Miss Woodcock


 Miss Woodcock – English teacher

Part 1

My name is Miss Woodcock – Anita Woodcock. Yes, I know how it sounds. But since I’m attractive I’ve made it work for me.

I teach remedial English at City College, home of Pi Omicron Ro Nu. So I know all about what goes on there. And yes, I get my fair share of “woodcock” jokes, innuendo… and of course the real thing, if you get my meaning.

You’d be surprised how many kids start college with a failing knowledge of English. My task is to train these young men and woman to be able to read and write where their primary school has failed them. I consider myself quite good at my job.

You see, in college I’m allowed to use any incentive I can think of to get these kids to pass. Yes, that means I sometimes use my body. But it also means some of these kids don’t survive. And for that I’m allowed to see to most of those executions myself.

I used to teach high school. But the faculty at City University found out I had a pretty decent graduation rate. They wanted me to apply my skills to incoming freshmen. So naturally I took the job as it meant better pay.

Back in high school the teachers try real hard not to get involved with their students. But once they become seniors and turn 18 we’re allowed to start using “other methods” to get them to pass. I don’t mean we simply grade them on their horizontal skills. But we do use any motivation we can to get them to apply themselves. When that doesn’t work we resort to other more lethal measures.

I can still remember my first hanging. His name was Robert Faraday. Bobby crossed my path while I was teaching remedial English back at Dolcett High.

Somehow he reached his last year of school without being able to read or write. He was a basketball player who transferred in from another school. I have no idea how he managed to stay on the team.

Apparently the faculty found out about it. They decided they could not graduate him without improving his English skills. So he ended up in my class.

I was starting the spring remedial semester when he was thrust into my room along with a sheet of paper explaining his deficiencies. I was dressed in a charcoal checkered jacket and short skirt with nylons that highlighted my legs. My white blouse revealed a small amount of cleavage. After all, I want my class to know I can be playful, yet serious.

Mr. Faraday brought his paperwork up to me and smiled. He saw my name on the blackboard and cracked a joke, suggesting he could certainly help me find a good ‘woodcock’ if I was interested. The class laughed.

I knew I had to shut him down right then and there. So I skimmed the paper he handed me. Then I gave him my most seductive smile.

“Mr. Faraday; it seems you’ve joined my class none too soon. You’re never going to get a scholarship to City University if you can’t spell your own damned name. And you’re certainly not going to play on any professional basketball team someday, not if you can’t even read a fucking contract. But I do look forward to watching you hang before eating your ‘woodcock’ as a nice appetizer when they’ll be serving you at the school cafeteria for lunch next week.”

The class broke out in laughter as he blushed a bright red. He wisely decided not to take me on any further. “The name’s Bobby, Miss Woodcock,” he answered in a subdued tone.

He meekly took an empty chair near the front of the class. “Fair enough… Bobby. I think we’re going to get along just fine. Now can anyone here tell me what a noun is?” When they all gave me that deer-in-the-headlights look I sighed heavily, knowing it was going to be a very long semester.

Right away I knew Bobby was going to be a problem. Either he didn’t have an aptitude for English or he felt like he just couldn’t be bothered with it. So after the first week of class I had him stay after for a little consultation.

It hadn’t taken long after our first encounter before he was back to his old, cocky self. “What’s up, teach?” he asked with a snicker. “Need a little ‘woodcock’?”

“Not at all, Bobby,” I replied with my most charming smile. “Right now I just need you to pass the damned class.”

“No can do, Miss Woodcock. I guess you’re just going to have to pass me anyway.”

“It’s not going to work like that this time, Bobby. Either you pass this class or I hang your sorry ass in front of my fireplace. It’s strictly up to you, honey. So what’s it going to be?”

He looked at me for a long moment. I could see I’d gotten him to at least think about it. I was only ten years older than he, so he must have thought I was joking.

He smirked as he tried to call my bluff by saying, “Miss Woodcock, you haven’t got the balls.”

