Victor’s Guillotine 11



All but one of us was excited to see the guillotine in action again. Everyone was eager to see one of us ladies getting fucked naked while risking her head. But I could tell by the look in Richard’s face that he was extremely uncomfortable about the whole thing. And I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Sybil Wylie tried to put his mind at ease. She told him we were simply going to have a little erotic fun playing with the guillotine while waiting for Dorothy’s meat to cook upstairs. But her words did not reassure him.

Victoria tried as well, telling him she was planning on him fucking her Louisa while she was lying on the bench. He smiled appreciatively. But I’m not sure it helped very much.

Joyce Melwark started undressing as she smiled at us. “I know how to make him more comfortable. Renard, strap me down and let’s get this show on the road.”

Renard and Joyce’s husband Warren strapped her down to the bench before bringing the lunette down onto her neck. Then she looked up at Richard’s face and smiled. “I’m going to need your cock in my mouth while Warren preps me, love.”

“My cock in your mouth?” he asked incredulously.

“C’mon – c’mon. Time’s a-wastin’. Dorothy’s aroma is starting to drift down here. I’m going to need both you and my husband to help me out since I’m so bloody horny right now. Right, darling?”

“Better do as she says,” her husband replied with a smile as he started to pull down his pants. I could see his cock was already hardening up at the prospect of fucking his wife in the guillotine.

Richard hemmed and hawed until Sybil suggested I help him out. I started working him out of his pants, groping and fondling his crotch until a bulge started to develop. By the time I got his penis out he had gotten semi-hard.

“That’s more like it,” Joyce gasped with delight, her eyes flashing excitedly. “I love having cock in both ends when my neck is on the line. Now bring that bad boy over here, love.”

Renard started the timer as her husband knelt behind her and started feasting on her muff. She gasped and moaned as I grabbed Richard by his dick and forced him to kneel in front of her face, moving the basket out of his way so his cock would be at eye level. Before he could resist Joyce eagerly took him right down her throat.

Slutty Sybil started touching herself, gasping how lucky the bitch was to be getting it in both ends. Victoria assured us Louisa was going to be similarly poked when it was her turn. Joyce just moaned happily with a cock in her mouth and a tongue in her twat.

I glanced at the timer and then at Renard, the question evident on my face. Was it possible the blade could fall this soon? He just smiled as though he didn’t know, but that it sure was going to be fun to find out.

I think Richard tried to resist Joyce’s ministrations on his dick. Every time it looked like he was going to back away I just pushed him forward again. Once I shoved him so far forward that his cock buried itself deep down her throat. It was incredibly erotic.

“Now fuck her in both ends, guys! Spit-roast that lucky bitch! Let’s see if the guillotine gives us a second meal today.” Sybil was already so worked up that she was removing her garments.

I saw Warren smile at Richard as he told her, “Let’s spit my wife in both ends. Go ahead and give it to her good!” Richard looked at me questioningly, but I just smiled and nodded as I pushed him forward, eager to see him give it to the slut good and hard.

Joyce looked like she was in heaven getting fucked in both ends. A couple of times I pushed Richard so close his balls were right up against her lips. She was so enthusiastic that he seemed to loosen up and get a little more comfortable.

At the 3:50 mark Warren motioned at Richard by calling out, “Switch!” He pulled out of his wife and came around front, forcing Richard to pull out of her mouth. They switched places as Sybil gasped, “Damn, she’s so bloody lucky! I want that when it’s my turn!”

I smiled at Richard as he got on his knees and fucked Joyce from behind. Warren really rammed his cock hard down her throat. She groaned as her eyes rolled until her husband pulled out and coated her face with his spunk, much to the delight of everyone watching.

Richard didn’t seem to know what to do, so he pulled out. Renard stopped the timer at 7:48. Joyce had a look of bliss in her eyes, her face coated with her husband’s jizz.

