The Old Folks Home

Dorothy Brown was preparing the medication in the care home for men in Dewsbury Road. She was the night nurse and came on duty at nine p m until six am next morning. She was distracted when she heard a patient calling out, “Nurse; nurse??

Leaving the medication supplies she went to find Alfred on the floor unable to get back up. She helped him back to bed and then went back to finish preparing the night medications. She had to hand it out individually, making sure the men all took it as they were in their late seventies to early nineties.

It was not an unpleasant task to perform. Once they were tucked up in bed she could settle down to what was usually a rather quiet night. And tonight she was looking forward to an uneventful evening in the care home.

She was making her rounds checking everything an hour later when she was suddenly grabbed in the corridor. It felt like there were hands all over her, bundling her off into one of the dark, empty bedrooms. She tried to cry out but hands covered her mouth, preventing her from screaming.

At first she thought intruders had burst in to molest her. It seemed a crazy notion, but it was one that seemed to be confirmed as all those hands swiftly undressed her until she was standing only in her bra and knickers. But then she heard grunts and voices, making her wonder if perhaps it might be some of the patients.

What the hell??

She cried out in horror as the evening lights came on. That’s when she saw ten rock hard cocks surrounding her, cocks that seemingly belonged to ten old men who should have been long past their sexual prime.

Oh shit! Had they found the Viagra she usually kept locked up in the medicine box? Those cocks were really hard, a couple were even dripping!

“No, Boys,” she tried to reason gently with them. “No; you could harm yourselves at your age.” But that didn’t seem to diminish their excitement in the slightest.

“Help!” she cried out as her bra was popped open. Her 34 C’s fell right out, an act that was swiftly followed by the loss of her knickers. This was rapidly getting out of hand!

She yelped as she was picked up and laid out all spread-eagled upon the empty double bed. A naked Frank came up to her and quickly tied her wrists to the head of the bed. He was 85 had served in the Navy. But strangely his strength did not seem to have diminished as he stretched her out. And his willie was disturbingly engorged.

He pulled legs wide and then tied them off to the corners of the bed frame. Unfortunately all the beds in the care home were metal framed and were now proving to be just right to spread-eagle a helpless nurse. Dorothy was well and truly secured; she wasn’t going anywhere.

“I tied her up so I get to go first,” Frank declared. He quickly climbed on top of Dorothy who by now simply could not comprehend what the hell was happening to her. It was obvious of course; but it was totally unexpected and bizarre beyond belief.

“Frank, no; not at your age!” She was concerned about him hurting himself, perhaps bringing on a heart attack? Another patient covered her mouth with his hand as she felt Frank’s cock at the entrance to her love tunnel.

Her eyes were wide as she anxiously shook her head. With one hard thrust he was in. Then he began fucking her with abandon, surprising for an 85 year old man.

Dorothy screamed into the hand covering her mouth… “Oh God; no!” But Frank was eagerly fucking her like there was no tomorrow. His weight was upon her, smelling of wintergreen and vics.

Dorothy was caught gasping for breath as his rock hard cock pounded away at her pussy. She frantically looked around for help from someone. But all she saw were the other elderly male patients standing around her. All were naked, cocks hard and saluting. Some were even stroking a little as they watched as though awaiting their turn.

It hit Dorothy like a thunderbolt from out of the blue. These men she’d taken care of since they’d come to the care home were all going to fuck her! Her eyes opened even wider in horror and she tried to cry out, only for the hand to clamp down hard over her mouth.

She felt Frank stiffen, instantly recognizing it for what it was. “Oh my God; No! A moment later she whimpered as Frank shot a huge load of sperm into her womb.

She cried out as she felt his warmth. He just groaned, excitedly gasping, “Oh fucking hell, Dorothy!” Obviously he was in no hurry to roll off.

When he did pull out a minute later his cock was just as hard as it had been going in. This was something Dorothy had never witnessed before, the wonders of Viagra. Then Bernard was next, climbing on top of her with his 93 year old body and a cock so big and hard it was unbelievable.

