Gambling your life away (Part 3)

Part III

Dorothy tried to see to her sister on the floor as Monique came over to Emily. “Out of your clothes, Miss. Mr. Rick wants you in the chair.”

“I… but I…”

Emily didn’t know what to do. She looked at Zilpha’s corpse lying on its side, the executrix having placed the head right next to it. Zilpha had a shocked, vacant look in her expression as blood pooled out from where her neck sat on the floor.

She looked down to see Dorothy trying to awaken her sister. Winifred was starting to come around. Then Monique helped stand her up and started to undress her.

A numbness set in as Emily didn’t resist. She couldn’t believe what had happened. They’d all wanted to come to the Club to check it out for themselves. Now Zilpha had been beheaded… and she was about to face the electric chair!

Dorothy helped Winifred sit up, only for them to see the executrix walk Emily naked over to the chair. Monique helped the sister down onto the two metal posts sticking up. Emily gasped and whimpered as she was forced to take both posts up her holes.

Winifred looked at her beheaded sister and almost fainted again. She got a little woozy and started to sway. Dorothy helped hold her upright, only to squawk in alarm when she saw Emily being strapped down into the chair.

What really alarmed her was the way the wires were being connect to her sister’s erect nipples and swollen clit. Emily appeared to be embarrassed her two sisters could see her naked and being humiliated. But there was nothing she could do about it.

Dorothy helped Winifred back up into a seat at the table. She turned to see Emily panting for breath as the executrix finished strapping her down. Then she gasped at the co-owner, “Wait! Can’t you do something to stop all this?”

“She knew the risks when she drew the card,” Mr. Rick told her sympathetically. “She had a better than 50-50 chance of drawing the right color. Sadly, luck is not always with you when you most need it to be.”

Dorothy looked around in desperation. Then she looked at the remaining cash on the table. “We’ll buy her back!” she gasped anxiously, clutching at straws.

“Not likely,” he told them with a sad shake of his head. “Maybe you should quit while you two still have your heads.”

“D-Dorothy??” Emily stammered, her face pale as she quivered in the chair. She appeared to be wincing and writhing from the posts up her holes.

Winifred looked at the cards left on the table. Mr. Rick saw her looking at them and calmly removed that option by sweeping them all up and discarding them into a bin beneath the table. “I’d say that deck is bad luck, ladies.”

“Can’t we… can’t we do something else?”

At that moment Emily seemed to come to herself. She composed herself and managed to take a deep breath before telling them, “Dorothy, you and Winnie have got to leave! You’ve got to go right now before something else happens to one of you!”

“But they’re going to FRY you!” Winifred protested.

“Wise words, ladies,” Mr. Rick said with a smile. “Unless of course one of you wishes to risk her life to save your sister. And we all know how well that turned out last time.”

“He’s right!” Emily told them. “Go home and tell everyone what happened! Go home while you still can!”

“What do we tell mum and dad?” Winifred protested.

Dorothy turned and told her, “We can’t tell father; it would kill him!”

“But we’ve got to win her back!” Then Winifred looked over at the strange, elongated table with the dice and numbers and places for betting. She pointed at it before asking, “How does that game work?”

Mr. Rick smiled as he got up and walked over to it. He picked up the two dice on the table and brought them over, setting them down right in front of her. Then he proceeded to explain the rules.

“It’s a simple game really. You try to throw a seven as it is the number most likely to come up. If you roll a seven, you win. But if you roll another number then you have to roll that same number again before you roll another seven or you lose.”

“Is that it?” Dorothy asked anxiously. She certainly didn’t want to leave without Emily, not if there was any way of saving her.

“That’s pretty much the gist of it, ladies. If there were more people gambling in here then there would be more to it than that. For the sake of what you are hoping to achieve, I suggest we keep it simple. How does that sound?”

“Then let’s do it!” Winifred gasped as she snatched the dice up off the edge of the table.

Dorothy grabbed her arm before she could throw them. Then she looked at the co-owner of the club with suspicion. “Wait. Is that all there is to it?”

Mr. Rick smiled at them. “We can’t make it all that simple, can we? After all, you’re gambling for your sister’s life. And the one who is throwing the dice will be risking her own life as well.”

“That’ll be me,” Winifred declared bravely, pulling her hand away as Dorothy tried to reach for the dice in her hand.

“But what happens if you lose, love?”

“I suppose it’ll be the drowning tank for her,” the co-owner mused thoughtfully. “I haven’t witnessed a good drowning in a few days; right, Monique?”

“Right, Mr. Rick,” the executrix replied with a knowing smile.

“D-Drowning?” Winifred whimpered as she looked over at the glass tank.

“Only if you lose, miss. In fact, I’ll sweeten the pot.”

