Pushing too far

(I included a bonus short “wet” story today.)

I was tired of being his mistress… tired of sneaking around. I was fed up with spending nights and weekends in dirty motels on the outskirts of town where nobody knew him. I wanted him all to myself.

I wanted his name, his money, his house, and the lifestyle that went with it. There was only one problem. He was married and he didn’t want to give that up. And he was married to my sister.

He told me Emma would take him for everything he’d fought so hard to accumulate. She would get the house, the kids, and a large chunk of his assets. She would leave him struggling to make ends meet if he filed for divorce.

I told him I didn’t care. I wanted him all to myself. And I wanted that glorious cock of his.

The first time I saw him I fell in love with him. But I put it all aside when he married my sister. Still, the embers burned deep inside me.

It took several years before I finally got a chance to be alone with him. We went to a bar for a drink. I listened as he told me how much he loved my sister but that they just weren’t as sexual as they used to be in the early days.

I told him I could fix that. But I had to get him a little drunk before he accepted. Then we went to a seedy motel on the edge of town.

When I first saw it I couldn’t believe how big it was. I thought my sister was kidding when she told me. I could barely get my mouth around his incredible erection.

Needless to say, the sex was fantastic. As a result we began to meet more often. We were always discreet, but I was getting to the point where I wanted so much more.

He had a boat he used to take the family on outings at the lake. I was often invited along. I would play the doting aunt and watch after the kids. But I always ended up longing to feel that cock of his back inside me.

I would give him sly smiles whenever my sister wasn’t looking. I know he wanted me. But he was a devoted family man. I just had to find a way to push him over the edge… tip the scales in my direction somehow.

I was thrilled the day he invited me out alone on his boat. Now it would just be the two of us. I was so excited at the thought of fucking him all day long.

I was all over him as we motored out, hugging and kissing and touching him. I had on a sexy red two-piece that hardly covered anything. The bulge in his trunks indicated it wouldn’t be long until we found a quiet cove in which to park and swim and go at it.

We had to hunt for a private location to cast anchor. Once again he was thinking of his family instead of me. He didn’t want anyone to see us together. It just meant I would have to work extra hard on him.

Once he dropped anchor I shed my bikini and dove into the water naked. Then I invited him to join me for a swim. For the next half hour we were all over each other: swimming, diving, groping and fondling each other.

Afterwards we climbed out and laid out on the boat to do a little sunbathing. Once more I brought up the topic of our future together. James sighed unhappily.

“Dottie, why do you always have to push this topic too far?”

“Because I want you, James. I want you so bad. You want me too; you’re just too afraid to admit it. You want the sexual life I have to offer, not the leftovers my sister gives you.”

To show him what I meant I took his cock into my mouth as he stood up. I gobbled it down, worshipping his glorious manhood. It was huge and tasty, just the piece of meat I wanted to feast on every day of my life. I was tired of playing second fiddle to my sister.

He gasped and grunted as he began to swell in my mouth. I looked him in the eye as I hungrily sucked him down. Then his cock exploded between my lips.

I took it out and let the rest of his cream spatter my face. I rubbed the tip of his cock all over my cheeks as I grinned up at him. Then I sucked him clean.

I smiled as I told him, “C’mon, James. You know you want me.”

He sighed heavily as he nodded his head. “Yes I do, Dottie. I’m ashamed to admit it. But yes I do.”

He climbed down off the back of the boat and retrieved some rope from a storage locker. He brought it over and began binding my hands in front of me. There certainly was a lot of extra rope left over.

“Kinky,” I giggled. “I love to be tied up by you. I want you to tie me up for the rest of my life.”

He looked at me for a long moment. Then he went back to the storage locker. This time he returned with a small, metal anchor that looked heavy in his hands.

“What’s that for, James?” I smiled curiously. That’s when he began tying off the end of the rope to the anchor, the rope that was dangling from my secured wrists.

My breath caught in my throat as my heart skipped a beat. “James? What are you doing?”

“You just won’t stop pushing, will you, Dottie. So I’ve made my decision. One of you has got to go.”

“James? What are you doing?? You’re not thinking clearly!” Then he nudged me over to the edge of the boat, the anchor in his hands.

“I’m thinking very clearly, Dottie. The only way out of this is to get rid of you.”

Was he serious?? I couldn’t believe it!! I began to gasp for breath, my heart pounding in my chest as my pussy throbbed.

“Wait! James, it doesn’t have to be this way! We can drown my sister instead! Then we can be together forever!”

“That’s what I thought you’d say. I knew I was making the right decision.” Then he tossed the anchor over the side.

I let out a cry as the rope followed it over. It tightened and pulled on my wrists, nearly pulling me over the side with it. “James NO! Please don’t drown me!”

He tenderly kissed my lips before giving me a sad little smile. “Goodbye, Dottie.” Then he shoved me over the side from behind.

I let out a cry that was swallowed up by the splash I made. I found myself being pulled naked into the depths. I kicked and struggled, losing my breath as I jerked against the rope dragging me down.

It got so cold; the water was so deep. I panicked as I swallowed a mouthful of water. Then I was hitching and jerking and convulsing, swallowing water as the weight took me all the way down.

I bottomed out in about 45 feet of water with ten feet of rope tethering my hands. It was cold, dark and murky. I was cumming and drowning, wetting myself as I convulsed and gurgled.

Up at the surface James watched all the bubbles come up, bubbles I was releasing from flooded lungs. When there were no more he put my clothes in a little package, weighed them down and then tossed them over the side to rejoin me. Then he pulled up anchor and left me there.

I remained tethered to the anchor until my flooded lungs made me sink to the bottom. The gases that built up tried to work me back to the surface. But that didn’t happen.

I’m still down here, waiting for someone to stumble over my body. But this isn’t a place divers like to explore. It’s likely I’ll never be found down here.

2018 (written for Dorothy Oct 10 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the picture I found and used as an illustration.)

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