Ella’s dunking torture

“YOU CAN’T FUCKING DO THIS TO ME!” the woman bellowed indignantly as I held her head up by a handful of her hair. She was lying face down in a shallow, inflatable pool, naked except for her hosiery. She was secured and helpless. There wasn’t very much water in the little pool I was kneeling in. But it was certainly enough to drown her.

“Perhaps you should show the bitch what we can and can’t do,” my employer suggested casually. Amber sat in a nearby patio chair with a drink in her hand, watching with sadistic glee.

Oddly she’d decided to observe the proceedings in her birthday suit. I noticed immediately that her nipples were hard. I don’t think it was because of my muscular physique. I think it had to do with the squirming, bubbling bitch I had my hands on.

I dutifully submerged the helpless agent. She’d been caught snooping around the property. I’d simply snuck up behind her and strangled her into unconsciousness. Upon bringing her limp body to my employer, Amber had decided that unconscious woman might prove to be amusing. Now the foolish bitch was in the inflatable pool in a soundproof room complete with concrete floor and a drain, kicking up a storm and bubbling helplessly.

“Keep her down a few moments longer,” Amber stated with a nonchalant wave of her hand. “I wish to see the slut bubble and struggle.” Almost immediately there was a bubbly cry from underwater, indicating the agent had heard her.

I held her down easily, watching my employer for any sign I should bring her up. Amber leaned forward, her eyes flashing sadistically. Her breath seemed to catch in her throat as I heard her quietly murmur, “Yes, bitch… put up a struggle… after all, you don’t want to drown now; do you?”

“Let her up,” she finally told me. I pulled the agent up out of the water by her hair. She gasped madly for breath. Then the feisty woman started mouthing off again.


“Please show the foolish lady what I think of her words,” Amber told me, sighing heavily.

Once more I forced the agent’s head down into the water. The slut bubbled like mad as she thrashed about. But I had a good grip on both her head and the bindings to her wrists. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“Keep her down a bit longer this time,” my employer said loudly, wanting the helpless agent hear her command to me. “Show the slut who’s in charge here.” The naked woman cried out, bubbling like mad as her legs kicked all over the place. If she wasn’t careful she was going to drown herself.

“Have I made it clear who’s in charge?” my employer called out to the bubbling young woman. “Pull her up please. Allow the bitch to answer.”

I pulled her head back up, allowing her to gasp madly for breath. “You were saying, my dear?” Amber challenged. “No one knows you’re here. No one’s coming to your rescue. So would you care to revise your bullshit story?”

“Go to hell!” the woman sputtered.

“That’s a little harsh,” Amber observed with a wicked smile. “Such a defiant thing. Perhaps you should dunk the slut until she learns some manners.”

“YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS – URBLGRUBLG!” That’s when I shoved her down and got a corresponding eruption of air as she thrashed about.

“Keep the bitch down even longer,” my employer told me as she leaned forward. She seemed enthusiastic watching the naked woman suffer. I noticed her right hand absent-mindedly stroking herself down below.

The agent kicked and thrashed about, bubbling like crazy. I was told to bring her up and roll her over onto her back. “GET OFF ME!” she screamed when she could speak. “YOU BETTER LET ME GO RIGHT NOW, YOU BITCH!” Her nipples were hard as she panted like crazy. Even I was starting to get turned on by her suffering.

“Now why would I want to do that?” Amber asked with a sinister smile. “You’re in no position to demand anything from me.”

“YOU LET ME GO!” And with a nod from my employer I submerged her once more, this time face up.

She cried out, her eyes wide as she looked up at the surface just a few inches above her head. She wriggled like mad, grunting and bubbling. Amber leaned forward with interest, her eyes glued to the squirming young woman.

“Is the bitch getting off on this? Her nipples are showing. Pull the slut up!”

I did as I was told until the agent came up gasping and sputtering. “Let her go,” Amber instructed. I moved out of the way, leaving our captive struggling to sit upright.

