Our trip to Santamos Island

An impoverished Caribbean island nation nears bankruptcy.  In order to raise cash income from “tourists”, the nation’s leaders in desperation pass a law — consensual executions of sane and un-coerced foreigners by other foreigners will be legal in public execution areas on the island. (Original idea for the Island of Consensual Executions created by Arachnid.)

Our trip to Santamos Island

Inspired by a story and a set of renders by SusanConquin.

Part 1

I suppose if this were the 80’s you could call us yuppies as the term certainly fits. We’re in our twenties, upwardly mobile and making money in good professions. We’re also single by choice.

We met in various locations – the gym, the local watering hole, a business luncheon or simply jogging in the park. By the time it was all said and done we had quite the group. There were sixteen of us: eight guys and eight girls.

At first we kind of naturally paired off. But Amelia and Poppy had a rather unique suggestion. Rather than merging into couples, the girls suggested we all be open to dating each other so as not to become jealous. I guess they were talking about something on the order of a large swingers group.

I didn’t mind as I was busy playing the field anyway. To be honest I wanted to try half the girls in our group. Hell, I wouldn’t have minded going to bed with all of them. And since Amelia and Poppy were sluts anyway I understood exactly where they were coming from. Why be tied down to one individual when you could enjoy playing the field?

Some of the guys were hesitant at first, especially Oscar and Jack. Poppy suggested we give it a try for a month just to see how we liked it. We had permission to date or fuck anyone we wanted, so long as there were no official commitments.

By the end of the month everybody was in. We all met at Oliver’s expensive pad where we had a naked pool party to celebrate our swinging lifestyle. That afternoon we did our first blatant pairing off for sex. I kind of liked it because it meant everyone was on the menu.

That went well for a good nine months.  But it wasn’t long before a couple of the girls expressed how bored they were. After all, we pretty much had whatever we wanted, meaning we didn’t have to struggle for anything. At times it felt like an unsatisfying lifestyle.

I think Amelia and Poppy were the ones who needed a thrill the most. They were always looking for a new experience to push the envelope. So it came as no surprise when Amelia brought up Santamos Island while we were at Oliver’s place for a barbecue.

She told us it was an island in the Caribbean where executions were allowed to take place among consenting adults. People went there of their own free will to be hanged, drowned or beheaded. She seemed excited when she declared, “What could possibly be more thrilling than facing your own mortality?”

We thought she was nuts and we laughed it off as we all went outside to play naked volleyball. We worked up a good sweat before going skinny-dipping in the pool. That’s when we started talking about the crazy idea amongst ourselves.

After swapping partners for a late night fuck, we all gathered together at breakfast the next morning to discuss it further. Amazingly half of us were open to the idea while four more only needed a little nudge. That left Oscar, William, Sophia and Grace as more than a little resistant.

Amelia suggested we table discussion of the topic for a month. I knew what she was thinking. That would give her all the time she needed to privately work on the stragglers. She could be pretty damned persuasive when she wanted to be.

By the time of our next monthly meeting we were all in. Those last four were still a little hesitant. But they didn’t want to be left behind or risk falling out of favor with the rest of the group.

Amelia researched the place and found out they had a special yacht we could take out into open water. In back was what they used as a drowning pool. And there was a room inside with windows looking out at the sea, a room big enough to host a hanging event.

Charlie wanted to know what the hell she was thinking. Amelia looked all around at each one of us and smiled. Then she declared, “I propose a double drowning and a double hanging.”

I looked at her in shock. “You’re joking.”

“Isn’t that part of the thrill? We would have a one in four chance of not coming back. We can draw from a deck of cards and have the losers die in pairs: one guy and one girl.”

“Are you serious??” Sophia asked incredulously.

“Look who’s talking. Aren’t you the one who fucked in that park with George out in public? Don’t tell me you’re getting skittish on me now. Isn’t having a little risk a part of the thrill?”

“Yeah, but you’re talking about dying,” Thomas observed in disbelief. “You mean to tell me you’re willing to go all the way?”

“Hell yeah. If my card comes up then I’ll hang or I’ll drown. Hell, maybe one of you guys hanging with me can stick your cock in me as we go. Or how about a hot drowning-fuck? I’ve already fucked underwater in Oliver’s pool with half you guys.”

“I guess I’m in,” Jack announced. “Maybe this is the spark I need. Things have been getting a little monotonous around here.”

“I’m in,” Poppy declared enthusiastically.

I smiled at her as I told her, “I already figured that, honey. You’ll take a risk for just about anything.” She just grinned before sticking her tongue out at me.

“So who’s in?” Amelia wanted to know. “Eight guys and eight girls with a double hanging and a double drowning makes it a one in four chance. If all of us go then we’ll have the same odds.”

