The Drownings at Aqua World

There were not many cars when we pulled into the parking lot to a place called Aqua World. I mentioned this to James who sat behind the wheel as he told me they had only been open a few months. “You’re the writer,” he said with a laugh. “I told Sadie I was bringing you along so you could write up a story or an article for them.”

I looked at him skeptically. “You really think an article or a story from me is going to do any good?”

“You’re a great writer,” his wife Dorothy said as she turned from her place in the front seat next to her husband to smile at me. “We’ve enjoyed many of your stories.”

“And you still associate with me?” I chuckled nervously.

“Oh, you’re not that bad,” Aneeqa said from her seat next to me. “I find some of your stories rather kinky and intriguing.” Her smile was infectious, her cleavage sticking out the entire time to distract me. What’s more, she’d been blatantly flirting with me the entire trip.

We got out of the vehicle and made our way to the door. James led us right inside. He told me he’d been here a few times before. But from the sound of things this was Dorothy and Aneeqa’s first visit as well as mine.

Once inside, I detected the familiar smell of chlorine. There was a big, circular pool right in front of us, with waterfalls and lily pads. Dorothy grabbed her husband’s arm, telling him how excited she was becoming and why he hadn’t brought her here before.

Aneeqa took my arm as we made our way around the pool. There was a concrete ramp that took us underground into a lounge. That’s when an attractive woman came over to greet us.

She had red hair and green eyes. Her blouse struggled to contain her mammoth mammaries. And her skirt was so short I feared she was going to show us everything if she bent over. But she seemed to know Dorothy’s husband quite well.

“Nice to see you again, James. We got your message and your deposit. Is this the woman you’ve been talking about?”

“Hello, Sadie,” he replied with a smile. “This is my wife Dorothy and her friend Aneeqa. And this is Richard, that writer I was telling you about?”

“Nice to meet you all.” But she seemed to focus on me the most. “So you’re the writer, eh? Going to put us on the map with one of your stories?”

I gave James a look that said, “You blabbed to her too??” But she had already moved over and was looking at his wife.

“So James. This is the one you were telling me about?”

“She sure is.”

“She looks lovely. Is she going to perform for us?”


James smile was enigmatic. Dorothy looked at him curiously as though she didn’t know whether to be excited or nervous. Aneeqa nudged her in the ribs as she playfully asked, “Are you going to perform for us, love?”

“Beats the hell out of me. I’m just as much in the dark as you are.”

“Maybe you both will,” Sadie responded with amusement.

She led us over to a table that had a large window looking into the pool. I noticed there were a couple of naked women swimming around. They didn’t seem to care whether or not they were being watched.

I was a little shocked at such blatant nudity. Dorothy and Aneeqa were surprised, but not particularly upset. “Is this the performance I’m supposed to give you?” she asked as she playfully squeezed her husband’s arm. He just smiled back at her.

“What about you?” Aneeqa asked me seductively. “Would you like to see me naked in the water?”

I was unsure how to respond when Dorothy waved dismissively at me with a grin. “Oh, he wants to see us all right, love. They all do. Stick a naked woman in the water and watch their willies get hard.”

We were served drinks as we looked into the water through the window. The naked women were being quite playful with each other. And they seemed to be able to stay down for quite a while.

We had just finished what I assumed was our first of many drinks when a different lady in a skimpy outfit came over to our table. She smiled at Dorothy and Aneeqa as she told them, “Would you ladies like to come with me?” They looked to James in confusion. But he just shrugged his shoulders before motioning they might as well go with her to see what all the fuss was about.

They were out of sight less than a minute when Sadie returned to our table. “Everything’s all set, James,” she told him with a knowing smile. “I hope it’s up to your standards.”

“Sadie, you’ve never disappointed.” Then she turned to me and said she hoped I liked what I saw and that it would be worth writing a good story about them.

We stood up as she led us off in a different direction. We went through the building until we came to another observation window. But the water beyond looked like it belonged to a separate pool.

“I’ve asked Fiesta to join us,” she told James, giving me her most charming smile. “I hope your friend likes her.”

“I’m sure they’ll get along just fine.”

A half minute later another full-figured woman came in. She smiled as she came right over to me. Her skimpy outfit, blonde hair and bright red lipstick made me think she was here for something specific.

She grabbed my arm and smiled at me. “My name’s Fiesta. I hope I can make your visit more enjoyable.”

“I guess it’ll be fine,” I mumbled nervously. But when I looked over at James I was shocked to see he was already kissing Sadie deeply.

There was a splash in the pool from above. A moment later we saw a man in red speedos and a weight belt and a woman in a barely-there pink bikini swim down in full view. A moment later they started hugging and kissing each other right in front of us.

“So it’s Zenith, is it?” Fiesta said with a knowing smile to Sadie. “Does she know? Or are you springing it on her?”

“They don’t call me ‘Sadistic Sadie’ for nothing, love,” the redhead giggled as she reached down and groped James’ crotch.

“You’re going to love this,” the blonde purred into my ear as she rubbed mine as well. It wasn’t long before I was sporting a bulge. But I think that was the plan all along.

Zenith and the guy in the water made out with each other as they began removing their swim wear. Soon she was on her knees sucking his cock. His weight belt helped keep them down on the bottom of the pool, which looked to be a good fifteen feet deep.

When they shot up to the surface I got a passionate kiss from Fiesta. “Do we have you curious?” she asked with a sly smile before going back to kissing me again. James and Sadie were simply making out as though we weren’t even there.

The couple soon returned, although there was a difference. This time Zenith’s wrists were secured behind her back. And the male had an air hose with a regulator in his mouth.

He forced her to her knees to suck him again. But neither one bothered to return to the surface. Their air supply was right there, only it was fully in his control.