The horrified nurse caught a glimpse of it before it disappeared up her vagina. She gasped with shock and humiliating pleasure, a 31 year old woman being fucked by a 93 year old man. And amazingly it was happening to her!

“I have always wanted to fuck you, Dorothy,” Bernard gasped excitedly. “You have a stunning body!” But all Dorothy could cry out was “Oh please, Bernard; no!” The hand returned – it belonged to someone else this time – and she let out a muffled cry as Bernard shot a huge wad of sperm into her cunt.

When he was finished he stayed inside a few moments longer. Apparently he was in no hurry to climb off either. Dorothy could only gaze in wonderment as his cock came out just as hard as it had gone in.

An idle through crossed her mind… ‘I must get some Viagra for my husband.’ Then another one was on top of her. This time she was being fucked by 87 year old Arthur.

She struggled, she squirmed… she tried to get them to stop. A hand always covered her mouth to keep her voice down. There were ten elderly men in that care home, and it seemed like every one of them wanted to fuck her… and several wanted to shag her more than once!

A pillow had been placed under her bum for better access was now soaked with spunk. Her womb was well and truly flooded. Some of the men wandered out but a few stayed to watch, to cover her mouth, or to have another go at her.

Around two in the morning Bernard came back into the room after another one got off her naked body. He climbed on, straddled her chest and then smacked her face with his hard cock. By now there were no hands over her face as Dorothy had stopped trying to cry out, concluding no one was going to check on this part of the home at this hour.

Bernard smacked her face with his hard cock. “Suck it, Dorothy, and suck it good.” She winced and shook her head.

The idea of sucking a 93 year old cock made her feel sick. She threw her head from side to side, refusing to take it into her mouth. But Bernard had help; there was always one or two other men in there with her.

A pillow was placed under her head as strong hands held her head steady. Dorothy stubbornly kept her mouth shut tight. But fingers squeezed her nose shut, pinching her nostrils and closing off her air.

Try as she might, it was impossible to keep her mouth shut as she needed to breathe. The moment it opened Bernard’s cock filled her mouth and rammed down her throat. Dorothy gagged and choked on it.

“Now suck it!” Bernard demanded, slapping her face hard. Dorothy decided it was better to suck and get it over with. When he pulled out and cruelly rammed it back home Dorothy sucked for all she was worth, hoping to get him off quick.

She suddenly became aware of a nearby buzzing sound. It drew closer as she licked and sucked, choking on Bernard’s cock as he rammed it home again and again. Then the buzzing settled upon her swollen clit.

Instantly Dorothy knew what they had in their possession… OH SHIT, THEY HAVE A VIBRATOR. Someone used it to tickle and torment her clit as Bernard thrust his cock into her mouth. She tried hard but her body simply gave in to it, writhing and humping against it despite her best efforts.

The man using it knew what he was doing – surely he was one of the elderly men having fucked her earlier. He pressed it onto her G spot and cruelly held it there. Her hips bucked instinctively in rhythm, her naked body writhing and sweating up a storm as she sucked furiously on Bernard’s cock.

“Better cover her mouth,” he warned one of the others. The hand came down just in time. Dorothy’s orgasmic scream was muffled as her body bucked and shuddered in extreme pleasure.

“Just look at her go!” a male voice gasped in awe. Then Bernard let out a grunt as he shot his load down her throat. Dorothy had no choice but to swallow the sperm of a 93 year old man; it almost made her nauseous.

Bernard pulled out and slapped her face with his cock. “Now clean it off1” he demanded. Dorothy spent the next several minutes licking it clean. Bernard even pulled his foreskin back so her tongue could clean the inside of that as well.

Dorothy sagged on the bed in defeat. She was now resigned to her fate. Besides, her body, boobs and vagina were covered in sperm.

It got quiet as the party petered out. But Dorothy was left tied to the bed. During the night one of the men would casually walk into the room, climb on top of her and then fuck her stunning body, filling her with even more sperm before pulling out and then walking out of the room.

Dorothy nodding off for a bit, only to awaken to Frank’s cock down her throat. She grunted and gurgled but she had no other choice. Almost immediately the vibrator returned; some other bastard had come back to torment her.

