Lucy wants to drown

(A bonus story to celebrate me recovering from surgery with a great prognosis on my birthday last week.)

Hi Riwa. Please drown me. My name is Lucy.

Uh… Lucy? You’re naked.

Of course I’m naked. It’s because I want you to drown me.

Drown you?

Yes, drown me. Please drown me in my bath. I’m begging you.

You’re begging me, Lucy?

Yes, I’m begging you, Riwa. Please submerge my nose and mouth underwater. Just look at my big flaring nostrils. Don’t you want to see me blowing huge bubbles out of them? The bathroom is only a few feet away. Please drag me in there and drown me in the tub, ok? Please?

Is that the tub I hear filling with water right now?

Yes, it is. I called Tommy to come over and drown me, but he’s not home. You were the next one on my phone list. Once you agreed to come over I started filling the tub. Besides, I want to drown for someone I know who is really going to appreciate it.

You think I’m going to appreciate it?

You’re the one who writes all those sexy drowning stories, right?

Yeah, I do write a lot of drowning stories.

Then I know you’re going to appreciate it. That’s why I called you over. Now please drown me in my bathtub.

I’m not sure. You said you wanted me to drag you in there?

That’s right. I want you to drag me in there. I want it to be against my will.

Now I’m a little confused. I thought you wanted me to drown you.

I do. But I don’t want it to be easy. I want to fight you the whole way. That way my fear will make my drowning all the more exciting. It’s possible I might even cum while I’m drowning for you. Wouldn’t that be hot? If I cum for you during my drowning, won’t that make it even better?

I’m not sure. I suppose so. But I’ve never forced a woman to drown for me before.

That’s not true. I’ve read your stories. You’ve forced lots of women to drown.

Well, the situations they were in meant they were forced, yes. But I personally didn’t force them.

But it still got you excited, am I right?

I’m not sure I want to answer that.

(looks down at his crotch) Hah! I knew it. You’re already getting a bulge. Is it because I’m telling you how much I want you to drown me? Or is it because you’re already thinking about it?

I’m not sure I want to answer that one either.

I was right. You’re getting excited just thinking about drowning me, aren’t you! Well how do you think I feel? I’m getting all turned on just thinking about you forcing my head under until all my nose bubbles come up for you. So now you’ve got to drown me!

I’ve got to drown you??

Hell yeah! Can’t you see how hard my nipples are under my shirt? I made sure not to wear a bra so it would help excite you even more.

Well, I don’t know…

I can tell you want to (reaches forward and grabs his bulge). You’re already thinking about my drowning bubbles and the way my body’s going to spasm for you, aren’t you? I can tell because you’re starting to get hard. You have no idea how much it turns me on knowing you might cream yourself as I drown.

Well, I…

I left some items in the bathroom to help you drown me. You might see something in there that inspires you. So go right ahead. I’m willing to go with the flow. It’s a big bathtub and there’s plenty of room for me to bubble, thrash about and drown for you. But we’d better not stay out here too long or the water’s liable to start spilling over the side of the tub.

Well, I suppose I could…

(starts to scream) NO, DON’T HURT ME! DON’T DROWN ME; PLEASE!

Hey, what are you doing? Be quiet; don’t scream like that.

Then I suppose you’d better shut me up – PLEASE DON’T HURT – mmmmppffff! That’s much better.

Damn! I guess I’ll have to cover your mouth if you’re going to keep screaming. All right, let’s drag you into the bathroom and see what you’ve got in there. I’d hate for water to spill all over your floor – will you please stop kicking?

That’s right; drag me into my bathroom. C’mon, Riwa; I want you to get into your role! I promise it’ll make it more exciting for me too! (muffled attempts to cry out)

(drags her into the bathroom as she kicks. Sees the tub is almost full and turns off the faucet. She starts to break free and his hand comes off her mouth) NO – NO – PLEASE DON’T DROWN ME! LET ME GO! PLEASE DON’T – GRGBLGREBLGLRBLGLR!

(bends her over the edge of the tub and forces her head under the water) If you’re not going to stop screaming, I guess I’ll have to find some other way to shut you up. This way is just as good as any other I suppose. (looks around while she kicks and bubbles) Now where did you say this stuff was?

(screams and bubbles until she goes limp in his grasp. He panics and pulls her up) That was *gasp* that was fantastic!

It was?