“I’m sure you’ve got plenty of balls for the both of us, Bobby.” I paused to look at his crotch admiringly, smiling sweetly before I went on. “But rest assured: I will hang you if you fail this class. What… you don’t believe me?”

“No, Miss Woodcock; I don’t.”

“Didn’t you read the paperwork you signed that you brought into my class?” He just looked at me blankly.

“That’s the issue here, Bobby. We take great pride here at Dolcett High in graduating our seniors. If you can’t pass English, I get to hang you personally.”

“That’s bullshit, Miss Woodcock… uh, ma’am!”

“Oh? Allow me to read this little sentence in the paperwork you tried to sign.”

I pulled out his file and found the paperwork he’d brought with him that first day. I skimmed through it until I came to the pertinent section. Then I read it aloud to him.

“I, the undersigned, do solemnly agree that if I cannot pass remedial English, the teacher of said class… That’s me, Mr. Faraday… has full permission and authority to execute me at his or her leisure with any measure he or she deems appropriate, my body to be provided to the school cafeteria for the following day’s lunch.”

He stared at me for a long moment, the smirk frozen on his face. Then his expression morphed to uncertainty. I smiled at him as I told him, “I like hangings, Bobby. I like it when a boy’s cock hardens and spurts its load as he dies.”

Up to this point I’d only witnessed a couple of hangings as an interested spectator, paying close attention to the procedure. I suspected sooner or later I would be involved in hangings of my own. It didn’t look like there was much to it other than having a location and the equipment necessary to carry one out.

“I won’t let you hang me, Miss Woodcock. You can count on that.” He sounded determined.

“I see. Then you give me no choice but to turn you over to the Home Ec Department. I hear this semester’s lab work involves spitting and roasting live human beings. You know they either process volunteers or they gather seniors who are failing their classes. At the moment I’d say your situation doesn’t look very promising.”

He looked at me for a long moment. I could tell he was thinking it over, perhaps wondering if he should try calling my bluff again. Then his expression softened.

“Miss Woodcock, you’ve got to help me pass remedial English. I don’t want to hang. And I sure as hell don’t want to be spit-roasted while I’m alive to feel it.”

I nodded understandingly. “Just meet me halfway, Bobby; that’s all I ask. Meet me halfway and I’ll help you earn that C you’ll need to get into City University. Now go home and study your ass off. You’re excused.” And with that he slowly walked out of the room, having been given a whole lot more to think about than he’d probably anticipated.

I did everything I could with that class. I sometimes dressed provocatively to encourage them, and I tried to make sure they understood the difference between adjectives and adverbs. But Bobby didn’t seem to be getting the hang of it, if you’ll pardon the pun.

He didn’t get an F on the first exam I passed out to the class. Actually it was more like a G or an H; it was that bad. I decided I had to show him I meant business.

When class was over I invited Bobby to come over to my house after supper. He showed up promptly at 7. I think he was expecting me to cave in and accept the inevitable. I made sure he thought differently about his situation.

When he showed up I was all dressed up in a sexy police woman’s outfit. I had a noose all set up in my living room above the oak floor right in front of the fireplace. In my hands hung a set of handcuffs as I smiled seductively at him.

“Miss Woodcock?” he gasped in alarm. I couldn’t tell if he was more turned on at my outfit or more unnerved at what appeared to be a functional noose dangling from my ceiling.

“Right over here, Bobby,” I said with a smile as I grabbed onto the coil. “You were warned if you failed to pass one of my exams.” I had to disguise the excitement I felt at that moment.

He gulped as he started panting for breath. For a minute there I wondered if I was going to have a runner on my hands. Then he meekly came over, which actually surprised me a little.

I had him stand directly in front of the noose. It dangled from a pulley hooked into a beam in the ceiling overhead. The coil was thick and white with 13 nice, sturdy loops.

He went pale as it framed his face. “This is a momentous occasion for me, Bobby. You’re going to be my first hanging.” Then I made a show of cuffing his arms behind his back.

