The Mack Avenue Madame


I’m not sure how I survived my visit to the Snuff club. I took so many cocks that it’s a wonder my pregnancy sensor didn’t go off. I left there a happy, cum-filled slut.

I don’t know why, but I chose to leave the pregnancy sensor in my navel. The Club said I could wear it home if I wanted. But they told me they would not come after me to execute me if it tripped anytime I was taking a cock.

My experience in America had left me mostly fulfilled. But there was still one thing missing for me. I had this desire to take some black cock before going back home.

Friends on the Internet had told me about a street in Detroit where I could find all the black cock I wanted. There were some derelict buildings where I could act out my fantasies if I was so inclined. The more I thought about it, the more the idea appealed to me. And since I was still in America I figured I should give it a go.

I went to the airport and caught a flight to Detroit, Michigan. When I arrived I flagged down a taxi. The first good looking black man I saw when I walked out of the terminal was the driver who appeared to be everything I wanted for my experience while I was in town.

He gave me a curious look as I climbed into the rear of his cab in my skirt, blouse and heels. My cleavage was hanging out for him to see as he looked back at me in the rear view mirror. The idea he might be lusting after me made me wet as hell.

“Where too, miss?”

“I’m looking for a derelict building on Mack Avenue.”

“Mack Avenue?? What the fuck did you lose in a derelict building on Mack Avenue?”

“This might sound crazy, love. But I’m hoping to give myself to some black cock while I’m in town. I like the idea of shagging in some derelict building on some ratty mattress with black cocks all around me. Call me crazy.”

“Oh you’re crazy all right, miss. Are you sure you don’t want to turn around and fly back to Britain?” My accent had clearly given away my home country.

“No, love. I’d like to try this just once before I fly back home. Mack Avenue, if you please.”

“Suit yourself, miss. It’s your funeral, especially in that outfit you’re wearing.” And with that we drove away from the airport. The way he phrased it like that made me quiver from an insane arousal.

“Got anyone in mind?” he asked as he took me through Detroit. “Is there someone here you’d like to call?”

“I don’t know anyone in town, love. I guess I was just hoping for some anonymous sex.” The sensor in my belly would be sure to let me know if this ultimately turned out to be a bad idea.

He shook his head in wonder as he muttered, “The Mack Avenue Madame’s in the back seat of my fuckin’ cab. Now I’ve seen it all.”

We finally got onto said street and began to drive along its impressive length. We passed several buildings that looked abandoned and run-down. But we didn’t stop.

“Where are you taking me, love? Several of those lots back there would have suited me just fine.”

“I think I have the perfect place for you if you’re feeling suicidal, miss.” The look on his face made me shiver with fear and arousal.

We finally pulled up to an old tenement building with most of the glass broken out. All the first floor windows were boarded up. My breath caught in my throat as I looked it over.

“That’s just lovely,” I told him, becoming both frightened and excited. Then I looked around before asking, “How do I get in?”

“There’s a boarded up window on the third unit around the side, miss. You can pull it open to get inside if you want. I hear they sometimes have wild parties in there late at night.”

“Lovely,” I told him as I got out on trembling legs.

I came around to the window and smiled as I opened my purse. “How much do I owe you, love?”

“How long do you plan on being here, miss?”

I thought I might spend the night, love… maybe an extra day or two, depending on how many cocks show up.”

“Would you like me to call and send some your way?”

“You’re a darling; that would be lovely.”

“Maybe I could drop by for a visit. My name’s Jerome.”

“I’d like that, Jerome. So how much do I owe you?”

“For the Mack Avenue Madame? Maybe you can repay me when I drop by later for a hot fuck.” He gave me a smile that made me melt at the thought of him shagging me later on in one of those filthy units.

After he drove away I walked around the building, wondering what the hell I’d gotten myself into. I found the third unit with the loose board over the window and worked my way inside. The unit I entered was empty and trashed.

I went around looking for a flat with a bed. When I opened the door to one unit I found two lovely lads in their late teens or early twenties on a ratty looking couch sharing a bottle. I caught them totally by surprise.

The light was dim as they both stood up with a start. When they saw me they smiled as they came over. I think they saw the purse in my hands and were determined to rob me.

I got the shivers as once more I began asking myself what the bloody hell I was doing here. Then I got up my courage. I smiled as I asked them, “Would you lovely lads mind if I sucked your cocks?”

That stopped them dead in their tracks as their jaws fell to the floor in astonishment. They didn’t seem to know what to do with a daft tart like me. So I set my purse down, walked up to them and began unzipping their flies.

I gasped with delight as I pulled out a couple of dark chocolate beauties. One was a lovely six and a half inches while the other looked to be seven. My pussy was wet as hell as I grabbed both dicks and started to stroke them.

They were shocked as hell when I got on my knees and began taking their cocks into my mouth. One of them reached down to paw my boobs. I moaned with a juicy black dick in my mouth.

They soon worked me out of my blouse. My bra came off next before they started groping and pawing my boobs. I was bloody wet and horny as a Liverpool tart.

My skirt came off next, allowing them to feel up my bum. One of them reached down and discovered how wet I was. The seven-incher declared, “Shit, Bobby, this fuckin’ whore is hot for us!”

“Then let’s fuck the shit out of her!”

I was roughly pushed down onto my hands and knees. The seven-incher went between my lips as Bobby pushed into my pussy from behind. Then I began rocking back and forth from their thrusts. What I was doing was so insane that I had my first orgasm five minutes later.

They took turns with me until they both left a deposit deep in my womb. They told me there was a bed in the next room. So I took them back there and got them hard with my mouth all over again.