Hell yeah… PLEASE – PLEASE; DON’T DROWN ME! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME! I DON’T WANT TO – GRGBGLRBLGRLBLG! (starts to kick again as her head is pushed back under)

I, uh… ok… I guess… (looks around the bathroom and sees handcuffs and duct tape.) Damn, you came prepared, didn’t you. You really want me to use these items?

(in her struggles her skirt starts to come down… or is she pulling it down herself? Then she goes limp again. He quickly pulls her head out of the water.) *gasps*

Oh, so you want to be naked for this, eh?

(nods head) Please… please don’t – grbglrbglrbgrblg!

(pushes head back under. Rips blouse off chest as bubbles come up. Hears moans and bubbles as skirt is pulled down, discovering the crazy bitch is naked underneath… then pulls her head back up)

*gasp* Ok – ok, I’ll do anything you want! Please don’t hurt me! Now tell me you’re going to drown me.

What did you say?

I want you to be sadistic and tell me you’re going to drown me. I want to know that’s the ending you have planned for me and that you keep rubbing it in just to be sadistic.

I don’t think I’m, uh… all that sadistic…


(pushes head back under the water) Hey, don’t scream like that; ok?

(bubbles come up as he looks for and then reaches for the nearby handcuffs. Forcibly cuffs her arms behind her back. Bubbles come up as her shoulders twist and turn)

You know, I’m still not quite sure about…

(screams and bubbles as she pushes her ass back against his bulge)

You know? I think you’ve talked me into it.

It’s about fucking time! I can feel his bulge in my ass as he forces my head under! It’s such a turn-on knowing how hard he is!

 (her head is pulled up) *gasp* No… please… I’ll do anything…

Shut up. You know? You’ve become a royal pain in the ass; you know that? It’s going to be a pleasure drowning you. (reaches for the duct tape)

Oh fuck; that really gave me an erotic jolt! NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU CAN’T…. DON’T HURT – BGFRBRFGLLBGRGBL!

(bends her over side of tub and forces head back under. Starts to wrap duct tape around her legs so she cannot kick.) If you’re going to kick me then I think I’m going to have to put a stop to that once and for all.

(pulls her head up) *gasp* P-please, I’ll do anything you want! P-please don’t d-drown me!

Anything I want?


What if I want to watch you drown? What if I want to watch the bubbles come up until you go still at the bottom of your tub? What if that’s what I want? Will you drown for me if that’s what I want to do to you?


(forces her head back into the water. Finishes duct-taping legs. Pulls head up.)

*gasps* P-please don’t hurt me! I’m so fucking horny right now! He’s really getting into this! Wait; what are you doing??

(starts to duct-tape arms to body around her lower chest) I’m making it so you can’t fight me so much. I’m making it so I’ll have an unobstructed view of your bubbles when you drown for me.

No… please… I’ll do anything you want… just don’t drown me… I’m scared of drowning!

Oh really? Are you really scared of drowning? (reaches down and fingers slit, noticing how wet it is and how she moans.) You don’t seem all that scared to me. In fact I’d say your body is looking forward to it.

NOOOOOO – BGBGLLLBGRBG! (head is forced back under) Fuck; he’s good at this!

 (watches the bubbles come up… pulls head up) *gasp* (finishes wrapping duct tape around lower chest.)

No! P-please! Y-you can’t be serious!

Oh, I’m serious. You’ve talked me into it now. I’m really looking forward to drowning you.

He’s really hard now! Fuck; I think he’s really looking forward to this! Now I’m starting to get scared!

(holds her at arm’s length and sees she’s not going anywhere and can’t put up much of a fight.) I want to thank you for the handcuffs and the duct tape. You went to a lot of trouble for me. I do appreciate it. It should make your drowning all the more exciting now that I’ve got you all tied up.

N-n-no! You can’t do this to me! I don’t want to drown!

Too late to change your mind now. Besides, I think you’re looking forward to it. (rubs and gropes breasts and teases erect nipples.)

Please! I’ll suck your cock! I’ll do anything! Please don’t drown me!

You know? I just might take you up on your offer. (starts to undress)

Oh thank you! I promise you won’t regret it. I can see how hard you are – NOOOOO!

(picks her up and lays her in the bathtub with her head propped up.) Ohmygawd; now I’m in the tub! He’s really going to drown me! This is really going to happen!

