My visit to a Snuff Beach

An impoverished Caribbean island nation nears bankruptcy.  In order to raise cash income from “tourists”, the nation’s leaders in desperation pass a law — consensual executions of sane and un-coerced foreigners by other foreigners will be legal in public execution areas on the island. (Original idea for the Island of Consensual Executions created by Arachnid.)

My visit to a Snuff Beach

I’ve had drowning fantasies for as long as I can remember. When I was a teen I had a boyfriend who held me under too long. I swallowed water, but he pulled me back up before he’d done any permanent damage.

Oh I was furious, and we broke up soon after. But I never told him how hard I’d cum. After that I was hooked.

I went through several more boyfriends until I found one who enjoyed the water every bit as much as I did. I practiced holding my breath while keeping my mouth busy by sucking his cock underwater. It was a thrill seeing how turned on I could make him.

He began forcing me to hold my breath longer and longer while trying to delay his ejaculation. He loved the way I struggled as the bubbles came up. And I loved the way he forced me.

My second orgasm underwater took place when we were in a motel swimming pool. Erik really forced me to hold my breath as he fucked my mouth. I started to panic as my lungs heaved. Then I got his load along with a mouthful of water, and I went off like a rocket.

Afterwards we began experimenting with having sex underwater. I started having more orgasms while being forced to hold my breath. When a pool wasn’t handy Erik would bend me over a tub filled with water and fuck me until my orgasm bubbles came up.

One day I was searching for drowning situations on the internet when I stumbled upon the tidal stakes at Santamos Island. The more I read up on the place, the more excited I became. The idea of being tied and drowning as the tide came in was a real thrill.

When I told Erik about it he said it sounded like a lot of fun. His only disappointment was that it would be harder to have sex that way. And he would have to wait until the water got really high so he could get one last blowjob out of me before the water rose above my head.

I liked the way he was thinking. I told him if only there was a way I could give him a blowjob as the water rose above my head until I drowned. I said I liked the idea of dying on one of Santamos Island’s Snuff Beaches with a mouthful of cum and flooded lungs.

“We could always bury you in the sand up to your neck,” he chuckled. “That way you could suck all the cock you wanted until the tide came in.”

“I love it! Fuck; what a thrill! I don’t think I would be able to stop cumming.”

“Being buried means you wouldn’t be able to touch yourself, babe.”

“That’s ok,” I smiled back. “All that pressure of the sand on my privates should just about do it, along with the rising tide and a cock fucking my face.”

“You want we should buy tickets to Santamos?”

“Oh hell yeah!” But that was pretty much the end of it… or so I thought.

The idea must have stuck in the back of my mind because I began having erotic dreams of drowning in the tide with a cock in my mouth. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. It wasn’t long until it became an obsession.

We kept fucking in and underwater every chance we got. It got to where my best orgasms occurred when I was holding my breath. But I kept letting it slip how much I liked the idea of traveling to Santamos to drown in the tide with a mouthful of cum.

Once Erik asked me how I’d feel about going there and never coming back. I told him as long as I got to drown during a massive orgasm I wouldn’t mind at all. He just laughed as he told me I was out of my mind.

As my 25th birthday approached Erik became mysterious. He said he was working on a special birthday present. He was always good at that, and he had me quivering with excitement.

The day before my birthday we went out to eat. Afterwards we spent the night in a motel where we used the pool. We had to wait until late at night after hours to have the kind of sexy, underwater fun we wanted to have.

After a couple of powerful underwater orgasms, we retired to our room. That’s when he handed me an envelope. He told me it was a special birthday present I had to open a day early.

He’d never given me my present the day before. So I was a little put out at first. Thankfully I didn’t mind too much as the orgasms in the motel pool had helped mellow me out.

When I opened the envelope I found two tickets to Santamos Island on a morning flight. It would get us there by early afternoon. Included was a form I needed to fill out so I could spend my last hours on the beach if I was so inclined.

I stared in shock at the incredible present in my grasp. My hands started to tremble, and I became all short of breath. Erik looked at me and said, “I can return the tickets and get a partial refund if you’re not interested.”

I looked at him in astonishment. Then I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely. When we parted I gasped, “Don’t you fucking dare! This will be the best present ever!”

“Happy birthday, Carrie.”

Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep after that. So we fucked all night long. In the morning we packed light and then caught that flight out to Santamos Island.

You have no idea how excited I was. I wanted to tell everyone I encountered how my loving boyfriend was going to give me the best present of my life by drowning me on a Snuff Beach when we got to Santamos. We certainly got a lot of smiles and curious looks, no doubt due to an overflowing enthusiasm I couldn’t possibly contain.