We were in the middle of shagging on a ratty mattress when we heard voices out in the hallway asking, “Where’s that Mack Avenue Madame?”

“She’s in here!” Bobby declared. Then he gave it to me good and hard until I swooned from another orgasm.

Two more guys came in, and I had two more cocks to play with. This time I got an eight-incher and a nine-incher. It was bloody difficult getting those juicy organs down my throat, although I gave it the ol’ college try.

The eight-incher went first, lying me flat on my back on that ratty mattress as he gave it to me good and hard. I stroked the nine-incher as he fed it into my mouth. Within moments I was in heaven.

More cocks showed up until I was lying on the bed with a cock in each hand and one up my pussy. The guys all loved it. I was the life of the party.

One guy stretched out flat on the bed so I could climb on top of him. Then I got my first black cock up my bum as a lovely bloke climbed on top of me. Two cocks were shoved into my hands until the Mack Avenue Madame was going off again in orgasm pleasing four cocks at once. Another managed to shove his male meat into my mouth until I was grunting my pleasure.

More cocks showed up and I kept getting a lovely shafting. The room was grotty and smelled of sex, the mattress dirty and lumpy. But I was turned on like never before.

The liquor started flowing and I occasionally got a drink when my mouth wasn’t occupied. When my stomach started growling, a lovely lad went and fetched us some hotdogs. They were shoved in my mouth one at a time, usually with a cock not too far behind. My pussy and bum remained filled almost nonstop.

It went on like that throughout the day and well into the night. Jerome even came in and gave me a good shafting. I had so much cum leaking out of me that I couldn’t believe it. And yet I wanted more.

The cocks petered out and I fell asleep on the mattress. I awoke the next morning to a lad shoving his dick in my mouth while another pushed one into my pussy. It was day two of my shag-fest.

Throughout my fucking I got a few lads asking about the sensor in my navel. I told them where it came from and that if I got pregnant at the Snuff Club they were supposed to hang me. They told me that sounded fucking hot, and I got the shivers thinking they might do that to me if I managed to find myself with child before I could get out of the building.

Day three found me taking more cocks. I guess I was becoming rather popular. Guys were regularly coming and going, and I got a few returnees who wanted to experience the British tart for a second and third time.

It was midnight on the third day when this big hulk of a man came in. Everyone knew him as Leroy and said he was the baby-maker. It was said that any woman he fucked got pregnant. That bit of news really gave me the erotic chills.

His cock was the biggest I had seen thus far, and I had a little trouble getting it down my throat. Then he laid me flat on the bed as he began fucking me. He was so big inside me that I thought he was going to split me right open. I screamed his name when he came inside me until I was away with the faeries.

I’m not sure how late it was when I felt a pain in my stomach. I looked down to see my sensor glowing bright red. It meant I was pregnant with a black baby, perhaps from that lovely lad Leroy.

By now the guys who were there knew of the story of where I’d gotten the pregnancy sensor from and what was supposed to happen if it went off. I was so blitzed from my orgasms and the alcohol that  I could hardly think straight. That’s when several of them picked me up off the bed.

I was taken naked through the dark tenement down to the basement and into an old rec room. Some flashlights and candles were set up so there was enough light to see. When I looked around I saw a makeshift noose hanging from the ceiling. Who the hell had set that up??

Leroy looked at me and smiled as he asked, “Well, Dottie? Are you going to go through with it or not?”

I was so blitzed I wasn’t thinking clearly. “Would you lovely lads like to watch me hang?” A bunch of them cheered, causing the others to shush them so as not to draw attention to our presence down in the darkened basement of the rundown tenement.

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. I suppose I was too drunk to realize what I was doing. “Who wants a last blowjob?” I asked dreamily.

Several lads came forward, and I sucked as many cock as I could. Several exploded in my hands, in my mouth and all over my face. I had cum virtually leaking out of every orifice.

Leroy smiled at me before saying, “Ok, boys; let’s string her up.” I felt an erotic shudder as they stood me under the noose and tied my wrists behind my back. I proudly told them, “The Mack Avenue Madame will do her best to put on a good show for all you nice lads!” They all cheered me again.

A pull on the rope from Leroy and a couple others and I was airborne. I began to kick and pedal as I gasped for breath. Cum flew off my body and dripped out of my holes as I wriggled and jerked around like a fish on a line.

Several of the guys started stroking as I kicked up a nice jig for them. It hurt like bloody hell until I finally exhausted myself. That’s when one of the lads shouted, “Let’s give her a flying fuck!”

They came forward two at a time, filling my pussy and bum. I could hardly draw a breath down my constricted throat. But my pussy and arse kept clenching as they gave me a good shafting in the noose.

I was barely conscious when Leroy finally stepped up to have a turn. He rammed my bum good and hard, and I shuddered from one last orgasm as Jerome eagerly fucked my well-used pussy. I think I gave the cab driver a fleeting smile as he kissed my cummy lips, man-cream totally covering my naked body. Then I quivered for the last time, fully impaled on both cocks as my life slowly ebbed away.

Afterwards they enjoyed shagging my corpse, some of them masturbating to finally cream my legs and stomach. Then they began drifting away, deciding to call it a night. Jerome was the last one left behind, and he enjoyed my sloppy cunt one last time, giving me a lovely kiss before leaving me there. By the time my corpse was found due to the smell, I had decayed so badly that the odor permeated throughout the whole building. It forced them to condemn the bloody thing and tear it down.

(Jun 15 ’18 – for Dorothy; inspired by another of her kinky ideas)

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