I brought the noose down around his neck and snugged it nice and tight, making sure the knot was behind his left ear. The poor boy was so scared that he promptly wet himself. A dark stain appeared in the crotch of his jeans.

“Can you feel that rope around your neck, Bobby? That’s what it’s going to feel like when I hang you… only much, much worse. But I’m not going to hang you tonight.”

He looked at me in surprise. Then I stepped behind him and removed the cuffs. Lastly I removed the noose from around his neck. The look of relief on his face made me smile.

“Mr. Faraday, I’m going to make you a deal. Your score was so low on this last exam I could hardly find it. So I want to give you a chance to improve. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. You get that grade up to a D and I’ll give you a blowjob as a reward. How does that sound?”

He looked at me in surprise as I seductively rubbed his cock through his jeans. I could tell I’d caught him off-guard, going from death to sex in ten seconds flat. Then I smiled at him as I sweetened the pot.

“Mr. Faraday, get that grade up to a C and I’ll let you fuck me. How does that sound?”

His eyes widened with disbelief and excitement as I kept rubbing him. Then he smiled with relief as though he’d like that just fine. By now his cock was really starting to harden in his jeans.

“Work extra hard and get that grade up to a B and I’ll let you take my ass, Bobby. You’d love to shove this nice ‘woodcock’ of yours up my ass, wouldn’t you?” And with that I rubbed his bulge even harder.

He excitedly nodded his head as he hardened considerably. I could tell fucking Bobby would be a real treat. Then I soberly brought him back down to earth.

“If you fail another test, Bobby, I’m putting your head back in this noose. Is that clear?”

He gulped and nodded. Then I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “I want you to pass my class, Bobby; I really do. I even want you to get into City University if that’s what you’d like. So go home and study your ass off for me, ok?”

He nodded with a mixture of relief and excitement. Then I sent him on his way. “Study hard for me, stud,” I said with a playful swat on his ass. It was a nice ass too, one I would not have minded playing with so long as he cooperated.

From that day on Mr. Faraday began to treat me much better, at least in private. He even toned it down whenever he was in class, although he still had a reputation he tried to maintain. Somehow I had to get him to pass remedial English.

A couple weeks later I sprung a pop quiz on my students. I had a few failures I was naturally concerned about. But Bobby’s score was the worst.

When I handed it back to him I simply told him, “My place, Mr. Faraday. 7 PM.” He gulped and nodded. My nipples hardened at the prospect of getting him all noosed up and dangling.

He arrived promptly at 7. Once more the coil was all set up and waiting for him. But his eyes popped out of his head when I made my entrance.

I was wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit. The white top barely came down past my breasts, showing a ton of cleavage. My stomach was fully exposed, and I had a short pink skirt with black and white lines crisscrossing like one of those tablecloths at a pizza joint.

I smiled as I playfully dangled the cuffs again. “The noose is ready for you, Mr. Faraday.” Then I stepped over and grabbed the rope before telling him, “Would you please step this way?”

I half expected him to resist… even put up some sort of protest. For a moment he stood there numb with shock. Then he just came right over and stopped in front of the noose.

I could tell he was trembling a little. But he offered no resistance as I cuffed his arms behind his back. Then I went around in front of him.

I smiled as I took the noose framing his face and looped it around his throat. This time he didn’t wet himself. I was excited to see an erection begin to develop in his jeans.

“This will be my first hanging, Mr. Faraday, and I’m really excited about it. Aren’t you?” He just gasped for breath in response, his breathing heavy and labored.

“One thing you should know about me, Bobby,” I told him with a lascivious grin. “I’m a real fan of Angel Lust. That’s when a cock hardens as a boy like you gets ready to die. And I see your impending hanging is already having an effect on you. So let’s take a look, shall we?”

I unhooked his belt, unzipped his pants and then pulled them down his legs. His cock bulged noticeably through his tighty whities. Then I pulled them down as well so his “woodcock” could breathe free.

I watched as it twitched, pre-cum beginning to gather at the tip. Then I pulled on the free end of the rope a little. It tightened around his neck, causing his cock to stiffen even more.