Are you comfortable in there? Maybe I’d better get in with you and make sure. (climbs naked into the tub with her and straddles her)


Would you like a taste of what it’s going to be like to drown? Would you like to experience the beginning sensations of what it’s going to feel like? I hope you don’t mind water up your nose. But that’s ok because I’m sure you’ll give me great nose-bubbles; am I right?

Nooo! Please don’t – grgblrgblrgblgrgl!

(submerges head and stretches her out on her back. The surface of the water’s at least a foot above her head. Smiles down on her) How does that feel? Does that excite you having to hold your breath? Can you feel the fear and excitement welling up inside you?

Oh fuck; what have I done? This is scary-exciting! (bubbles come up out of her nose as he puts his cock between her breasts. Grabs her tits and pushes them together, smiling as he gives himself a titty-fuck)

Such nice boobs. They’re going to shake and wobble wonderfully when you drown. I’m going to get a great show of nose bubbles and shaking boobs. Are you looking forward to this as much as I am?

(shakes her head; more nose bubbles.) He’s fucking my tits with his cock! I’m so fucking scared and excited!

(lifts her head up. His expression changes to one of uncertainty.)

Is he changing his fucking mind? He can’t change his mind now, not when I’m so close and so fucking horny and terrified! *gasps* Damn! You are so fucking good at this, aren’t you!

Excuse me?


(pushes her back under and starts to fuck her tits again. She wriggles and squirms in fear and arousal, momentarily forgetting her role as a look of bliss fills her face. Lungs strain, accompanied by more nose bubbles… mouths “PLEASE DON’T DROWN ME!)

Those are great bubbles, Lucy. I can see the fear in your eyes. Can your tits feel how hard my cock is? Perhaps you’d like a closer look? (pulls head up out of the water)

*gasp* I’ll do anything you – GUMPHH!

(impales open mouth with cock.) You did promise to suck me, did you not?

(sucks cock; body surges with fear and arousal) I’m so fucking scared and excited right now! He’s so turned on! I think he’s really going to enjoy drowning me!

(slowly pulls out of mouth and smiles at her) Are you happy you get to suck cock one last time?

(whimpers) Please…. (silenced as cock is pushed back into mouth.)

Let’s see if you can hold your breath while you’re sucking my cock. Maybe you’d like to drown this way.

(grunts up nose bubbles as her head is forced back under) Ohmygawd! I’m so scared… so fucking aroused! (releases more nose bubbles)

You have wonderful nose bubbles. Does it help when I cover your mouth so you can only blow them out of your nose?

(grunts and bubbles; lungs heave) Fuck; I think I’m going to cum!

(pulls out of mouth. More bubbles come up. Pulls head up and holds her up by her shoulders as he smiles.) I’ve got to hand it to you, Lucy. You’ve convinced me. I’m really going to enjoy drowning you.

Noooo… (bubbles as she’s gently pushed back down onto bottom of the tub. His hand presses against her mouth.) Now when you drown it’ll only be nose bubbles that come up. That’s what you wanted to show me, isn’t it?

(eyes wide; heart beats fast; lungs start to strain; starts to lose nose bubbles) Ohmyfucking gawd; I think I’m going to cum!!

You know what’s going to happen, right? You’ll keep trying to hold your breath. But eventually your lungs will really start to hurt. You’ll start releasing more nose bubbles to ease the strain. But it won’t be enough; it’s only going to get worse.

(eyes open wider; lungs heave; loses more nose bubbles; pussy throbs)

You’ll reach the point where you just can’t hold your breath any longer. You’ll gulp a lungful of water, unless I’m covering your mouth. Then you’ll lose your breath through your nostrils before you snort water into your nose.  Then you’ll spasm and start to drown. It’s going to be so painful, Lucy. But I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.

OHMYGAWD! (eyes roll as body shudders.)

Did you just cum? I think you just had an orgasm, am I right? (reaches down and pulls head up.)

*gasps weakly*

Wasn’t it nice of me to let you cum first? Do I get credit for that?

(eyes wide; pants tiredly)

I think you’re ready. Well I’m ready too, Lucy. I think it’s time I drown you now.

(eyes widen; shakes head) Ohmygawd; he’s really going to do it! I’m so…. I’m so fucking….. DO IT, RIWA! DROWN MY FUCKING ASS!