He paused for a moment as he looked at Monique who smiled back without a word. Then he smiled at the two ladies now standing at the Craps table.

“I’ll make this easier, but not too easy. After all, there has to be some sort of risk involved, right? Every time you win, I’ll give you $500. But you must win three in a row in order to save your sister from the chair. Every time you lose I’ll take your winnings and you’ll have to start all over.”

“Three in a row?” Dorothy asked dubiously as she looked at him and then her sister holding the dice.

“What does that mean?” Winifred wanted to know.

“Three sevens in a row would do it. Even an eleven will be acceptable – seven or eleven.”

“A seven or eleven and we win?” Dorothy asked carefully.

“Yes,” he said with a nod to her. “It’s a win each time a seven or eleven is rolled on the first throw. You must throw the dice all the way to the end of the table and bounce them off that back wall.”

“What are all these other numbers and things on the table for?” Winifred asked, pointing them out.

“They’re for bets being made by people who would normally be watching the one throwing the dice. But since it’s just the three of us down here, we’ll dispense with all that.”

“What if she doesn’t roll a seven or eleven?” Dorothy asked, giving her sister a wary eye. She tried not to look over at Emily in the chair who was shaking her head for them not to risk themselves for her sake. Dorothy didn’t dare look at her beheaded sister’s corpse or it would give her the shakes something fierce. Strange how she was so wet down below.

“Then you’ve rolled a number you must match by rolling it again.” Mr. Rick explained. “For the sake of this game we will not include twos, threes or twelves as those numbers would affect the bets others would place. For our purposes, let’s say you throw a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. You must roll that number again before you throw a seven. That also qualifies as a win. As I said before, three wins in a row will save your sister.”

“And that’s it?” Winifred asked, feeling somewhat better. She looked over at Emily who looked pale, yet somewhat hopeful.

“Not exactly,” Mr. Rick told them with a smile. “There are risks involved. Say you threw a six and are trying to roll a six again, but you throw a seven instead.”

“That means?” Winnie asked anxiously.

“It means Monique over there will give your sister a little more current and you’ll have to start all over trying to win three in a row. At some point she will get too much electricity and you will lose as well.”

Emily went pale at the news. “Bloody hell, don’t do it! Dottie, don’t let her risk it!”

“Would you shut it?” Winnie called over to her. “We’re trying to save your bloody arse over here!”

“Don’t risk it or he’ll drown you!” But Winifred ignored her as she turned back to look at the co-owner.

“A seven or eleven?” she repeated carefully.

“Only on your first throw. If you roll a seven or eleven you win. Then you start the second time around by throwing again to see if you can win again.”

“Winnie, are you sure about this?” Dorothy asked nervously. “He wants to drown you if you lose.” Her sister gulped and nodded, trying not to think about being trapped in a tank of rising water if she lost.

Emily didn’t know how to feel about all this. She was hopeful they might win back her life. On the other hand she was concerned she was going to die anyway and that Winnie might be gambling her life away. What would their folks say if three of them ended up dying here at the Snuff Club??

“I’ve got to do it!” Winifred declared. Then she swallowed hard as she tossed the dice. They came up just short of the wall at 4-3.

“I win!” she declared excitedly. Mr. Rick just shook his head as Monique did the same from her vantage point near the controls to the chair.

“They didn’t reach the wall at the end,” he explained as he used his stick to corral them and bring them back. Then he handed them back over to her before asking, “Do you want to try again?”

Winifred looked over at her naked sister secured in the chair. Then she gulped nervously as she threw the dice again. This time she threw them so hard that one leaped right off the table.

Mr. Rick chuckled as he pulled the one die off the table and discarded it. Then he reached under and retrieved a brand new pair. “It seems your first throw was a little too soft while your second was a little too hard. Let’s see if this time you can get it just right.” He couldn’t help smiling.

The sisters looked over at Emily who was now starting to want out of the chair. The posts up her holes were uncomfortable and were making her squirm. And she was dripping from a shameful arousal. It was humiliating as hell; plus she had no desire to get shocked.

She had no idea what an electrical jolt would feel like. And she certainly didn’t want to find out. In an anxious voice she called out, “Would you just roll those bloody dice already and get me out of this bloody thing?”

Winifred tossed them with her right hand, trying to bounce them off the wall. They ricocheted off and settled at 5-2. “That’s a win,” Mr. Rick said with a smile, retrieving the dice and handing them back to her before reaching under the table to retrieve five one hundred dollar bills which he placed before her.

Winifred lit up at the sight of the money sitting in front of her. Emily let out a sigh as well at hearing the news. Dorothy breathed a little easier as her sister picked up the dice and threw them again.

