Yaria’s escape act


The audience consists of a couple dozen male and female spectators who have paid for the privilege of being there. They talk amongst themselves while holding glasses of champagne. Then their host Howard Hudgeons enters the room.

He’s in his 50s, wearing a Navy blue vest over his plain light blue shirt. His hair is greying, but he fully looks the part of a man with money. The murmuring spectators grow quiet as he stands before them.

“I want to welcome you to my Dungeon of Horrors. Today’s featured entertainment is what’s awaiting behind that curtain over there. I know this is what you’ve paid to see. So let’s have a look.”

The curtain parts to reveal a naked woman in a Houdini tank that looks damp from recent use. She wears heavy chains and padlocks. She stares emotionlessly at her voyeurs.

The guests murmur at what they see. Some of the ladies gasp with growing excitement. If they know Howard then they know what is to come.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Yaria Gianova. She has graciously consented to take part in today’s entertainment. She hopes you’ll enjoy her performance.”

Yaria continues to stare impassively at them, her hands up against the glass. Several of the guests wonder if she knows what is going to happen to her. Others wonder how their host is going to spin this one.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Yaria here will be showing you her underwater escape act. I’ve personally timed her ability to hold her breath at 3:18, although perhaps she can hold it longer. We shall soon see.”

“The tank will fill with water. Then Yaria will have to free herself from those padlocks to reach the top, flip open the lid and escape. If she is not successful then she will drown. It is as simple as that.”

The guests murmur with enthusiasm as the water is turned on. Some of the ladies buzz with excitement. Seeing the chesty woman in the tank and the peril she faces causes more than a few to quiver with arousal.

The water slowly fills, turning the interior of the Houdini tank into a bluish color. Yaria looks down emotionlessly as it fills. At moment later she stiffens and squirms a little.

Howard smiles as he tells his guests, “As an added distraction, the lovely Yaria has a vibrating egg inserted up her vagina. You may be able to tell from her body language it is now buzzing inside her. This should provide an erotic challenge to the task at hand.”

The guests can hear her gasps in the tank as the water continues to rise. She lets out a quiet moan, trying to catch her breath as the water swirls up to the base of her breasts. One of the women in attendance murmurs, “Gawd; I think I’m just as wet as she is right now.”

The chains shake as she tests her bonds. The water rises higher and higher. It’s not long before the guests can hear her loud gasps for breath as she prepares to be fully submerged.

Howard solemnly tells his guests, “The tank will not be drained until she has shed her chains and reached the top, ladies and gentlemen. Yaria is fully aware of this. Let us see if she is successful.”

She begins to hyperventilate as the water rises. It reaches her chin, forcing her to tip her head back. She is about to reach the point of no return.

The water continues to rise until they all hear a loud gasp for breath. Her head comes under as bubbles dribble out of her nose. Her dark hair swirls around her head until it begins to settle.

“I will now keep track of her time,” Howard intones quietly. The guests all stare as though captivated at the scene. More bubbles slip out of Yaria’s nose.

She begins feeling around as though testing her chains. Perhaps she is trying to decide which padlock to work first. It is obvious they must be removed if she is to shed her chains and escape.

There is a solid metal ball at her feet, also padlocked and looking quite heavy. The chain from there to her ankles is exceedingly short. She will have to unlock it if she is to get to the surface.

The guests watch as the water reaches the top of the tank. Then the sound of flowing water ceases. An exterior light shining on the tank helps bathe the escape artist in a bluish color.

Yaria pushes against the glass as though testing it. Her eyes are closed; she appears to be meditating. “Where’s the key?” one of the ladies asks. “Perhaps it’s in her mouth?” her male companion suggests.

Yaria opens her mouth and produces a key. Then she begins working on the lock around her neck. One of the ladies notices the way she writhes her hips. “Gawd, that egg buzzing inside her must really be turning her on.”

“One minute,” Howard tells his spectators as he checks his watch. Yaria appears not to have heard. Perhaps she is too busy trying to free herself.

The padlock drops from her neck along with the chains. Next she works on the one to her left wrist. She shows some difficulty with it as she tries to work the key into it. More bubbles slip out of her mouth.

She tugs and pulls before it finally pops open. The chains fall away. “A minute thirty,” Howard informs his guests.