I’m going to fuck your tits nice and slow now, Lucy. I’m going to fuck your tits as I watch your face. Let’s fucking do this, ok? I’m so fucking hard right now that I’m probably going to cum the moment you start to drown. If you’re lucky you’ll be conscious enough to see the kind of effect your drowning is having on me. Won’t that be nice?

(panting like crazy; can’t stop squirming) No… please…

I’m ready and so are you. You can’t wait to blow all those sexy drowning nose bubbles for me, am I right? So let’s get started, shall we?

(eyes widen anxiously as he slowly lowers her back down) NOOO! *gaaaaaasspppppp*

(gently submerged to the bottom of the tub as little bubbles trickle out of her nose. Eyes widen with fear and arousal) OHMYGAWD; THIS IS IT!

(moves forward, straddling her chest so she cannot lift her head far enough. Squeezes her breasts together as he slowly starts to fuck her tits.)That’s right, Lucy. You wanted to drown for me? You wanted me to get into the spirit of the thing? Then let me assure you that breath you took? That’ll be the last one you ever get.

(eyes widen; starts to squirm; feels a surge of excitement in pussy) OHMYGAWD-OHMYGAWD-OHMYGAWD!

 You wanted to drown for me; right, Lucy? You wanted to show me those nose bubbles as you drowned for me, right? Ok, have it your way. I’m ready to see them anytime you’re ready to give up your air for me.

(reaches down and gently covers mouth) This will help, right? Now you won’t have to worry about it. Now you’ll have to blow nose bubbles as you drown.

(flashes a momentary smile of lustful excitement. Stomach gently ripples and smile is gone. Nose bubbles come up.)

That was to ease the strain, am I right? It won’t do any good, Lucy. You’re still going to drown for me.

(stomach ripples more as chest hurts. More bubbles leak out of nose.) Those are good ones, Lucy. But your drowning ones will be better, am I right?

(feels the fear and shakes head involuntarily as more nose bubbles are released)

You’re going to drown, Lucy. You’re going to drown and I’m going to cum. Isn’t that exciting? (reaches down and starts stroking cock)

(eyes get bigger. Head starts to shake from side to side. More nose bubbles. Body starts to wriggle.)

Just let out that air, Lucy. You won’t be needing it anymore. You want to drown for me, remember? You want to drown for me, and now I want it too.

(More nose bubbles; lungs heave.) OHMYGAWD! I CAN’T… HOLD IT MUCH LONGER…. I THINK I’M GOING TO……

 (loses a huge burst of nose bubbles. Snorts water into nostrils. Shudders hard in orgasm as lungs open up.) OH FUCK; I’M CUMMING AND DROWNING!!!!!!

(removes hand from mouth; furiously strokes cock) Gawddamn; that’s hot, Lucy!

(gulps water; coughs up water and bubbles; gulps more water; screams in her mind; starts to hitch and convulse)

Fuck yeah, Lucy! (cock goes off; cum spurts underwater) Can you see what you just did to me? Can you see the effect your drowning is having on me?

(eyes wide; gulps water; body hitches and jerks and convulses; occasional bubbles out of nose and mouth) STILLLLL….. CUMMIIIIIIING……

That’s the way, Lucy. That’s one hell of a drowning you’re giving me. Did you see how you made my cock spurt? You must be cumming too; am I right?

He really… spurted… fucking hell, he… he really loved it!

(body bucks and shudders; starts to settle down. Stares up in shock as stray bubbles leak out of nose.)

(squeezes rest of cum out of cock) Damn, that was good, Lucy. Tommy is going to be so fucking pissed he missed this. That was one hell of a drowning.

(gentle convulsions; stares up in shock) Am I still cumming? I think I’m… still cumming…….

 (stray bubbles leak out of nose… body goes still… stray muscles hitch… lifelessly stares upward)

Hell of a show, Lucy; hell of a show. (starts to climb out of tub) But now I’ve got to go. I suppose I’ll have to write all this down so Tommy can read it later. He’s going to be so disappointed he didn’t get to watch you drown. I’m glad you talked me into it. It was one hell of a drowning.

(gets out of tub and starts to dry off) Now I’ve got to get dressed and go. You just lie there like a good girl and enjoy being drowned. You sure look sexy as hell lying down there on the bottom like that. I bet you’d love it if you could hear me say that. Maybe you’re spirit is floating around in the room somewhere and you got to hear it. Oh well; one can always hope…

2018 (written for Tommy Sep 2 ’18 by riwa)

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