“Feel that, Bobby? Your body knows it’s going to die, but your cock wants one last release. That’s how it works, you see. It’s so exciting seeing how hard you’ve become. It’s making me so fucking wet with arousal. I may have to use my rabbit later on after you’re dead.”

I paused for dramatic effect. Regretfully I removed the rope from around his neck. Then I freed his hands from behind his back before telling him, “Pull your pants back up, Mr. Faraday.”

He looked at me in shock before gratefully pulling them up. He was astonished as he stammered, “You’re… you’re not going to hang me tonight, Miss Woodcock?”

“No Bobby; I’m not. Not tonight anyway. You may have failed the quiz I gave you. But you scored a couple points better than your last exam. That shows improvement. I certainly can’t hang you for showing improvement now, can I?”

“I… I sure appreciate that, M-Miss Woodcock.”

He finished buckling his belt. He certainly looked relieved as hell. But I thought I saw a flash of something else in his eyes that made me wonder.

“You’ve been trying your best in class, Bobby; I can certainly appreciate that. But you’ve got to stop chasing girls around campus and focus on your studies, understand? I’m sure I don’t have to spell out the consequences if you fail, do I?”

He shook his head… “No, Ma’am.”

“Now scoot,” I told him. Then I gave him another encouraging swat on his ass as he headed out the door. I was really hoping his scores would get better so I’d get a chance to play with that ass while he was fucking me.

2018 (written Oct 13 ’18 by riwa)

Part 2

I planned a big test for the students in two weeks’ time to gauge their progress. I gave it to them on Thursday. By Friday I had the results which I passed back out near the end of class.

As usual Mr. Faraday was dead last, although he’d managed to raise his score a couple more points. “My place, Bobby,” I said perfunctorily as I handed him the results. “Tonight.” I didn’t have to tell him the time or what lay in store for him.

There was a buzz among the other students. Some of them must have thought I was giving him some special “tutoring”. I didn’t care as I figured they were probably going to think what they were going to think anyway.

When he arrived I was in a grey blouse with the top buttons open to reveal my cleavage. At least my black skirt was modest. The cuffs dangled in my hand, the noose already set up.

I smiled at him with anticipation. Then I shook my head as I sighed, “Bobby – Bobby – Bobby. What am I going to do with you?”

He only paused a moment before he came right over and stood in front of the noose. His submissive attitude surprised me as it did not match his reputation in class. I decided to show him how serious I was.

“Drop your jeans, Bobby. Briefs too.”

He gulped and nodded as he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and then lowered the whole thing. Almost immediately his dick sprang to life. I smiled appreciatively as I cuffed his wrists behind his back.

“My – my, Bobby. Is that your ‘woodcock’? Or are you just happy to see me?” He didn’t respond.

I carefully looped the rope around his neck, watching to see what his dick would do. It seemed to jump the moment the rope made contact with flesh. Then I pulled the noose tight, causing his cock to harden even more.

“Bobby – Bobby – Bobby. You keep hanging around ‘F’ territory, don’t you. Am I going to have to give you a little demonstration to show I mean business?” And with that I pulled on the rope.

It tightened as I pulled him up onto his toes before securing the rope in the pulley. Then I came around front and smiled at him. He rasped for breath as he shuffled around on his toes.

“Bobby, I don’t know whether I want to pass you or hang you. Your ‘woodcock’ sure looks nice though.” Then I reached out and stroked it.

He rasped and gurgled as it twitched in my hand. “My – my, Bobby. You seem to like that, don’t you.”

I stroked it again, noticing how it twitched in my grasp. “Hard to breathe, Bobby? It’ll get even harder once you’re airborne. You know that’s not good for your health, right?”

I continued to stroke him as he shuffled around on his feet. A moment later he started spurting. I got quite a bit all over my hand.

I smiled as I went around back, grabbed a towel and cleaned myself up. Then I worked the rope to the pulley. It loosened and let him back down so I could remove the noose from around his neck.