He seemed to delight in taking his time giving her a hit off the reg. I saw her chest heave a couple of times from a couple of rather lengthy breathholds. But when I glanced over at James I saw Sadie had his dick out and was stroking it.

Fiesta caught me looking over there. “Like what you see, love?” Then she undid my belt before pulling my cock out and stroking it.

In the pool Zenith was impaled by the guy’s cock as she sat in his lap. He bounced her up and down, forcing bubbles out of her mouth. It was incredibly erotic standing there witnessing such a brazenly sexual display.

Again and again he teased her with the regulator, not giving it to her until it looked like her lungs were starving. After giving her a breath from the hose, he turned her around to face us looking in on them. Then he entered her from behind, fucking her hard while breathing off the reg in his mouth.

“This is the best part,” Fiesta whispered to me as she stroked and fondled me. Sadie immediately knelt to take James into her mouth. They both kept glancing into the tank to watch the proceedings.

“Wanna fuck?” Fiesta asked pointblank.

“Uh… I’m not sure I can, uh…”

“Oh, a shy one, eh? No problem. I give the best blowjobs around.” And with that she knelt and took me into her mouth.

In the water Zenith’s lungs were straining again. Her chest heaved, her nipples incredibly erect. She kept looking back, but the air was not returned. Then she mouthed at us that she really needed the reg. But what the hell were we supposed to do about it!

To my shock she lost a big burst of bubbles. A moment later she started thrashing about. It looked like she was gulping water.

“Gawd; there she goes!” Sadie murmured. Then she hungrily gobbled James’ cock down her throat.

I was astonished they were just letting her drown in there. “Shouldn’t we, uh… do something?”

“What’s there to do, love?” Fiesta purred at me. “Just watch the show and enjoy my oral skills.” Then she went right back to sucking.

We all watched as Zenith hitched and convulsed several times. I could tell the guy was ramming her hard as though he was cumming inside her. Then she went limp as he continued fucking her, her eyes all glazed over as she looked at us in a state of shock.

The man pulled out and slowly turned her around. We were treated to the sight of his cum leaking out of her cunt. Then he swam to the surface, leaving her behind as her body slowly drifted to the bottom of the pool on her back.

As he went up, those ladies in the tank we’d seen earlier came down and retrieved her. They swam her back to the surface up out of sight. I breathed a sigh of relief thinking they were going to do CPR on her to bring her back around.

“Now for the main event, James,” Sadie purred at him. She turned around on her knees and impaled herself on his cock. Then they started fucking.

“Blowjob or fuck?” Fiesta asked, but I felt like I was out of my depth. “Blowjob,” I replied, figuring I could at least rationalize it away later if need be.

She had just taken me deep down her throat when there was a big splash. That’s when this beam plummeted down to the bottom of the pool. To my horror I saw Dorothy and Aneeqa attached to it from chains attached to collars around their necks. They were both naked and looked more than a little shocked at their situation.

“You said you were looking for a new wife, love,” Sadie purred at James. “How did I do?”

“Damn, Sadie; you’re the best.”

“Oh don’t I know it, lover.”

On the other side of the window I saw that Dorothy and Aneeqa has seen us through the glass. They twisted and bubbled, bumping into each other as they tried to break away from the beam they were attached to. But their arms were secured behind their backs. And with their necks attached to the beam, they weren’t going anywhere.

“Are they going to…?” I stared to ask.

“They sure are,” Fiesta cooed at me before she took me deep down her throat. I was both horrified and aroused.

James fucked Sadie harder and faster as though anxious to see if he could cum while his wife drowned. Fiesta kept moaning as she sucked me off. The naked women in the pool both jerked and bubbled as they struggled to break free.

Aneeqa looked right at me as though begging me to come to her rescue. But I was looking at Dorothy’s twat. It was flashing and winking at me as she kicked and struggled and bubbled.

Aneeqa went first, a huge explosion of bubbles followed by those familiar drowning convulsions. It was shamefully arousing. The horror in her eyes depicted the agony she was going through of not being able to breathe.

She was just settling to the bottom of the tank when Dorothy lost a huge explosion of bubbles. Then she started convulsing as well, drowning bubbles being forced out of her lungs. That’s when James thrust hard into Sadie. I think he was cumming.

Dorothy looked right at me as she hitched and spasmed. She coughed up a couple more bubbles as Fiesta cupped my balls and deep-throated me. Then I was shamefully cumming into her mouth.

Dorothy shuddered hard as a yellow fluid ejected out of her pussy. Then she settled on top of Aneeqa until they were lying face to face, their breasts pressed up against each other. There were stray hitches and muscles spasms, but they were both gone.

“Gawd, that was good!” Sadie breathed. Then she turned to face me as she asked, “Did you cum?”

“I got a mouthful of his cream to prove it!” Fiesta announced proudly, opening her mouth and showing my load. Then she swallowed it right down.

I looked in through the window to see a few stray bubbles drifting up from the nude bodies. James looked at me and smiled. “I want you to meet my new wife Sadie… well, we’ll be getting married next month.”

“But… but what about Dorothy in there?”

“She’s told me about a couple of drowning fantasies inspired by your stories. So I don’t think she minded too much. It was a helluva show, don’t you think?”

“Uh… yeah, it sure was.”

“Think you can write up a little something?” Sadie asked with a smile. “We’d be oh-so-grateful. In fact the next drowning is on the house for you to come watch if you’ll write up something.”

“What do you want me to write?”

“Story… documentary… article… anything you want. Just mention what you’ve witnessed here today and we promise to make it worth your while.” Then she smiled at James and kissed him before giggling, “But I think we’ve already made it worth his while, eh, love?”

2018 (written May 10 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by Suzan Rose’s drawing)

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