know when he was coming over to give her a reprieve. The black swim cap meant she couldn’t see a damned thing. There was no way of knowing when he might come over to grant her a few precious breaths of air. Being forced to suffer inside the darkness of the black swim cap only heightened her anxiety as well as her arousal.

As her heart rate increased she began to pant inside the swim cap, becoming ever desperate for just a sliver of something fresh to breathe. It inflated and then deflated against her face, granting her no air whatsoever. She squirmed and struggled, sitting on his weight lifting bench tightly secured to the equipment.

Her hands were in bondage gloves, her arms hanging helplessly from their bindings attached to the upper part of the damned machine. She was propped up and strapped down, her feet trying to kick and wiggle free. Her chest heaved, her lungs clamoring for a fresh breath of air.

She wore a skimpy, black bikini. But she was secured with a little added bondage gear. Dangling chains crisscrossed her body, completing the ensemble for the bastard’s kinky pleasure.

Her lungs screamed for another breath as her chest heaved. Angel’s head thrashed back and forth. The swim cap clung hungrily to her face, erotically suffocating her.

She tried to inhale again, sucking the swim cap tightly to her face. It revealed the grotesquely arousing image of a woman in anguish. Her pussy throbbed with a terrible ache of longing, her lungs straining until it felt like they might explode out of her chest.

She felt two fingers against the side of her face, prying the swim cap loose. A mixture of fresh air swirled into her lungs. Her body shuddered as she gasped for breath, her heart rate slowing back to normal.

There was a light smack against the side of her face. The swim cap clung tightly over her mouth and nose again, abruptly cutting off the stream of fresh air her lungs so desperately craved. She felt an incredible urge to panic.

She told herself to remain calm. This was totally expected. That didn’t make it any less agonizing or arousing.

She stayed calm for a good 20 or 30 seconds. Then her lungs began to protest again. She tried to inhale, only succeeding in sucking the swim cap even tighter to her face.

She began to squirm once more, her head twisting from side to side. Her lungs cried out from being deprived of air so cruelly. Her feet twisted in their bindings as her legs tried to kick in helpless agony.

Her lungs were on fire as her pussy screamed for a release. If the bastard wasn’t careful she was going to leave a sticky mess on the seat of his nice, clean exercise equipment. That would serve him right, the damned pervert!

Her lungs heaved again, her mind screaming for her next breath. Her ears strained to hear any kind of movement that might indicate he was coming to grant her another reprieve. But she heard nothing, and she blamed it on the carpeting.

She tried to inhale again, only to feel the swim cap cling hungrily to her face. It refused to allow even a sliver of air into her tortured lungs. Her face twisted into a grimace as her head thrashed back and forth.

For a moment she felt dizzy as hell. She was sure she was going to cum at any moment. Then the fingers returned, lifting the swim cap away from the side of her face. It was enough to allow her to gasp madly for breath, helping to refill her tortured lungs.

Angel greedily gulped air into her quivering body, momentarily subduing her advancing orgasm. She wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to hold it back at this rate. Her damned husband was teasing her… tormenting her.

“Here’s the payoff, baby,” she heard him breath into her ear. “Enjoy the ride.” And with that the swim cap smacked tightly against her face, sealing in her breath.


Her heart rate sky-rocketed as she felt an erotic jolt in her crotch. Angel fought like hell to hold back her growing anxiety, even as her excitement began to swell within her. Once again she cursed herself for enjoying it so much.

She struggled to remain calm, knowing it was a losing battle. But it wasn’t long before her body began to cry out for fresh air. There wasn’t much she could do other than squirm and struggle in her bindings, hoping like hell he would give her another reprieve by loosening the swim cap enough for another breath.

He was always careful with her. But each time she reached a certain point where she couldn’t help wondering if this time would be different. What if he didn’t loosen the cap to grant her another breath? What if he was arranging a tragic little accident??

Once more her mind played its usual tricks. What if this was the one time he slipped up? He never did, of course. But there was always that one idle thought in the back of her mind making her wonder if he might take her too far.

Once more she had her doubts. Was that why she enjoyed it so much? Was it the doubts that went along with her inability to breathe?

The swim cap puffed and deflated with each breath. Angel felt the anxiety rise within her yet again. Her mind began screaming for him to get his ass over there and let her breathe before she passed out.

There was no sound other than her squirming around. She didn’t know if he was watching or had left to fix himself a drink, leaving her to suffer in silence. She heard no movement of any kind, and the blackness of the swim cap made it impossible to see a thing.

She twisted her head, trying to look all around. Where the hell was he?? She was on the verge of cumming, but she was getting dizzy as hell.

Angel thrashed about, the swim cap clinging greedily to her face as though taunting her, telling her she would never breathe again. She exhaled, only to frantically suck that same breath back into her lungs. The cap clung tightly to her face yet again.

Her feet kicked wildly as her head thrashed about. Once more that little voice in the back of her mind told her he was taking her all the way. She tried to cry out, causing the bag to inflate, only to deflate tightly against her lips as she tried to inhale again.

A moment later it went off inside her with a massive eruption…

Angel’s back arched, her hips bucking as her body shuddered from a devastating orgasm. She tried to suck air into her screaming lungs. But the cap was firmly attached to her face. Then her eyes rolled as she went into little spasms, her consciousness fading as her head lolled off to one side.

The cap was pulled off her face, but she remained momentarily unconscious. Her eyes were partly open, a dazed, drugged look in her expression.

Angel’s body hitched as her head jerked drunkenly. Her chest rose and fell as her lungs pulled huge breaths into her body. Her eyelashes fluttered as life returned to her glazed pupils.

She gulped another huge lungful of air into her quivering body. She gasped and moaned, shaking her head in an effort to clear the cobwebs. Then her vision returned.

She saw him standing there, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “Did I…?” she started to ask. He just barred his teeth in a wicked grin.

“Damn you,” she gasped, shaking her head. “You are one sick puppy; you know that?” But the orgasm had been wonderful. She couldn’t keep her love for him out of her eyes.

“Got something else for you to try,” he said with a grin. Then she saw him pick up a clear plastic bag that lay nearby. Angel shuddered as that familiar tingle returned to her loins.

2008; 2018 (written Jun 21 ’08; ed. Nov 30 ’18 by riwa)

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