“Bobby?” I said to him as I freed him from the cuffs. “You realize at this rate we’re never going to fuck, right? But it sure looks like you’ll soon be doing a wonderful dance for me. Consider the handjob I just gave you as a little extra motivation as well as a small reward. After all, you did raise your score a few more points.” Then I sighed heavily.

“If we’re going to fuck, it looks like I’ll have to do it after you’re dead. I hope you won’t mind if I enjoy a little necro sex with you after you’re gone. Afterwards they’ll be taking your body to the cafeteria.”

He seemed apologetic. “I’m really sorry, Miss Woodcock. I’m doing my best.” But I sensed something wasn’t quite right, as though he’d somehow resigned himself to his fate. Was I going to fail him in more ways than one?

“Are you sure, Bobby? I wonder. I’m getting reports you’ve been out late at night with a couple of seniors. Is this true?”

“I’ll study harder, Miss Woodcock. I promise.”

“You’d better, Bobby. You still have to raise your test scores just to reach an F. But you are getting closer.”

“Thank you, Miss Woodcock.” And with that he was dressed and out the door as though nothing had happened. It made me wonder what he was going to tell all those girls he was fucking.

Two weeks later I tried another pop quiz. Many of the students were making a concerted effort judging by the scores I saw. Bobby was also getting better, but he was still falling short.

When I handed the quiz back to him I didn’t have to say a word. He just looked at me and mouthed “7 PM?” I nodded as I went down the row passing back quizzes.

Bobby showed up promptly at 7. The noose was already in place waiting for him. I stood there in the black, flower print dress I’d worn to class.

I shook my head and sighed heavily. This time the handcuffs sat on the edge of the fireplace eagerly waiting to be clatched onto his wrists. I paused a moment to allow him to take it all in.

He didn’t say a word as he looked at everything for a long moment. Then he gave me a questioning look. I just nodded soberly.

He quietly walked over to the noose without a word of protest. He even dropped his jeans and briefs without my asking. I stood there amazed how such an arrogant stud in class could be so submissive with me. Maybe it was the fear of being spitted in Home Economics that had softened him in my presence.

I watched with a mixture of surprise and amusement as he grabbed the noose himself. His cock was already hardening as he carefully looped it around his neck. He looked at me before carefully snugging it. Then he reached for the free end of the rope and slowly pulled.

Amazingly he actually worked himself up onto his toes. He rasped and gurgled as his cock got hard. I dispensed with the cuffs for the time being.

I couldn’t resist walking up behind him, reaching around and stroking his erection. Then I told him, “You know, Bobby? If I didn’t know any better I’d say it looks like you actually want to hang for me.”

He tipped his head back and moaned as I pulled on his manhood. Pre-cum started to appear at the tip. The crazy kid actually seemed willing to hang for me.

“Well, Bobby? You failed again. This time it’s going to cost you. Now I want you to masturbate for me as I hang your ass.”

I let go of his cock and watched as he grabbed himself. He started stroking while struggling to get a good breath of air down his throat. That’s when I put my weight into the free end of the rope.

Up he went, about 4 inches off the floor. One hand instinctively reached up for the rope above his head. The other kept stroking his meat.

He kicked, swung and stroked, his mind appearing to send mixed signals. Once he reached up with both hands for the rope above his head. Then he reached back down and stroked his meat. A moment later he let out a loud “GAWK” as his cock spurted.

I grabbed the rope and jerked on the pulley until it released, letting him back down. He actually collapsed onto the floor where I had to work to loosen the rope around his neck. He panted for breath, his cock and hand all sticky.

He looked up at me apologetically. “I’m s-sorry, Miss Woodcock. I just… I just don’t… I don’t know why I can’t…”

“Rachel Whorewood tells me you’ve shared with her how I’ve been noosing you up here at my place. She seems to think it’s rather hot picturing you dangling in the air. She’s also shared with me how she wonders if maybe you might like it just a little too much.”