If anything, it only got worse once we touched down on Santamos. I was so wired I thought I was going to explode. I couldn’t wait to get to that beach.

Erik had timed it so we arrived at low tide. We caught a ride to the hotel where Erik checked in. I had to laugh when he got a room for one as I wasn’t going to be alive at the end of my birthday to share it with him.

Afterwards he asked me if I minded him spending the night without me after I’d passed. I told him no, so long as he could find another hot chick to fuck. Maybe he might get to execute someone else on the island after I was gone. He laughed and said he might look into it.

At the front desk I turned in the paper I had read, re-read, re-re-read and then signed with a trembling hand. The concierge made sure everything was in order. Then I asked Erik, “Can we go do it now?”

He asked the concierge about the tide schedule. He told us there was still another hour before it reached its lowest point.

“Perfect!” I blurted out. “That gives you more time to bury me and then fuck my mouth!”

Almost immediately I blushed as the concierge looked at us. He just smiled and shook his head. “Not to worry, miss. We get excited visitors all the time, although it’s been a while since I’ve seen one as enthusiastic as you seem to be.”

I eagerly blurted out, “That’s because you have no idea how excited I am. I’m really looking forward to drowning on your Snuff Beach.” He just shook his head with a smile, telling us he couldn’t recall if anyone had ever referred to it by that name before.

“C’mon, Carrie,” Erik chuckled as he grabbed my arm. “It’s time for my beautiful babe to bubble on her birthday.” The way he said it gave me such an erotic surge of tingles.

We found a shovel and took it with us as we headed out to the beach. We found a small cabana with containers for our clothes, allowing us to strip and go nude. But we weren’t the only ones who had snuff thoughts on our mind. A few yards down the beach we saw a naked woman who was already staked out.

“Look at that!” I gasped as I pointed her out to Erik. “Can we go talk to her? Let’s go talk to her.”

We walked down until we got a good look at her. She was stretched out good, her arms and legs really spread out. She turned when she heard us approach and smiled at us.

“Are you hear for the tide?” I asked, my pussy throbbing like crazy.

She smiled and nodded as she told me, “I sure am. What about you?”

“My boyfriend’s going to bury me in the sand up to my neck. Then he’s going to make me suck his cock. I plan on sucking him when the tide comes in so I can drown with his cock down my throat.”

“That’s so hot!” she gasped. “I want my boyfriend to fuck me while the water is rising. He left me out here about an hour ago, but he should be back soon. I’m so fucking excited I could just burst.”

She saw Erik with his erection and I saw her lick her lips. She writhed and squirmed a little. Then she blurted out, “Gawd; I’m so fucking horny. But Darren doesn’t want me to cum until he gets back.”

My boyfriend and I moved closer. I could tell she was trembling. “Do you mind?” I asked with breathless excitement. I couldn’t believe there was another woman waiting to drown on this very same beach.

When she nodded I bent down and touched her all over, careful not to trigger any orgasms. She writhed and moaned. It made me horny as hell.

“Can I, babe?” I asked Erik. He nodded it was ok with him. Then I asked, “What’s your name?”

“Clara. What’s yours?”

“Carrie. Do you mind, Clara?”

“Not at all.” And with that I slowly straddled her head until I pushed my wet cunt against her face.

She wasted no time at all licking me out. I was so fucking horny that it wasn’t even funny. Then I heard the sound of a shovel.

I turned to see Erik working on my pit. It looked like he was digging it so I’d get the chance to watch Clara drown first before I went. That’s what set me off, and I came all over her face.

Afterwards I gave her a long, deep kiss as my way of saying thanks. She writhed and moaned as she savored my lips. Then I looked over to see how Erik was coming with my pit.

“Is he digging it nearby?” Clara asked breathlessly.

“Yes, he is.”

“Who will drown first: you or me?”

“It looks like I get to watch you drown first.”

“Oh fuck; that’s hot, Carrie!” Then I leaned down and kissed her again.

I caressed her all over until she was really wild with desire. By then Erik had my pit ready for me. I smiled as I told her, “Time for my boyfriend to bury me so I can drown with the coming tide.”

“Will I be able to see you?”

“It looks like if you turn your head enough you can just see where I’m going to meet my demise.” Then I kissed her again before getting up. She looked over and smiled before she writhed and squirmed again.

I was trembling like crazy as I went over to my boyfriend. Erik took my hand and helped me down into the pit he’d dug. Basically I was going to be sitting on my ass with my legs stretched out in front of me.