Yaria loses a couple bubbles out of her nose as she goes to work on her right wrist. Again she appears to have some difficulty. She frowns and winces as she struggles with the key.

She appears to stiffen as her thighs come together. One of the ladies notices. “Gawd, that egg must really be doing a number on her! I wonder if she’s going to cum in there.”

Yaria winces and squirms until she loses the key out of her hand. It plummets to the floor of the Houdini tank. “Gawd, did she just cum?” another lady asks.

“I think she did,” the female standing right next to her observes, breathlessly fanning herself.

Yaria pauses and closes her eyes as though composing herself. Then she reaches down for the dropped key. One of the males notices her stomach ripple from a contraction.

“Two minutes,” Howard says quietly as he checks his watch. “She’s been under two minutes.”

Yaria reaches down and searches for the key. She finds it and stands upright. Then she goes back to working on the padlock to her right wrist as her stomach ripples again.

“That egg must really be distracting her,” a lady murmurs aloud.

“That was so hot seeing her cum,” a second observes.

“Two thirty.”

Yaria works on the padlock to her right wrist. She bubbles as she appears to fight with it. Then it falls away along with the chains.

“Two locks left,” a male observes quietly, watching as her stomach ripples once more. “Gawd, she must be running out of breath.”

Yaria reaches down for the padlock to her crotch. Now she seems to be fully aware of the buzzing egg causing her to squirm uncomfortably as she winces and bubbles. Her stomach contractions have migrated up into her chest.

“Gawd, just look at her!” a female breathes. “How long can she hold it?” another asks. A third eagerly blurts out, “She’s not going to make it, is she? That’s why we’re down here, right… to watch her drown?”

Nobody looks at her over her remark. All eyes remain glued on the sexy, naked woman struggling with the padlock inside the Houdini tank. Her drowning appears imminent.

Yaria loses more bubbles out of her nose as she works the padlock to her crotch. Her chest heaves as her stomach ripples. It looks as though her thighs are clenching together.

“I think she’s gonna cum again!”

“You think so?”

“If she does, she’ll never get those padlocks off.”

“Gawd, I hope she drowns in there!”

“Three minutes.”

Yaria winces as she finally pops the padlock to her crotch. Those chains fall away. Now only the only ones left are the most critical ones, the ones holding her ankles to the heavy metal ball.

Her chest heaves and she loses another burst of air as she bends down. Her stomach ripples again and again as she winces in agony. She appears to be running out of breath.

“Gawd, just look at her!”

“She’s really struggling, isn’t she.”

“She’s not gonna make it.”

“Damn! I can’t wait to watch her drown!”

“Three fifteen.”

Yaria fumbles for the last padlock to her ankles. Her chest heaves again, forcing more air out of her pursed lips. She winces as she struggles with the lock, her thighs clenched tightly together.

“Wow, just look at her trying to fight it.”

“Her chest is really heaving.”

“Is she going to make that last lock?”

“Fuck, I hope not.”

“Damn, I think she’s going to cum again.”

A painful looking convulsion forces air out of her mouth. That’s when Yaria gulps water as she drops the key. She stands upright and starts clawing for the surface in a panic as she humps the water…

“Fuck, she’s cumming!”

“She just dropped the key!”

“Gawd, she’s really going to drown!”

“Three thirty.”

A few seconds later Yaria gurgles. Then she starts thrashing about, coughing up bubbles as her stomach and chest heave continuously. She bucks and shudders as the water around her crotch is stained with spurting fluids.

“Gawd, she just came hard!”

“She came and pissed herself! That’s urine in the water!”

“That is so fucking hot!”

Yaria waves helplessly at the surface as she continues to hitch and convulse. Then she stares at her audience in horror. One last shudder ripples through her. Then she gently sways back and forth as an occasional muscle fires.

“Three thirty-eight, ladies and gentlemen. I believe that may have been her best time underwater.”

“Gawd, I just wet myself.”

“That was incredible!”

“She was looking right at me when she drowned!”

“Honey, she was looking at all of us.”

Several down the rest of the champagne in their glasses. Then Howard motions at his guests. “Step forward if you wish to have a closer look. I hope her performance was entertaining.” That’s when they all move forward, some of the ladies pushing up against the glass to admire the naked woman who has just drowned for them in the tank.

2018 (Mar 19 ’18)

(Inspired by the preview pictures from Waterbondage.com that I used as illustrations.)

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