He blushed as he lowered his head, making me wonder if I’d come pretty close to the truth. Then he hurriedly got dressed. “Not so fast, Bobby,” I told him sternly.

He looked at me and froze as I gave him an ominous look. “There’s a midterm test coming up in two weeks. You’d better damn well pass it, Bobby. Otherwise you might find yourself hanging much longer in front of my fireplace. You understand what that might mean; don’t you, Mr. Faraday?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Now get out of here and bury your nose in that English book. You got that?”

“Yes, ma’am.” And with that he was out the door and gone.

Rachel came up to me a couple days later. She told me Bobby had shared with her his latest hanging adventure. Then she shared with me how hot it had sounded.

“Hun, you’re barely passing the class as it is. Don’t you think the two of you should spend more time studying and less time bonking each other silly?”

“We’ll do our best, Miss Woodcock.”

“You’d damn well better… for both your sakes.” If she was deliberately bringing Mr. Faraday down just to get me to hang him then I planned on making sure it would cost her dearly, especially if she didn’t pass my class.

Two weeks later I passed out the midterm exam on Friday. The room was quiet as everyone went to work. Then they turned in their tests before heading home for the day.

The students had all weekend to think about their grades. But I suspected most of them would just party without a care in the world. I decided to put off grading the exam until later.

I waited until Sunday night before grading them. I scowled when I finished going over Mr. Faraday’s exam. This time Bobby’s score was a couple points worse. Maybe it was time to cut my losses.

On Monday I handed the tests back, expressing my pleasure at the overall improvement of the grades. But I didn’t say a word to Bobby as I gave him back his paper. He just stared at the grade marked in the upper right hand corner. Then I went to the front of the class and began teaching about participles as though the test scores had been forgotten.

At 7 PM he showed up to my home without being asked or sent for. I wasn’t at all surprised that Rachel Whorewood was with him. I don’t know if that was his choice, hers or both.

The noose was ready for him, and so was I. I wore a tight, white blouse that struggled to contain my breasts. A short red skirt, garter and black heels completed my ensemble.

I had a ruler in my hand as I looked at them both. I could tell by the expressions on their faces they were stunned at my outfit. I could have easily fucked the both of them and they probably wouldn’t have stopped me.

I looked sternly at Rachel before asking, “Why are you here, Miss Whorewood?”

“I just wanted to be here for moral support for Bobby, Miss Woodcock.”

“You mean you wanted to be here to watch me hang him to death; isn’t that right?” She blushed as she lowered her head. Bobby gulped as he too lowered his head submissively.

Without even being told, my male student failing remedial English dutifully walked over to the noose as though knowing what was expected of him. I blurted out, “Freeze, Mr. Faraday.” He stopped dead in his tracks.

“Strip, Mr. Faraday.”

He looked at Rachel for a moment before he quietly started to remove his jeans. I smacked the ruler in my hand as I told him, “All of it, Mr. Faraday!”

He looked at me for a long moment. Then he removed his shirt, shoes and socks as well. It took no time at all for his cock to get nice and hard.

“Give your clothes to Miss Whorewood. She can put them on that divan over there for me. After all, you certainly won’t be needing them anymore after tonight.”

He gulped and nodded as he handed over his clothes to her. She accepted them before carrying them over and dropping them on the furniture. Then she hurried back, not wanting to miss a thing.

“Noose yourself, Mr. Faraday. You know the drill.”

He looked at me and then at Rachel before pulling the noose down around his neck. He grabbed the free end dangling nearby and pulled the rope snug. It tightened the knot behind his left ear.

I looked at him closely. I couldn’t quite tell if he was frightened or excited by the whole thing. Miss Whorewood certainly seemed to be breathing heavily.

“Now pull yourself up onto your toes, Mr. Faraday.”

His cock was hard and dripping as he tugged on the rope. He pulled so hard he almost pulled himself completely off the floor. The pulley caught the rope and locked it off for him.