She swallowed cock as the vibe devastated her, her clit and labia swollen. It swelled within her until she screamed into the cock in her mouth in muffled orgasm. A moment later she got another load of cum down her throat before Frank climbed off and left the room.

She got a few minutes more of rest only to awaken to a cock slamming her relentlessly. Her eyes flew open; she was being shagged all over again. Hadn’t they had enough??

It swelled within her until she screamed again in orgasm. He quickly covered her mouth before emptying another load in a pussy flowing with spunk. Then he climbed off and left, leaving her to nod off again.

She got little sleep. There was always someone to suck or fuck. They couldn’t get enough of the fit body of a 31 year old woman.

A few times she was awakened by the vibrator. Apparently some of them loved to listen to her screams of orgasm. But whenever she threatened to get too loud a hand always covered her mouth.

Dorothy slept fitfully as things seemed to have quieted down. Occasionally she was awakened to find some patient on top of her using up the remnants of his Viagra. But at least she was not being fucked as often.

She awoke with a start when she heard the click of the front door. That’s when she realized it must be the day nurse. A clock on the wall said it was six am, so obviously that had to be Peggy.

She heard her calling out to her… “Dorothy? Dorothy, where the hell are you?” She stiffened upon the bed, not wanting to be found this way. But the guys hadn’t freed her from the bed just yet.

“Peggy?? Peggy, don`t come in here! Run, Peggy; run! Go get help!” But it was too late. Her frame was already filling the doorway, a look of shock in her eyes.

“Dorothy?? Bloody Hell, love, what happened to – HA– OHH AAHH WHAT THE HELL??? LET ME GO!”

Male hands grabbed Peggy and dragged her across the corridor into the empty room on the other side of the hall. Dorothy blurted out her fears as she looked across and saw them tying her down to a separate bed… “They found the Viagra, Peggy! They are high on it!” But the day nurse was too busy to respond, already having problems of her own… “No! Stop it, Arthur! Turn me loose, don’t do this to me!”

Dorothy knew the unmistakable sounds of a woman being undressed. These guys were old, but they were certainly not daft. They knew an attractive 35 year old when they saw one. And Peggy’s arrival meant fresh meat!

Had they topped off on Viagra again? It was six am, the day nurse had arrived, and their libidos seemed to be catching a second wind!

Peggy screamed and gasped as her clothes were ripped from her body. She was carried to the bed and stretched on top spread-eagled the way Dorothy had been tied. Frank was at it again, making made sure she was secured by his rope ties to the corners of the metal frame beneath the mattress.

“Me first!” he declared as Dorothy watched him climb on top of a horrified Peggy from across the way. She heard the unmistakable scream of a woman being entered against her will. Now poor Peggy was being fucked by an 85 year old the way Dorothy’s torment had started out the night before.

Ernest sauntered into Dorothy`s room again. He was 83 and had already had her three times previously. “Might as well have a go at you again, love, while the others go through Peggy.”

“Ernest, no; I’m a bloody mess!” He just climbed on top with a smile before shoving right in. Dorothy’s pussy was so wet and lubricated with spunk he had no problems whatsoever.

Peggy let out a cry as Frank fucked her hard. Dorothy could hear the bed across the hall squeaking with the action on top. The day nurse let out a wail as Frank grunted and then thrust good and hard.

In the middle of her fucking she turned to look across the hall at Dorothy being ravaged by Ernest. “How long have you been like that, love?” she called out as Frank pounded her pussy good and hard.

“Since half past ten last night, Peggy. I have been fucked stupid!”

Peggy looked up at Frank to see the lewd grin on his face as he pounded her hard. “Oh shit!” she gasped. She was just beginning to get an inkling of what Dorothy had gone through and what might lay in store for her if the guys were coming around for round two.

Frank unloaded in her until the pillow under her bum got its first soaking. Then Bernard climbed aboard for some fun. She hollered out, “Devlin; bloody hell; NO!” But there was no stopping them as the guys swarmed into both rooms, fresh for more fucking.

The next hour and a half found Dorothy and Peggy being fucked nonstop. One guy after the other climbed aboard for another round with a sexy nurse. Dorothy gave up again and just went with it.