I saw he’d been thoughtful by digging it at such an angle that I was going to get to watch Clara drown as the tide came in. But I was still going to be able to see the water rush in from the ocean to claim me. It was erotic as hell.

Erik asked me one last time if I was sure about all this. “Oh hell yeah!” I declared, giving Clara a huge grin. She smiled back at me as he started filling in the hole all around me.

“Pack me in good, babe,” I told him as he shoveled sand in with me. “I don’t want the tide to wash me loose. And I don’t want to be able to get out in case I start to panic.”

He leveled off the surface of my pit, packing it down real good until he was finished. I tried to move, but I couldn’t wriggle an inch. I was truly buried with only my head sticking up.

He took the shovel back to the cabana. I looked over at Clara who looked right back at me. We both moaned from an intense sexual arousal. I could already feel an enormous orgasm rising within me.

Over the hill I heard a commotion. It sounded like a whole lot of people were coming this way. A moment later I saw seven guys and four women crest the ridge and descend onto the beach.

Clara couldn’t see them from her vantage point. “What’s going on?” she called over me.

“We’ve got company,” I replied as I started to tremble. The idea Erik might not be the only one to watch me drown gave me quite a thrill.

I heard a mixture of voices pointing us out… “Hey, look over there!”  “It looks like we’ve got another bitch drowning out here with us besides yours, Darren!”  “Fuck; that’s hot!”  “I told you I had my girl already staked out on the ground. I just didn’t know we were going to have company.”

His girlfriend called out, “Darren? Is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me, Clara. Look who I met at the front desk. It looks like two more girls are going to drown with us today.”

“Damn, that’s hot! Will I get to see them?”

“Maybe. Who’s this over here?”

“This is Erik and Carrie. She’s going to give him a blowjob while she drowns. Can I cum now? I’m so fucking horny I can hardly think straight!”

“I don’t know, Clara. I was kind of thinking about whoring out that nice, tight cunt of yours. Erik over there sure looks hard. How’d you like him to fuck you first to help you reach that orgasm?”

“I don’t care who fucks me, baby! I just need to cum right fucking now!”

Darren smiled at us before motioning at his girlfriend. “What do you think, Erik? Want to help give Clara her first beach orgasm of the afternoon?”

Erik looked down at me and asked, “What do you think, Babe?”

“Only if Darren comes over and keeps my mouth busy… that is, if it’s ok with Clara.”

“I don’t care – I don’t care! Just get over here and fuck me already, Erik! I’m so hot and horny I’m ready to pop!”

I smiled as I told him to go right on ahead. That’s when Darren came over and looked down on me. “So you want to drown with a cock in your mouth, eh?”

“I sure hope so,” I said with a smile as he pulled off his trunks. Then he knelt in front of me and worked his cock into my mouth.

I moaned as I took him down my throat. Meanwhile I caught sight of Erik sticking his dick into Clara’s mouth for starters. She eagerly gobbled him down.

Further down the beach I saw them staking out two more woman. It really drove me wild thinking there were going to be four of us drowning on this Snuff Beach. Knowing I wasn’t drowning alone only added to the thrill of the moment.

I took my time with Darren as Erik finally got on top of Clara. Then he started fucking her as one of the girls and a couple of the guys from that large group came over to watch. She sure cried out for him to fuck the shit out of her.

Darren looked down and smiled at me as he continued to feed me his cock. “I hope your boyfriend isn’t in a rush. She’s so tight and horny she’s liable to clamp onto him with her cunt and not let go for a while.”

It wasn’t long before everyone had come over to watch Clara and I get sexually used. I looked down the beach to see two more sexy bitches staked out on the beach. I wondered just how horny they were and if they were every bit as excited as I was.

Darren really enjoyed my mouth. I worked hard to give him the best blow of his life. If I was going to drown I wanted it to read on my epitaph: She Died Giving Good Head.

I looked over to see Erik really giving it to Clara good. She was writhing and gasping and crying out as he stretched out on top of her while shoving his cock up her slit. It made me glad to know he wouldn’t have too much trouble finding another hot chick to fuck after I was gone. And it made me horny as hell seeing the way he was giving it to her.

Darren smiled as he looked down on me. “Are you sure you want to drown today? Do you even know what it’s going to be like?”

“Of course I do,” I said with a smile before giving him a knowing grin.

“I don’t think you do” and he pinched my nose shut. Then he really fucked my mouth good and hard.

My eyes went wide; I could hardly breathe! My pussy throbbed with a terrible ache. Then he pulled out of my mouth and started to cum on my face and tongue as I gasped for breath. It was arousing as hell, and I shuddered from another orgasm.