“All right; who’s next?” Sybil gasped. I half expected her to volunteer. Then I got the impression she wanted to go a little later when the risk had increased.

I was a little surprised when Jeff Sampson’s new girl Kimberly Struthers blurted out, “Oh bloody hell; I’ll go for another ride.” Then she started to undress. Everyone got excited over the way this was progressing, especially that slut Sybil.

Richard came over to stand next to me, his cock lowering to half-staff. He started to put his pants back on, but I stopped him with a naughty smile. Victoria grinned at me, nodding her head as though it was a good idea to keep his cock out and available.

As Kimberly was being strapped down, I heard Sybil tell her, “You’ve got to fluff him, love. Keep Richard good and hard. We’ve got to keep him all turned on for Louisa.”

Kimberly asked, “What do you think, Jeff?” He just laughed as he strapped her down, saying it was her choice as Renard brought the lunette down on her neck. For a moment she seemed uncertain.

“I don’t know… I mean, I’m not the kind of girl who sucks every– oh, bloody hell, love! Get it over here.”

Richard’s eyes flew open in surprise as Sybil called out, “Damn right, love! That is so fucking hot!” I just pushed him forward and down onto his knees again until his cock got within range of her mouth.

He grunted as she wrapped her lips around his shaft, making him gasp with delight. Then Jeff got on his knees behind her and stabbed her with his dick. She let out a muffled cry before they started fucking her in both ends. All Sybil could do was mutter, “Lucky bitch!” as she began touching her glistening lady parts.

I was getting turned on watching all that action. The blade hovering above her neck made it doubly erotic. I just hoped Richard wouldn’t go home with the tip of his cock missing in case the blade came down prematurely.

Kimberly seemed to get into it much more than last time. Maybe she had come to the same conclusion as I had just how hot it was engaging in such risky sex. She really gulped Richard down as she rocked from Jeff’s thrusts.

The clock passed 12:10, but I don’t think Kimberly could see it very well with Richard kneeling right in front of her. I supposed that made it even more erotic not being able to know how much time had elapsed. Jeff took her all the way to 14:45 before he roared out his release.

Renard stopped the timer as Richard pulled out of her mouth. She smiled up at him as she murmured, “Damn. Maybe next time I’ll get your load.”

“You mean you’d actually consider riding it again?”

“Yes… no… oh bloody hell; probably.” Several of us laughed at that.

The guys released her from the guillotine as I grabbed Richard’s cock with my hand, making sure he didn’t soften too much. Sybil eagerly called out, “You’re next to get double-stuffed, Bettie!” Richard just looked at me in surprise as I told him, “You might as well enjoy yourself.” At least he didn’t seem uncomfortable anymore.

Bettie gasped, “Oh bloody hell!” as she started to take her clothes off. All us ladies gave her a lusty cheer as the guys whooped and hollered, causing her face to turn a deep crimson. Then she stretched out face down on the bench, sticking her neck through the path of the blade.

Clark and Renard were in the process of strapping her down when she looked up at Richard. Then she motioned with her head… “Ok, you might as well get over here so I can suck your cock.” When he looked at me I just eagerly pushed him forward, making him kneel yet again.

The lunette wasn’t even locked down before she had him deep down her throat. “That’s my girl,” Clark said with a chuckle. Then he knelt behind her, buried his face in her muff and started eating her out.

She groaned and wriggled as she got pleasured while sucking Richard’s cock. My mouth started to water as I thought about helping out. By now I guess everybody had decided to do whatever was necessary to make him feel comfortable and for him not to feel bad that Dorothy had lost her head.

Clark got onto his knees, thrust into her snatch, and started fucking her good and hard. I pushed Richard in the back to help him spit-roast the sexy woman. Sybil gasped and moaned as she watched, furiously rubbing herself all over as Bettie got dicked in both ends.