At one point she heard Peggy cry out, “Bernard NO! Please don’t shove that nasty cock down my throat!” Then there was silence as Dorothy heard gagging and grunting from the other room.

It wasn’t long before she thought she heard that vibrator again. This time it was in Peggy’s room. She was gagging on cock while her clit was being buzzed. Dorothy knew right away what she was in for and it aroused her shamefully.

A few minutes later she heard Peggy scream. This time it was the unmistakable scream of joy a girl gives as she orgasms. A moment later Bernard’s cock was shoved back down her throat again. Dorothy heard his cry of release, telling her Peggy was swallowing a healthy load of spunk from the appendage of a 93 year old man. They were obviously using the vibrator on her to make her cum.

At one point Dorothy had a dick down her throat. Looking across she saw Peggy was being forced to swallow another one. When Peggy got her protein shake for a moment it looked like she was going to be sick. Dorothy just swallowed hers she had been given more than one cum-shake during the early morning hours.

The old boys finally started to fade out as it came up on eight thirty. Bernard took Dorothy one last time while Arthur had one last go at Peggy. After that things went quiet as the men went back to their rooms and fell asleep.

The two nurses looked across at each other, thoroughly exhausted while still secured to their beds. “God, Dorothy; I am so bloody fucked!”

“Not near as much as me,” Dorothy replied. “I`m covered inside and out, head to toe in sperm. I have never in my life been fucked by a bunch of old men like this before.

“Me neither, love; me neither.”

The front door opened and both nurses looked at each other in horror. They both knew in an instant who it was. It was the Matron coming in for the day shift…

“Peggy? Peggy? Bloody hell! There’s no sign of breakfast… no smell of bacon. Peggy, where the hell are you??”

“I`m back in here.” She was so exhausted it barely came out above a whisper.

The Matron came and stood open mouthed in the doorway, taking in both naked, spread-eagled nurses. They appeared to be totally covered in spunk.

“What the hell happened in here, Peggy? How long have you been like that?”

“Since I got here at six.”

“Where the hell is Dorothy?”

“Look across the hall.”

“WHAT?? BLOODY HELL!” Dorothy blushed a deep crimson, humiliated to be seen in her current condition.

“What the hell happened to you? How long have you been like that??”

“Since half ten last night.” Dorothy lowered her gaze, unable to look the Matron in the eyes.

The Matron untied the two of them starting with Dorothy. She was clearly happy to be freed from her bed. But she was a mess and felt like she needed a shower and a week’s worth of slumber.

“Go and get yourselves cleaned up,” the Matron instructed them. “Then report back to my office.” They nodded with embarrassment, their faces beet red.

Both girls walked gingerly toward the shower room, hardly able to walk after all that fucking. They scrubbed themselves in silence, unable to look each other in the eye the whole time. Neither one said a word.

It had been a deep humiliation being fucked by men old enough to be their grandfather. Both felt a deep shame. And yet despite their ordeal they both felt a secret elation, neither able to admit to the other how deep down they had thoroughly enjoyed it.

Back in the Matron’s office they were told the events of the previous night’s debauchery must never get out. If it did and the press got wind of it they would have a field day with the story.

Dorothy tried to lay out exactly what happened. But both girls were terminated immediately. Something inside the Matron made her think Dorothy`s story simply didn’t ring true.

Breakfast was cancelled because the old men were fast asleep. Around lunch time they began to wake up and wander into the dining room. But one of them did not show up for lunch.

“Has anyone seen Arthur?” There was no reply; apparently they had not. She went to his room but Arthur was cold in bed. He must have died in his sleep.  Peggy had been his last fuck, and it turned out to have been on fuck too many.

Nine months later Peggy and Dorothy were in beds opposite each other in the Dewsbury Maternity ward. Dorothy produced a girl and called her Wendy. Peggy produced a boy and named him Arthur. He was the last man to fuck her that night and she always wanted to remember him. But the home never recovered from the incident. It closed three years later and was demolished soon afterwards, taking its secrets with it.

2016 (Written for dorothy Aug 12 ’16 by riwa)

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