This time they came up 4-4. Mr. Rick retrieved them and smiled. “Now you have to throw another eight before you roll a seven. It doesn’t have to be two fours; it can be any combination that adds up to eight. Do you understand?”

“I think so.”

Winifred threw the dice off the back wall. They came up 4-2. Mr. Rick retrieved them before telling her with a smile, “No harm done. You can keep throwing safe numbers all night long if you wish. So long as you don’t roll…” and she threw them again. This time they came up 6-1.

“…that number,” Mr. Rick finished with a sad little smile. Over in the chair Emily gasped in surprise.

“What?” Dorothy said in alarm.

“It’s buzzing,” she whimpered as she squirmed a little. “At least it’s not too bad.” She didn’t dare tell her sister the kind of sexual effect it was starting to have on her.

“What happens now?” Dorothy asked as Mr. Rick took the bills away from in front of Winifred before retrieving the dice.

“Now we start all over. Remember, you have to make three wins in a row. Throw three sevens back to back and your sister goes free. Or throw three safe numbers and match them before you roll a seven.”

He started to give the dice to Dorothy, telling her, “New shooter.” Winifred snatched them out of his hand before telling him, “No, I think I’d better do it.”

He paused for a moment. “Normally we change shooters when someone craps out throwing a seven like that.” Then he looked at Monique who smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

“In this case I suppose we can make an exception. I’ll leave it up to you ladies to decide who throws the dice. Remember, the one who last threw is on the hook should something… unfortunate happen to your sister.” He smiled sympathetically at Emily who was still wriggling uncomfortably from a current that didn’t seem to be stopping.

Winifred nodded as she threw the dice again. They came up 4-3. Mr. Rick reached under and retrieved the same five bills and placed them in front of her before he retrieved the dice and handed them back.

Winifred threw the dice again. They came up 5-2. That’s when she blurted out an excited “Yes!”

Mr. Rick brought out five more bills and placed them in front of Winifred as he retrieved the dice and handed them back to her. Dorothy looked hopeful at the idea this might be over after only losing one sister.

“What’s going on?” Emily asked, appearing relieved to see the co-owner bringing out more hundred dollar bills.

“One more!” Winifred declared as she threw the dice. They came up 5-5.

“Now throw another ten and you’ll have $1,500 plus the $300 you won drawing for the joker, plus the $300 your sister here has, plus your sister’s life returned to you.”

She smiled confidently as she told him, “I can do that, love.”

Winifred threw the dice again. They came up 3-2. Mr. Rick retrieved them before handing them back over with a smile and a “No harm, no foul.” Then Winifred threw 6-1.

Emily let out a gasp as the current increased. The two sisters looked over at her in horror as Mr. Rick retrieved the ten bills he’d laid in front of Winifred. The original three from drawing for the joker were still intact. But would not be for long if she lost her life in this game.

“Starting over,” he told her as he retrieved the dice. “Bad luck trying to throw for a ten again.” Then he held the dice out as though seeing which sister would take them.

Winifred took them out of his hand and threw them across the table. They came up 3-1. She rolled a six and an eight before she came up with another seven. That’s when Emily let out another gasp as the power was increased yet again.

“Are you ok, love?” Dorothy asked anxiously, knowing full well her sister wasn’t the least bit ok.

“B-Bloody hell!” Emily sputtered. She was now wriggling against the probes up her holes. And it felt like her nipples were burning and wouldn’t stop.

“Maybe I should throw,” Dorothy offered. Winnie looked at her and nodded before asking, “Can we change shooters?”

“Certainly. Under normal circumstances we change shooters after every loss. In this case I’m allowing you to decide which sister throws the dice. After all, the one who last threw is the one on the hook in case your sister over in the chair succumbs.”

“I’m not doing very well,” Winifred nervously told her sister. “Maybe you’d better give it a go.”

Dorothy nodded as she accepted the dice. Then she tried to throw them the right distance. They bounced off the wall and came up 4-2.

“Well done,” Mr. Rick told her with a smile. “Now throw that six again. It can be any combination that adds up to a six.”

Dorothy nodded and threw the dice again. This time they came up 3-3. She let out a gasp of delight as Mr. Rick promptly put five one hundred dollar bills in front of her before retrieving the dice.

“That’s a win!” Winifred called over to her sister. “Two more and you’re home free!”

“W-would you h-hurry it up?” she gasped. Emily was on the verge of an embarrassing orgasm.

Dorothy threw the dice again, only for them to come up short. Mr. Rick retrieved them for her with a smile, telling her, “Off the wall, my dear.” Then she threw them again. This time they bounced off and came up 6-1.

“That’s a second win,” Mr. Rick said as he placed five more bills on top of the five already in front of the sister. Then he retrieved the dice and handed them to her, smiling as he told her, “The dice seem to like you.”