There was a drugged look in the woman’s eyes. Her face looked a little flushed. My employer picked up on it at once.

“Well, well. Is the slut getting off on this? Do you like being forced underwater?”

“Go to hell!” the agent panted tiredly.

Amber looked at the woman’s crotch, focusing on the ropes that wound through there. There appeared to be some sort of vaginal fluid staining the nylons. My employer’s eyes narrowed coldly.

“I think the bitch got off on being manhandled and submerged,” Amber chuckled sinisterly. “Tell me, bitch. Do you like the way that rope digs through your pussy?”


“See that she gets off again.”

The woman cried out as I forced her head back down. I grabbed the ropes and pulled on them as I forced her head down. She shook her head as her eyes rolled until she bubbled helplessly.

Amber leaned forward on the edge of her chair, rubbing herself as the naked woman wriggled and squirmed. “Make her cum,” my employer demanded. So I grabbed the ropes and jerked on them, causing them to dig into the agent’s nylon-covered pussy.

It seemed to have a noticeable effect. The helpless woman twisted her head back and forth as bubbles spewed out of her mouth. But I wasn’t entirely certain I was achieving my employer’s wishes.

“Keep her down until she cums!” Amber demanded.

A cry of alarm burst up out of the agent’s mouth in an explosion of bubbles. A moment later her whole body seemed to stiffen. Then she shuddered like mad as she writhed about in helpless agony. “Now you can pull her up” and I lifted her head up out of the water.

The agent’s eyes looked even more dazed. Her defiance was gone. All that was left was a mass of trembling flesh.

Amber’s eyes gleamed sadistically. She seemed to be getting off on the agent’s misery. “Not so defiant now, are we?” she cackled with sadistic glee.

The agent moaned weakly, too exhausted to deliver a smart remark. “Now that we’ve found your weak spot, I think we should enjoy ourselves, my dear. What do you think?” She smiled at me as she added, “Think the bitch will cum while you’re drowning her?”

The woman shook her head, her eyes wide in alarm. “Turn her over and dunk the slut! You’ll know when to bring her back up!” The agent let out a cry as I turned her over and forced her head back down until she burbled helplessly.

My employer watched with sadistic glee as I kept her down. Amber kept threatening to drown her, suggesting that perhaps I should delay lifting her head back up. She said it would be a shame if the slut couldn’t hold her breath and drowned on us.

“Accidents happen all the time, even in pools as small as the one you’re in, my dear. “It would certainly be a shame if you drowned in there.

The agent cried out with a bubble, her body writhing uncontrollably. Her hands flexed as her feet curled, signs my employer instantly recognized. “So the slut’s cumming again, is she? Perhaps she’d like to drown for us.”

I heard a sharp cry and turned to look. My employer had thrust several fingers into her dripping pussy. She was gasping and moaning, clearly caught up in a climax of her own. She actually appeared to be getting off watching the agent suffer. I found it rather arousing to observe.

The woman in my grasp suddenly went limp as a stream of bubbles dribbled freely out of her mouth. Amber gasped, “Pull her up – pull her up! We don’t want to drown her… well, not yet anyway. This is much too entertaining.” She smiled evilly.

I pulled up the limp body and turned her over. She looked drugged and dazed, her body limp and yielding. “That’s incredible!” my employer observed breathlessly. Then she gave me a sadistic grin.

“Let the slut catch her breath. Then we’ll go again. I want to wring all the orgasms out of her body before she meets her untimely demise.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded.

I looked at the agent with a merciless expression. She looked at me with despair, understanding she’d fallen into the wrong hands. There would be no escape.

“Get your breath back, honey,” Amber told her with a wicked smile. “Then we’ll go again. I want you totally wrung out when we finally drown you.” The foolish agent moaned weakly at the torment that awaited her before her lungs were to be filled with fluid.

2010; 2018 (written Jan 22 ’10; ed. Nov 25 ’18 by riwa)

(Preview pictures are from H2OGEMS and are used for illustration purposes.)

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