After that it didn’t take long for the other guys to join in. The two girls who had not been staked down came over and encouraged their boyfriends to “face-fuck the drown-whore”. One girl came up behind me to urge on her guy as he fucked my face. It was incredibly erotic.

Clara and I were in heaven. We took on all comers as the tide reversed and started to come back in. Even those girls further down the beach got some action.

You can bet my Erik had a turn enjoying my mouth. He and another guy combined to coat my face. It was incredibly arousing.

It was late in the afternoon when the first waves started lapping at the feet of Clara and those other two girls. They let out squeals as the water came up onto the beach. I don’t know if they were scared, excited or both. I know I sure had mixed feelings.

The tide really started coming in, and I saw the water climb up their legs. Clara begged for Darren to come fuck her again. But he just smiled as he played with her boobs while fingering her. I think he was making her wait for it.

Erik came over to me and knelt so we could watch the others together. “Scared, Carrie?”

“I’d be a fool if I said I wasn’t.”

“Want to back out?”

I paused as I looked down the beach at Clara and the others. They didn’t seem to be backing out. But I could tell they were all becoming a little anxious.

Maybe they were waiting for me to demand to be dug out. Maybe I was waiting for one of them to beg to be released. But no one said anything. So I told Erik, “No, I’m good.”

“Happy birthday, baby. It’s been one hell of a ride. Any regrets?”

“Only that I didn’t meet you sooner.”

“Turned on?”

“You have no fucking idea. Gawd, just look at Clara!”

The sun was getting lower in the sky as the water flowed all around her. The tide looked like it was trying to lift her up. That’s when Darren straddled her as the others gathered around those last two women to say their good byes.

The water hadn’t yet reached me. But a little indentation had appeared in the sand all around me. I was liable to have a little puddle stay with me once it reached me.

I began panting as we watched Darren start to fuck Clara. A big wave flowed over her, causing her to sputter as it retreated. It gave me another erotic jolt knowing I wouldn’t be too far behind her.

Down the beach those other two girls were fighting the waves as they came in. It hadn’t quite flowed over their faces yet. Then a big wave came in and poured over them, announcing their time had almost come.

Clara got totally submerged again as Darren fucked her a little harder. That’s when an enthusiastic wave managed to reach me. I gasped before I cried out from yet another orgasm.

“Here it comes,” Erik told me with a smile. I could see he was getting hard again. Was he really looking forward to watching me drown??

I looked over to see Clara’s head sticking up right before a wave flowed over her. It barely retreated enough for her to breathe. She gave me an anxious look before the next one flowed over her as Darren fucked her from on top.

I got another wave and then another. “Ready, babe?” Erik asked?

“Just a second!” I sputtered as I watched Clara.

The wave retreated but I didn’t see her head. Another one came in and flowed over her as Darren really gave it to her good. Then I saw an eruption of bubbles. That’s when I knew she was drowning.

“Gawd, baby; just look at her!” Then another wave came in and drenched me. It almost buried my head.

“Now!” I told Erik.

He came over and shoved his dick in my mouth. Then I began sucking as another wave swept through. The water was getting higher.

I looked down the beach but I couldn’t see those two girls anymore. Darren was almost submerged as he thrust into his drowned girlfriend. It gave me a surge of wildly erotic tingles.

Erik didn’t give me a chance to speak or get a breath. He just fucked my face. My fear and excitement was clear off the charts.

I heard him say, “Here comes a big one, babe. I think this is it. I love you. Enjoy your drowning.” Then it swarmed in on me.

The waves were coming heavy; there must have been a storm somewhere off shore. The water rose so high it didn’t have time to go back down and give me a breath before the next wave came in. Then another came in and I knew I’d never get to breathe again.

I did my best to keep sucking his cock as the waves buffeted us. Then my lungs began to burn from not being able to breathe. My chest started heaving, as I tried to hold my breath. But my lungs finally gave out and I lost a massive plume of nose bubbles.

My head started thrashing about as I snorted water down my nose. Erik just kept fucking my face the way I wanted him too. I was right in the midst of swallowing water when I got a mouthful of his cum, some of which I sucked down into my lungs. That’s when I was dimly aware of experiencing an orgasm so incredible with its intensity.

I settled down as Erik thrust nice and slow into my mouth. Then he pulled out. Some of his cum swirled away with the tide.

He finally got up and walked away. I was almost fully submerged with only the top of my head sticking up. One more wave came in and I was totally covered, fully drowned along with the other sexy bitches on our Snuff Beach.

(Aug 31 ‘18)

(Picture found on the internet and used for illustration purposes only.)

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