Dorothy threw them again. They bounced off the back wall and came up 3-2. Mr. Rick retrieved them and handed them over to her with a smile. “Now throw another five and I’ll have Monique remove your sister from the chair.”

Dorothy took careful aim and threw. They bounced off the wall. One dice teetered on its edge before toppling over. Together they read 5-2.

Emily let out a sharp gasp as the current was increased yet again. A moment later she cried out in shameful orgasm. She was simply unable to hold it back.

Her two sisters looked over at her in horror and astonishment. “Dreadful luck,” Mr. Rick told them as he retrieved all the bills from in front of Dorothy excepting the first three from their previous game. “Now you’ll have to start all over.” Monique just smiled encouragingly at them.

“Bloody hell; give them back!” Winifred gasped, becoming more then a little alarmed as she snatched them out of Dorothy’s hand. Over in the chair it looked like Emily was starting to get the shakes. She winced and moaned as she begged them to make it stop.

Winnie anxiously threw the dice and got a 6-1, which netted her back the same $500 as before. Then she threw a 4-2. She tried to throw another six, but the dice came up 5-3 and 2-2 before she hit the dreaded 5-2.

Emily screamed as she climaxed all over again from an increase in current. The posts were setting her holes on fire. Her nipples felt like they were going to burn right off.

Dorothy snatched the dice away from her sister and tried her luck again. She got a 5-2 on her first throw. But a 5-3 followed. She tried to match the eight, but ended up throwing a 4-1, 5-1, and then a 6-1.

Emily gasped and stiffened. She tried to form the words for them to do something. But she couldn’t get any air past her vocal chords.

“She’s doing quite well considering the circumstances,” Mr. Rick observed as he looked over at their shuddering sister. “It’s hard to predict just how much longer she can go. So I suppose you’d better choose wisely who’ll be throwing the dice.”

Dorothy tried again. Her first two throws were 6-1 and 5-2. For a moment there was renewed hope among the two sisters. But a 3-3 was followed by a 3-4.

Emily let out another cry as her pussy squirted. Now she was grimacing as though she was in agony. “At least she seems to be enjoying herself,” Mr. Rick observed with a smile. “But I’d be careful if I were you. You two might want to stop right now before we lose another one of you.”

Winifred bravely took the dice back. She told her sister, “Father would die if we lost you too, love.” But Dorothy was pretty sure he was already going to have a heart attack anyway.

They’d already lost Zilpha to a dreadful beheading. She had to keep looking over to confirm this wasn’t some ghastly nightmare and that her sister’s head was calmly sitting there separate from her body like that. What the hell would she do if she lost both Emily and Winnie??

Winifred threw a 6-1 for her first needed win of three. Then she threw a 4-4 and a 4-3. Emily gawked as the power was increased yet again.

Fluid was oozing out of her pussy. Her eyes were wide and she thrashed about as though she might tear herself apart in the chair. Mr. Rick acknowledged it with a sad little smile.

“Last one, ladies; win or lose. Let’s be merciful, shall we? Are you sure one of you wants to take a gamble with your life for your sister right now? I can always turn up the power and end this right now.”

Dorothy started to take the dice from her sister, feeling they’d come too far to stop now. “No,” Winifred stammered. “I’ll… uh… I’ll take the risk.”

“Winnie, no!”

“I’ve GOT to! Emily can’t take much more!”

She threw a 5-2 and earned $500. Next she threw a 6-2, needing another eight to match the point. She threw a 3-3, 5-4 and 2-2. Then she finally threw a 4-4, matching the eight she needed.

Mr. Rick smiled as he placed another five bills in front of her. “Maybe your luck is changing. Let’s hope so, both for you and your sister’s sake.”

Winifred just missed when she threw a 4-2. She was certain she could make that. But her last throw came up 4-3.

Emily’s cry was cut off as she really started to shudder in the chair. Her pussy sprayed as sparks arced off the electrodes attached to her nipples. Her head fell forward, violently jerked back, and then fell forward again.

Her eyes were wide, showing the agony she was in. She appeared to shake in the chair something fierce as sparks crackled off her nipples and clit. Then she slumped forward with her head bowed, her body appearing to twitch and jerk spasmodically as the current hummed loudly.

Monique mercifully turned off the machine. A tendril of smoke drifted out of Emily’s parted lips while another curled out of her steaming pussy. She did not show any signs of life.

“Bloody hell!” Dorothy panted, having just wet herself. Winifred was white as a sheet.

Mr. Rick calmly removed all the bills that were in front of Winnie. “Bad luck, ladies. I thought for sure you were going to do it that time.” Then he motioned for Monique to come get Winifred, instructing her to be disrobed before she was put naked into the drowning tank.

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