“But four of us won’t be coming back,” Grace observed quietly.

“Are you backing out?” Amelia retorted in challenge.

Of all of us, Grace most fit the characteristics of your typical girl next door: attractive and willing to try a few things if you nudged her a little. But when it came to this I knew she would be the weakest member.

She’d always taken a little while to warm up to some of Amelia’s crazier suggestions. But she’d come along quite a way from her early days in our group. Still, this was asking a lot of her.

She looked around at the lot of us as though looking for a sane face to bring some sensibility back to the group. But all she got in return was peer pressure from the more willing ones. I’m sure that same pressure had played a part in persuading several others to go along with Amelia’s crazy idea.

She finally asked, “What happens if we don’t come back? What happens to our jobs?”

“We don’t quit our jobs, silly. We just make preparations in case we draw the lucky card is all. It’s a risk we’ll all have to take. But it’s a piece of cake, really. We just make sure our affairs are in order in case we draw the joker.”

Grace sighed heavily. Amelia looked right at her and said, “Look, if you don’t want to go then don’t go. But I’m definitely going. So who’s going with me?”

Grace looked all around before sighing again. Then she held herself upright as she declared, “Ok, I’m in.”

“That’s my girl!” Amelia declared before going over and giving her a big hug. And with Grace willing to go, that meant none of the rest of us could chicken out. It would make us appear weaker than the one we already considered our weakest link. Amelia smiled in triumph as we all nodded our heads.

As it turned out, it was an easy decision to make. We were all replaceable at our jobs. The idea we were taking a trip we might not come back from did have a certain perverse appeal.

We pooled our resources and chartered a really nice flight early Friday morning. We wanted it to be just our group. That made the trip out to Santamos Island more intimate.

There was a lot of making out in the airplane. Hell, Thomas and Jessica and George and Lily paired off and fucked near the back of the cabin. The idea 4 of us were going to be dead soon had us all in an aroused state to the point where frenzied fucking was probably going to be the norm for the next few days.

We set down briefly in Jamaica before flying on to Santamos. We landed at the airport on the north side of the island. Transportation picked us up and hauled us to the western shore.

Amelia and Poppy had made arrangements to rent us two large villas with 4 bedrooms each. Naturally we paired up into sleeping arrangements. Amelia reminded us we would end up sleeping with a different partner on Saturday night after four of us had moved on to that great adventure in the beyond.

The yacht we were going to take out Saturday morning was already sitting at the dock to our villas. Naturally we all had to go down and check it out. We climbed aboard and gathered around to look at the pool in back.

There were ropes and shackles for the couple to be drowned. Amelia told us the long rope was to help hold us under so we wouldn’t try to back out at the last second. She eyed us all warily before saying, “Nobody’s going to chicken out, right? You’re not going to embarrass me, are you?” We all shook our heads.

We went aboard and looked in on that big room Amelia had mentioned. Two nooses were already in place close together, hanging above two chairs. That sobered us all right up.

“That is so fucking cool!” Amelia blurted out. “I can’t wait to watch somebody swing!”

“Maybe it’ll be you,” George told her with a smirk.

“And if you draw the joker, will you fuck me as we hang together, Georgie?” He just smiled. Everyone knew he was a little sweet on her.

Amelia looked around at our faces and laughed. “You guys all look so serious! Let’s all go to the nightclub at the LeGrand. We can watch the sun go down and then dance our lives away before a couple of us dance our lives away for real tomorrow morning.” I think we were all glad to get off that damned boat for the night.

We ate a nice supper and then watched the sun go down. Afterwards we all went dancing, changing partners several times. But we ended up going back to our villas with the one we’d chosen to spend our first night on the island.

I’d picked Jessica, so when we got back we went out to the beach and did a little skinny-dipping. She was a hot brunette who worked at an advertising firm. But she had already admitted if something happened to her she would be relatively easy to replace. It made me wonder if our lives had little meaning where we worked, making us more susceptible to Amelia’s crazy suggestions.

We played in the water and then stretched out naked on the shore. “What do you think?” she finally asked. “You got a one in four chance of dying tomorrow morning.”

“So do you.”


“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit anxious. But if Grace is willing to take the risk, I don’t see how I can back out. Hell, I don’t see how anyone can back out, not after she fully committed.”

“You think she’ll still be fully committed come morning? Do you think any of us will be?”

“I don’t know, Jess. So I guess we’d better make the most of tonight.” Then I wrapped her up in my arms and kissed her passionately.

We fucked in the sand until we got tired of it getting everywhere. So we went back to our room and fucked some more. Everyone else must have had the same idea as we could hear moans and cries of ecstasy from all the fucking going on in the bedrooms around us.

2018 (written Jul 29 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by renders and the story Luxe Cruise by SusanCoquin. Render included for illustration purposes.)

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