He gawked as his cock jumped and twitched, leaking pre-cum off the tip. “Miss Whorewood,” I said as I hefted the cuffs in her direction. “Please give these to Mr. Faraday.”

She came over and took them from me. Then she walked them back to Bobby who was shuffling around on his toes. He reached out and took them from her with what appeared to be trembling hands.

“Put them on yourself, Mr. Faraday. Do it now please.”

He looked at Rachel and I before cuffing one wrist, still struggling to get a full breath. He obediently brought his arms behind his back. Then he cuffed his other one.

“Does this excite you, Mr. Faraday? Does it turn you on knowing you’re going to hang in front of Miss Whorewood and myself?”

Despite his distress he managed to give me a nod. I should’ve known. Then I turned to his companion.

“Does this excite you too, Miss Whorewood?”

“Y-yes, ma’am, it does.” I could see her nipples protruding through that braless red tank top she was wearing that was showing off a ton of cleavage.

“Do you want her to stay here and watch you hang, Mr. Faraday?” He rasped as he nodded in the affirmative.

“Do you want to watch him hang, Miss Whorewood?” She shamefully nodded as well. By then I was so horny I was sure I was going to cream myself.

“Grab that rope and pull on it, Miss Whorewood. Pull on it as hard as you can.”

She looked at me for a long moment, shocked at my command. Then she stepped up and grabbed the loose rope dangling right there next to Bobby. The two students gave each other a long look. Then she pulled just as hard as she could.

Bobby went up almost a foot into the air before the pulley locked the rope in place. Almost immediately he started kicking and twisting. His arms jerked behind his back as his cock spurted.

Robert Faraday danced in the noose as though he was born to it. Rachel Whorewood gasped as she panted for breath, her eyes wide. Then I saw her reach under that pitifully short, pink skirt she was wearing to finger what I assumed to be an exposed crotch with no panties covering it.

Bobby rasped for breath as he choked and kicked. He swung back and forth, his legs searching for the floor and then kicking everywhere else. His cock didn’t soften very much, even after he had spurted.

I stood there enthralled at his dance. I was also turned on the way Rachel was getting off to his hanging. I hadn’t planned on hanging anyone for real. But I felt I had to follow through. That way word would get around that any future class I taught would know just how serious I was about passing and failing my students.

Bobby kicked less and less as his arms jerked behind his back. His cock twitched and jumped as well. Then I told Rachel, “Now suck his dick until he cums again, Miss Whorewood.”

She stepped forward and crouched in order to get at it. Then she took it into her mouth. I could tell by the way she deep-throated it she had a lot of experience. This was probably not the first time she’d sucked Bobby’s cock.

Mr. Faraday settled down until there were only stray muscle twitches. His cock stiffened noticeably. Then Rachel groaned as she got a load in her mouth that leaked out and dribbled down her chin.

“Now step away, Miss Whorewood.” She did as instructed. We watched Bobby’s cock soften until a drizzle of urine came out, splattering my oak floor.

I went over to the divan where I had a good view of Bobby’s dangling corpse. “Now get over here, Miss Whorewood,” I demanded as I pulled up my short skirt, revealing I too was not wearing panties. “Lick my cunt until I tell you to stop.”

She came over, dutifully knelt on the floor and proceeded to get me off. I stretched back and enjoyed her tongue as I stared at Robert Faraday’s naked, dangling body. She licked me for a good half hour before I was satisfied.

I went to my bedroom and retrieved good ol’ Doc Johnson. I undressed and strapped all nine, thick inches of him around my waist. Then I went back out and gave Rachel Whorewood the fucking of her life.

I warned her she’d better study her ass of or the cafeteria was going to be serving two of my students for lunch. Then I sent her home. One month later I hanged my second student when Rachel failed to pass the next exam.

I had my suspicions about her. She was approaching C level when she miserably failed that last test. It made me question whether or not she wanted to go for a ride in my noose just like Mr. Faraday. Sometimes you’ve got to wonder about these crazy kids…

2018 (written Oct 28 ’18 by riwa)

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