Bettie looked like she was just as blissed out as Kimberly and Joyce had been. I was surprised the way everyone seemed to be taking on Richard as some sort of group project to make him feel at ease. It was such a bloody turn-on that I was half-tempted to take my clothes off because I was getting so incredibly wet.

Sybil called out, “You guys should switch!” Without even thinking about it, Clark got up and came around front. He motioned for Richard to go fuck her from behind as he dropped to his knees and speared his wife’s mouth.

Richard dropped behind her onto his knees before he thrust good and hard into her cunt. She grunted and moaned, making the rest of us ladies wet as hell. I glanced up at the blade as though wondering if it was going to come down or not. But I’m not sure anyone was paying much attention.

That slut Sybil called out, “Now switch back!” Richard and Clark both pulled out and changed places. Bettie panted for breath, momentarily getting a view of the timer as it passed 21:18. Then she groaned as she was spitted in both ends again.

Clark fucked her hard until she let out a muffled cry of orgasm. I’m not sure, but I think Sybil came right along with her. I came bloody close, although somehow I managed to hold it back.

The timer was stopped at 25:39 so the guys could release her from the bench. “I’m next!” Sybil gasped deliriously. “I can’t fucking wait any longer!” Then she eagerly stretched herself out on the bench face down before sticking her head through the opening as the guys began strapping her down.

She looked up at Richard with a wild look in her eyes. “Now I want you to fuck me until you cum, ok? I want your cum, damnit! Fuck me now; don’t wait for Renard to start that bloody timer!”

He shrugged his shoulders before he got behind her, kneeling and then thrusting into her as Renard locked the lunette down. Then he started the timer as Ken moved around in front of his wife. He got down on his knees, grabbed her head, and then really gave her skull a good, hard fucking.

I couldn’t believe how horny I was. And I noticed Kimberly and Bettie hadn’t gotten back into their clothes just yet. Both of them were stroking Jeff and Clark with one hand while playing with themselves with the other.

Sybil let out a muffled “FUCK ME!” Ken looked at Richard and smiled as he told him, “The kinky bitch really wants it. So I suppose we’d better give it to her.” Then he really began thrusting into her mouth as Richard fucked her hard from behind.

I finally decided it was time to get out of my clothes since half the room seemed to be naked. Besides, my knickers were going to be soaked if I stayed in them much longer. But I wasn’t the only one as Victoria and Louisa were also undressing.

Sybil let out a cry as she had her first orgasm. Her eyes rolled as she groaned into her husband’s cock. Richard fucked her so hard she actually rocked in the guillotine now that he had gotten totally into it.

It happened without warning. One moment the guys were giving it to her good and hard. The next, the blade plummeted downward, slicing clean through her neck. It’s a miracle Ken had pulled out and was getting ready to thrust back in when it happened.

Everyone gasped and jumped as her body jerked and then started hitching. Richard had a look of surprise on his face. Ken just bellowed, “FUCK HER!” as he picked up her head off the floor and thrust his cock through her mouth.

At first Richard seemed stunned at the way her body jerked around. I don’t know when it dawned on him he was fucking a headless corpse because her head was hidden from view a few moments longer as Ken fucked it. At least he kept thrusting good and hard into her cunt. I’m just glad he didn’t stop.

As for me, her beheading caught me totally by surprise. A moment later my own orgasm washed over me. Kimberly and Bettie both gasped as they jerked in shock. I think Bettie had an orgasm as well.

Victoria and Louisa seemed to hang onto each other as they furiously masturbated. Some of the guys were stroking like crazy. Then I heard Ken tell Richard to cum inside her as his cock went off in her mouth.

I swear the crazy bitch actually winked at me as cum dripped out of her severed, bleeding neck. Then Richard cried out as he unloaded deep inside her. Ken gasped, “Is she clenching?” and Richard replied, “She’s milking my cock like crazy!” That’s when I got a good look at Sybil as her expression sagged tiredly, her husband’s cum dripping off her lips and out of her severed neck.

(Apr 30 ’18)

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